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50's Prom Dress Costume for Women
While everyone is dressing up as their favorite character, ghost, or as princess, you can now turn back time with the 50's Prom Dress Costume for Women. This dress is sure to make you stand out and everyone will love your adorable look. People will wonder where you got your old school fashion sense from. This dress is beautifully designed for style and comfort. The outfit will be sure to show off your curves in all the right places, but still give you that casual look. What?s great about this piece is that you don?t need to store it away in the closet after Halloween, you can wear this dress all year long. This outfit can be worn for a dinner party, work event, or even a 50?s themed play. Put this dress to good use because it?s perfect for lots of different special occasions. You will be transformed into a sophisticated and stylish 50?s character!
Dazzling Disco Dancer Womens Plus Costume
Shimmy and shine out on the dancefloor in this Dazzling Disco Dancer Women's Plus Costume. Strut your stuff in style in this outfit. It is completely covered in tiny glittering pieces. The shirt is loose and pants have flared legs. You will be lighting up the night whether attending Halloween parties or disco events. Check out all kinds of other items to include as part of the ensemble. We have jewelry, wigs, and more available, so boogey on over!
Black Nylon Fishnet Stockings Adult Queen Size
A rocker staple. Wear our Black Nylon Fishnet Adult Queen Size Stockings and strut your stuff down the stage! These daring tights are full of dense fishnet and have close-toed tops. Perfect with rompers, short skirts, minis, and corsets.
The Nun Movie Deluxe Costume
If you are religiously devoted to horror films, you won?t want to miss The Nun. This upcoming film is a spin-off of the Conjuring series and is sure to scare everyone into praying for protection. Wear The Nun Movie Deluxe Costume during various events to frighten believers and non-believers alike. Members of the clergy are sent to investigate the suicide of a nun. They confront a demon who has taken the appearance of another nun. This particular orders comes as a nun?s habit. You also receive a mask featuring the designs of sunken eyes and veins along the face. Pick this Nun Movie costume to portray the blasphemous creature. It is a great item to have for Halloween parties and fright night events. Browse around our website to find other creepy products to include as part of the order. You will develop a habit of horrifying trick-or-treaters, coworkers, friends and more whenever you put this on.
Women's Navy Dream Costume
Catch the eye of some shore leave serviceman this season with our Women?s Navy Dream Costume! Modeled after sailing uniforms of old this costume features a sexy twist on an old maritime classic for a surefire way to get patriotic spirits going. A perfect complement to any party that could use some nostalgia, this instantly recognizable classic doesn?t have to be appreciated by just sailors. Take advantage of the fun and sexy design of this costume as you really give the boys overseas something to really want to come home to. Not content to just look your best? Man the cannons along with the best of them for an action packed twist on this iconic uniform. Sailor and citizen alike won't be able to resist your charm, so team up with your recruitment office today! You can register today and serve your country by looking stunning in this attractive and recognizable outfit that everyone at the party is certain to love. Remember to keep an eye out for wandering periscopes this season!
Raggedy Ann Plus Adult Costume
We all have things from our childhood that we take into our adult lives and cherish them dearly. For some male adults it may have been a comic book or an action figure. For adult women it could have been a stuffed animal, or in your case, an authentic Raggedy Ann Doll that you keep close to your heart, and if you can dress up like her for one day you would, so do just that with our Raggedy Ann Plus Adult Costume. As a bigger version of your little Ann doll you'll wear a primary blue, below the knee dress with puffed sleeves and ruching detail over a pair of white bloomers and with a large white apron with more ruching and a squiggly red stripe. Make sure you have your own bright red yarn wig on before you put the white mop cap on it that comes included with a pair of red and white striped socks that will transform you into your doll's double when you're in this Raggedy Ann Plus Adult Costume.
Womens Forsaken Souls Curvy Costume
All souls will arise when you're in the Women's Forsaken Souls Curvy Costume. No matter your size, you can enjoy this lovely Halloween costume that comes with a dark flair. Everyone will love your original take on an undead costume. Make it a look all your own by adding any accessories you'd like. The Women's Forsaken Souls Curvy Costume comes with a long, beautiful gown to make you feel like a graveyard goddess this Halloween.
Womens Tavern Maiden Adult Plus Costume
Are you willing to sling some brewskies this October or September? If yes, you should do so while wearing the Women's Tavern Maiden Adult Plus Costume. This ankle-length dress and belt can be ordered in three different plus sizes. On top is an off-the-should peasant shirt with ruffle trim. Over that is an attached corset with lacing detail. Below is a two-layer skirt. The bottom features brown and dark brown vertical stripes and the upper layer is shorter and a solid green. Wear this to an Oktoberfest celebration and then again for Halloween. Despite the name, Oktoberfest is traditionally celebrated in late September through the first weekend in October. Originally, it was held Munich, Bavaria, Germany, as a celebration of The marriage of King Ludwig to Therese on October 12, 1810 and the celebration was repeated yearly. It was eventually moved to the last weeks of September to take advantage of better weather conditions. In 16-day Munich event attracts more that 6 million people each
Womens Curvy Mrs. Claus Traditional Dress
You will be handing out cookies and hugs all holiday season long when you're wearing This Woman's curvy Miss cause traditional dress! This classic interpretation includes high quality and durable red polyester dress with white trim, and is perfect for Christmas pageants or just family celebration! Add a mrs. Claus hat and gray wig to complete this iconic look! Shop our full selection of holiday costumes and accessories for the entire family! Order your womens curvy Mrs Claus traditional dress online now for a great price and fast shipping!
Adult Betsy Ross Costume
Stitch that flag together while in our Adult Betsy Ross Costume. She is known in history as designing the American flag which represented the Thirteen Colonies. Orders come as a modest dress with apron in front. It does have a pastel blue and pink design to stand out just a bit back in the day. Now, you can become Betsy Ross for upcoming patriotic events and reenactments. Find a flag to wave around and you will be all set!
Adult Deluxe Hooded Dress Plus Size Costume
This versatile Adult Deluxe Hooded Dress Plus Size Costume is a must have addition to your costume wardrobe. The full-length black robe lined in red and features a front panel of red highlighted with black satin crisscross lacing. The outfit also features long sleeves that flare out past the elbows. What will you be when you put on this garb? Wear it alone and you can be a mysterious maiden. If you want to transform into a sultry vampiress, just order some fangs and fake blood from us. Or order a sword and be a warrior maiden. Purchase a crystal ball or a staff so that you can be a sorceress. A cauldron would be a great accessory for a witch. Other accessories to consider are jewelry, makeup and footwear.
Womens Angel Costume
Be a fool in love with this Women's Angel Costume. Becoming an angel for a variety of events and celebrations has been a fun choice for plenty of years. This particular outfit is comfortable and easy to wear. It comes as a single, long, white gown that flows all the way down to the feet featuring minor decorative folds along the chest. There is also a white belt tie to wrap yourself together. The sleeves are long and open which makes for a great source of ventilation during warmer events. Be the vision of happiness thanks to this Angel costume. You can wear it to Halloween, Christmas, and other themed parties. We even carry a variety of accessories and items to help complete your ensemble.
Dorothy Adult Plus Costume
You won't need to fly over the rainbow to have the Halloween of your dreams when you wear the Dorothy Adult Plus costume! The outfit features a blue and white checkered dress with thick spaghetti straps that are secured to the bodice with white buttons. The flared skirt contains white lace on the hem. Under the dress is a white peasant-style short sleeve top featuring puffy sleeves and a blue and white checkered neckline. You will have so much fun at your Halloween party in this outfit; there's no way that you will be tapping your shoes together to go home! No Dorothy outfit would be complete without her signature ruby red slippers and her adorable companion Toto, so make sure to purchase those items from our website separately in order to finish your look.
Adult Plus Pink Poodle Skirt Costume
Well, you can rock it you can roll it, you can stop and you can stroll it at the hop. And you can do it all while wearing the Adult plus Pink Poodle Skirt Costume. This knee-length skirt can be ordered in 1X or 2X sizes. Showcased on front is a black poodle applique with 3-D pink collar bow and shiny silver leash that runs from the waist to the poodle. A poodle skirt it basically a circle skirt - that is a circular piece of fabric with a hole cut in the middle for the waist - accented with a decorative applique. Many designs were placed on the skirt, including holiday themed appliques, but the most popular was, and still is, the poodle. Shirt and scarf do not come with the costume, but we have 50's-themed tops and scarves available to order.
Womens Plus Size Nun Costume
Nuns on the Run isn't quite what we have here, but what we do have is this costume to be a Catholic school kids worst nightmare, a soul sister, or add some skates and be a holy roller. God only knows the possibilities. Has your friend arranged a schoolgirl party? Then maybe they need a naughty nun to keep them all in line! After all, we know what naughty deeds these schoolgirls get up to. This excellent quality nun costume would look great on any girl! And you would be surprised just how many men will be falling over you in this. The shuffling of feet will be heard, with that ruler in hand to punish any naughty boys who are being naughty! Ohh imagine the naughty boys now. You might want to get hold of an extra large ruler just to make sure they are punished enough, bad bad boy!
Womens Curvy Jovi Costume
Bring one of the most lovable Christmas characters from one of the most lovable Christmas movies to life, when you dress up as Jovi from Elf. Whether you plan on passing out presents with extra holiday cheer or bringing Christmas joy to the spooky Halloween festivities, this Women's Curvy Jovi Costume is the perfect outfit. It comes with everything you need to pass through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the sea of swirly-twirly gumdrops and walk through the Lincoln Tunnel. It includes Jovi's signature pink elf dress with white, faux-fur lining, matching pink elf hat, red belt and red shoe covers with curly elf-toe detail. Order yours today!
Elvira Adult Plus Size Costume
When you step into the party wearing the Elvira Adult Plus Size Costume, jaws will be dropping left and right. With your purchase, you will receive a gorgeous long black dress with tattered edges on the sleeves and bottoms, as well as a matching black belt and a ceremonial dagger. Pair this sexy get-up with a jet black wig from our site and you'll be the star of the night in no time. Buy your Elvira costume today!
Women Plus Size Olympic Goddess Costume
You are a sexy goddess and you know it; let everyone else know too by wearing the Women Plus Size Olympic Goddess Costume. Offered in three sizes that will fit most women who wear sizes 16 through 22, this set includes a headband, dress and medallion. This beautiful white gown features a flattering high waistline with attached belt. Sleeveless, it has a strap accented by a decorative medallion. Just above the floor-length hemline, it has a decorative band that matches the belt. In Greek mythology, Mount Olympus is the highest peak in Greece and home to the twelve main goddesses and gods. The Olympian goddesses were Hera, Zeus's wife/sister and queen of the gods; Demeter, goddess of fertility and agriculture; Athena, goddess of wisdom; Artemis, goddess of the hunt, and Hestia, goddess of domesticity. Order this now and you can be one of these beautiful and powerful deities.
Women's Rag Doll Costume
Halloween is the perfect time to wear this Women's Rag Doll Costume. This simple ensemble has everything you need to look like a classic toy. Orders contain a blue dress with white apron. A pair of white bloomers and striped socks are included. Top it off with a white cap to make it complete. Take a look at some other accessories such as wigs and makeup to accessorize even further.
Women's Plus Size Opaque Tights
Make your skirt or dress look even better when you wear them with the Women's Plus Size Opaque Tights. They can be ordered in red or black and we suggest you get one at least of each to match all the outfits in your closet. Designed to fit most women who weigh up to 250 pounds.
Women's Silver Star Flapper Costume
Put on a show for the guys and dolls in this Women's Silver Star Flapper Costume. Flappers were a huge part of Roaring 20s especially when it came to entertainment and having a good time. This outfit comes as a sleeveless black dress featuring stripe and floral patterns made of shimmering silver detail. The hem has a long extension of fringe for added flair. Go out for some roaring fun during parties and themed events in flapper fashion.
Plus Size Fishnet Tights for Women
Add an edgy and seductive layer to any outfit or costume when you are wearing these Plus Size Fishnet Tights for Women! Versatile and comfortable, this is the one costume piece no woman's costume closet should be without! Turn any outfit into a costume with the help of these attention-getting and jaw dropping tights! Check out all of our costumes for adults to maximize your Halloween look! Don't wait until the last minute! Order online today!
Elvira Adult Plus Costume
You're bound to incite some midnight madness when you're dressed up as the Mistress of the Dark in this Elvira Plus Costume! Based on the vampy vixen of late night horror movies, Elvira, this outfit includes a long black dress, a belt, and a prop dagger. The floor length gown fits slim through the waist with a plunging V-neck and bell sleeves with jagged edges. The skirt of the dress features a high slit to show off your sexy legs. Made of sleek faux leather, the belt sits at your hips to accentuate your deadly curves and it features a strap to hold your dagger. In the 1980s, Elvira was the host of Movie Macabre, a weekly horror movie showcase on a Los Angeles based television channel. She gained popularity and eventually starred in her own film and a series of home video releases thanks to her campy sense of humor and sexy brand of goth-punk vampire style. To achieve Elvira's iconic look, be sure to add a dramatic black wig, goth makeup, fishnets, and heels, all sold separately on ou
Plus Adult Poodle Skirt Complete Outfit Costume
Ready to stun the world with your class and beauty this Halloween? Then look no further than our Plus Adult Poodle Skirt Complete Outfit Costume! Walk into the party donning this gorgeous get-up and you'll feel just like a Parisian princess. Complete with everything you need to show off your love for France and the City of Lights and Love, you can't go wrong with this one. Buy your costume today, and then scan our site for the rest of your Parisian costume and accessory needs!
Dark Queen Womens Plus Costume
Rule over your subjects with an iron fist. Theyll be too captivated by your beauty when youre wearing your lovely new Dark Queen Womens Plus Costume to do anything but submit to your authority. This black ensemble features a lovely top, skirt and corset combination that will leave no doubt as to whos the fairest of them all. Pick up a scepter and tiara accessory for an extra oomph to your queen costume that will leave you feeling ready to make your debut at court.
Midnight Witch Curvy Costume
A proper witch always knows that flying around daytime is a very bad idea. Not only is she sticking out like a sore thumb, but how powers and spells might not reach their full limit and potential. This is why all effective and proper witches fly during midnight, or night in general! Introducing the Midnight Witch Curvy Costume. Grab you mystical broom, and fly through the night as a midnight witch and cause misdeeds and mischief to everyone. I perfect costume to celebrate Halloween in, you'll blend in at any party! Everyone will think that you are just a regular person wearing a witch costume who is there to have some fun. But boy are they wrong! Prove to others who you really are by catching them off guard, and demonstrating some of your most effective spells, curses, and techniques! Also, be sure to practice your best witch laugh to really get in character and look like the real deal.
Saloon Girl Adult Plus Costume
You'll be a sight for sore eyed cowboys rolling into the bar in the wild west when you're wearing this Saloon Girl Adult Plus Costume. This gaudy costume comes with a top with black puffy satin sleeves and a lace covered corset style bodice. The scoop neckline is trimmed with red lace. The skirt is big and wide, black satin lined with red sequins and hemmed with a layer of black tulle. A black feathered headband headpiece with red ribbon is also included. This is a plus size costume that will fit most women sizes 18 through 22. Grab a pint and have a drink with your guys! Enhance this already sexy look with accessories from our online store such as Queen Sized Black Seamed Fishnet Pantyhose and Jeweled Velvet Choker.
Hippie Chick Adult Plus Costume
Celebrate like its 1969 by putting on a swinging outfit that will leave you looking like the life of the party. The Hippie Chick Adult Plus Costume is just what youve been looking for to celebrate this Halloween season with one psychedelic outfit. This product comes with a blouse and pants combination that feature trippy swirl patterns, as well as tassels and flared out bottoms for a genuine hippie look that is undeniably groovy.
Women's Dazzling Disco Diva Costume
Take a trip down memory lane totally dressed the part in this Women's Dazzling Disco Diva Costume. It's an adorable fuchsia dress that comes with matching headband. Take it out trick-or-treating with the kids or hit up a Halloween party with your friends. Either way, this outfit came to cut a rug. We suspect, however, that the shimmering fabric of our Women's Dazzling Disco Diva Costume will have to work overtime to outshine your dance moves.
Women's Madame Missterious Costume (Plus)
Who doesn't enjoy a bit of mystery and intrigue, especially at the Halloween costume party? Make people guess as to who you are supposed to be with the help of this costume. Introducing the Women's Madame Missterious Costume (Plus)! Wearing a costume is always fun, but guessing the character is much more special. Who will you create in your mind and turn into? To help you even further, you can upgrade the look with matching props and items.