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Boys Video Games

Immerse yourself in some of the most popular games around with our Boy's Video Game Costumes. Our character outfits often include a jumpsuit or tunic pullover that matches a character from the stories. We carry classic gaming looks from titles like Pacman and Mario as well as more modern franchises like Angry Birds or Minecraft. Don't forget the accessories and props to complete your character looks. For basic tunic styles, add base clothing like leggings and long shirts to keep you warm. Cartoon white gloves, face paint, and boot covers can complete your ensemble to match what you see on the screen. Whether your child wants to go retro or wants to show off their favorite new game, there is sure to be an boys video game outfit design to fit their tastes.

Boys Video Games Costume Ideas

The last few years have shown us a gaming boom that has provided a large number of instantly recognizable and phenomenally popular video game franchises that are captivating kids worldwide. Our epic selection of video game costumes for boys is your family's cheat code to a fun and festive Halloween high score.

With our officially licensed Five Nights at Freddy's costumes, we'll put your little boy into the furry shoes of the most notorious haunted animatronics in history. Check out our selection of video game costume accessories for boys to upgrade their gear and give them a one-of-a-kind costume that is unique and all their own. If gaming is a family passion, shop our video game costumes for adults to find some brilliant ways to turn this fun costume theme into a family experience you will never forget. Order yours today!

Boys Deluxe Sonic The Hedgehog Costume
Dr. Robotnik is on the loose again and he's put his crazy mechanics skills to use on the entire land. Now the sweet little monkeys and fish have turned into evil robots and you've go to collect gold rings to make it through, so the only way to put things back to normal is to get in this Boy's Deluxe Sonic Costume and speed your way to Robotnik's lair and stop him. Look just like the real Sonic in a one piece jumpsuit covered in blue hair with yellow accents as well as boot tops like his own pair of red boots with white stripes. Also included are a pair of white gloves and the half character headpiece and mask with a smirking Sonic transforms little guys into the fastest hedgehog around. Don't let Dr. Robotnik destroy the entire land with his kooky creations, get into the Boy's Deluxe Sonic Costume and spin into action.
Kids Deluxe Sonic Tails Costume
Your tyke will be joining Sonic and Knuckles and cruising down the racecourse on the hunt for golden rings this year when you dress them up in our Kids Deluxe Sonic Tails Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your child into a swift and zippy hedgehog who knows a thing or two about winning races. Featuring a golden velvety jumpsuit with a white spiked belly and attached white and red boot covers, as well as a matching Tails headpiece, you're going to love this one.
Kids Deluxe Sonic Costume
Your child will be zooming through the race course this year when you get them all decked out in our Kids Deluxe Sonic Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into the speediest hedgehog to ever collect some golden rings. Featuring a velvety blue Sonic jumpsuit with attached red boot covers, a pair of white gloves, and a spiky blue headpiece, you definitely don't want to miss out on this look.
Kids Nightmare Foxy Costume
Your child is brave, but is he brave enough to wear the Nightmare Foxy Children's Costume? Included in the set are a mask, a jumpsuit, a red mitt and a hook. The red suit is tattered, revealing a faux robotic skeleton underneath. The mask has some cracks too so you can see the skull, including large teeth. In Nightmare at Freddy?s 4, the animatronics from Freddy Fazbear's Pizza have come to life once more, but this time they are out of the pizza place and in a child?s bedroom and nightmares. We bet your thought nothing could be scarier than being stuck inside a pizza place where robots come to life. But you are wrong, Nightmare Foxy is worse. Your child will enjoy being this creepy creature on the day when creepy things come out.
Kids Five Nights at Freddy's Montgomery Gator Costume
Your tyke will be shredding on the guitar while scaring the daylights out of all their friends this year when you dress them up with our Kids Five Nights at Freddy's Montgomery Gator Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your kid needs to become Monty the animatronic alligator from their favorite horror survival video game. Featuring a green and yellow scaly jumpsuit with a pair of purple gloves and a matching Monty mask, you're going to love this killer look.
Kids Five Nights at Freddy's Freddy Costume
Your kid will be ready to terrorize all their friends this year when you pick up our Kids Five Nights at Freddy's Freddy Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into their favorite animatronic band member who just so happens to become evil once the lights go out! Featuring a classic Freddy Fazbear animatronic jumpsuit with a matching pair of gloves and a Freddy Fazbear mask, you're going to love this video game look on your kid!
Kids Nightmare Freddy Costume
If your kid is a video gamer but wants an outfit that shows off the scarier side of Halloween, then you need to order the Nightmare Freddy Children's Costume. Included in the set are a pair of brown mitts, a jumpsuit and a mask. Freddy is the leader of the animatronic band at Fazbear's Pizza. He is harmless in the daytime but comes alive at night. In the video game Five Nights at Freddy?s, Nightmare Freddy leaves the pizza place and appears on the bed of a child?s bedroom. He is a much more decrepit and scary creature those seen the previous 3 games. The player must shine a light on him and make him disappear or he will eventually attack. Even a flashlight can?t make your child disappear, so be wary when he is dressed in this outfit.
Five Nights at Freddy's Childrens Freddy Costume
Watch out now! You are about to witness how scary kids can actually be on the ghoulish nights of the year. If you're interested in this costume, then it's clear that you're already familiar with "Five Nights at Freddy's." We can definitely tell you, that his bear is not one that you want to cuddle with before sleep. This bear, however, is a sick creepy machine, ready to pounce at all times. Costume SuperCenter is ready to show you the scariest bear you've ever imagined. One thing you have to remember about Freddy Fozbear is that he is as stylish as can be. So, make sure you don't allow his top hat and bow tie fool you into thinking he's innocent. His sinister grin gives away his true colors. Your child will freak out all the other children while trick-or-treating. After all, isn't that what Halloween is all about?!
Sonic Kids Costume
Your child will be zooming and racing all Halloween long this year when you pick up our Sonic Kids Costume! With your purchase, you will receive a fun blue and beige jumpsuit as well as an attached spiky blue Sonic headpiece. Team up with Knuckles, Shadow, Tail and rest of the hedgehog racing gang, and your child will have his best Halloween yet. Buy your costume today, and then scan our site for the rest of your Sonic the Hedgehog costume and accessory needs.
Boys Five Nights At Freddys Freddy Costume
The animatronic is at it again, scaring the daylights out of young folks everywhere! This Halloween, switch things up a bit! Your child will be dressed to frighten when he's enveloped in this Five Nights At Freddys Kid's Freddy Costume! This chocolate brown outfit is remarkably identical to the nightmarish animatronic bear!
Five Nights at Freddy's Childrens Foxy Costume
Introducing one of slyest, scariest foxes you'll ever meet. This one is definitely no cute wild animal that you're used to foxes being. This Fox is evil, and is perfect for a kid's costume! From the popular video game, "Five Nights at Freddy's," Foxy is one of those animatronic characters that you don't see coming, but when you do, you'd regret seeing them to begin with. Costume SuperCenter has children's Foxy Costumes ensuring the proper scare for kiddies and adults. Make sure you kids is fully aware of the creepiness of Mr. Foxy before putting on the costume. This way, there's no doubt that he'll be able to play the part perfectly. Although his faade is broken down, this doesn't mean that he won't be able to stuff you into Freddy's suit, or sneak up on you in the middle of a dark room. If his face doesn't creep you out, then his hook-for-a-hand definitely will. Don't worry, though; it's only a costume. Or, is it?
Foxy Five Nights at Freddy's Costume
Is your child looking to dress up as the spooky and terrifying animatronic fox from Five Nights At Freddy's this year? Then look no further than the Foxy Five Nights at Freddy's Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your kid into the creepiest animal member in the Freddy Fazbear band. Buy your costume today, and then team up with Freddy, Chica, Bonnie and the rest of the gang for a truly scary Halloween.
Minecraft: Zombie Classic Boys Costume
Our Minecraft: Zombie Classic Boys Costume will transform your kid into. Minecraft is a video game in which players create and break apart various kinds of blocks in three-dimensional world. With this costume, fans can go on their own adventure as Zombie. This is a player in Minecraft that spawns in a village with other zombies, regardless of how well lit or walled off a village is. The costume comes with a turquoise and dark blue colored top and a soft character mask. Made of 100% polyester materials, the boxy top is designed in a dimensional shape, featuring a green pixelated neckline and big, boxed shoulders. It comes with a dark green-colored tunic that can be worn underneath the costume to give the appearance of zombie flesh. Add pair of pants and shoes and You will have dressed as a gruesome character from one of the most world famous games in no time!
Overwatch: Soldier 76 Classic Muscle Boys Costume
Our Overwatch: Soldier 76 Classic Muscle Boys Costume is kids who love Overwatch! This costume was inspired by Soldier 76, a vigilante hero in the popular video game Overwatch. He aims to bring the enemies who brought down his former organization to the light of justice with his cutting-edge weaponry. Made of 100% polyester materials, this costume is perfect for any Halloween outing or costume party, and includes a jumpsuit, gloves, boot covers, and mask. The black, blue, and red jumpsuit is high quality and made to look exactly like the outfit of the video game character. It has a metallic printed look that gives the appearance of real robotic armor on the shoulders, chest, boot covers, and gloves. On the bottom half of this costume, here are working tactical pockets, perfect for stuffing all kinds of goodies in. The costume is finished with a character headpiece, which features mesh eye openings for easy vision, and shiny, metallic details.
Five Nights at Freddy's Tween Foxy Costume
Watch out for pirates after your pizza in this Five Night's at Freddy's Tween Foxy Costume. Tales are told about haunted animatronics inside the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. If you stay there after hours, you better watch your back and even your front. This particular outfit comes as a single piece jumpsuit in orange with a tan belly pattern. There is also a printed design on the chest to show off its inner mechanics. There are mitts included along with a hook a for a hand. Then, top off the look with a mask depicting Foxy's pirate eye patch. If you are a fan of the hit horror game Five Nights at Freddy's, you will enjoy dressing up in this Foxy costume. Check out some more accessories and items to see what else you can add to the spooky ensemble.
Yo-Kai Watch Boys Jibanyan Costume
Unleash your paws of fury using the Yo-Kai Watch Jibanyan Costume. When first meeting the character in the anime or video game, Jibanyan is trying to knock out trucks driving through town but always seems to fail. Luckily, Nate wants to be his friend and gives him a new home. This outfit comes as a single piece jumpsuit. It is mostly red with a yellow waistline and collar print along the chest. It zips up from the front which is comfortable and easy to wear. There are two tails which come from the lower back and are attached to the sides of the body. Then, complete the look with a hood featuring the character's face and ears. Dressing up in this Jibanyan costume means you feel very comfy and just want to lay around eating chocobars and telling everybody you're pretty busy right nyow.
Overwatch: Genji Classic Muscle Boys Costume
This Overwatch: Genji Classic Muscle Boys Costume Overwatch is inspired by a futuristic video game where humans are pitted against lethal robots who have a mission to dominate the planet! This costume is perfect for Halloween, cosplay, or any costume event! Made of polyester materials, it was inspired by a cyborg ninja named Genji who is an offense hero with the ability to fearlessly lunge and battle any enemy. The costume includes a jumpsuit, gloves, boot covers, and mask. The dark-grey and green-colored jumpsuit has everything that a kid would expect in an Overwatch costume!It features a printed bodice made to look like real armor with green and metallic detailing all along the shoulders and chest. There is an attached thick, green collar that stand up to the chin and a green sash that ties up at the waist. The included gloves resemble robotic armor and go perfectly with the matching sculpted boot covers.
Sonic The Hedgehog Oversized Kids Jumpsuit
Race to the finish line as one of the most beloved video game characters of all time. Zoom from house to house in the Sonic The Hedgehog Oversized Kids Jumpsuit L. With this costume, be sure to be the fastest to the candy and back again. This is a classic that can be worn again and again.
Kids Freddy Five Nights At Freddys Deluxe Costume Set
Become the one and only Freddy Fazbear this Halloween when you pick up our Kids Freddy Five Nights At Freddy's Deluxe Costume Set! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to become the leader of the murderous animatronic band. Complete with a brown velvety T-shirt, a black bow tie, and a brown Freddy mask, you don't want to miss out on this special get-up. Buy yours today, and then team up with Foxy, Chica, Bonnie and the rest of the gang for your best Halloween yet!
Prophet's Bane Energy Sword Prop
Join the House of Vadem when you carry the Prophet's Bane Energy Sword Prop. The 25-inch long prop is a replica of the mythic weapon. The powerful weapon makes the bearer camouflaged. Thats a great power that could come in handy when you are trying to avoid an ex at a Halloween party. Use it to accessorize your Halo costume or keep it in your gaming room as a decoration.
Kids Five Nights At Freddys Kids Foxy Costume Deluxe
Dash on down to Pirates Cove this Halloween with our incredible Deluxe Foxy Costume for kids from the hugely successful Five Nights at Freddy's! Let your kids become one of the scariest of Freddy's crew with this awesome outfit pulled from the game! Prepare to scare this season with Foxy's iconic mask and costume top that will transform your child into the shrieking machine. An ensemble of gloves completes the outfit and now your child is free to roam the halls of your very own pizzeria or your neighborhood. Just hope no one decided to go as a security guard this season when you get your own Deluxe Foxy Costume.
Kids Sonic Knit Hat
If your tyke loves all things Sonic, then you know they're going to want to go zooming and cruising with friends while wearing our Kids Sonic Knit Hat. With this special headwear, your child will receive just the knit-styled hat they need to look and feel just like their favorite blue hedgehog. Knuckles, Tails, and the rest of the hedgehog racing gang will certainly be proud when they see your child sporting this great look.
Freddy Five Nights at Freddy's Costume
There's no horror survival game quite like Five Nights At Freddy's. It's no wonder your child wants to dress up like Freddy Fazbear this Halloween! With your purchase of the Freddy Five Nights at Freddy's Costume, you will receive a character costume top, a pair of mitts, as well as a matching spooky Freddy mask with a moving jaw. Buy your costume today, and then team up with Chica, Foxy, and the rest of the gang for your best Halloween yet!
Boys Knuckles Sonic the Hedgehog Costume
It only makes perfect sense that a blue hedgehog that is super fast and a cast of friends and foes go on adventures to crazy worlds and collect a bunch of rings along the way with a cast. That fantasy of Sonic the Hedgehog comes to life in our amazing Boy's Knuckles Sonic the Hedgehog Costume. Featuring one of Sonic's enemies our Knuckles costume consists of a magenta full body jumpsuit with white cuffs and a crooked tail. Race Sonic with Knuckles' fashionable green boot tops and let those long quills that make up his hair will wave from the headpiece that comes with this disguise. The little guys will be thrilled to race around like the speed demon that is Knuckles and dressed up in this in this Boy's Knuckles Sonic the Hedgehog Costume.
Boys Skylanders Deluxe Trigger Happy Costume
In Skylands there are many different characters with special powers that they get from a bunch of cool elemental forces. Every character's power fits them perfectly and makes them the hero or villain that they are, so when it comes time for your little one to pick their element, they go with the tech side and this Boy's Skylanders Deluxe Trigger Happy Costume is the right match for their choice. In Trigger Happy's fashion kids will wear this orange and tan jumpsuit made to look like Trigger's furry skin along with a realistic character mask and a pair of matching foam hands comes included with a set of giant gold guns that Trigger uses to blast gold coins at his enemies. With tech as your kid's chosen power, they'll be ready to blast bad guys full of gold in their Boy's Skylanders Deluxe Trigger Happy Costume.
Halo Boys Spartan Locke Classic Muscle Chest Costume
High ranking space command gets met in our Halo Boys Spartan Locke Classic Muscle Chest Costume. Lead dangerous missions serving as Lieutenant Commander in our full body suiting with muscle enhancements and graphics for precision in your profession. Full head mask with mesh eyes will surprise your enemies with whatever they try. Boys sizing. Shades of gray with teal trim.
Kids Halo Spartan Buck Muscle Costume
Your child will be a notable solider this Halloween when he shows off his warrior spirit in this Halo Spartan Buck Classic Muscle Child Costume! In this full disguise, your little boy will transform into a war veteran, serving in hundreds of battles?before he can even drive a tank! This full outfit covers him from head to toe and includes a Halo Spartan Buck jumpsuit with muscle torso and arms and a character mask. Browse our wide online selection of action hero costumes from the Halo videogames, including Master Chief, Blue Spartan and Red Spartan! Order now for super-fast shipping by Halloween!
Kids Sonic Accessory Kit
If your kid dreams of zooming down the racetrack and collecting golden rings, then they're going to absolutely love our Kids Sonic Accessory Kit. With this kit, you will receive all of the cool accessories your tyke needs to become a natural-born speedster who knows a thing or two about taking down Dr. Eggman! Featuring a golden ring, a pair of gloves, and a pair of shoe covers, your child will be teaming up with Knuckles and Tails in no time.
Lightning Ninja Costume for Boys
Electrify your Halloween with the Lightning Ninja Costume for Boys. Your boy can be as stealthy as he wants to be when he puts on the black hood, shirt, and pants. Or he can draw attention to himself when he turns on the electroluminescence. The outfit includes an electroluminescence mask and a 4-mode battery box with on/off, static, slow flash and fast strobe options. Also included are EVA Armor with an EL front, EVA shin guards and EVA wrist guards
Child's Elf Warrior Costume
Elf can be tough creatures and should be feared on the battlefield. Elf-like beings, such as the Hylian named Link in Legend of Zelda, are tough too. If your kid is tough and like to pretend that he is saving a kingdom from villains like Ganon, then the Child's Elf Warrior Costume will make the perfect Halloween costume.