Wizard Costumes

Your wish has been granted when you feel the magic of a wizard costume from Costume SuperCenter. When you put on the wizard outfit, you’ll be ready to become the ultimate sorcerer. With these amazing deals on a variety of wizard costumes for men, women, and children, it has to be magic! Pick up your wizard costume today - we offer fast and easy shipping.

Wizard Costume Ideas and Tips

From the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, to the medieval times there is something bout magic and spells that always captures our hearts and attention. Whether you plan to dress as Gandalf the Grey or a mystical Niffler creature, you will find everything you need in our Wizard costume collection. 

The styles might change but you will surely be able to spot a wizard out in a crowd be it by their long white beard or mystical style robes. Even the little ones can begin their magic training with one of our children’s costumes. Fill this Halloween with magic and wonder, with an authentic wizard costume that will transform you into the most powerful sorcerer in all of the land. Men, women, children and teenagers alike will all have the opportunity to train with the best of the best this Year, and you can be sure that you will find only the best Wizard costumes here for your next magical event.

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