Thor Costumes

If you can get a grip on Mjolnir and pull it out of the ground, then you are worthy of all the divine powers granted to a true Asgardian. Our line of Thor costumes are infused with an electric property that makes them look phenomenal on everyone, so expect to leave a lasting impression when they see you dressed up in one of these costumes this Halloween. No matter how much you want to spend, or for who you're purchasing for, every costume will look genuinely authentic; even Nick Fury will confuse an individual in one of these as his Avengers teammate.

Meet the Avengers [Infographic]

Thor is the Nordic God of Thunder, and you can be, too, when you grab a costume! Don't you think you should learn more about him before you dress like him, though? Use Costume SuperCenter's Meet the Avengers infographic to find out exactly where the superhuman powers of Thor - and Iron Man, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, and Black Widow - come from.

Thor: Five Facts [Infographic]

The God of Thunder is here and he's got Mjolnir along for the ride. They say he who wields the hammer will have the power of Thor, and that could be you! But if you're going to be Thor, you've got to know your stuff about the superhuman Asgardian hero. Take a peek at Costume SuperCenters' Thor: Five Facts infographic to learn more!

The ladies aren't left out either with the female versions we have available of both Thor and Lady Sif for all aspiring goddesses of thunder. Authenticity is vital, so we also offer a collection of novelty Mjolnir hammers for every age group and a wig that replicates his luscious, golden locks to make sure people confuse you or anyone dressed in these costumes as the true Guardian of Earth.

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