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Boys TV & Movie

Despite the net being a significant driving force on pop culture nowadays, Hollywood films continue to have a intense effect on the world because of the fictional figures it features. Characters from movies and TV shows are various and colorful, and the classics tend to bring strong feedback, no matter it's immediate laughs or inducing people to hide in terror. Shop boys TV and movie costumes online today!

Boys TV & Movie Costume Ideas and Tips

With a vast officially licensed array of all of your child's favorite heroes, villains, ninjas, space bounty hunters, transformers and other stars from the silver screen, our red carpet selection of movies and TV costumes for boys is their ticket to a Blockbuster Halloween full of box office adventure! Protecting the planet as one of DC Comics' Justice League members, your little boy is in for an action-packed time filled with all the imagination and excitement they can't stop watching!

Whatever your child's obsession, we have a high-quality costume that is just as good for comic book conventions and cosplay events as it is for Halloween. Have a look at our adult movie and TV costumes to create a family costume theme that's unforgettable! Now that would be a star-studded event!

Harry Potter Deluxe Accessory Kit
You'll have everything your child needs including the robe, glasses, and tie with the Child's Black Harry Potter Deluxe Set. Your little one will be excited to show off their new outfit and will feel like they are in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Watch them perform tricks with their magical words and pretend to be the world famous character who has best friends Ron and Hermione. It'll be an outfit that they'll wear all year long and wear whenever they want to feel like the awesome Harry Potter!
Batman Dark Knight Deluxe The Joker Child Costume
Why so serious? The Joker Deluxe costume for children is serious business. The long jacket is purple and the green vest, shirt, and tie are attached. The purple pinstriped pants are included, and so is the joker mask. Gloves and shoes are not. This is the perfect costume for any kid who doesn't like to follow the rules.
Harry Potter Deluxe Robe & Accessory Kit
Get ready for a day you'll never forget when you get the Child's Black Harry Potter Robe Set. This one of a kind robe set includes the robe, glasses and a tie so your child will look just like the famous wizard. Your child will let their imagination run wild and feel like they came straight from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Take lots of pictures because you'll want to remember the coolest wizard in your life!
Kids DC Comics Batman Costume Deluxe
Stop the Joker in his tracks in the DC Comics Deluxe Batman Child Costume. Batman gained tons of new fans thanks to the silly, action-packed LEGO Batman film. This particular item is loosely modeled on the LEGO Batman design. It comes as a padded jumpsuit with muscular features. There are 3D gauntlets and boot tops as well as Batman?s symbol. You receive a yellow utility belt with bold lining to appear like the real thing. Complete the look with a long cape and face mask and you?re ready to enjoy that lobster. This Batman outfit is great for kids to wear during comic conventions and Halloween parties. Take a look at some of our toy weapons, accessories, and other clothing items to see what can be included.
Kids Godzilla Costume
If your child dreams of romping and stomping through the city and causing all kinds of mischief and destruction, then they're going to love wearing our Kids Godzilla Costume this year. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into the most powerful reptilian sea monster to ever breathe fire and take down buildings with one swipe of their arm. Featuring a blue scaly print jumpsuit with an attached spiky tail, a pair of matching gloves, and a Godzilla mask, they're going to be roaring all night long with this one.
Kids SpongeBob SquarePants Costume
Take your tyke to Bikini Bottom to flip some Krabby Patties this year when you dress them up with our Kids SpongeBob SquarePants Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your kid needs to catch jellyfish and hang out with Gary and Patrick all day long. Featuring a cute Spongebob yellow top, a pair of shorts, and a matching pair of socks, you're not going to want to miss out on this fun oceanic attire this year.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Boys Willy Wonka Costume
Dress as the man himself for Halloween, or any other event of the year for that matter! Create your own candy factory and give your friends a tour that they will never forget. Fun, classy, but still colorful and bright, everyone is more than certain to recognize who you are once they see you! Upgrade your look with the wig to come out on top, and look as realistic as possible. Have someone dress as an Oompa Loompa and follow you around. Guests are sure to be delighted!
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Child Oompa Loompa Costume
How does all of that delicious chocolate candy get made at Willy Wonka's factory? It is constantly being perfected with hard work and diligence by the lovely Oompa Loompas. These little creatures are responsible for making sure Wonka candy is the best quality and is loved by all of its customers. Your son can become of one these jolly candy makers for Halloween this year. You can add on to this awesome order with some brown gloves and other Oompa Loompa accessories available on our site.
Dlx Child Spongebob
You could really go for some pineapple juice right about now. Take a trip to Bikini Bottom in a Deluxe Child SpongeBob Costume and satisfy those cravings! This outfit lets simple construction and good craftsmanship speak for itself. Plush material was used to make the tunic style-top, thick seams keeping SpongeBob's square shape. The large blue eyes, cheeks, nose, collar, and tie poke out from the body of the suit to give it realistic depth. SpongeBob flashes his giant smile at everyone you swim by. The white shirt tops off the brown shorts that fall to the upper thigh. The hollow bottom lets you prance around catching jellyfish, while the large holes at the side make it look like you have SpongeBob's noodle arms! Black boot tops come with each Deluxe Child SpongeBob Costume. Slip them on and go do some karate! Have your mom or dad come in a burger costume for a silly group theme.
Child Deluxe John Cena WWE Costume
Your little one will be claiming the belt this Halloween when you pick up our Child Deluxe John Cena WWE Costume! If your child is a huge fan of the powerful and hulk-like John Cena, then you definitely don't want to miss out on this fun wrestling costume. Complete with a muscle chest Cena shirt as well as a pair of shorts and a hat, your child is going to love it. Buy yours today, and then scan our site for the rest of your WWE gear and accessories!
Kid's Justice League Flash Deluxe Muscle Chest Costume
Speed over to grab the Kid's Justice League Flash Deluxe Muscle Chest Costume. He is the fastest man alive and has appeared in many comics, cartoons, shows, and even films. Kids can now become as quick as this superhero! Orders come as a red jumpsuit featuring built-in muscle padding and attached yellow boot tops with a matching lightning bolt belt. The red headpiece completes the look with attached bolt features on the sides. Don't waste time thinking how cool this Flash costume would be for your child. Order it now along with a couple other DC Characters for a great group look!
Classic Michelangelo TMNT Costume for Child
Your little jokester will be cracking jokes and asking for pizza all night long when you pick up our Classic Michelangelo TMNT Costume for Child. With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into the nunchuck wielding comedian of the Ninja Turtle crew. Featuring a Michelangelo 1/2 mask, a deluxe turtle top, a pair of pants with boot covers, and a green turtle shell, your child will be screaming Kawabunga in no time. Buy your Michelangelo costume today!
Top Gun Maverick: Top Gun Child Costume
If you have a little boy who's always dreaming about flying, he can wear our Top Gun Maverick Child Costume to make his ideas soar. Whether he's out for a flight to trick or treat or just going to see the new Top Gun movie, he's going to be ready to take off when he sees himself in the same outfit that Tom Cruise wears in the iconic 80s movie. With or without Goose, he'll be flight-ready in this costume!
SpongeBob Squarepants Child Costume
Classic Raphael TMNT Costume for Child
Your child will be channeling his rage and taking on Shredder with all of his buds this Halloween when you pick up our Classic Raphael TMNT Costume for Child! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your tot into the most powerful turtle of the ninja turtle crew. Featuring a Raphael 1/2 mask, a muscle padded top, a pair of matching pants with boot covers, and a green turtle back shell, your child is going to love this fun costume. Buy yours today!
Teen Titans Go Movie Kids Beast Boy Costume
Change into any animal you can think off when wearing our Teen Titans Go Movie Kids Beast Boy Costume. Beast Boy, or BB, is one of the main members of the Teen Titans team. He?s been part of the group for years ever since the comic book issues were created. This current version is seen as comedic relief and is always relaxed when hanging out at Titan Tower. He has the power to turn into a shark, rhino, falcon, dinosaur and any animal he can think of. He uses it to take down bad guys in a variety of ways. Wear this outfit to shapeshift into Beast Boy himself and defeat villains threatening Jump City! Choose the Beast Boy costume to have during Halloween parties, cosplay conventions, and other dress up occasions. Browse through numerous Teen Titans Go products to find something for your friends to wear and team up together!
Boys DC Comics Deluxe Robin Costume
Sometimes being the star of the show doesn't mean you have to be the lead. Take a look at Boy Wonder Robin throughout the years. He's grown from side character to leading man and your kid loves watching him grow on the screen. They love the action of Batman and Robin, so give them the chance to play their favorite role in our Boy's Deluxe Robin Costume. Comes with an official jumpsuit that is built like Robin is in the show. Your kid will have the look and aura of the best Robin around. It even comes with 3D gauntlets that are bound to make your little guy look more powerful than he's ever been. He couldn't transform into Robin without his signature mask that is sure to transform them into the Boy Wonder. They'll love the way they look in our Boy's Deluxe Robin Costume.
Toy Story 4 Child Buzz Lightyear Hoodie and Pants Costume
The Toy Story 4 Child Buzz Lightyear Costume means your child will be ready to join all the other famous characters of the fabled Toy Story franchise this Halloween. It doesn't matter if your child is reliving the original adventures of Buzz and Woody, or going on a road trip with Forky and Bo Peep, this outfit has incredible spacey styles. He'll get a hoodie that's Buzz all the way around, and a pair of pants to complete the look.
Addams Family: Pugsley Child Costume
Your little guy can be as creepy and kooky as he wants when he wears this Addams Family: Pugsley Child Costume! With this gothic formal boy's outfit, he and Wednesday and get up to whatever spine tingling adventures around the family mansion they can think of. If your whole family is going out as the Addams's, this is a great way for a Pugsley to bond with the rest of the family while letting their freak flags wave!
Child Spongebob
Sandy just called--she's heading off to karate practice! You had better get your bottom-dweller in a Child SpongeBob Costume so they can get some sparring in. This tunic top is perfect for tiny trick-or-treaters, the body sewn from plush foam that will keep them warm as they're making their rounds. The bright yellow body is printed with SpongeBob's smiling face, spots, and his famous shirt, tie, and shorts. Cutouts at the top, sides, and bottom of the suit will allow plenty of wiggle room when they want to go jellyfishing with Patrick. The plush black boot covers have the same peak as SpongeBob's shoes to give them an authentic feel. Pop them on to complete your Child SpongeBob Costume and they'll be ready to start working at the Krusty Krab! Let them wear a yellow body suit beneath it, available here.
Paw Patrol Marshall Deluxe Kids Costume
The Paws Patrol needs your help this Halloween! Lend them a hand with the Paws Patrol Marshall Deluxe Kids Costume, an officially licensed outfit based on everyone's favorite Dalmatian, Marshall. The bright red tunic makes it look like you're actually riding in a rescue vehicle and the hat with dog ears makes it look like you're actually Marshall! It is made from Polyester and Polyurethane Foam. You won't let the Paw Patrol down when you're wearing this slick costume.
Toy Story 4 Child Woody Hooded Shirt and Pants Costume
With four movies of fun to draw upon, the Toy Story 4 Child Woody Costume is the perfect look for a young fan of the original Pixar series. He'll be ready to join Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Bo Peep, and the rest of the gang on all sorts of adventures this Halloween with the help of a cowboy hoodie top and a pair of pants they'll turn him into a rough-riding sheriff in no time.
Cowardly Lion Child
If he only had the nerve. That's what the Cowardly Lion is always lurking about because he's the only king of the jungle that's afraid of his own shadow. Since your little guy scares just as easily as this lion does it only makes sense that he should learn to be more courageous the same way the lion did and also in this Cowardly Lion Child costume. As a lion trying to find his way you're young man will wear a light brown jumpsuit with a long tail attached that is covered in lion fur at the tip. That same fur is covering the mane and collar that goes into the headpiece which includes a pair of adorable little lion ears. Just get some cool lion makeup to wear with this Cowardly Lion Child costume and in no time the great Wizard of Oz will be dealing out courage that was inside of you all along.
Kid's Baby Shark - Mommy Shark Costume
Take your kid trick or treating as one of YouTube's biggest sensations this Halloween. This Kid's Baby Shark - Mommy Shark Costume is the perfect way to do that. This ensemble comes as a shark romper made to look like Mommy Shark, but hides something even more recognizable under it's gills. An included pre-recorded sound chip that plays clips of the Baby Shark song! Go out as a school of sharks or let your little one soak up all the attention as a solo act.
Batman Utility Belt
Is your Batman costume almost complete but you don't know where to store your cool gear? Get the Batman Utility Belt and keep your hands free for fighting! This yellow vinyl belt has Velcro pockets so it'll be easy to grab your batarangs or any other weapon you need. The bad guys don't take a day off on Halloween and neither do you. You'll be ready for them when you wear the Batman Utility Belt!
The Wizard of Oz Tinman Child Costume
Embarking on an adventure down a yellow brick road allows you to take in some beautiful scenery as well as run into lots of different characters that will either be sworn enemies or join on your journey as loyal friends. This is the story Dorothy goes through and your kid can be one of those colorful friends she meets along her way when he meets her dressed in this Tinman Child costume. This costume includes a shiny silver suit comprised of a top with buttons and a heart clock screen printed on the front as well as a shimmering bowtie, and a pair of silver slacks that are worn over the matching shoe covers. And no tin man is complete without an oil funnel hat just like the real deal. Your little guy will do a great job helping Dorothy make her way to Oz to find her way home while he's in this Tinman Child costume.
Classic Donatello TMNT Costume for Child
Your little one will be the biggest brainiac out of all his friends this Halloween when you dress him up in the Classic Donatello TMNT Costume for Child! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your child into an intelligent turtle who can also kick bad guy butt. Featuring a Donatello 1/2 mask, a muscle padded green top, a pair of matching pants with boot covers, and a green turtle shell, your tyke is going to love this awesome look. Buy your Donatello costume today, and then scan our site for TMNT weapons and more accessories!
Incredibles 2: Dash Child Classic Muscle Costume
Whether your son has always been a fan of the Incredibles, or if he's just getting into them in response to the new sequel movie, this Incredibles 2: Dash Child Classic Muscle Costume will get him going quick on Halloween! This Dash costume comes with foam padding that looks like muscles underneath the bodysuit, so your little guy will have the body of a superhero, not just the clothes! He'll love pretending to flex his arms when he's at school showing off for the girls in his class! The bodysuit itself comes with the iconic Incredibles logo on the chest, and the classic black accents that make the superhero costume come to life! You'll have to be careful when he's wearing this costume, since Dash is known for getting away from his parents at inopportune times using his super-speed! If you're going out as a family, this is the easiest group costume you could think of, since we have costumes for every member of the Incredibles family right here on our website! Elastigirl, Mr. Incredibl
Child Deluxe Finn Balor WWE Costume
Give your child the Halloween of a lifetime this year when you pick up the Child Deluxe Finn Balor WWE Costume! When your child enters the ring wearing this Irish wrestler get-up, he'll be taking on his foes with ease. Nobody takes down Finn Balor! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your child into the fiercest fighter in town. Buy yours today, and then scan our site for a matching wrestling belt and more cool WWE accessories!
Boys Beetlejuice Deluxe Costume
They know a great movie when they see one, and when you showed them Beetlejuice for the first time, you saw their love of the film instantly! Give them the chance to live out their movie fantasy when you give them our Boy's Beetlejuice Deluxe Costume! It's got everything that your little guy needs to channel the whacky and fun humor of Beetlejuice himself! Comes with a black and white faux suit jacket with an attached tie that's sure to pop out just like in the movies. We've even included a pair of matching pants that'll have your kid looking like a dapper ghoul in no time flat. Your kid wouldn't be the signature zombie without that outlandish Beetlejuice hair, which is included in the packaging! They love causing mayhem and having fun, wearing this Boy's Beetlejuice Deluxe Costume is a no brainer.