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Clown Costumes

Welcome to the circus! There's fun to be had this Halloween with clown costumes from Costume SuperCenter. Whether you're a parent shopping for your kids or just looking for yourself, buying a clown outfit online has never been easier. There's no punchline here, just a huge selection of clown costumes for kids and adults, so buy your silly clown outfit today!

Facts About Clowns

Clowns! You know them, you love them. Unless you don't, which is pretty normal nowadays. But whether you want to spread the fear this Halloween, or you're looking for a colorful costume for a carnival or some other event, this collection of clown costumes is the perfect place to start – and finish! The “clown” character came out of the zanni “rustic fool” characters from early modern commedia dell'arta, which were based of characters from ancient Greek and Roman characters. The world “clown was first recorded in circa 1560, meaning rustic, boor, and peasant. The idea of a clown as a jester or a fool began after 1600, possibly originating from Shakespeare. The now-classic idea of a clown, a colorful fool and physical comedian, began in the early 1800s with Joseph Grimaldi, who played “Clown” in Charles Dibdin's 1800 pantomime Peter Wilkins: or Harlequin in the Flying World. The circus clown began in the 19th century, and likely began when Philip Astley added a clown to his equestrian shows to amuse spectators between events. In the 20th century clowns drifted toward a beaten-down look, becoming hobos or tramps thanks to Charlie Chaplin, Emmett Kelly, and Marceline Orbes.

Clown Costume Ideas and Tips

A surprisingly versatile costume that can bring both endless fun and amusement as well as absolute horror, our selection of clown costumes will be the all-purpose go to costume you can find uses for all year long. With the resurgence in popularity of Stephen King's It, you can have your very own Pennywise the Dancing Clown costume that will be delivering serious jump-scares all Halloween long. You can go old school with the 1990s Tim Curry Pennywise costume or show how much you love the reboot when you wear the costume featured in It: Chapter 1 and Chapter 2! You can also get tons of color, dots, and stripes to make yourself a cheerful character for a whimsical night! Either way, your look is attention-getting and trendy, and quite possibly the biggest fight of the night. Our other clown costumes are a mixture of classic circus and creepy horror, and varied enough to fit your creative vision. Shop our huge selection of clown costume accessories to find all the wigs, face paint, floppy shoes and more to make your clown completely unique and individual.