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Decades 20's

Find fabulous 20's costumes for women, men, girls and boys, great for any 1920's costume party. The Roaring '20s were a time of fun, daring and economic prosperity. Prohibition made speakeasies the place to party and modern flappers said goodbye to Victorian ways baring their arms and legs as the new risque sex symbols of the day. That decade was a time when the younger generation broke from tradition and embraced new things like jazz music, sexuality and art. Imagine flappers dancing the Charleston and Lindy at the speakeasy while gangsters in their Zoot suits counted their loot in the back room. The rip roaring 1920's were the decade of parties. These 20s costumes represent that!

Roaring 20's Costume Ideas and Tips

Know your onions, and don’t take any wooden nickels. We have everything you need for your roaring 20s Halloween costume right here! The roaring 1920s were all about prohibition (and speakeasies), jazz music, dancing the Charleston, and breaking free from tradition. Embrace this decade of clandestine excess in a 1920s ensemble that perfectly matches your keen sense of style.

We carry glad rags for every hotsy-totsy dame and Tommy gun-toting gangster, including fringed flapper dresses, pinstriped suits, finger-wave wigs and classic fedoras. Plus, you’ll find a variety of styles to make you look like the cat’s meow, from more modest, knee-length flapper dresses, to sexy female mobster leotards. The whole family can get in on the fun, too, with girls’ flapper dresses and boys’ gangster suits. Brew up a batch of bathtub moonshine (not really - we wouldn’t recommend that), slip into your roaring 20s ensemble and get ready to hit on all sixes. Now you’re on the trolley!

Meet 7 Famous Flappers [Infographic]

Let Costume SuperCenter introduce you to seven women who set the 1920s on fire with this Flappers Infographic. In the age of prohibition, Joan Crawford, Gilda Gray and other flappers were dancing their ways through the decade with flash and flare, and catching every men's attention along the way. You can relive this period with one of the styles from our huge inventory of 1920s costumes. Just make sure you don't forget the moonshine!

Gangster costumes

Grab your Tommy gun and put on your pinstripe suit, it's gangster time! You can run a speakeasy with one of these Roaring 20s Gangster costumes and you'll fit right in!

Kid's Decades Costumes

There are tons of Kids Decades Costumes for your little ones to make sure they have the perfect Halloween! Whether you're going to the 20s or the 80s, Costume SuperCenter has something for you!

Machine (Black) Gun
Every gangster needs their number one accessory, a Tommy Gun! This vintage-style Machine Gun is the perfect prop for any 1920s costume. This black toy gun is made of high-quality plastic and produces an action sound when the trigger is pulled. Everyone will be hitting the deck when they hear the “Rat-a-tat-tat” of your toy Tommy Gun. Complete your Al Capone or spice up your 20s Flapper costume with this classic accessory now!
Vintage Hollywood Marabou Satin Robe Adult Costume
Remind the boys to keep their eyes to themselves this season with our gorgeous Vintage Hollywood Marabou Satin Robe! Capture that classic look of a bygone era with this stylish and classic dress that is sure to pull some attention this season. This costume features a wonderfully naughty slit so you can show off some leg this year and lure in unsuspecting victims. Featuring a satin robe with marabou feather trim, this outfit is perfect for the Hollywood starlet or mysterious widow. So bring some class back into the season with our incredible offering and teach these youngers what style is all about!
Bowler Hat - Low Crown
The Bowler Hat - Low Crown is the perfect way to complete your retro and classy costume! The black hat features a rounded top with a black band extending all the way around the rim. This accessory goes great with any costume, so buy one today.
Womens Sexy Gangster Doll Costume
Fashion Flapper Red Dress for Women
Need some glad rags for your Roaring 20s-themed shindig? Glad rags is 1920s slang for fancy clothes and the Fashion Flapper Dress for Women (Aqua) is just the fancy outfit you need. Inspired by the fashion of the day, the dress will transport you back to the day of rum runners and jazz music.
Black Flapper Costume for Adults
Make an amazing entrance this Halloween when you are wearing this fashion Black Flapper Costume for Adults! Comfortable, versatile and dependable, you will love the way this costume feels just as much as you love the way it looks. Go with a retro look that has been delighting crowds for decades. Turn this into an awesome couples costume when your date is a 1920s gangster. Find everything you need to maximize your outfit when you check out our entire selection of costumes and accessories from different decades!
White Gangster Hat
Roll up on the rival gang in a stylish way. Introducing the White Gangster Hat! Look intimidating, yet clean and professional as you wear this hat with dignity and pride. Add a nice, white suit and matching pants to complete your costume and look something amazing and spectacular. Make a grand entrance at your next 1920's themed party, or even Halloween party as a respectable mob boss or henchmen. People are sure to respect your look, meaning that they are certain to respect you as a whole!
Long Satin Gloves - Black
If you're going to a masked ball, or dressing up as an elegant princess, you'll need our Adult Long Satin Gloves - Black to finish off your costume! When you extend your hand for a gentleman to kiss this Halloween, he'll be sure to linger on these fashionable gloves. Don't miss out on this essential finishing touch to your black tie outfit!
Fake Cigarettes for Adults
If you're going for a dapper look this Halloween, then you've gotta look like the part all the way. Accessories are the best way to liven up any costume an they're the stuff that really takes an outfit to the next level. Look cool and pretend to smoke a few with the Fake Cigarettes for Adults! These faux cigarettes are just the accessory to pair with a cool costume. Order it online today!
6 Pieces Fake Cigarette Pack
We all know that smoking is bad for you, but what happens if you are the leading role in the play or dressing up as a character and need some cigarettes as a prop? Look no further than the Fake Cigarette Six Pack. These props are safe to use and look completely real! take the worry out of your next costume and put your health first with these fake cigarettes.
Flapper Kit for Women
Take yourself back to the 1920's and see what it was like to dress in a stylish outfit. Of course, the fashion back then was completely different from what it is today, and having that classic flapper look made you the talk of the party. Luckily, this Flapper Kit for Women has everything you need to look like you actually came from the 1920's! Upgrade your outfit or dress with this kit and become the talk of today's party! As part of the kit, you will get a headband, a necklace, and a cigarette holder.
Plastic Cigarette Holder
You can't go to see Gatsby without a Black Cigarette Holder on hand. You don't want to look shabby, after all! Each long black wand has a white mouthpiece and silver cup. Pop a fake cigarette in the end and you'll be good to go! A great accessory for 20s, Cruella de Vil, and 50s Hollywood costumes.
1920's Bootlegger Costume for Men
Bring Halloween this year back to the Prohibition era when you put on our 1920's Bootlegger Costume for Men. With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to look like you sell illegal goods at hidden speakeasies. Complete with a beige shirt, a pair of brown pants with suspenders, and a matching brown cap, you'll have your most historical Halloween yet this year. Buy your speakeasy bootlegger costume today, and then scan our site for the rest of your accessories!
The Amazing Tattooed Lady Women's Costume
Put a bit of ink in your Halloween plans with this The Amazing Tattooed Lady Women's Costume. It's a great way to show off your bad girl style. The outfit comes with a slinky little black dress that is trimmed in gold, but the real artwork is on the sleeves and leggings. They're covered in tattoos! The only thing your biker chick costume needs is a Harley (sold separately).
Flapper Hat w/ Flowers
You'll look and feel just like a gorgeous 1920's flapper girl this Halloween when you put on our Flapper Hat w/ Flowers! With your purchase, you will receive a beautiful gray hat adorned with pretty black and maroon flower designs as well as a matching black ribbon and flower bow. Pair this stunning hat with any number of our elegant flapper costumes from our site, and you'll have a night of pure fun. Buy your flapper girl hat today!
Felt Fedora Hat With Feather For Adults
If you want to make a stylish statement this Halloween, show up to the costume party in the Felt Fedora Hat With Feather For Adults! This fashionable black hat is adorned with a black band and black and yellow feathers for a versatile look that's worthy of a hip-hop superstar or 1920s gangster.
Womens Sequin Roaring 20s Flapper Costume
Womens Sexy Mafiosa Costume
Adult Boater Jacket
The Roaring 20?s are back! Get dapper and wear this vintage inspired Adult Boater Jacket with your Halloween costume! The Adult Boater Jacket will be sure to make all the ladies swoon. Wear it with a pair of white slacks, bow tie, dress shoes, and a skimmer hat! Shop for a men?s Adult Boater Jacket online!
Women's Silver Star Flapper Costume
Put on a show for the guys and dolls in this Women's Silver Star Flapper Costume. Flappers were a huge part of Roaring 20s especially when it came to entertainment and having a good time. This outfit comes as a sleeveless black dress featuring stripe and floral patterns made of shimmering silver detail. The hem has a long extension of fringe for added flair. Go out for some roaring fun during parties and themed events in flapper fashion.
Imitation Pearl Necklace
You've got the hair, the costume, and the aura of the roaring twenties in your costume. Finish it off with these beautiful Flapper Beads. They've got a chic and hip style that's sure to accentuate your Flapper attire and make it better than ever.
Jeweled Cigarette Holder Accessory
When you take out a cigarette and put it in this Jeweled Cigarette Holder Accessory, every guy in the party is going to be rushing to light it for you. Youll look like a dame from the roaring 20s when you smoke with this cigarette holder, and even if youre keeping your lungs 2000s-era healthy you can still get a 1900s-era look by just holding this accessory. Youre certain to get Gatsbys attention with this cigarette holder!
Gangster Plus-Size Suit for Men
Back in the 1920s, men were smartly dressed all the time, especially men who wanted to be taken seriously, such as Mad Hatter Anastasia, Big Jim Colosimo, Al Capone and other crime bosses. The Gangster Plus-Size Suit for Men was inspired by the fashion worn by these gangsters.
1920s Black Stole
Be the most fashionable girl at the Roaring Twenties party! Purchase the 1920s Black Stole as an accessory. The black stole is a chic accessory that goes around the shoulder. Pair the stole with a black flapper headband and a cigarette holder. Do the Charleston all night long in costume!
Mens Black Gangster Suit
The 1920s was the decade of mob molls, bootleggers and gangsters. Put on the Mens Black Gangster Suit and look like the most dapper mob boss that Chicago has ever seen. During the Roaring 20s, men dressed more formally, even men involved in bootlegging and other organized criminal activity, and this outfit was inspired by their wardrobes.
Fashion Flapper Womens Dress Costume
You are in for a whirlwind time traveling adventure back to the days of prohibition when you are wearing this Fashion Flapper Womens Dress Costume! Timeless, beautiful and consistently a crowd favorite, celebrate your love of old school glamour with this simple and comfortable dress made of high-quality materials! Find your perfect feathered headpiece and much more when you have a look around our huge selection of 1920s costumes and accessories for men and women!
Adult Fake Boxed Cigarettes Accessory
20s Deluxe Flapper Headband - Silver
Need the perfect accessory for your flapper costume? The 20s Deluxe Flapper Headband ? Silver is the bee's knees! You'll love wearing this silver sequined headband as you dance the night away. The headband's black sequined star has beads hanging from it and feathers coming out the top, giving your ensemble a dramatic look. You'll be the cat's meow when you wear the deluxe 20s silver flapper headband for adults!
Elegant Cigarette Holder
Don't head out to a '20s themed dinner party without this elegant cigarette holder! This finely decorated accessory is an essential addition to any vintage outfit. It'll add a bit of class to even the sultriest costume!
Womens Beaded Flapper Costume