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Decades 50's

The 1950's were defined by the birth of Rock N Roll. While parents tried to hang on to the proper and respectful days of their upbringing, teenagers were discovering something wild and new. Rock music, leather jackets and fast cars made the guys cool and the girls swoon. Mom and Dad may have been like Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver but the kids wanted to be like Elvis and James Dean. There's nothing like a 50s costume to bring out the rebel!

50s Costume Ideas and Tips

Go back to those Happy Days of poodle skirts, leather jackets and soda jerks with our really swell selection of 1950s costumes for all ages! With classic styles and endless charm, these retro outfits and accessory pieces are a perfect way to celebrate the culture of this bold and bright-eyed era of Americana. Our adult options will have you feeling like you are dressed and on your way to a good old-fashioned sock hop.

Twist and Shout the night away as you and your friends sing about summer love and get your hand jive on! For kids, we have adorable little leather jackets that will have your Mini-Fonzi giving his thumbs up whether being worn in a school play or strutting along the trick-or-treat route. Your little girl is the very picture of throwback fashion in one of our poodle skirts or pink dresses which have become synonymous with this trend-setting decade. Check out our selection of 1950s accessories to find all the pompadour wigs, black-rimmed glasses and pocket protectors you'll ever need. Get your 1950s costume today and turn your Halloween into a time-traveling adventure!

Grease Costumes

Go Grease Lightning! With its iconic 1950s style and unforgettable songs, Grease has stood the test of time as one of the most beloved musicals in history. Celebrate this cinematic classic with Costume SuperCenter's selection of Grease costumes! Do the Hand Jive as Danny Zuko or as a beauty School Dropout, just as long as Grease is the word!

Kid's Decades Costumes

History repeats itself right before your eyes when you put your child in one of Costume SuperCenter's adorably accurate and comfortable kid’s decade costumes! With all the poodle skirts, accessories and themed costume pieces you could ever need, your kid will be set up with an eye-catching, memorable costume for any decade you choose. Start turning back time today when you shop our entire selection of kid's decade Halloween costumes and accessories!

Adult Deluxe Elvis Costume
Wise men say that only fools rush in, but you can't help falling in love with this authentic getup. Channel the king in this Adult Elvis Costume. You'll be shaking your hips from side to side and making everyone swoon at the sight of your dance moves. You have everything you could ever need to start your journey to Elvis superstardom! Signature white jumpsuit with sequin applique throughout the chest and belt. It also comes with a beautiful red scarf that the king would be proud to don. You have the basics of living that rock and roll dream, but don't forget to add a few accessories to really become the king. A slick pair of shades, an authentic Elvis wig, and a microphone are all things you'll need to step on stage and wow the crowd! Harken back to a simpler times where the king ruled and you were his loyal subject! Live out the dream in this Adult Elvis Costume.
Deluxe Child Elvis
Boogie to the groove and rock out with the Deluxe Child Elvis size Small. Your little rocker will become the king of rock and roll with Elvis' signature suit. They can kick up their feet and dance to the music of this historical figure as they become one of the best musicians of all time.
Greaser Child
Ayyy! You know that catchphrase from a time when rock and roll music was a new sound, girls wore circle skirts, and the cars were a lot bigger. Those years are long gone, but you can relive your childhood and living vicariously through your own kid by dressing him up in the Greaser Child costume. During the 1950's, the guys were way cooler and wore something like our awesome black slacks with a glossy black faux leather jacket with gold zipper and accents and a far out pair of wayfarers also in black. Throw all of this over a white t shirt, grease up your hair, and roll down your bobby socks for a classic 1950's look that will make people think your little man came out of an episode of Happy Days wearing this Greaser Child costume.
Child Elvis Wig
The King would definitely approve of this Child Elvis Wig! The wig features classic black Elvis hair that is gelled to the side. Prominent side burns are present as well. This goes great with any Elvis costume that your child could possibly dress in, so make sure you buy it today.
Elvis Costume for Child
Turn your kid into the Disco King himself this Halloween when you pick up our Elvis Costume for Child. With your purchase, you will receive a super fun Elvis jumpsuit, a matching belt, and a red scarf. Your little one will be dancing through town this Halloween while trick-or-treating as the one and only Elvis Presley! Buy your costume today, and then scan our site for the rest of your Elvis themed gear and accessories.
50's Prom Dress Costume for Women
While everyone is dressing up as their favorite character, ghost, or as princess, you can now turn back time with the 50's Prom Dress Costume for Women. This dress is sure to make you stand out and everyone will love your adorable look. People will wonder where you got your old school fashion sense from. This dress is beautifully designed for style and comfort. The outfit will be sure to show off your curves in all the right places, but still give you that casual look. What?s great about this piece is that you don?t need to store it away in the closet after Halloween, you can wear this dress all year long. This outfit can be worn for a dinner party, work event, or even a 50?s themed play. Put this dress to good use because it?s perfect for lots of different special occasions. You will be transformed into a sophisticated and stylish 50?s character!
Elvis Glasses
Uh-huh! Have everyone calling you King when you put on a pair of Elvis Glasses! These aviators have thin golden frames and black, opaque lenses. You can use them for cop, 70s, and movie star costumes as well!
Red Sweetheart 50's Costume
In the 1950's, long skirts with sewn on symbols like poodles and records were the big fashion trend for women, much like girls today love their patterned rompers, their tight jeans, and their denim shorts. While our preference for skirt length has certainly evolved over the years, these sewn on symbol skirts are still a big hit! This Halloween, become a beautiful 1950's girl yourself when you buy the Red Sweetheart 50's Costume. With your purchase, you'll receive everything you need to show off your love for the culture of the 50's and celebrate yourself as a beautiful young woman in red. The 1950's decade was also the time of cool cars, leather jackets, white T shirts, and bad cigarette habits. Just think of Grease, the T-Birds, and the Pink Ladies! The 50's were certainly a cool time to live. Pick up your Red Sweetheart 50's Costume today, and this Halloween, have a magical 50's night!
Adult Elvis Costume
We're all shook up to bring you this shiny new getup. Live on as the king in this Adult Deluxe Elvis Costume. You'll be shaking your hips from side to side and making everyone swoon at the sight of your dance moves. You have everything you could ever need to start your journey to Elvis superstardom! Signature white jumpsuit with sequin applique throughout the chest and belt. It also comes with a beautiful red scarf that the king would be proud to don. You have the basics of living that rock and roll dream, but don't forget to add a few accessories to really become the king. A slick pair of shades, an authentic Elvis wig, and a microphone are all things you'll need to step on stage and wow the crowd! Careful you don't party too hard or you'll do the jailhouse rock! Be the hit of your party in this Adult Deluxe Elvis Costume..
Adult Grand Heritage Elvis Costume
You will be doing the boogie all night long this Halloween when you put on the Adult Grand Heritage Elvis Costume - Large. Shimmy your way into the party wearing this sleek and stylish Elvish costume, and you'll have everyone dancing and moving their hips by the end of the night. Complete with a white jumpsuit, a ceremonial trim belt, and a scarf, you can't go wrong with this special get-up. Buy your Elvis costume today!
Child Saddle Shoes
A wonderful way to enhance your daughter's 50's costume is to pair it with the Child Saddle Shoes. These black and white shoes will look incredible with a poodle skirt and matching socks. She will be the sweetheart of the sockhop wearing these saddle shoes with her outfit.
Car Hop Girl Child Costume
You have the burger, the fries, the cream soda...oh no! What about the milkshake? Be the cutest waitress anyone has seen when you put on this Car Hop Girls Kids Costume! The black polyester top has short sleeves and a patch that reads, Junior's Diner. The white lapels and cuffs match your bright white apron, the black ruffle running along the edge adding a cute flair. The A-line skirt is sewn from blue satin that will shine as you're skating out to talk with your customers. A small blue cap comes with the set, its string of sequins matching that on the cuffs and apron. Pop it on to finish your Car Hop Girls Kids Costume and you're sure to have a great shift! Wear it with black shoes, bobby socks, and 50s jewelry (sold here) to look like you stepped out of America's past.
Elvis Deluxe Wig
Your Elvis Presley costume needs some flawless hair if you want to be convincing, so buy the Elvis Deluxe Wig! The wig is composed of black hair that is slick and shiny. The large sideburns featured on each side of the head finishes off this look.
50s Pink Rhinestone Glasses
Audrey Hepburn would approve. Wear our 50s Pink Rhinestone Glasses with your poodle skirt and its thick pink frames will make you cuter than any bobby soxer! Rhinestones dot the winged tips. Also great for Marilyn Monroe and Greaser costumes.
Baby/Toddler Rock Stars Elvis Costume
Aren't you the littlest hunk of burning' love! Wear an Infant Toddler Elvis Romper Costume and sing the night away. Each fullbody jumpsuit is cut from soft white fleece. The bell sleeves and pant legs will make you look good on the front page of Rolling Stones. A faux red undershirt is sewn into the V-cut top, matching the panels in the long pants. Red, blue, and gold dots outline wings on the chest and American eagles on the belt so you can show off your American spirit. Look nice and professional with the standing collar and the press won't be able to get enough of you! The suit closes at the back and is large enough to wear thin layers beneath. When the whole world knows your name, you have to live up to it. Suit up in your Infant Toddler Elvis Romper Costume and impress your fans! Have your mom and dad dress up in their own Elvis costumes (sold here) and turn it into a family business.
Adult Plus Pink Poodle Skirt Costume
Well, you can rock it you can roll it, you can stop and you can stroll it at the hop. And you can do it all while wearing the Adult plus Pink Poodle Skirt Costume. This knee-length skirt can be ordered in 1X or 2X sizes. Showcased on front is a black poodle applique with 3-D pink collar bow and shiny silver leash that runs from the waist to the poodle. A poodle skirt it basically a circle skirt - that is a circular piece of fabric with a hole cut in the middle for the waist - accented with a decorative applique. Many designs were placed on the skirt, including holiday themed appliques, but the most popular was, and still is, the poodle. Shirt and scarf do not come with the costume, but we have 50's-themed tops and scarves available to order.
Mens Vintage Hollywood Tuxedo Adult Costume
Classic and chic, the tuxedo is the ultimate choice for stylish menswear. In this Men's Vintage Hollywood Tuxedo Adult Costume, you'll be ready to walk down the red carpet with a silver screen starlet on your arm! Perfect for capturing the glamour of old Hollywood or for dressing up as James Bond, this ensemble includes a jacket, pants, and a shirt front with an attached bow tie. The crisp white shirt front features small black buttons, and the tuxedo jacket is designed with white cuffs peeking out of the sleeves to match. The jacket is designed with long tails in the back, and the black pants feature sleek satin ribbon accents trimming the length of each leg. Accessories like a cane, top hat, and shoes are sold separately to give you extra dapper style. If you're stylish and charming and looking for a costume to match, this Men's Vintage Hollywood Tuxedo Adult Costume can't be beat!
Adult Elvis Cape
This extravagant cape is fit for a king. The King of Rock and Roll, that is! This white cape has a high collar and has a large gold, red, and blue printed design of an eagle on the back in the shape of jewels and rhinestones. Add this piece onto our Adult Deluxe Elvis Costume and your look will be a hit!
Poodle Socks
Enhance your Fifties costume with the addition of Adult Poodle Socks. These tiny white socks feature a cute poodle design. Pair with a poodle skirt and top for the perfect costume for your decades party.
50's Girl Kids Costume
Your daughter will be looking like a star this Halloween when you pick up our 50's Girl Kids Costume! With your purchase, you will receive a stunning pink dress featuring a light pink poodle on the skirt, as well as a matching pink jacket adorned with silver trim, and a pretty black belt. Buy your 50's Girl costume today, and then scan our site for the rest of your fashionable costume gear and accessories!
Sweetheart 50's Costume
This Halloween, bring back the 50's when you put on the Sweetheart 50's Costume! In the 1950's the biggest fashion trend for girls were these long draping skirts with leashed poodles sewn onto them. Almost anyone with a sewing machine could sew these cute poodles onto their skirts, and instantly turn their skirt into a big hit! This Halloween, you're going to look absolutely beautiful while wearing this amazing 50's get-up. With your purchase, you'll receive everything you need to feel and look like you belong in the culture of the 50's. Sure, the skirts have shortened a bit since then, but the poodle style has definitely stayed the same. I suppose poodle skirts are comparable to our obsession with rompers and tight jeans these days! Either way, poodle skirts are a beautiful style, even for today. Pick up yours today, and this Halloween, show the world the doggy beauty of the 50's!
Formalities-Tux for Men
Have you seen the well-to-do, up and down Park Avenue? You can be just like them when you put on the Formalities-Tux for Men. There are many costume ideas for this jacket, pants and tie set, including Fred Astaire, James Bond, a restaurant matre d and a bridegroom. What will you be?
Bad Sandy Grease Wig
"Tell me about it, stud." As Sandy from Grease, you can be good and bad this Halloween. At the end of the movie, Sandy turns into a bad girl! Copy her iconic cat suit look when you pair it with the Bad Sandy Grease Wig. It's sure to be the "one that you want," so don't be a "Sandra Dee" - order this wig today!
1950s Wig w/detachable Headband Blonde Adult
Big hair was a staple of the decade, so get this 1950s Blonde Wig with Detachable Headband to capture that! The beehive-styled wig is just above shoulder length, where the ends curl and flip up. You'll be turning heads in this piece!
Men's Black Greaser Wig
The 1950's are making a comeback but do you have the perfect hairdo? This Men's Black Greaser Wig will transform you into an iconic rock star like Elvis or Danny Zuko from Grease! It features synthetic hair that you can style any way you want. From the Fonz to Johnny Angel, the Men's Black Greaser Wig will have you rockin' and rollin'!
Womens Sexy 50S Nerd Girl Costume
50s Milkman Adult Costume
Make your rounds with a smile while wearing the 50s Milkman Adult Costume. Youll give everyone a welcome blast from the past in this nostalgic white look. Featuring a shirt and bottom, this product features little black flourishes designed to break up the milky white look such as a logo, bowtie and belt flourish. It even comes with a milkmans cap for the perfect topper to this elegantly simple Halloween look. Pick up some milk bottle accessories for even extra fun.
Plus Adult Poodle Skirt Complete Outfit Costume
Ready to stun the world with your class and beauty this Halloween? Then look no further than our Plus Adult Poodle Skirt Complete Outfit Costume! Walk into the party donning this gorgeous get-up and you'll feel just like a Parisian princess. Complete with everything you need to show off your love for France and the City of Lights and Love, you can't go wrong with this one. Buy your costume today, and then scan our site for the rest of your Parisian costume and accessory needs!
Grease Mens T-Birds Jacket
Grease up your hair, get in your cool car, and set out with the guys to your next party! Dress in style to impress others at your next party, as you show off your bad boy side. The 1950s may be long gone, but that don't mean that you can't bring back a little bit of something from that era. With a jacket such as this, you're guaranteed to be the coolest cat on the block! The only thing you'll need however, is to try and go through the same events like in Grease! Want to live a little? Have a car race to see who the best one is, and win in style!
Elvis Glasses with Sideburns
You'll be ready to meet Nixon in the White House when you complete your King of Rock and Roll costume with these Elvis Glasses with Sideburns! These stunning thick rimmed aviator shades feature bushy black sideburns to help you capture the King's iconic 1970s look.