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Boys Superheroes & Villains

The cape, the muscles, the colorful costumes; kids of all ages love boys superhero costumes. With so many super hero Halloween costumes for boys to choose from, parents are certain to find the costume that is just perfect for their son. Shop our super selection of boys superhero costumes!

Boys Superheroes & Villains Costume Ideas and Tips

Get your little superhero ready for Halloween in a crime-fighting costume that he’ll want to wear all year long! Lucky for him, we’re your one-stop-shop for superhero costumes from DC Comics. Get the Justice League together with Superman, Batman and The Flash ensembles. Or, if he’s looking to cause a ruckus this October 31, choose a villain costume, like Two-Face, Bane or the Riddler. We recommend taking his measurements so that you can match them up with his size on each costume’s size chart.

If you’re expecting this Halloween to be a little more chilly than usual, order a size up so that he can stay warm with long underwear or thermal leggings and a shirt under his costume. There’s nothing worse than not being able to show off your super suit because you’re stuck wearing a coat! Finally, put the finishing touches on his superhero or villain costume with accessories like masks and fake weapons. He’ll be ready for Halloween - and every superhero play date - in no time!

Meet the Justice League [Infographic]

Introduce your little boy to the timeless tales that are comic book heroes. With LEGO Batman being so popular, there should be no fight about whether or not the Caped Crusader is one of his favorites. Fill him in on the origin of one of the faces of DC Comics with Costume SuperCenter's Meet the Justice League infographic.

Kids DC Comics Batman Costume Deluxe
Stop the Joker in his tracks in the DC Comics Deluxe Batman Child Costume. Batman gained tons of new fans thanks to the silly, action-packed LEGO Batman film. This particular item is loosely modeled on the LEGO Batman design. It comes as a padded jumpsuit with muscular features. There are 3D gauntlets and boot tops as well as Batman?s symbol. You receive a yellow utility belt with bold lining to appear like the real thing. Complete the look with a long cape and face mask and you?re ready to enjoy that lobster. This Batman outfit is great for kids to wear during comic conventions and Halloween parties. Take a look at some of our toy weapons, accessories, and other clothing items to see what can be included.
Kid's Justice League Flash Deluxe Muscle Chest Costume
Speed over to grab the Kid's Justice League Flash Deluxe Muscle Chest Costume. He is the fastest man alive and has appeared in many comics, cartoons, shows, and even films. Kids can now become as quick as this superhero! Orders come as a red jumpsuit featuring built-in muscle padding and attached yellow boot tops with a matching lightning bolt belt. The red headpiece completes the look with attached bolt features on the sides. Don't waste time thinking how cool this Flash costume would be for your child. Order it now along with a couple other DC Characters for a great group look!
Classic Michelangelo TMNT Costume for Child
Your little jokester will be cracking jokes and asking for pizza all night long when you pick up our Classic Michelangelo TMNT Costume for Child. With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into the nunchuck wielding comedian of the Ninja Turtle crew. Featuring a Michelangelo 1/2 mask, a deluxe turtle top, a pair of pants with boot covers, and a green turtle shell, your child will be screaming Kawabunga in no time. Buy your Michelangelo costume today!
Classic Raphael TMNT Costume for Child
Your child will be channeling his rage and taking on Shredder with all of his buds this Halloween when you pick up our Classic Raphael TMNT Costume for Child! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your tot into the most powerful turtle of the ninja turtle crew. Featuring a Raphael 1/2 mask, a muscle padded top, a pair of matching pants with boot covers, and a green turtle back shell, your child is going to love this fun costume. Buy yours today!
Teen Titans Go Movie Kids Beast Boy Costume
Change into any animal you can think off when wearing our Teen Titans Go Movie Kids Beast Boy Costume. Beast Boy, or BB, is one of the main members of the Teen Titans team. He?s been part of the group for years ever since the comic book issues were created. This current version is seen as comedic relief and is always relaxed when hanging out at Titan Tower. He has the power to turn into a shark, rhino, falcon, dinosaur and any animal he can think of. He uses it to take down bad guys in a variety of ways. Wear this outfit to shapeshift into Beast Boy himself and defeat villains threatening Jump City! Choose the Beast Boy costume to have during Halloween parties, cosplay conventions, and other dress up occasions. Browse through numerous Teen Titans Go products to find something for your friends to wear and team up together!
Boys DC Comics Deluxe Robin Costume
Sometimes being the star of the show doesn't mean you have to be the lead. Take a look at Boy Wonder Robin throughout the years. He's grown from side character to leading man and your kid loves watching him grow on the screen. They love the action of Batman and Robin, so give them the chance to play their favorite role in our Boy's Deluxe Robin Costume. Comes with an official jumpsuit that is built like Robin is in the show. Your kid will have the look and aura of the best Robin around. It even comes with 3D gauntlets that are bound to make your little guy look more powerful than he's ever been. He couldn't transform into Robin without his signature mask that is sure to transform them into the Boy Wonder. They'll love the way they look in our Boy's Deluxe Robin Costume.
Batman Utility Belt
Is your Batman costume almost complete but you don't know where to store your cool gear? Get the Batman Utility Belt and keep your hands free for fighting! This yellow vinyl belt has Velcro pockets so it'll be easy to grab your batarangs or any other weapon you need. The bad guys don't take a day off on Halloween and neither do you. You'll be ready for them when you wear the Batman Utility Belt!
Classic Donatello TMNT Costume for Child
Your little one will be the biggest brainiac out of all his friends this Halloween when you dress him up in the Classic Donatello TMNT Costume for Child! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your child into an intelligent turtle who can also kick bad guy butt. Featuring a Donatello 1/2 mask, a muscle padded green top, a pair of matching pants with boot covers, and a green turtle shell, your tyke is going to love this awesome look. Buy your Donatello costume today, and then scan our site for TMNT weapons and more accessories!
Incredibles 2: Dash Child Classic Muscle Costume
Whether your son has always been a fan of the Incredibles, or if he's just getting into them in response to the new sequel movie, this Incredibles 2: Dash Child Classic Muscle Costume will get him going quick on Halloween! This Dash costume comes with foam padding that looks like muscles underneath the bodysuit, so your little guy will have the body of a superhero, not just the clothes! He'll love pretending to flex his arms when he's at school showing off for the girls in his class! The bodysuit itself comes with the iconic Incredibles logo on the chest, and the classic black accents that make the superhero costume come to life! You'll have to be careful when he's wearing this costume, since Dash is known for getting away from his parents at inopportune times using his super-speed! If you're going out as a family, this is the easiest group costume you could think of, since we have costumes for every member of the Incredibles family right here on our website! Elastigirl, Mr. Incredibl
Boys Deluxe Justice League Flash Costume
Speed up a little bit, take on the big baddies in speedy fashion. Your kid loves watching the Flash run around like the speed of light. We've got everything that your little guy needs to run back and forth at the speed of sound with our Boy's Deluxe Flash Costume. Officially licensed by DC comics, so you know that we've captured the essence of speed and crime fighting. It'll be a blast for your kid to wear this bold muscle jumpsuit that is etched to perfection. Molded after the flash himself, it'll be the role that your kid has been looking for the entire time. It comes with a pair of 3D gauntlets, boot toppers, and of course his signature mask. Your kid will have the aura of his favorite hero when he wears this Boy's Deluxe Flash Costume.
Kids Deluxe Black Adam Costume
Shazam won't have a chance against your kid this year when you dress them up in our Kids Deluxe Black Adam Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your kid into the most feared villain around. With super strength, super speed and flight, as well as being able to channel thunder and lightning, your kid will be looking fearsome as ever wearing this fun muscle-padded jumpsuit with the attached boot covers and gauntlets, as well as Black Adam's cape.
Kid's Justice League Superman Costume
Your little angel will be taking on villains with his cuteness alone this Halloween when you pick up our Infant Superman Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your special tot into the Man of Steel himself. While all decked out in this fun costume, not even Kryptonite will be able to get to your little one this Halloween. Buy your Superman baby costume today, and go make this Halloween a heroic one!
The Batman: Child Deluxe Batman Costume
Will your little hero don the Batsuit when Gotham needs a hero? If so, they can protect the citizens from crime, correction, and the Riddler in this officially licensed Kids Deluxe The Batman Costume! This Batsuit is from the DC Comics movie, The Batman, and features a deluxe muscle padded jumpsuit. The jumpsuit has attached boot covers, 3D arm gauntlets, a detachable cape, 1/2 mask, and utility belt to create the ultimate Caped Crusader costume!
The Brave and the Bold Dlx Boys Muscle Batman Costume
Any child will feel like the hero Gotham deserves in The Brave and the Bold Deluxe Boys Muscle Batman Costume. The muscle chest jumpsuit with classic Batman logo brings dreams of being a strong superhero to reality. The jumpsuit includes blue boot tops, cape, and head piece to protect identity from enemies across Gotham City. The bright yellow belt brings the costume together and makes the costume pop. Whether you're up against Batman's archenemies, wearing this costume will transport any young mind to a strong, courageous mentality. Include Large Batman TM Batarangs & Safety Light with your purchase to complete the vigilante experience. A cultural classic, dressing up in The Brave and the Bold Deluxe Boys Muscle Batman Costume is perfect for pretending to be a superhero any day of the year.
Classic Leonardo TMNT Costume for Child
Your little one will become the courageous leader of the Ninja Turtles this Halloween when you pick up our Classic Leonardo TMNT Costume for Child! With his two katanas, your tyke will be destroying Shredder with all of his friends in no time. Featuring a Leonardo 1/2 mask, a deluxe muscle padded turtle top, a matching pair of pants with boot covers, and green turtle shell to complete the look, your child is going to have a blast with this one. Buy your Leonardo costume today, and then scan our site for weapons and more!
Boys Deluxe Justice League Muscle Chest Batman Costume
Looking to step up in the world of Superheroes? Are you trying to bring out the authentic Batman action that you loved growing up? Give your kid a chance to participate in the most exciting venue that you can imagine with our Boy's Deluxe Muscle Chest Batman Costume. It's a bold and iconic outfit that is sure to make your little guy feel like the superhero that he's always wanted to be. Comes with a powerful muscle suit that is modeled directly from Batman's signature appearance that is sure to make your kid feel more like a hero than ever before. Your kid will have the physique and power of Batman in no time thanks to our suit. Stop by the store and add on a few batarangs or other Batman inspired accessories that are sure to make your kid feel like a hero. They'll be the ruler of the night with our Boy's Deluxe Muscle Chest Batman Costume.
Deluxe Superman Costume For Kids
It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's your little one wearing the Deluxe Superman Costume For Kids. This Superman costume for kids is perfect for your little comic book lover. The over the top jumpsuit is padded to let your tyke show off his muscles. Screen printed and designed,m the jumpsuit includes attached red belt and iconic Superman cape. Watch out for Lex Luthor when you pull on the 3D boot covers, for an extra authentic look. Save Metropolis this year and order the Deluxe Superman Costume For Kids online!
Deluxe Muscle Chest Superman Child
Stronger than ten men and faster than a speeding bullet is exactly what your little boy will think describes him when he finds out that he's going to being Superman this Halloween. He's already started practicing his fighting stance and zooming around the house like he can already fly. Once he gets into this Deluxe Muscle Chest Superman Child costume he will really think his only weakness is kryptonite and it's difficult for him to not think that when he has on the blue jumpsuit with red underwear worn under a yellow utility belt. It's even more difficult when his chest is pumped up because of the muscle torso that's included in the jumpsuit along with red boot tops that go great with the infamous red cape Superman always wears. It won't be a bird or a plane that's flying around the neighborhood this time around, it will be your little hero playing in this Deluxe Muscle Chest Superman Child costume.
Batman Brave & The Bold Batman Costume
Be a classic version of a beloved superhero character. As Batman Brave & Bold Batman S {D}, you can fight crime in the way that Batman has always done, even in the 60s on TV. The classic yellow, grey, and blue costume is one that is instantly recognized when you walk into the room!
Boys Classic Batman Costume
Show your support for Batman in the upcoming Batman v Superman film by wearing this Batman v Superman Kid's Batman costume for Halloween or playtime. You'll have no trouble bringing justice to Gotham City with this gray and black jumpsuit, yellow utility belt, cape, boot toppers, and mask because just like Batman, you won't need superpowers to be a hero. Of course, Batman is always upgrading his suit, and you can too with a pair of 3D gauntlets, a grappling hook, or Batman's famous batarangs. Whether you're taking on Superman, Lex Luthor, or any number of villains from Batman's rogue's gallery, you'll be prepared.
Batman The Dark Knight Rises Deluxe Muscle Chest Child Costume
Forget Mr. Freeze--show up for trick-or-treating in a Dark Knight Batman Deluxe Muscle Chest Child Costume and you'll be cooler than any of your friends! The jet black jumpsuit is sewn from a soft polyester material perfect for trick-or-treating on chilly afternoons. The unique muscle pads are made to look like Bruce's Kevlar armor, the chest and abs run through with sturdy plates. Your bat symbol shines from the pecs. Spikes poke out from the forearms while boot covers are connected to the bottom of the suit. Your black cape billows out behind you, its top fastened to the edge of the cowl headpiece. You can't let anyone figure out who you really are--pull on the hood and its attached fabric mask will stop them from seeing your face! A gold utility belt is included with the set. Wear your Dark Knight Batman Deluxe Muscle Chest Child Costume with gloves and a grappling hook, sold here.
Batman Justice League Kids Costume
Jump into action this Halloween when you are wearing this Batman Kids Costume! Defend Gotham City and take on the Joker in this complete costume that is great for trick-or-treating and comic book conventions! Made of high-quality materials! Show everyone how much you love the Caped Crusader and this exciting costume everyone will love! Order yours online today!
Shazam Red Costume Deluxe
Your child had always wanted to be a hero. Save the day as a new kind of superhero after they morph directly into Shazam. All you have to do is say Shazam and they will instantly save the day as a kid in an adults body just like in the movie. The Shazam Red Costume Deluxe includes fun features that your child will absolutely love. Your next Halloween or event gets better with the perfect costume for your little one.
Tactical Batman Deluxe Classic Child Costume
Make your little Bruce Wayne even more of a threat to baddies like the Joker when you give him this ultra high tech Tactical Batman Deluxe Classic Child Costume! This muscle chest jumpsuit will give him the physique of a superhero, not just the cape, and the 3-D gauntlets and boot tops are going to make him feel like he's really stepped into his favorite DC movie. When he dons the iconic Batman mask, he'll be glad he has the rest of this priceless costume to go with it!
Teen Titans Go Movie Kids Deluxe Cyborg Costume
Go high tech this Halloween in our Teen Titans Go Movie Kids Deluxe Cyborg Costume. Cyborg is a popular superhero who happens to be half man and half machine. He fires rockets and energy beams at opponents but can also show off some strength if needed. As a member of the team, he is best buds with Beast Boy. The two enjoy playing video games and eating pizza together. But when the night begins to shine he knows it?s time to get serious. You receive all the armor pieces and headgear needed to look just like Cyborg from the Teen Titans Go cartoon. Young fans are going to be saying ?booyah!? whenever they wear this. Pick this out for them to wear during Halloween parties, comic book conventions, and other superhero events. Take a look for other matching outfits that others can wear such as Raven, Starfire, Robin and Beast Boy.
Dark Knight Batman Child
Random car crashes, buildings blowing up, spontaneous magic sounds like your archenemies are at it again. You had better put on a Dark Knight Batman Child Costume and go stop him! This fullbody outfit is sewn from a jet black material that will keep you warm without overheating. An intricate slate gray pattern outlines the Bat's armor plates, making it look like you could withstand any hospital explosion. The long black cape has a scalloped edge and falls to the calves. Pop on the half mask so that no one can guess that you're really Bruce Wayne! Each package includes your golden yellow belt--tie it around your waist and prepare for all of Harley's harebrained schemes! Gotham's citizens are real tough and all, but everyone needs a hero. Wear a Dark Knight Batman Child Costume with Batarangs and black liner, sold here.
Freddy Costume
Shazam is nothing without his very best buddies. Eugene is one of Shazam's best pals - you could even say he's family. This Eugene Costume is right out of the Shazam movie. Join forces with your best buddy to figure out how Shazam's newfound powers actually work - so you can defeat any baddies that are threatening the earth. All you have to do is say "Shazam!" This is a great gift that is trending in 2019!
Aquaman Movie Deluxe Child Aquaman Costume
Your child can fend off any attack Black Manta has in store when he has this Aquaman Movie Deluxe Child Aquaman Costume to wear! Youll love sending him out trick-or-treating while busting all his favorite fight moves from the Aquaman movie. When you show him the trident you got him to go with this costume, hell be even more amazed that he gets to combine these scaly pants and muscle suit with Aquamans legendary weapon!
Batman The Dark Knight Rises Toddler Costume
If you have a little one at home who's already obsessed with Batman, check out our Batman Dark Knight - Toddler Batman Costume! Your child will love going out as Bruce Wayne, not to mention taking down criminals like Scarecrow and the Joker. This is a great costume for your little superhero's first Halloween outing.
Baby/Toddler Justice League Batman Muscle Chest Costume
Be the hero who roams the streets and defends the night! Well, maybe in a few years; but your son can look the part in this Muscle Chest Batman Toddler Costume! It's adorable and an officially licensed costume made specifically for toddlers! This outfit has everything you'll need for your child to channel the Caped Crusader! A muscle padded jumpsuit that has the Batman logo pressed directly on the center of the chest! The suit even has soft gauntlets built into it so you don't have to worry about him missing out on any part of Batman's style. It also comes with a yellow belt with boot covers so your child can make any pair of shoes part of his Bat-suit. Bringing Batman to life of course is his signature cape and cowl that your son will don in the name of adorable justice! Have your son defend the night and look adorable doing it in our Muscle Chest Batman Toddler Costume.