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Wizard Of Oz Dorothy Adult
When the tornado drops the house back to the ground there's a big BOOM! You wake up and look out the window to see things weren't the same as they were earlier that day. You definitely know what Dorothy meant when she said we're not in Kansas anymore and look down to see you've gone through a transformation similar to hers now that you're wearing the Wizard of Oz Dorothy Adult costume. Included in this ensemble is Dorothy's infamous blue and white checkered dress with white blouse matching trim. And you certainly can't leave out the big matching bow to wear on top of your head. All that's missing is a pair of red ruby slippers that you'll have to talk to a certain wicked witch about to find out more. Meet up with a few colorful friends and go on a magical adventure while still looking cute in this Wizard of Oz Dorothy Adult costume.
The Wizard of Oz Shoe Covers, Adult
Every Dorothy costume needs those classic ruby slippers, but if you don't want to buy a whole new pair of shoes, try out these Wizard of Oz Red Sequin Adult Shoe Covers! The covers are red with red sequins all over. A red bow is featured by your toes. These can fit over your shoes, so you can look stylish while wearing your most comfortable sneakers this Halloween!
Glinda Costume for Women
Head to Oz this Halloween when you put on our Glinda Costume for Women! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to follow the yellow brick road and cast all kinds of magical spells. Featuring a gorgeous pink glittery lace dress with butterfly adornments, as well as a light up tiara, it doesn't get any more enchanting than this. Buy your Glinda the Good Witch costume today, and then team up with Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the rest of the gang for your best Halloween yet!
The Wizard of Oz Tinman Adult Costume
You can be off to see the wizard when you wear the Tin Man Adult Costume. It comes with a shirt, headpiece and long silver pants with attached boot covers. Officially licensed, it is designed to look like the outfit worn by Jack Haley in the 1939 classic movie, the Wizard of Oz. The long sleeve silver shirt features an image of the heart clock that the Wizard gave to the Tin Man in the 1939 movie. The hat is a silver funnel shape. Oz didn't give nothing to the Tin Man that he didn't already have. While he might have seemed like a hollowed out tin shell, the Tin Man actually had deep feelings and was able to love. Axe is not included. Other Wizard of Oz costumes are also available in plus, adult and child sizes.
Adult King Of Hearts Card Costume
You will be looking like a royal flush wearing our King of Hearts Adult Costume. It features a playing card tunic and crown. White gloves and shoes not included. Pair up with the Queen of Hearts for an awesome couples costume.
The Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Adult Costume
Whether you are off to see the Wizard or want to frighten a few birds, you need to order the Scarecrow Adult Costume. This outfit includes a headpiece, brown hat, brown pants and a green shirt. The headpiece has a collar and covers the sides of the head; the top is covered by the cone shaped hat. Featured on the shirt are images of straw. The scarecrow got its name because its purpose is to frighten crows and other birds away from crops. It is made in the shape of a person, often from old clothes stuffed with straw, and hung on a pole. The most famous scarecrow is Dorothy's friend from the Wizard of Oz who is desperate to get a heart. Wear it to a Halloween party or to a visit to a pumpkin patch.
Women's Wicked Witch Costume
Become evil incarnate next Halloween with this Women's Wicked Witch Costume. It comes with all the bells and whistles needed to complete the look. We're talking black dress with silvery accents made to look like spider's webs, pointed hat, flowing cape, matching vest, hand bag, and vest. When the Eagles made the song Witchy Woman we're sure they were envisioning you in this Women's Wicked Witch Costume. Make them proud. Strut your stuff with the kids or paint the town as black as your heart. Either way, you'll put a spell on quite a few people.
Dorothy Wizard of Oz Wig
You'll be cuter than Toto himself when you put on a Dorothy Wizard of Oz Wig! The tightly woven pigtails are a shining auburn color and have blue satin bows to bind them. The ends are curled into corkscrews. A must-have for your Dorothy costume and cute for school girl get-ups.
Men's Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Costume
Join Dorothy and Toto as their first travel companion through Oz in this Men's Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Costume. Fans of the popular novel and film character can recreate scenes with an authentic touch! The costume comes with a shirt top featuring cord wrist details and a burlap collar. It also included a cord belt, a pair of pants with circular patch designs and a pointed hat. Use the ensemble for costume parties, Halloween, or performances!
The Wizard of Oz Cowardly Lion Adult Costume
Do you have the courage to wear the Cowardly Lion Adult Costume? This kingly set includes a head piece and a tan jumpsuit with attached tail. The headpiece includes a mane, lion ears and a collar. In the Wizard of Oz book and movie adaptations, the Cowardly Lion embarks on a journey to Oz with Dorothy, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow. He goes in search of courage but at the end (spoiler alert) he finds out that he has had courage all along. Order one of our makeup kits so you can create a lion face. We have Tin Man, Dorothy and Scarecrow costumes also available in adult and children's sizes so you and your family or friends can follow the yellow brick road together.
What Big Eyes You Have Costume
Trick your prey this season with our What Big Eyes You Have Costume perfect for Halloween surprises and or fairytales! You won't have to get out of bed to get a tasty meal this season whether it be candy or an unsuspecting granddaughter, they won't be able to tell! Transform yourself into the wolf from the classic story as you ditch the fangs and take on the nightgown with this classic and hilarious disguise that'll fool even the most discerning riding hood or woodsmen. Pair up this exceptional costume with any number of fun grandma oriented themes from sewing to baking just to make you prey feel safe until it's too late! With all the details that a wolf in disguise could need, our costume set is the ultimate trap. This Halloween, let your meal deliver itself this Halloween with our What Big Eyes You Have Costume that is perfect for the scary ambush we know you've been searching for. So open wide, and show them what large teeth you have with our exceptional design!
Mens Deluxe Winged Monkey Costume
Why be a code monkey when you can be a flying one instead? Wear a Men's Deluxe Winged Monkey Costume this Halloween and soar off into the night! The gray jumpsuit base is covered with plush fur to keep you warm in the witch's castle. Long fringe hangs from the sleeves to match that on the legs. Look stylish as you take over Oz in your sewn-in vest, the body printed with black, red, and white zigzag patterns. Black wings come with the package. Pull up the hood above the forehead and the back of your head will be covered up to save you from the Tin Man's ax! A small fez is included with the package--pop it on the top of the hood and go get that pesky little girl! When you live in Oz, you never know what sorts of missions you'll get next. Wear a Men's Deluxe Winged Monkey Costume and take care of them! Cover up your face with blue face paint, sold here.
Womens Regency Glinda Costume
The magical energy you'll give off will make everyone feel a ton happier at the next Halloween party you all attend. The Womens Regency Glinda Costume comes with a pink dress that features sequin accents on the bodice, large shoulder puffs, silver thread trim along the neckline, and a wire hoop skirt with attached star accents. The order also features a tall crown that's covered in glitter. This costume will be a great way for you to have a Halloween party without all the spooky thrills. And this costume would also be a nice way to dress up for themed party events all year round. Before checking out with this order, visit the accessories section of the website and add on a wand and other items to the order for a more embellished costume look.
Gepetto Gray Moustache and Wig
If you've always wanted a son, then this Gepetto gray moustache and wig set is the perfect finishing touch for your Halloween costume. It won't transform your wooden puppet into a real boy, but it will transform you into a distinguished gentleman!
Wizard Of Oz - Dorothy Ruby Slippers - Adult Costume Accessory
Click your heels together three times and you'll be transported to your perfect cosplay experience ? with the help of this magical Wizard Of Oz - Dorothy Ruby Slippers - Adult Costume Accessory. Pair with an officially licensed Wizard Of Oz Dorothy costume or create your own DIY cosplay experience.
Dorothy Sequin Deluxe Adult Shoes
Match up your pretty pastel blue dress with these brilliant, ruby red Dorothy Sequin Deluxe Adult Shoes! Your feet will shimmer under the Halloween lights! These dazzling Dorothy Sequin Deluxe Adult Shoes perfectly complement your existing Dorothy dress, and give you a complete look head to toe!
Adult Forest Bandit Costume
Become a beautiful forest ranger this Halloween when you pick up our Adult Forest Bandit Costume! With your purchase, you will receive a gorgeous emerald green tunic adorned with golden trim, a pair of matching brown pant leggings, and a pretty pointed green hat. Pick up a bow from our site, and you'll be all set for the party. Buy your costume today, and go make this Halloween as wild and free as the forest!
Deluxe Scarecrow Adult Costume
You don't even need to have a brain to know that the Deluxe Scarecrow Adult costume is one of the coolest getups you could wear this Halloween! The outfit features a big burlap sack shirt with red, white, and blue plaid patches all over the torso and arms. Tan straw fringe hangs from the neckline and the hem of the shirt. The pants, like the shirt, are made of beige burlap sack material and feature straw hanging from the bottom of each pant leg. The costume also comes with many ties, designed with red and white checkered and blue and white plaid patterns, that can be tied around the waist, legs, and arms. The hat, which is black and garnished with a matching tie and a daisy, adds a finishing touch to the ensemble. Purchase a makeup palette or a corn cob pipe, each sold here separately, to really complete your look.
Mens Plush Story Book Wolf Adult Costume
With all the talk of the big bad wolf, Little Red Riding Hood should have known better than to go traipsing through the woods with a picnic basket full of treats. You can gobble up grannies galore when you bring a fairytale to life in this Men's Plush Story Book Wolf Adult Costume! This fun and playful ensemble is great for Halloween or for acting out classic stories for kids. The plush grey jumpsuit zips in the front with a white belly patch. It features shoe covers and attached paws, as well as a bushy grey tail in the back. The jumpsuit comes with a character headpiece with pointy ears, a mischievous look, and a long snout with teeth. The mouth opens to reveal a hole where your face pokes through. Whether you're huffing and puffing at the Three Little Pigs or trying to steal a picnic from Little Red Riding Hood, you're going to love living in a fairytale wearing this Men's Plush Story Book Wolf Adult Costume!