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Decades 20's

Find fabulous 20's costumes for women, men, girls and boys, great for any 1920's costume party. The Roaring '20s were a time of fun, daring and economic prosperity. Prohibition made speakeasies the place to party and modern flappers said goodbye to Victorian ways baring their arms and legs as the new risque sex symbols of the day. That decade was a time when the younger generation broke from tradition and embraced new things like jazz music, sexuality and art. Imagine flappers dancing the Charleston and Lindy at the speakeasy while gangsters in their Zoot suits counted their loot in the back room. The rip roaring 1920's were the decade of parties. These 20s costumes represent that!

Roaring 20's Costume Ideas and Tips

Know your onions, and don’t take any wooden nickels. We have everything you need for your roaring 20s Halloween costume right here! The roaring 1920s were all about prohibition (and speakeasies), jazz music, dancing the Charleston, and breaking free from tradition. Embrace this decade of clandestine excess in a 1920s ensemble that perfectly matches your keen sense of style.

We carry glad rags for every hotsy-totsy dame and Tommy gun-toting gangster, including fringed flapper dresses, pinstriped suits, finger-wave wigs and classic fedoras. Plus, you’ll find a variety of styles to make you look like the cat’s meow, from more modest, knee-length flapper dresses, to sexy female mobster leotards. The whole family can get in on the fun, too, with girls’ flapper dresses and boys’ gangster suits. Brew up a batch of bathtub moonshine (not really - we wouldn’t recommend that), slip into your roaring 20s ensemble and get ready to hit on all sixes. Now you’re on the trolley!

Meet 7 Famous Flappers [Infographic]

Let Costume SuperCenter introduce you to seven women who set the 1920s on fire with this Flappers Infographic. In the age of prohibition, Joan Crawford, Gilda Gray and other flappers were dancing their ways through the decade with flash and flare, and catching every men's attention along the way. You can relive this period with one of the styles from our huge inventory of 1920s costumes. Just make sure you don't forget the moonshine!

Gangster costumes

Grab your Tommy gun and put on your pinstripe suit, it's gangster time! You can run a speakeasy with one of these Roaring 20s Gangster costumes and you'll fit right in!

Kid's Decades Costumes

There are tons of Kids Decades Costumes for your little ones to make sure they have the perfect Halloween! Whether you're going to the 20s or the 80s, Costume SuperCenter has something for you!