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Magic Voodoo Costume
Become a feared and revered witch doctor when you put on the Magic Voodoo Costume! Voodoo magic originates from Africa and the Caribbean, and is a true religion with a whole pantheon of Gods and Goddesses who are worshipped. When people think of Voodoo, they often think of Voodoo dolls; the practice of creating a ragdoll in somebody?s image, and then inserting pins into it to cast spells and curses upon that person. It?s certainly scary stuff. When you buy the Magic Voodoo Costume, you?ll receive everything you need to turn yourself into a spiritual witch. Use black magic, cast spells, and utter curses all day and night this Halloween, and you?ll certainly have everyone intrigued. Team up with some other witch doctors and black magicians this Halloween, and you?ll really have a wicked time. Pick up your Magic Voodoo Costume today, and spread the magic of Voodoo wherever you go!
Voodoo Poncho
That Halloween pick up something versatile and easy to use with the Voodoo Poncho. Coming in a nice shade of black, the poncho is decorated with a skeleton torso and arms and would go well either on its own or as part of a larger, especially voodoo or skeleton themed costume. The poncho is made from Polyester. Also easy to customize, the black space affords the placement of props meaning this is a really flexible look. Get ready for the Halloween season with the Voodoo Poncho!
Mens Warlock Coat Costume
Sinister forces permeate the Halloween air! This costume season, entrance your fellow partygoers with this midnight black Warlock Men's Coat! You'll seemingly cast a spell, enchanting them all with your air of mystery! The top hat adds a touch of class, while the long coat conceals your dark motives!
Adult Voodoo Dolly Costume
This sexy outfit will put a spell on you this Halloween! Even the damned can get dolled up with the Adult Voodoo Dolly Costume. This versatile, 100% polyester dress is great for witch, zombie, and monster costumes alike. A pair of matching pantyhose and a novelty pin are included as well. Order today for hot deals on all of our costumes and accessories!
Womens Sexy Voodoo Magic Costume
Womens Voodoo Dolling Costume
Womens Sexy Voodoo Dolly Costume
Women's Sassy Voodoo Queen Costume
Spook up your night wearing the Women's Sassy Voodoo Queen Costume. Orders come with a romper piece featuring an iridescent snakeskin pattern. The short jacket has a faux fur collaring and a long coattail. There is a skull chain along the front as to fit the theme. A top hat adds the final touch and has a matching skull design. Your night is going to be filled with hex appeal as you wear this voodoo costume.
Adult Voodoo Dude Costume
Be menacing in this Voodoo Dude Adult Costume. Costume includes decorative hat, jacket with attached vest, and half mask. Does not include gloves, props, pants or boots.
Mens Voodoo Dude Costume
Make your own magic in our Men's Voodoo Dude Costume. Utilize and hypnotize with every prize you can devise in our all-curing disguise with hat, jacket, and attached vest. Skeletal half mask included. All else sold and assembled separately. Adult, men's sizing.
Curvy Conjurer Costume for Women (16-22)
Tap into the spirit realm and conjure up something delightful! Introducing the Curvy Conjurer Costume for Women (16-22). Who said that you should go to the Halloween party by yourself? Exactly, no one! Bring a friend or a companion with you, even though they happen to be dead and are now a spirit or some sort of apparition. You vast and great knowledge of the afterlife made you become a conjurer, which means that you can manipulate ghosts and control them with ease. Show others just how skilled you truly are, and prove the skeptics wrong! But the costume itself may not necessarily be enough. To go all out, and to look as believable as possible, upgrade the costume's look with a few fun things. You can use a spell book and carry it with you wherever you go, you can use a wand that casts spells and opens portals, or you can place a fake raven or anything in relation on your shoulder.