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Avatar The Last Airbender Korra Child Costume
Your little waterbender can master all four elements when she puts on her Avatar Korra Child Costume! In this blue and white child costume, she's going to look like the latest in a long line of Avatars, and she'll be ready to take down Amon and any other evil bender who comes her way. When she, Mako, and Bolin head out to maintain the balance of the Avatar universe, she'll be glad she got such a sweet water tribe outfit to wear!
Avatar The Last Airbender Aang Child Costume
If you have a kid at home who would love to go penguin sledding soon, you can let him live out that dream with our Avatar Aang Child Costume! In this Air Nomad outfit, your son can master all four elements and finally defeat Firelord Ozai. The burden of bringing peace to the world is a big one, but with your son wearing this orange Air Nomad poncho and matching pants and top, it'll be no big deal!