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Women's Oktoberfest Costume
Celebrate one of the largest beer festivals on Earth with our Women?s Oktoberfest Costumes to really get in the spirit of things. Celebrate with this traditional outfit fit for any German Beer garden Even if you can?t make it to Germany this year you can set up your own Oktoberfest at home with friends. Our fantastic outfit is the perfect way to bring a slice of the Rhine. Featuring all the gorgeous detail to accent your own good looks, our outfit is a great choice for the bar crawl this year! Make sure to pair up your favorite beer with plenty more for an outrageous good time. This great costume is perfect for parties and celebrations and will be perfect for events year after year. You?ll fall in love with the colors and detail of this meticulously crafted costume and your friends will love it too whether your serving beer or partaking in it. So remember to drink responsibly but do as the Romans do with our exceptionally detailed and fun Women?s Oktoberfest Costume!
Inga from Sweden Wig (Blonde)
This Inga from Sweden blonde wig will have you feeling like you just stepped off a box of hot chocolate! Made of high-quality, durable and comfortable material this classic headpiece gives you the eye catching and can't miss Swiss braids that are great for any old world or clog dancing Halloween costume! Carefree and fun, this wig will keep you the life of the party this Halloween or any other costumed occasion! Add a peasant dress and wooden shoes for a cute and traditional costume that everyone will love! Check out our entire selection of fabulous costume wigs to take your outfits to the next level! Order your Inga from Sweden adult wig online today, while supplies last!
Womens Tavern Maiden Adult Plus Costume
Are you willing to sling some brewskies this October or September? If yes, you should do so while wearing the Women's Tavern Maiden Adult Plus Costume. This ankle-length dress and belt can be ordered in three different plus sizes. On top is an off-the-should peasant shirt with ruffle trim. Over that is an attached corset with lacing detail. Below is a two-layer skirt. The bottom features brown and dark brown vertical stripes and the upper layer is shorter and a solid green. Wear this to an Oktoberfest celebration and then again for Halloween. Despite the name, Oktoberfest is traditionally celebrated in late September through the first weekend in October. Originally, it was held Munich, Bavaria, Germany, as a celebration of The marriage of King Ludwig to Therese on October 12, 1810 and the celebration was repeated yearly. It was eventually moved to the last weeks of September to take advantage of better weather conditions. In 16-day Munich event attracts more that 6 million people each
Bald with Ponytail Wig
This magical Bald with Ponytail Wig will make all your wishes come true! With an included bald cap, attached brown ponytail, and a golden ponytail holder, you'll feel just like a dashing genie in no time. Use this costume accessory to instantly transform you into whatever character you can imagine. Hide any of your actual hair under the latex bald cap and show off your luscious ponytail. You'll be granting wishes in no time with this wig.
Womens Tavern Maiden Costume
Women's Fiesta Party Dress
Look fabulous for Cinco de Mayo in our Women's Fiesta Party Dress! Perfect for a fiesta, this off-the-shoulder dress featuring colorful red, green, yellow and blue detailing along top and bottom makes this dress the ultimate party piece. Includes a red sash and will be a hit at any costume party, Cinco de Mayo celebrations, or any occasion where you feel like showing off your Mexican culture!
Womens Native American Maiden Costume
Forget the deer and fish. They'll be hunting for you when you put on a Women's Native American Maiden Costume! This dress is made of a polyester fabric designed to feel plush and soft. It is three-quarter sleeves and high collar will warm you up as you're hanging out in the wigwam. A tan fringe with beading detail runs along the neckline to match the skirt on the detachable belt. The mid-thigh hemline is run through with long fringe to keep you covered as you dance by the bonfire. Fringed boot covers let you turn any pair of flats into plains gear. Tie the included headband around your hair and you'll be ready for the Powwow! You work hard all week long--you deserve a bit of a break. Put on this Women's Native American Maiden Costume and go let off some steam! Add on a black wig and drum, sold here.
Adult Bavarian Guy Costume
Happy Oktoberfest! Grab a beer (or a few) and get decked out for the celebrations in our Men's Bavarian Guy Costume. The costume includes a brown lederhosen complete with shoulder straps, buttons embellishing the front, and tan trimmings, an off-white shirt with lace up collar,  matching brown and tan hat, and white knee socks. The suspenders also have a decorated Bavarian patch connecting the two shoulder straps. The Bavarian Guy knows how to party in typical German fashion, and that means beers, beers, beers. We recommend completing the outfit with brown shoes to match the lederhosen. Don't forget to add a beer stein (real of faux) to top the whole thing off! After all, Oktoberfest only comes once a year! And if you can't actually be in Germany for it, you may as well look the part.
Men's Mariachi Classic Costume
Play some rousing Dia De Los Muertos music to celebrate Halloween to when you wear this Men's Mariachi Classic Costume! The colorful look of this mariachi costume will make you want to chill with some sugar skulls and floral decorations on the big night. Whether you're hanging with your family and celebrating your heritage or going to your friend's party with some new cultural traditions to share, you'll have a festive Day of the Dead in this outfit!
Tropicalia Fruit Hat Adult
Your festive costume needs an extra special hat to top it off! The Tropicalia Fruit Hat Adult features a variety of colorful wild flowers, green grapes hanging from the side, and a huge green feather sticking out from the hat.
Geisha Wig
Be dolled up this Halloween with this gleaming Geisha Women's Black Wig! Your Halloween disguise is accentuated with the shiny hairdo provided by this midnight black Geisha Wig! Transform into a well-mannered geisha or delve into the adventures of the feminine sort when you wear this Geisha Wig!
Womens Sexy Tavern Girl Costume
Black Moustache Adult
For the perfect disguise, pick up this Black Adult Moustache. No matter who or what you're going as, this piece of false facial hair will turn a regular costume into either a silly one or mysterious one.
British Babe Sequin Dress
Have a shagadelic time in our British Babe Sequin Dress. If you need to get your mojo going, there is no better way than having a crackin? outfit. You don?t have to be in or even from Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or England to sport this lovely piece. This particular product comes as a short dress with thin shoulder straps. It is completely covered in shimmering sequin attachments. It has the Union Jack flag pattern along the surface meaning it is blue with red and white striping. The whole of the United Kingdom can represent a fun night out in this British Babe Sequin Dress. Enjoy a swinging time on the tube, in a lift, at the post, in the aisles of Harrods and anyplace else you feel the need to strut your stuff. Then, reuse it when it comes to 60?s and 70?s themed events or as a Halloween costume during parties.
Adult Red & Gold Sombrero Hat
Womens Lederhosen Shirt Red Gingham
Native American Bracelet
Simple and charming, our Native American Bracelet will make you the envy of the tribe. This elastic bracelet has three layers of beading, surrounding your wrist with tan, blue, red, and silver beads. Slip them on with a Native American necklace, earrings, and headdress for the full effect.
Beer Garden Girl Womens Costume
Head to the party wearing the Beer Garden Girl Womens Costume and you'll have everybody chanting cheers and celebrating! With your purchase, you will receive a beautiful green and purple dirndl dress with a beige apron, as well as a pettiskirt. No matter where you're headed this Halloween, there's no doubt you will instantly steal the show while donning this German attire. Buy your beer girl costume today, and go make this Halloween your biggest celebration yet!
Beer Girl Sexy Costume
No party is complete without some beer! If you want to be the girl that everyone goes to to talk to, transform your looks with the Beer Girl Sexy Costume. Make your guests work for their beer! You will look beautiful and everyone will be sure to love this new look on you!
Plus Size Kilt for Men
Play the bagpipes or celebrate your Scottish heritage this Halloween! Buy the Plus Size Kilt for Men today. The colorful kilt is a fun addition to your holiday festivities. Complete this look with a matching tartan hat, a white shirt, white socks, and black boots. Also accessorize with bagpipes for a musical touch!
Matador Mens Costume
Take to the arena with the grace and poise expected of you when youre wearing the handsome Matador Mens Costume. This Spanish-themed ensemble will transform into one of these brave and death-defying freedom fighters just in time for everyone to see this Halloween. This product features a black jacket and pants with a stylish golden trim. Be sure to pick up a hat and red cloth for the complete matador look for a Halloween full of danger, thrills and best of all, romance.
Hombre Adult Costume
Bring the magic of Mexico to life this Halloween when you put on the Hombre Adult Costume! With your purchase, you will receive a fun and colorful sombrero featuring a beautiful rainbow trim, as well as a matching red poncho with many flashy and vibrant colors. Walk into the party donning this special wear, and you'll bring all of the fun and wild energy right along with you. Buy your costume today, and go make this Halloween a real blast!
China Girl Adult Wig
Take a trip halfway around the world without ever leaving the neighborhood with the China Girl Geisha Wig Adult! The wig is composed of long, straight black hair with short bangs across the forehead. The bun on the top of the head has red tassels and other beaded decorations hanging from it.
Adult Green Plaid Kilt
A kilt may be Irish in style, but you can use it to accentuate any outfit of your choose! With this Adult Green Plaid Kilt you'll be sure to harness the inner Irish. This is the perfect base to an authentic Irish lass or lad costume that you're trying to build. Maybe you're taking a school girl outfit and giving it a strange twist. This costumes accessorizes with a medley of other items from our store such as Gatsby Hat, lederhosen socks, or even a jovial pair of St. Paddy's Sunglasses. You can choose to wear underwear or not, we promise not to judge too harshly. Be the light of any party, just be careful not to get into too much trouble channeling your Irish spirit! Use this Adult Green Plaid Kilt as the perfect complement to any costume!
Womens Matadorable (Twosomes) Costume
Womens Sexy Swiss Miss Costume
Womens Sexy Bollywood Dancer Costume
Hansel Classic Adult One Costume
Stay away from gingerbread houses when you go out in this Hansel Classic Adult One Costume! Any witches who see you in this lederhosen set are going to think you look good enough to eat, so make sure you don't into an oven no matter what you do! Your Halloween is going to be as sweet as the candy on the witch's home when you have this outfit to let you live out your favorite fairy tale.
Adult Spanish Dancer Costume
You'll be looking red hot this Halloween when you shimmy your way into the party wearing the Adult Spanish Dancer Costume! With your purchase, you will receive a gorgeous red and black dancer dress adorned with polka dots and black trim designs. Along with the dress, you will also receive a beautiful headpiece to complete your look. Pick up yours today, and then scan our site for a matching wig and jewelry!
Women's Fiesta Dress
This striking Fiesta Dress lends an air of sophistication and femininity. Its tailored fit and attached belt offer a flattering shape while providing the comfort and convenience of a one-piece design. Crafted from a luxuriously soft fabric, the dress is sure to become a costume favorite.