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"Hold the Drama" Jojo Siwa Costume
If your daughter is Jojo Siwa's biggest fan, then don't miss out on our "Hold the Drama" Jojo Siwa Costume! With your purchase, you will receive a pretty pink jacket with an attached white shirt featuring the words "Hold the Drama" in a vibrant rainbow design. In addition, you will also receive a pair of glimmering silver leggings, as well as a pretty pink hair bow. Buy your costume today, and go make this Halloween a real magical one for your daughter!
"Icons" Christmas Sweater Costume
Show off your favorite symbols of the season when you put on this "Icons" Christmas Sweater Costume! This sweater features all your favorite Christmas details, so you can go to any kind of holiday party knowing that you're repping your favorite day of the year in style. Whether you're flying around with Santa on Christmas Eve or giving out gifts to your kids, you're sure to rock this sweater in any context this Yuletide season.
"Kid in Candy Store" Jojo Siwa Costume
If your little angel is in love with the YouTube star Jojo Siwa, then why not dress her up as Jojo this Halloween? With your purchase of the "Kid in Candy Store" Jojo Siwa Costume, you will receive everything you need to make this Halloween a truly magical one for your daughter. While all dressed up as Jojo Siwa, your daughter will have the time of her life. Buy your costume today, and then scan our site for the rest of your Halloween costume and accessory needs!
10" Light Up The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Pumpkin
Want to add something sweet and spooky to your Halloween decor? Add the 10 Light Up The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Pumpkin, which has the big fun grin of the Pumpkin King. Stitches, big empty eyes, and a classic pumpkin shape all make sure this piece of decoration is just what your doorstep or haunted house needs. This ten-inch pumpkin is a great way to add something that movie fans young and old will love.
10" Light Up The Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie Pumpkin
Halloween is a time for spooky scares, and even The Nightmare Before Christmas has some to offer. Grab the 10 Light Up The Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie Pumpkin to add a real scary character to your decorations. This infamous boogeyman is always ready to try and take down the Pumpkin King, and he'll stop at nothing to corrupt the good things of both Halloween and Christmas it makes him the perfect addition to a trick-or-treat space.
10" Light Up The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Pumpkin
Trying to create a show for the people who come to your door this Halloween? There's only one way to do it, and that's with the 10 Light Up The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Pumpkin. You can get a simple plastic item that looks like it's from the cross between a Halloween and a Christmas movie, and Sally's big, sewn-on smile will welcome trick-or-treaters for sure. Add it to your doorstep to create a dose of color in the dark.
10" Long Dropping Spider
Hang the 10 Dropping Spider Prop on your front porch or in the doorway to your Halloween party to give guests and trick-or-treaters a jump scare! While this black spider isn't frightening or gory in and of itself, the fact that it suddenly drops down from the ceiling to say hello makes it as good for scaring as any other horror prop. It's covered in an all-black fabric and has four straight legs on either side of its body. Two white ovals act as eyes on this black arachnid.
1000 Watt Fog Machine
Turn any room into a haunted scene when you install the Fog Machine - 1000w. This Fog machine is easy to install into any room. The machine producing a thick white fog, great for parties or theatre tricks. Make your room a haunted scene with just a press of a button. Order your own Fog Machine - 1000w today from Costume SuperCenter.
101 Dalmatians: Cruella Pet Costume
Your furry friend might be a little confused when she sees she's going to be dressed up as Cruella de Ville! Our 101 Dalmatians: Cruella Pet Costume gives your dog a way to take the villain role and scare all her doggy friends. Watch your pet run around in this black and white pet costume and you might notice that any dalmatians at the dog park are being careful to keep their distance from her!
12 Ft. Airblown Inflatable Creepy Tree
Halloween is the time of creeps, ghouls, goblins, and ghosts, and even nature itself seems out to get you when the moon rises. The 12 Ft. Airblown Inflatable Creepy Tree is ready to gobble up unaware trick-or-treaters, and at such a height we don't think anybody will be able to get away best keep your distance while enjoying your candy. It comes with an LED light to make sure it's the centerpiece of your decorations.
12 Ft. Light Up Ghostly Reaper
October and Halloween to be precise is the time of spooky apparitions and otherworldly visitors. Use the 12 Ft. Light Up Ghostly Reaper to add a huge, scary character to your next time of costume fun. This immense ghoul will draw everybody's attention, even if they think they aren't easily scared. It even lights up, so it's the perfect addition to the outdoor decorations among haunted graves, creaky old trees, and zombies clawing up out of the ground.
14.5 inch Batman Candy Bowl
Even the Dark Knight has a sweet side. If you don't believe us, check out this 14.5 inch Batman Candy Bowl! Set it up on the porch for trick or treaters or use it as a serving dish for your own Gotham themed event. Dole out candy and justice this Halloween. Order the 14.5 inch Batman Candy Bowl today!
14.5 inch Superman Candy Bowl
Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's... a 14.5 inch Superman Candy Bowl? Treat your guests to goodies in style while doling out a little justice on the side. Trick or Treaters who violate the one per person rule beware, the Superman 14.5 inch Candy Bowl sees all!
15" Plastic Bat
Looking for a Halloween decoration that will make people go batty? You need the 15" Plastic Bat! Hang this black 15? bat at your Halloween party and watch your guests scream. For ultimate fun, let a fan blow on the bat so it'll look like it's flying. The 15" Plastic Bat will take your party from mediocre to macabre!
15-inch Spooky Skeleton Cat
If you?re decorating a haunted house, don?t settle for typical skeleton when you can have a Spooky Skeleton Cat! This Spooky Skeleton Cat gives lawn décor a whole new meaning. Play creepy Halloween sounds in the background to give trick or treaters a fright. Order the Spooky Skeleton Cat and you?ll have the scariest house on the block!
15.5 Inch NBC Oogie Porch Light Cover
When your trick or treaters show up for their candy, they'll see the nefarious Oogie Boogie glowing down at them with a stinkeye when you put up your 15.5 Inch NBC Oogie Boogie Porch Light Cover! This porch light cover is a great way to bring some spooky vibes to your Halloween season, and you can make this a Christmas decoration easily too with some string lights to go with it. Keep him up all holiday season long!
16" Classic Felt Stocking Decoration
Whether you're giving children gifts or just decorating your apartment with your friends, you can make a room feel like your childhood when you recall your first Christmases with this 16" Classic Felt Stocking Decoration! With this brightly colored stocking as part of your Christmas decor, you're sure to make everyone who comes over look forward to eggnog, caroling, and the other parts of Christmas that their Christmas stockings represent. Fill this stocking with gifts for yourself to reward yourself for working so hard on the holiday!
16" Light Up The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Pumpkin
Add the perfect amount of illumination to your walkway or Halloween party with this 16 Light Up The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Pumpkin. You can make this large pumpkin the centerpiece of your buffet table or use it to welcome guests into the front door. The jack-o-lantern resembles Jack Skellingtons white skull head with his stitched mouth and big eye holes. Even better, plug in this pumpkin and let the Pumpkin King light up those dark Halloween nights!
17" Severed Shaking Arm
Need a hand? The 17 Severed Shaking Arm will make sure you have all the help you need when creating a Halloween party that has plenty of perfect scares. Leave this arm lying around or use it to recreate one of the classic gags when guests shake your hand, they'll be able to pull it right out. It will leave them shocked, of course, but it's all right. It's just a prop, one that you'll lose to use over and over.
18 Black Light Fixture and Bulb Accessory
If youre having your Halloween in a motel room, you might not want to use this 18 Black Light Fixture and Bulb Accessory! However, if youre just having your Halloween in your living room, youre probably good to enjoy this fantastic and eerie black light setup! When you turn on this black light decoration, everyone will feel like theyre in the underworld, or just an underground club! Your party is going to get rave reviews if you use this black light on Halloween!
18" Wreath w/ Skull, Hands & Roses
Who says that Halloween can't have a little beauty? This holiday has lots of creepy pieces, but this 18 Wreath w/ Skull, Hands & Roses lets people know that life can spring from death. It's a great way to set the mood for a classy, fun Halloween party, and it's also a nice option for the Day of the Dead. Plus, it's easy to hang up anywhere, such as on your front door or inside on a wall that needs a little bit of decoration.
19" Plush Front Door Greeter The Nightmare Before Christmas Big Head Sally
Make sure everybody feels welcome at whatever kind of event you're throwing by adding the 19 Plush Front Door Greeter. The Nightmare Before Christmas Big Head Sally. At almost two feet tall, nobody will be able to miss this Big Head Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas! She may be a friendly rag doll gal but her pumpkin wont let you forget shes the Queen of Screams. She does make sure people know they're at the right place for a night full of Halloween fun, however.
1920's Bootlegger Costume for Men
Bring Halloween this year back to the Prohibition era when you put on our 1920's Bootlegger Costume for Men. With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to look like you sell illegal goods at hidden speakeasies. Complete with a beige shirt, a pair of brown pants with suspenders, and a matching brown cap, you'll have your most historical Halloween yet this year. Buy your speakeasy bootlegger costume today, and then scan our site for the rest of your accessories!
1920's Era: Pink and Black Boa
Back when a time of tommygun and beautiful dames, comes the bola girls. Introducing the 1920's Era: Pink and Black Boa. This lovely pink and black feathery bola is made of a synthetic material. Accessorize with 1920's dress, colorful wig, and boots to complete this elegant era design. Act now to own this snazzy prop.
1920's Lil' Gangster Childrens Costume
Pull off a grand heist in this 1920's Lil' Gangster Children's Costume. Hit the bank, grab all the cash, make a getaway, and live life on the run. Turn into some of the most notorious criminals from across the country. There are a number of real gang members you could portray thanks to this particular outfit like Al Capone, Machine Gun Kelly, and John Dillinger. Or try to look like characters from popular gangster films and television shows. You receive a pinstripe vest and matching pair of pants. There is a black undershirt with white tie. Top it off with a black fedora featuring a white band around the base. Have this ready for Halloween parties, theater performances, decades day, and other themed events. Check out some of our toy weapons and accessories to include as well. Also, look around for other outfits to match this Clyde with their Bonnie!
1920s Black Stole
Be the most fashionable girl at the Roaring Twenties party! Purchase the 1920s Black Stole as an accessory. The black stole is a chic accessory that goes around the shoulder. Pair the stole with a black flapper headband and a cigarette holder. Do the Charleston all night long in costume!
1950's Diner Waitress Costume for Girls
Your daughter will be serving all kinds of candy treats this Halloween when you dress her up in the 1950's Diner Waitress Costume for Girls! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your little angel into the cutest waitress to ever take an order. Featuring a black and light blue waitress dress with an apron and a matching hat headband, she's going to love this fun costume. Buy yours today, and go fill this Halloween with lots of tips!
1950s Dangerous Comb
Pick accessories for your 1950s costume today! Purchase the 1950s Dangerous Comb to compliment your fake gang ensemble. The comb prop is also a faux switchblade. Use this prop in a play or musical like West Side Story too! Your leather jacket and slicked back hair will go perfectly with this prop.
1950s Wig w/detachable Headband Blonde Adult
Big hair was a staple of the decade, so get this 1950s Blonde Wig with Detachable Headband to capture that! The beehive-styled wig is just above shoulder length, where the ends curl and flip up. You'll be turning heads in this piece!
1960's Era: Funky Groove Adult Wig
Groovy man, like totally groovy , man. Nothing say the 60's like a 60's Funky Groove Adult Wig. This wig features a Sandy Brown , mop-top synthetic wig. Accessorize with butterfly-collars, bell bottoms pants and Peace sign medallion. Great for any party but awesome for a funky groovy party. So what are waiting for, 2060? Head to your device and order today.