Wilfred Costumes

You can think you are human with our Wilfred costume. Wilfred is obviously a dog but only one person in the entire world see him as an actual person. It is a weird thing to think about but much more entertaining to see. Our costumes are modeled after the titular character which fans will definitely enjoy wearing as it looks just like Wilfred.

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Wilfred Costume Ideas and Tips

If your sense of humor is as dark as it is funny, then you’re probably looking for a Halloween costume that can put up or shut up. Luckily, we carry a selection of Wilbur costumes that speaks volumes about you. Wilbur is a hit Australian turned American TV show that stars Elijah Wood as Ryan Newman - a depressed guy stuck in a dead end job. 

He decides to take his life and in doing so, meets his neighbor’s dog, Wilbur. But something is strange. Wilbur isn’t the small, four legged pooch he was hours before. He’s a 6ft tall talking man in a dog suit that only Ryan can see. The rest of the world sees Wibur as a regular dog. Hilarity ensues. Get you a piece of that pop culture pie and take to the streets this Halloween as a crass, foul-mouthed dog with bad ideas and an even worse attitude. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your own Ryan Newman to push around for your amusement!

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