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Short Brown Nerd Wig
People will seriously nerd out over your geek costume this Halloween when you slide on this hairpiece. The Short Brown Nerd Wig will make you look like a regular poindexter. Just throw on some wide-rimmed glasses and a pocket protector and you're guaranteed to be picked last for your next dodgeball game. Get it fast and cheap when you order from our webstore!
Womens Sexy School Girl Costume
Want to be teacher's pet? Try dressing up in this skimpy costume and see if you get an A+ in the class. Spice up your next costume or Halloween party in this red plaid outfit based loosely on a parochial schoolgirl uniform. Set includes the short skirt that sits low on the hips and a plaid-trimmed white bra top that ties in the middle. Pair with long knee socks or stockings to complete the uniform appeal. Costume would also be perfect if you were portraying Britney Spears from the "Baby One More Time" video. It's fun to be a tease and slightly naughty sometime?wear this getup around the house when you want to get a little extra attention from your significant other. Make sure to create expressions of doe-eyed innocence on your face to complete the role playing. Just don't be surprised if you get sent to the principal's office for misbehaving.
Class Nerd Glasses with Clear Lenses
Nerds may not seem like they have much fun, but that's only because you haven't gotten a chance to hang out with them, but when you do get around to it be sure to wear these Class Nerd Glasses so they will let you get down with their geeky get down.
Adult Green Plaid Mini Skirt
Are you having trouble finding a date for the St. Patty's Day party this year? Don't worry. Just put on an Adult Green Plaid Mini Skirt and you're sure to get lucky! This flirty skirt is covered in green, black, and white plaid, large plaits adding a girlish charm to the look. It has a wide waistband to prevent unwanted bumps from poking out while the low-waist gives it a sultry edge. Versatile and flattering, our Adult Green Plaid Mini Skirt is a classic piece that works for several different outfits. Pair it with a leprechaun hat and red wig for St. Patrick's Day, wear it with knee socks and a tie shirt for school girl costumes, or get a white corset and elf hat to be Santa's little helper! Comes in one size that will fit most women.
Womens Teacher's Pet Costume
If you are feeling hot for teacher, perhaps you should wear the Women's Teacher's Pet Costume. This will definitely get them to notice you and even raise your grade. This particular outfit is full of sex appeal which is perfect for those wanting to roleplay with their loved one. You receive a dark jacket top with a white undershirt. It has a plaid tie along the center to appear much more proper in uniform. A red plaid skirt with black lace trim is also included. A pair of thigh high stockings feature apple images along the cuffs. Say hi to teacher, carry your books to class and show good manners or else you will have to be punished, perhaps by a ruler! Pick the Teacher?s Pet costume to have fun on Halloween night, dress up parties, or in the bedroom. Shine up that apple real nice and everyone will enjoy seeing you in this skimpy uniform.