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DC SuperHero Girls Harley Quinn Deluxe Costume
As the resident class clown at Super Hero High, Harley Quinn is nothing but comfortable with herself. In fact, she believes that being herself is the great superpower! Bring her sense of fun to your next Halloween by wearing this DC Superhero Girls Harley Quinn Deluxe Costume. This costume comes complete with a fun and sparkly button down short sleeved shirt featuring sheer black sleeves and a pattern of red diamonds on one side, black diamonds on the other. A studded black belt sets off the blue of the shorts, which come with attached leggings with one red leg and one black leg. A black eyemask and wristband ties it all together. Finish her look with temporary blue and red streaks in your pigtails, as well as a pair of fun black boots. Maybe leave the mallet at home, though.
Harley Quinn DC Super Hero Girls Mallet
The Green Arrow has his arrows, Batman has his Bat gadgets, Thor has his hammer, Green Lantern has his ring and Harley Quinn has her mallet. And we have it too! If you want to be Harley for Halloween, order the Harley Quinn DC Super Hero Girls Mallet from us. This is not the weapon used by the Harley Quinn of Suicide Squad, it belongs to the hero who attends Superhero High School along with many other heroes such as Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Poison Ivy and Batgirl. The red and black mallet looks dangerous, but it is not and is made for young girls who want to be a hero and keep supervillains in line. Harleen Quinzell is the student at Superhero High who is least serious and has the most fun. Pranks are more important to her than grades, but that is why girls like her. She loves hanging out with her friends, always has a joke or too and often asks ?Why so serious?? Who needs a brooding adult superhero when you can have a young feisty Harley Quinn? Everybody wants to be like Harley! Be t
DC SuperHero Girls Harley Quinn Costume
Halloween is the perfect time of year to get a little crazy in our DC Superhero Harley Quinn Child Costume. Always quick with a joke or willing to have a fun time, this outfit is modeled after character as seen in the popular animated series. This jumpsuit has a white vest top with red, pink, and black diamonds, blue shorts around the waist and red and black pant legs. This garb also includes a black eye mask and a black belt. Wristband and pigtail wig not included. Quit clowning around and pick up this Harley Quinn costume just in time for Halloween and other themed events. You are bound to have a fun time! Browse through some of our other superhero or even villain items to include with the look.
DC SuperHero Girls Harley Quinn Wig
This awesome Harley Quinn is just what you need to create the perfect Harley Quinn costume. This white wig features pig tails with blue and red streaks on the sides. Harley Quinn helps the Joker with various illegal heists and anything else he wants to do.
Batgirl DC Superhero Girl Costume Deluxe
Is your little one a superhero in training? Does she spend all of her time watching her female role models fight crime and practicing her moves? With the Batgirl DC Girl Costume Deluxe you can ensure that she achieves her dream to save the day in style. This polyester ensemble combines style and comfort for a look she can wear whenever. Great for Halloween or any day of the year!
DC SuperHero Girls Bumblebee Deluxe Costume
Help your daughter get her cape on with this DC Superhero Girls Bumblebee Deluxe Costume. With her science powered supersuit, Bumblebee has a whole slew of powers worth buzzing about, including super strength, sonic blasts, and the ability to shrink. Pretty neat, huh? Now your daughter can save the day too in this neat costume, which comes with a shiny black and yellow top with quarter length sleeves and a honeycomb pattern down the side, a pair of black leggings with honeycomb patterned calves, attached bee wings with light blue straps, and a pair of blue and yellow gauntlets. Whether your daughter is dressing as part of a group costume or simply rocking it alone, she'll be ready for anything.
Wonder Woman Deluxe DC Super Hero Girls Costume
Soar to new heights when you make her smile this Halloween or in preparation for her next costume party. She will love to feel strong in the Wonder Woman Deluxe DC Super Hero Girls Costume. She's watched in awe as Wonder Woman fought crime and Aries to win the war and save mankind. Now, your little one can practice her Amazonian moves just like Princess Diana in the movie.
DC Super Hero Wonder Woman Shield for Girls
Protect the world (and yourself) by putting the DC Super Hero Wonder Woman Shield for Girls between you and your enemies. Wonder Woman is an inspiration that every little girl deserves to emulate on a daily basis. Tap in to her strength this Halloween. Order the DC Super Hero Wonder Woman Shield for Girls today!
Harley Quinn Child Accessory Kit
The Bat won?t know what hit him! Help Mistah J wreak some real havoc this Halloween with the Harley Quinn Child Accessory Kit. Now you can finally finish up that Harley costume you?ve been working on and look just like everyone?s favorite jester of crime with this officially licensed DC product pack. Whether you?re a fan of Harley Quinn from her days back in the Batman Animated Series, or newer fare like Suicide Squad, you?ll appreciate having an accessory kit that pays tribute to Harley?s long and storied history. It comes with a fearsome looking spiked wrist brace, as well as a flashy domino mask for extra flourish. Harley?s always had an ace up her sleeve and now you know why thanks to this accessory kit. Make sure you?re ready for the spotlight this Halloween. Now that you?re you out on the loose, Gotham won?t stand a chance thanks to your new Harley Quinn inspired ensemble.
DC Superhero Girls Costume Catwoman
Is your little one ready to be a strong superhero? She wants to join Batman and Robin on their quest as Catwoman! The DC Superhero Girls Costume Catwoman is a hero she watches all the time so you're not surprise this is her choice for a Halloween Costume. The cute polyester ensemble is comfortable so she can take on any villains she has to on her way back to the batmobile.
Supergirl Stick-on Tattoo
Let your child join the house of El when she puts on the Supergirl Stick-on Tattoo. It features the iconic Superman logo. It may look like an S, but it is really the crest of the House of El, the Kryptonian family of Kar Zor-El , aka Supergirl, and Kal El, aka Superman.
DC SuperHero Girls Wonder Woman Wig
This fantastic wig will be perfect for your daughter?s Halloween costume. This wig features dark hair with blue streaks. Your daughter will look just like Wonder Woman when she puts on this amazing costume. Wonder Woman is an Amazonian princess warrior who helps Superman and Batman defend the world from monsters like Doomsday.
DC SuperHero Girls Poison Ivy Deluxe Costume
You may be shy at first but with our DC Superhero Girls Poison Ivy Deluxe Costume, you will surely bloom. She mostly keeps to herself at school but easily becomes friends with the rest students as seen in the popular animated series. This outfit comes with a green dress made from a sheer green fabric and gold embroidery, with a longer train in the back than in the front. A bright green vine belt sits at the waist, with a pretty pink flower at the center. The look is complete with a pair of bright green leggings with lighter green calves wrapped in vines. Turn into a famous comic book character with the Poison Ivy costume. Take a look at some of our superhero and even plantlike accessories to use in your ensemble.
DC SuperHero Girls Poison Ivy Wig
This red wig will look amazing on your little girl as she dresses up as her favorite DC villain for Halloween. This long red wig has green bows and will be the last piece of this incredible costume.
Girls DC Super Hero Batgirl Cape Set
Fight all of Gotham's bad guys this Halloween with the DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl Cape Set. Perfect for Halloween and dress up play, this cape set will have your little girl beaming. The purple cape is tied from around the neck and hangs to below the waist. It has the classic batman symbol printed on the back in a sparkly gold and includes a plastic molded mask. Step aside Joker! Order your own DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl Cape Set for Halloween!
DC Super Hero Girl's Harley Quinn Costume
The Joker may be Batman's nemesis, but that doesn't mean the Dark Knight can rest once he's defeated. Behind every bad man stands an even more formidable woman and this DC Super Hero Girl's Harley Quinn Costume embraces that statement with attitude. Dress your daughter up as queen of the underworld this Halloween. The costume comes with Harley Quinn's signature red, white, and black checkered shirt, black mask, jean shorts and red and black leggings. Add a bat for good measure, but we doubt your kid will need it.
Harley Quinn DC Super Hero Girls Hoodie Dress
Being a good girl all the time is not always fun. This Halloween, be a little mischievous and dress in the Harley Quinn DC Super Hero Girls Hoodie Dress. A dress, waistband, black eye mask and black and white wristband are all included. The short sleeve dress features an attached red and black hood, a bodice with black, white and red harlequin diamond patterns and a blue skirt. It?s the perfect outfit to wear when attending the Krazy Karnival and investigating Mirror Master. It?s also perfect for hanging out with best friends Wonder Woman and Poison Ivy. At Superhero High School, Harley is the prankster and class clown. This version of Harleen Quinzell is a true hero. Although sometimes things like becoming an internet star are more important to her, in the end being a hero wins out. For Harley, grades are not as important as getting some attention and some laughs from the other girls in the school. Her superpowers are advanced athleticism and acrobatics and she enters high school on
Harley Quinn Costume for Girls - DC Superheroes
Your daughter will look just like her favorite DC supervillain this Halloween when you dress her up in the Harley Quinn Costume for Girls - DC Superheroes. With your purchase, you will receive just the outfit you need to transform your little angel into a Gotham devil who thrives on causing chaos. Featuring a red and black jester jumpsuit with a large white collar, a matching jester headpiece, and a black eye mask, she's going to love it. Buy your Harley Quinn costume today!
Harley Quinn DC Super Hero Girls Mask
The neighborhood is filled with all sorts of monsters, princesses, space characters, pirates, Wizard of Oz characters and wizards, but your little girl wants to be someone that she can related to this Halloween. Harley Quinn is just the character that she can be. The Harley Quinn DC Super Hero Girls Mask is a black eye mask just like the one Harley wears at the high school. This is not the Harley Quinn you grew up with. The Harleen Quinzell who attends Superhero High is a hero. She is also very mischievous prankster and thinks jokes or more important than grades, but Halloween is the one day of the year where you can be someone else for the day and be a little mischievous too. Harley thinks nothing of throwing a glitter bomb onto Wonder Woman?s things or shaking hands with a buzzer in her palm. Her fellow students see her as creative and, as Batgirl explains, her way of saving the world is unique. She would rather put a pie in her face than be serious. Not only does Harley have issues
DC Super Hero Girls Kids Batgirl Hoodie Dress
When you do some detective work, you will find the DC Super Hero Girls Kids Batgirl Hoodie Dress is a great outfit to wear this Halloween. This Officially licensed bat-tastic costume includes a dress with attached hood and gauntlets, a mask and a belt. That?s all your kid needs to solve crimes, do some martial arts moves and operate the bat jet. The dress features a black skirt, purple top and sleeves and gold and purple gauntlets. The hood is purple as well and includes two 3-D bat ears on top. On the chest is a large gold bat symbol. Completing the set are a black eye mask and a gold belt with bat symbol accent and printed pockets. Barbara Gordon has no super powers but that is what makes her so special. She uses her intellect, tech knowledge, detective skills and martial arts expertise to keep up with all the other teens at Super Hero High. She started out working in the IT department before she was accepted at the school. Your kids know she doesn?t need super powers to be special;
DC SuperHero Girls Batgirl Costume
Pick out a Batsuit for your daughter such as our DC Superhero Girls Batgirl Costume. This particular item is modeled after the appearance of Batgirl as she is seen in the popular animated series. She is depicted as a techno-nerd at times but can certainly knock around the bad guys just in case. This costume is a cool jumpsuit with black pants and a purple top. Her yellow bat symbol is in the middle of the chest and matching stripes run down the side of each leg. A yellow utility belt can be wrapped around the waist and also features the iconic symbol. Complete the look by putting up the attached hood and wearing the winged backpack. Deck yourself out in this Batgirl costume to become the tech expert. Browse for more Batgirl supplies and accessories to include with the order.
DC Super Hero Girls Kids Supergirl Hoodie Dress
This Halloween, get your budding crime fighter a costume that is made just for her. DC Super Hero Girls is an animated series just for young girls and the DC Super Hero Girls Kids Supergirl Hoodie Dress is made just for them too. Included in this set are a hooded dress, a belt, a headband, two wristbands and cape, just what is needed to fight bad guys and attend classes at Super Hero High School. The fashionable dress features a red skirt trimmed in yellow, short blue sleeves and collared top. Printed on the bodice is a harlequin pattern with diamonds in two shades of blue. In the center is the classic red and yellow ?S? logo ? the coat of arms for the House of El, which is Supergirl?s and Superman?s Kryptonian family. Completing the look is the red cape that is trimmed in yellow, a red wristband and a blue wristband with yellow accents. Supergirl, or Kara Zor-El, is the cousin of Superman and like her cousin, she is very powerful. She can fly and has heat vision and super strength. I
DC Super Hero Batgirl Mask for Girls
If you've ever dreamed of becoming the next Batgirl then you need the DC Super Hero Batgirl Mask for Girls pronto. Join Batman as he takes on the villainous criminal underworld of Gotham City, or fly solo and show the boss your capable of handling your own beat. Either way, when the city needs a hero, you'll be ready.
Kids Adaptive Wonder Woman Costume
Your child will be taking villains down and wrestling the truth out of all her enemies this year when you dress them up with our Kids Adaptive Wonder Woman Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your tyke needs to become the most powerful superheroine to ever use a lasso. Featuring a red and blue Wonder Woman dress with an accessibility flap, a bright blue cape, a pair of red boot covers, a silver pair of gauntlets, and a golden tiara, your child is going to love this heroic attire.
Katana Wig for DC SuperHero Girls
Fight with your sword that steals souls as Katana from DC SuperHero Girls this Halloween. Pretend to fight crime with your friends while wearing her red, black, silver, and beige costume. Also accessorize with the Katana Wig for DC SuperHero Girls to complete your ensemble. The black and red wig will help transform you into the heroine.
Wonder Woman DC Super Hero Girls Hoodie Dress
f you are planning to leave Paradise Island to attend high school or go trick or treating, then you need the Wonder Woman DC Super Hero Girls Hoodie Dress. This fashionable ensemble is officially licensed and looks just like the one Wondy wears in the Super Hero Girls series. It includes a dress with attached collar and hood, gauntlets and belt. The dress features a blue skirt with white star accents, red bodice with red star prints, short white sleeves with red trim and a red hood with gold accents on top. The attached gold collar features the ?WW? Wonder Woman logo. Silver gauntlets and a gold belt complete the set. Wonder Woman was one of the first female super heroes and she is still one of the most popular. She has been around as an adult hero for a long time, but in Superhero Girls she is a teen with typical teen problems, as well as superhero problems. Diana was born and raised on Paradise Island, an island of Amazonian warriors. But she longs to learn about the world outside h
Dc Superhero Girls Wonder Woman Costume
Do you have a little girl at home who dreams of saving the world just like Diana, the daughter of Zeus? You can give her one night as her favorite superhero, in our Dc Superhero Wonder Woman Costume! This costume comes with Diana?s trademark red, white, and blue outfit, and gold armbands that everyone will recognize from the blockbuster film Wonder Woman! Your little girl will be ready to defeat the god of war when she puts on this girl-power outfit, so get ready to hear all about your daughter?s adventures around the neighborhood restoring justice to Halloween! If you?re getting together a whole party of kids, you could find costumes for each member of the Justice League, so that Batman, Robin, and Aquaman can join Diana as she saves the world and goes looking for candy! You can shop for other superhero costumes, as well as accessories for your little Diana, right here on our website, so you have everything you need on the big night! Whether your daughter is going to school or ventur
DC SuperHero Girls Supergirl Costume
Supergirl is flying into your house this Halloween. This costume is a blue, pink, and yellow jumpsuit. The top of the jumpsuit is blue with the pink and yellow S in the center of the top. The bottom of the jumpsuit looks like a pink and yellow skirt and also comes with a yellow belt across the waist. Ensemble comes with a white headband. Cape not included. Supergirl has super strength, the ability to fly, heat vision, x-ray vision, ice breath, and super intelligence. Supergirl helps Superman fight off some of DC's most powerful villains like Lex Luthor, Brainiac, and Bizarro. Your daughter will feel like she can do anything in this special Supergirl costume. Supergirl was featured in the animated series: Justice League: Unlimited and is portrayed by Melissa Benoist in her own live action show, Supergirl.
DC SuperHero Girls Wonder Woman Deluxe Costume
Dress up as the newest hero in school with our DC Superhero Girls Wonder Woman Deluxe Costume. Wonder Woman is the latest recruit to arrive at Super Hero High as seen in the popular animated series. Despite not knowing anyone, she is fast to make friends. This particular item comes as a short sleeved top with a red bodice and white sleeves trimmed with red, the winged W of Wonder Woman across the chest. A pair of bright blue pants are also included, featuring a line of silver stars down the side. Completing the look are silver gauntlets, a tiara, and a gold belt featuring Wonder Woman's golden lasso of truth. The Wonder Woman costume is perfect for fans to embrace their inner hero on Halloween, at conventions, or whenever they feel like it. Take a look at even more Wonder Woman products to include with the order.
DC SuperHero Girls Supergirl Deluxe Costume
Supergirl. She's the most powerful girl on Earth, but can't seem to stop tripping over her own two feet. You too can embody the truth adorableness in this DC Superhero Girls Supergirl Deluxe Costume. She may be clutzy, but she's also incredibly kind, and definitely someone to strive to be. This costume comes with a light blue short sleeved top with a white dress collar and the famous Super symbol as well as a detachable red cape. A yellow belt connects the top with a red pleated skirt trimmed with yellow. Also included are two wristbands and a headband that are sure to be totally cute!