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Our werewolf costumes range from a basic men's Halloween outfit that utilizes a torn shirt with matching plush mask and gloves to a sleek realistic latex mask and shirt set with faux hair, fangs, and ears. Our werewolf costumes turn heads, repel disbelievers, and liven any Halloween outing.

Our werewolf costumes fit plus size men as well as small boys. Many of our werewolf Halloween costumes include clawed gloves and a motion mast. These are the kind of werewolf costumes that make you feel the intensity of the movies and the legends.

Werewolf Legends [Infographic]

Whether you want to look like the type of beast to scare Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother, or you're more the dancing, Michael Jackson-kind, you'll need to brush up on just why, exactly, werevoles are so terrifying in the first place. Use this infographic to teach you all about the most famous werewolf legends, and have a happy HOWL-oween!

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Vampire costumes and werewolf costumes shadow the continuing success of Kate Beckinsale as she portrays the beautiful Selene in the popular Underworld movie series. The style and crafting of this and other werewolf versus vampire movies enables viewers to experience the impact of professional graphic effects, hand mastered werewolf costumes, and the wonder of modern entertainment brought to cinematic life.

Kristen Stewart, as Isabella "Bella" Swan in the current Twilight saga, provides viewers with a different but intriguing focal point into yet another phenomenal battle between these creatures of night and power. Is it any wonder that young and old alike are drawn to the sense of mystery that surrounds quality werewolf Halloween costumes? Hey, when rightly applied, the mixture of graphics and quality werewolf costumes presents a movie that makes the viewer's shinbones quiver.

Of course, not all werewolf costumes reflect the dark fantasy realm of these modern approaches to action/horror filmmaking. The first ever-produced werewolf movie played in black and white, lasted 18 minutes, and was filmed without sound. Aptly titled The Werewolf, this move incorporated the shoddy effects of werewolf costumes and makeup that reflected the graphic standards of the early 1900s.

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Modern werewolf Halloween costumes tingle the imagination. Perhaps you think it unlikely that a vinyl and chinless boys werewolf Halloween costume can have the awe-effect of modern movies. Hey. It's not the 1900s. Examine our current supply of werewolf costumes. See how the skills of modern craftsmanship can be applied to a collection of werewolf Halloween costumes.

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