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Boys Careers

If a boy can imagine what he wants to be when he grows up, he can even have a change to play the role in a boy's occupational costume. The best thing about working uniforms are the variety. Boy's should be encouraged to explore all types of careers. They may love the idea of working with their hands and climbing ladders as a construction worker, or maybe they want to find and care for stray animals while wearing a veterinarian coat. We have all kinds of garbs ranging from blue collar careers like a chef or a fireman to white collar careers like an airline pilot or a surgeon. We even have military and sports career outfits.

Boys Occupational Costume Ideas and Tips

No matter your child's aspirations, our gigantic selection of Occupational costumes for boys is here to show them they can be anything they want. Thrill as your kid protects the strengths and their very own police officer uniform, or stops a raging Inferno as a heroic and brave fireman. For all those future airline pilots, secret agents, or doctors, we have a variety of costumes that will turn your child's dreams into reality.

Once you have decided on an overall look, check out all our costume accessories for kids to find all the little tools and add-ons to make their outfits as legit as possible. Terrific for Halloween, everyday play time or any other costumed occasion year round. Have a look at our occupational costumes for adults so you can build an unforgettable family theme the whole neighborhood will love. There is no limit to the amount of fun you can have with a collection of costumes this adorable, inspiring and fun.

Boys Commando Costume
Bravo team is considered to be the best team in the military and your little guy is one of their top members. Everyday he gets up and starts training so he will always be ready for a battle when the enemy attacks. Drills, marches, and weapons training is crucial for your kid and he can't become the super soldier he really is without putting on the Boy's Commando Costume. Give your young man a special salute after he gets into this full-body, army fatigue jumpsuit with American flag arm patch and a classic camouflage padded vest with multiple pockets. Two armor-like knee pads come included with a black face scarf with a cool skeleton graphic that will let the opposing side know they're dealing with some expert cadets and your son will be leading the troops ahead in this Boy's Commando Costume.
Police Costume for Child
Your kid is going to absolutely love being a cop! When you buy the Police Costume for Child, your son or daughter is going to instantly feel like the town hero. The second they put this fun police get-up on, they'll be cruising all around, looking for bad guys and criminals, and for innocent people to save. Nothing is more fun on Halloween than trick or treating as a police officer! Your child is going to love leading his or her group of friends, keeping everyone safe, and making sure everyone's behavior is in check. Be sure to scan our site for some awesome police accessories as well. We have guns, hats, badges, belts, and more! If you're feeling extra festive, you can dress as a police officer yourself, so you and your kid can match as the best police duo tandem in history. Pick up your Police Costume for Child today, and then scan our site for an adult police costume for yourself as well!
Green Army Boy Costume for Boys
It's time to gear up soldier. There's a war to be won. This Halloween, when you buy the Green Army Boy Costume for Boys, you're going to feel like a powerful army man, skilled with your fists and a gun and always ready for combat. Nobody messes with a man from the army! While wearing this costume, you'll trick or treat without a single fear in the world. That's a promise. With your purchase, you'll receive everything you need to feel and look like you belong in the United States military. Team up with some other army friends of yours this Halloween, and you can form an entire crew of soldiers to take on the world with. After all, the military is a brotherhood and sisterhood, always willing to fight for one another with pride. Pick up your Green Army Boy Costume for Boys today, and this Halloween, show the world the bravery and heroism of a soldier!
Airline Pilot Child Costume
If you have a little one at home who loves flying in airplanes, he might like trying on our Airline Pilot Child Costume this Halloween! He'll feel like flying when he puts on this standard pilot uniform with its regulation medallions and decorations! Make sure your tray tables are in the upright position for Halloween this year!
SEAL Team 6 - Black - Childrens Costume
Put together an elite team of officers with this SEAL Team 6 - Black - Children's Costume. This black jumpsuit features a matching vest, helmet, knee pads, and a scarf with printed skull design. Check out our occupational costume accessories featuring props like batons and handcuffs to complete the ensemble.
Boys Tan Firefighter Costume
Put out any forest fires this Halloween! Get your boys this realistic Boys Tan Firefighter Costume. Modeled after the uniform that firefighters wear, this khaki jacket and pants also have the neon green stripes. The black hat has the proud Fire Chief badge on the front end. Get it today!
Boy's Frontline Trooper Costume
Let them take the field this Halloween with our Boys? Frontline Trooper Costume! There?s a battle that needs good soldiers to win, and with our stellar costume and your child?s enthusiasm, it looks like victory is assured! This fun tactical design features everything they could want to become a fearless soldier this season. Pair up this action packed camo costume with any number of prop weapons to make sure your little trooper has all the equipment he needs for a successful mission. Any number of prop guns and knives will complete this outfit and get your kid playing! You might even see this classic design out in the house outside of season, so get ready for an ambush at any time. This fun and comfortable design is the perfect way to give your child the tactical advantage they?ve always wanted and turn them into the action packed heroes they?ve always wanted to be. So sign them up for a fantastic season with our Boys? Frontline Trooper Costume and prepare to fight!
Marine Blue Dress
Whether you're attending the navy ball or just looking for some darker coverage this year, our Marine Blue Dress is a great choice for your seasonal needs. Hosting a water themed party this year? Our lovely rich blue coloration is perfect for hosting or attending and you'll fall in love with our signature quality style! So slip into this Marine Blue Dress and look elegant while making a splash this season!
Earth in Space Children's Costume
Your kid is out of this world. Bring him back down to solid ground with this Earth in Space Children's Costume. It comes with a bulbous earth body and a puppet shuttle he can fly around it. That means hours of fun pretending to be an astronaut when he's not out trick-or-treating for Halloween. Or maybe he'd like to wear it to school on Earth Day? Either way, he'll be the most popular little planet in the neighborhood.
Boys Airline Pilot Costume
Fireman Junior Costume
What would we do without firemen? They are brave and courageous heroes, who are entirely irreplaceable. How else would we put out the deadly fires consuming burning buildings, and who would dare run into a fiery house or institution to save whoever is trapped inside? There is no doubt about it. Firemen are absolute heroes, and we are simply blessed to have them in our towns and cities. This Halloween, dress your young tyke as one of the bravest people of all when you buy the Fireman Junior Costume! With your purchase of this costume, you?ll receive everything you need to turn your little angel into a little fire hero. He will absolutely love running around, pretending to put out fires and saving people. And you?ll just sit there smiling with a camera in your hand, proud of your little superman. Pick up your Fireman Junior Costume today, and go trick or treating as one of the bravest heroes in the world!
Firefighter - Childrens Costume
Your child can become an everyday hero with this classic Firefighter - Children's Costume. This beige jacket features reflective tape detailing and buckled designs. Matching overalls and an included black fireman's helmet complete the package. Pair with our Police Officer - Children's Costume for an adorable group ensemble.
Child Swat Vest
Your little guy can go out and save the day when he has this Child Swat Vest to make him feel equipped to go on any kind of mission. With this SWAT team style vest, he can live out his fantasies of rushing into a hostage situation or taking down a terrorist. Any heroic little kid who wants to keep his loved ones safe can spend the day making that a reality with this vest!
Hibachi Chef Boy's Tabletop Costume
Your little guy loves helping in the kitchen. Continue to nourish that passion with a Halloween - or just because - costume that's made to delight any cook. This Hibachi Chef Boy's Tabletop Costume does exactly that. The red chef's hat pairs nicely with the stark white of the chef pants and shirt, but the real treat is served on the waist high flared tabletop printed to look like dinner is being served. It even comes with a plush knife so your kid can pretend to prepare it special for you!
ER Doctor Child
The doctor is in! Put on your ER Doctor Child Costume and go help out all those waiting patients. This outfit is designed to look like scrubs, the light polyester material keeping you warm without making you overheat. Both the long-sleeved top and straight-legged pants are a light green color. The printed chest pocket is full of all sorts of medical equipment like thermometers and tongue depressors. The included name tag comes blank, letting you write whatever name you would like on it! The plastic stethoscope will help you diagnose their sickness, while the included face mask will stop you from getting sick yourself. You never know what will be waiting for you when you start your shift. Put on this ER Doctor Child Costume with a white lab coat and syringe (sold here) so you can get to work!
Boys Jr. Fighter Pilot Costume
Save the day with a hero's look this Halloween. The Jr. Fighter Pilot costume is a way to make your little one look awesome. It comes with all they need to fly the plane to a victory. It includes a fighter pilot suit and embroidered cap. Give them a look they will want to wear every year with the Jr. Fighter Pilot costume!
Boys Top Cop Costume
Give others the answer to ?what do you want to be when you grow up?? with the Top Cop costume. Your child will enjoy pretending to protect and serve in this small career-minded costume. Purchasing a set of handcuffs will pair well with this officer look. Wearing the badged police hat is the first step to taking on the social responsibility of the position. The one-piece jumpsuit offers all the necessary components of an active officer. Badges and other ornaments alert others to your child's rank. Muscles integrated into the suit prove that basic training was a piece of cake. Take advantage of this great deal and put your child in blue this Halloween.
Artist Costume for Child
Your tyke will be looking like a real Van Gogh this Halloween when you pick up our Artist Costume for Child. With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to transform your child into a true virtuoso with a paintbrush. Featuring a black and white striped shirt, a paint splattered apron, a red neck scarf, and a velvety red hat, he's going to love this painter's get-up. Buy yours today, and go paint the town red this Halloween!
Kid's FBI Agent Costume
Have a kid who loves to be in control and order others around? Then, this FBI Agent costume might be the perfect outlet for his authoritative attitude. Authentic-looking uniform includes shirt, pants, vest and hat that boast the FBI acronym and official-looking seal emblems. When your kid is all suited up and ready for their next tactical assignment?send them out with a bag for trick or treating and request they confiscate all candy in the neighborhood. That's one mission we think they'll enjoy accomplishing. Superior training and intelligent thinking will go into playing the part of an agent with the highest bureau in the land. Kids would love also wearing this costume to a heroes day at school or dressing up for a themed birthday party of just playing at home. These good guys of the government can track down all the bad guys and help make the world a safer place. Have fun fighting crime!
Army Adventure Play Set
Gear up with the Army Adventure Play Set to serve your country. Kids love pretending to be soldiers and this set will take things to another level. You receive a variety of accessories all inside a useful backpack. There are toy weapons such as a grenade and knife. A walkie-talkie, canteen and binoculars will come in handy while out on patrol. All of these will go along perfectly with any army or military costume which you can also find on our website!
S.W.A.T. Team Child
The bank heist situation has gotten way out of control and you don't know who else to call to get inside the crooks' stronghold and rescue the innocent hostages they've taken. Then it hits you and you call on your little man who comes rushing to the scene dressed in this S.W.A.T. Team Child costume. This ensemble comes included with a standard issue S.W.A.T. bulletproof vest that has all of the necessary tools a special weapons man needs like a plastic phone to call for backup, a flashlight, of course a set of handcuffs, binoculars to help see his target and lock on, a grenade just in case things get ugly, and a badge to let the hostages identify who's really there to help them. The day is saved after your kid arrives in his S.W.A.T. Team Child costume.
Boys Deluxe White Nasa Junior Astronaut Suit Costume
Your little guy will look like a distinguished spaceman wearing the Boy's Deluxe White NASA Junior Astronaut Suit Costume. It includes a white jumpsuit and coordinating cap. The jumpsuit features a zipper front, black collar, NASA patch, American flag patch, zipper pockets, and harness. Enhance the look by adding an astronaut helmet, gloves, and boots, all sold separately. Your son will look like a professionally trained astronaut any time he puts on this amazing ensemble. Whether he is attending a Halloween party or trick-or-treating around town, this outfit will impress everyone. It's not everyday that friends and neighbors get to see a fully equipped spaceman walking around the block. If your little guy dreams of exploring the furthest reaches of the universe, then provide him with a suit that will allow him to travel anywhere in the galaxy.
Boys Muscle Man Sailor Costume
Set sail on the seven seas in the Muscle Man Sailor costume for boys. Keeping a ship on course requires tireless effort by the crew so help your child look the part. Bulging biceps integrate into the sleeves amplifying the wearers size. Tattoos featuring nautical subjects like anchors help reinforce the tough guy aura. The jumpsuit is fashioned after traditional sailor suits with its navy fabric. A white belt and matching sailor collar pay help further the resemblance. Prove competent with directions with the compass emblazoned sailor cap. Add a corn cob pipe to channel the character Popeye for added fun. Add this high quality costume to your cart today and hit the shipyard in no time!
Boys Construction Worker Costume
Give your child a real Halloween to remember when you pick up our Boys Construction Worker Costume! He'll be working up a real sweat while all dressed up as this hard-working construction man. With your purchase, you will receive a muscle padded construction worker shirt, a fun utility tool belt, as well as a matching yellow hard hat. Buy yours today, and go make this Halloween as fun and rewarding as a hard day's work!
Toddler Little Chef Costume
?Ç'est Magnifique!? writes local foodies reviewing this Little Chef Halloween costume. Get your toddler into the kitchen and watch as they redefine fine dining in this classic culinary look. Donning the white chef hat will prevent hair from falling into the food while showing who runs the kitchen. Checkered pants are breezy and offer ultimate comfort. Keep flour and tomato sauce from staining your little chef's clothes with the roomy chef coat. In case more proof is needed, a chef nametag and brightly striped kerchief are included. Rolling dough is made easy with the inflatable rolling pin. Unleash your child's culinary creativity with this Little Chef romper and it to your cart now.
G.I. Army Jumpsuit Costume for Kids
Who are your kids heroes? Perhaps he looks up to someone in the military, like mom, dad or another family member. The G.I. Army Jumpsuit Costume for Kids is just the uniform that he should be wearing this Halloween. He can go on adventures keeping the country safe and helping people everywhereor at least pretend he is.
Boys Astronaut Suit Costume
This year, make a Halloween celebration that is out of this world. The Boys Astronaut Suit Costume features an orange jumpsuit that is inspired by an astronauts uniform. Let your child use his imagine to soar into space to the outer reaches of the galaxy and beyond.
Police Officer - Childrens Costume
This classic Police Officer - Children's Costume will let your little one achieve their dream job. Perfect as a Halloween costume for trick-or-treating, or a career day for school. This blue jacket features matching pants and hat for a head-to-toe costume experience. Order online today.
Childs Wing Man Airforce Costume
Off we go into the wild blue yonder! Send your child off on an adventure into the sky this Halloween with the Childs Wing Man Airforce Costume. He can be a top gun soaring above the clouds doing aerial tricks like the Blue Angels, deliver supplies to places impacted by natural disasters or sing Youve Got That Lovin Feeling with his buddies. The limit is only his imagination.
Child's Military Desert Costume
The Child's Military Desert Costume will have your child ready for action! Whether they are protecting invaders from your home or watching an old history film, your little one will look fierce! The costume comes with a muscle padded shirt with an attached belt and pants. They will have lots of fun hiding behind the couch to take cover and running from room to room pretending to be in the Army!