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Decades 50's

The 1950's were defined by the birth of Rock N Roll. While parents tried to hang on to the proper and respectful days of their upbringing, teenagers were discovering something wild and new. Rock music, leather jackets and fast cars made the guys cool and the girls swoon. Mom and Dad may have been like Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver but the kids wanted to be like Elvis and James Dean. There's nothing like a 50s costume to bring out the rebel!

50s Costume Ideas and Tips

Go back to those Happy Days of poodle skirts, leather jackets and soda jerks with our really swell selection of 1950s costumes for all ages! With classic styles and endless charm, these retro outfits and accessory pieces are a perfect way to celebrate the culture of this bold and bright-eyed era of Americana. Our adult options will have you feeling like you are dressed and on your way to a good old-fashioned sock hop.

Twist and Shout the night away as you and your friends sing about summer love and get your hand jive on! For kids, we have adorable little leather jackets that will have your Mini-Fonzi giving his thumbs up whether being worn in a school play or strutting along the trick-or-treat route. Your little girl is the very picture of throwback fashion in one of our poodle skirts or pink dresses which have become synonymous with this trend-setting decade. Check out our selection of 1950s accessories to find all the pompadour wigs, black-rimmed glasses and pocket protectors you'll ever need. Get your 1950s costume today and turn your Halloween into a time-traveling adventure!

Grease Costumes

Go Grease Lightning! With its iconic 1950s style and unforgettable songs, Grease has stood the test of time as one of the most beloved musicals in history. Celebrate this cinematic classic with Costume SuperCenter's selection of Grease costumes! Do the Hand Jive as Danny Zuko or as a beauty School Dropout, just as long as Grease is the word!

Kid's Decades Costumes

History repeats itself right before your eyes when you put your child in one of Costume SuperCenter's adorably accurate and comfortable kid’s decade costumes! With all the poodle skirts, accessories and themed costume pieces you could ever need, your kid will be set up with an eye-catching, memorable costume for any decade you choose. Start turning back time today when you shop our entire selection of kid's decade Halloween costumes and accessories!