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Pumpkin Torch
E.L. Light-Up Pumpkin Costume for Men
Hey, Jack, you can light up the night this Halloween when you put on the E.L. Light-Up Pumpkin Costume for Men. This classic Halloween outfit has a bit of a video game villain vibe too and it includes a brown shirt with zigzag hem, skeleton gloves and a mask. An orange jack-o'-lantern face is featured on the mask, which also has electroluminescence accents and comes with a battery pack.
Pumpkin Adult Costume Suit
Haunt the thousand floors of frights with this inexplicably terrifying Pumpkin Adult Costume Suit. Nobody can tell you just whats so scary about this pumpkin-covered suit and tie combination. Maybe its the comfy pants? Either way, when you break it out your victims wont be able to resist asking who you are and why that matters. Team up with a pair of dancing skeletons for the full effect and get ready for a Halloween thats full of laughs.
Pumpkin Pie Outfit
Just because Halloween is the time of ghosts, goblins, tricks and all that nasty stuff, doesn?t mean it all has to be gloomy. Brighten up the season with the Pumpkin Pie Outfit, a festive little number that is sure to turn some frowns upside down. It comes in a vibrant shade of orange, except for some splashes of green color and a cute Pumpkin headpiece. The main body is a romper and prominently features a charming looking Pumpkin smile with cute little cartoon like eyes. This is a great outfit just about any occasion, and will serve you well whether you?re out trick-or-treating with family, or enjoying the company of friends at a costume party. It adds a touch of wholesome fun that anyone can get behind. The only problem is this pumpkin pie outfit is too good, and you may miss having an excuse to wear it once Halloween?s over.