Werewolf Costumes

Our werewolf costumes range from a basic men's Halloween outfit that utilizes a torn shirt with matching plush mask and gloves to a sleek realistic latex mask and shirt set with faux hair, fangs, and ears. Our Wolf Man costumes turn heads, repel disbelievers, and liven any Halloween outing. These werewolf costumes fit plus size men as well as small boys. Many of our lycan Halloween costumes include clawed gloves and a motion mast. Buy a werewolf costume online today!

Werewolf Legends [Infographic]

Whether you want to look like the type of beast to scare Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother, or you're more the dancing, Michael Jackson-kind, you'll need to brush up on just why, exactly, werevoles are so terrifying in the first place. Use this infographic to teach you all about the most famous werewolf legends, and have a happy HOWL-oween!

Werewolf Costumes

Your next costume party will be a howling good time with a new werewolf costume from Costume SuperCenter! Get into a new mask or body suit and take on the shape of a wolf!

Scary Clowns Costumes

There are few things that terrify people as badly as clowns. Grab your scary clown costume for Halloween this year (or any occasion) and you can terrify everyone, too!

Witch Costumes

Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble! Brew a potion and jump on your broomstick this Halloween with a witch costume from Costume SuperCenter!

Zombie Costumes

Bring Halloween back to life with a zombie costume for your next costume party or on Halloween! There's no brain you can't consume and no groan you can't master!

Werewolf Costume Ideas and Tips

Ah, werewolves; those unfortunate souls destined to show their inner canine during every full moon. Over the years, there have been some noteworthy werewolf characters: Harry Potter’s Professor Remus Lupin, 30 Rock’s Werewolf Bar Mitzvah (spooky, scary), Twilight’s Jacob Black and so many more. No matter what kind of werewolf look you’re going for (cute, scary or sexy), we have the Halloween costumes and accessories for you. One of the best things about dressing as a werewolf for Halloween is that your clothes can be torn and have holes in them, and it will look completely normal. 

Head to your local second-hand store and pick up some old clothes that can be ripped, torn and accented with faux fur and fake blood, and pair them with werewolf costume accessories like ears, tails and fangs. Or, invest in a full werewolf costume, complete with hairy bodysuit, mask and clawed gloves. Tweens will love Monster High Clawdeen costumes, and kids will love outfits that are more wolf than were. Our favorite, however, might be the adorable, gray wolf bodysuit for toddlers. Not only does the soft fabric keep them warm on chilly Halloween evenings, but the bodysuit ensures it’ll stay in place all evening, no matter how much prowling your little one does. Just watch out for a full moon!

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