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Dog Costumes

Okay, you're in love with your dog or dogs and everything you do they're going to join in also, so when Halloween rolls around and you put on your disguise you have to put on the dog's as well and with one from our extensive array of Pet Costumes and Accessories. These adorable little outfits will make any dog lover happy.Looking to dress up as a puppy dog or a kitty cat for Halloween? Check out our cat costumes and dog costumes for humans.

Dog & Cat Costume Ideas and Tips

Anyone who said Halloween is only about humans being able to find that perfect costume to ‘wow’ their friends has clearly never had a pet. Calling all fur moms and dads, your little, fluffy pup is going to need to look just as stylish and awesome as you do for the big day! We have an array of goodies that your dogs will love to wear on this ghoulish night of the year. So, if you are ready to go out trick-or-treating as one big, happy family, then read on! Learn about all that we have when it comes to dog Halloween costumes that you will surely swoon over.

Popular Pet Costume Categories

No matter if your pup loves watching your favorite DC Comics movies with you, or if they just love regular things that doggies love, we have what you need that will fit their personality perfectly. Check out our awesome superhero and villains costumes, where they can dress up as the canine version of Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent . Or, maybe your female is looking for something a little more girly—no worries! They will look absolutely adorable in our Wonder Woman ensemble. Perhaps you want to show the rest of the dogs in the neighborhood that your little fur baby is not one to mess with. No problem! They can rock our Joker costume and give everyone a little fright. Maybe these themes are not your style, and you want them dressed up as something a little more Halloween-ish. There is not anything that we don't have when it comes to your pup.

Licensed Costumes for Pets

You might be wondering what the benefits are for purchasing a licensed product rather than an unlicensed one. For starters, all of ours are popular names like DC Comics and Disney. The quality of these items will not only be perfect for your dog, but can also be used more than once without looking worn out. Maybe you want to allow them to rock this Batman costume every day during their morning walk. Great! With items like this, you are totally able to do so. There is nothing wrong with treating your little pet like a human. You would want your little son or daughter to look and feel awesome on Halloween, wouldn’t you? Of course, you would! Same goes for your fur baby.

Buying Tips and Ideas

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to finding dog Halloween costumes, then no need to worry—we have got you covered in that department. There are a few tricks that you need to keep in mind when looking for that perfect ensemble. One is finding out your dog’s size. This typically depends on how big your dog is, and how much they weigh. The size can also depend on if they have big ears or clipped ears—even if they have a long tail or a short nub. Your local pet store will have all that you are going to need in order to find the right size for your pup before you go putting everything you think is adorable in your cart. Veterinarians can help also, of course. Another aspect is the decision of if you are looking for an item that is a full ensemble, something a little cheaper, or maybe something that will match with the rest of the family or one that will match with the rest of your pets? Once you have that figured out, then your decision will get much easier.

Pet Sale Costumes

Sometimes, it’s also better to just go straight to the clearance rack and get all the best items that you find for your pet this Halloween. It’s not that different than when you’re shopping for yourself. The cheaper, the cutest, and of course, the better. You can find high-quality items on any clearance rack, and that says the same for your fur baby. Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? Or, if you’re creative you can do a DIY project and make your own costume. This is perfect for our stay-at-home fur moms, or those who just can’t find that perfect item on the racks.

Accessories for Pets

Looking for that perfect accessory to use as your pet’s costume this year is way easier than finding one that is considered “deluxe” that comes with a ton of different pieces. Girl pups are just fine with a pink tutu or a doggie crown. Boy dogs are fine with capes or just some onesie that makes them look like your favorite superhero. In addition, it’s way easier on your wallet. Some costumes can go for a lot of money—almost as much as your costume for Halloween. So, if that’s something that you’re interested in, go for it and get just an accessory. Trick-or-treating will still be just as fun, and they will still get a lot of attention. It’s a win-win!

Group Pet Costumes

Having multiple dogs at once can be a busy and messy task. Well, Halloween just got easier for you when it comes to looking for a costume for 2018 that will have them match. It’s the best when you can find that one costume that is perfect for all your pets, and we have everything you need when it comes to that department. It’s fun dressing up your dogs as it is, but even better when you just need to find one costume that you will be dressing all of them in. It not only saves time in decision making, but it makes sure that your pups will get equal treatment on Halloween because they will all look awesome and stylish.

Family Pet Costumes

Are you and your kids dressing up as superheroes this year? Maybe you are all going for the creepy theme and dressing up as ghosts? Well, if that’s the case, you can’t forget about your dogs! Dressing your pups up to match your style for Halloween is so much fun because now you all can strut your stuff down the sidewalk in unison and look like the one big happy family that you are. There is nothing better than seeing your pup smile with excitement when they look just like you for once on Halloween. It’s going to be great!