Wolverine Costumes

Superhero costumes are always a great choice for Halloween and themed dress up parties throughout the year. Comic book characters have captivated children and adult imaginations alike for years and Marvel's X Men is one of the most successful franchise superhero stories. These mutant superheroes have become some of the most popular characters in the genre through the successful comic books, television shows, and feature films. Wolverine is the bad boy of the X Men. Vicious and determined in battle, this member of the X-Men is always loyal to his friends and duty to protect, but it is his rogue and loner personality have endeared him to many fans throughout the years as a unique hero. Troubled and with a tough exterior, he is the type of superhero you can't help but love. Search through our Wolverine Costumes category to find your favorite.

X-Men Height Chart

The X-Men consist of nearly the entire student body of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. With a wide range of mutants of all shapes and sizes, it might serve fans right to put in some time to research, and see them all in a lineup to learn just who’s the biggest around! Check out this X-Men Height Chart, but remember, the biggest guy in the lineup doesn’t necessarily pack the biggest punch!

Dressing up as a favorite superhero from comic books or film is a fantastic outfit choice for a costume party. Recognizable characters always stand out at parties and its so much fun to step into the shoes of a superhero. Wolverine has a cool look too, with his original and classic appearance featuring a bright yellow jumpsuit with blue stripe accents and a stylish black winged helmet and mask. Our selection includes outfits for toddlers, boys, teens, and adults. When searching through this category you'll find skin suit versions of the outfit and fun muscle effect padded costumes for a look worthy of a superhero. We also offer a fun take on the outfit for women, which features the Wolverine suit's style and color scheme into a cute skirt, top, and mask set.

X-Men Quotable Infographic

X-Men is a team of mutants led by Professor Xavier. These gifted people protect the world from bad guys. Over the years, Professor X and his team have instilled sage wisdom into audiences via comic books, an animated series and many, many movies. 

Costume SuperCenter decided it was time to enroll at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and share the knowledge and wisdom taught at the school. So we designed these quotable graphics with some of our favorite lines from Professor X and Wolverine.  

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