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Dog Costumes

Okay, you're in love with your dog or dogs and everything you do they're going to join in also, so when Halloween rolls around and you put on your disguise you have to put on the dog's as well and with one from our extensive array of Pet Costumes and Accessories. These adorable little outfits will make any dog lover happy.Looking to dress up as a puppy dog or a kitty cat for Halloween? Check out our cat costumes and dog costumes for humans.

Dog & Cat Costume Ideas and Tips

Anyone who said Halloween is only about humans being able to find that perfect costume to ‘wow’ their friends has clearly never had a pet. Calling all fur moms and dads, your little, fluffy pup is going to need to look just as stylish and awesome as you do for the big day! We have an array of goodies that your dogs will love to wear on this ghoulish night of the year. So, if you are ready to go out trick-or-treating as one big, happy family, then read on! Learn about all that we have when it comes to dog Halloween costumes that you will surely swoon over.

Popular Pet Costume Categories

No matter if your pup loves watching your favorite DC Comics movies with you, or if they just love regular things that doggies love, we have what you need that will fit their personality perfectly. Check out our awesome superhero and villains costumes, where they can dress up as the canine version of Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent . Or, maybe your female is looking for something a little more girly—no worries! They will look absolutely adorable in our Wonder Woman ensemble. Perhaps you want to show the rest of the dogs in the neighborhood that your little fur baby is not one to mess with. No problem! They can rock our Joker costume and give everyone a little fright. Maybe these themes are not your style, and you want them dressed up as something a little more Halloween-ish. There is not anything that we don't have when it comes to your pup.

Licensed Costumes for Pets

You might be wondering what the benefits are for purchasing a licensed product rather than an unlicensed one. For starters, all of ours are popular names like DC Comics and Disney. The quality of these items will not only be perfect for your dog, but can also be used more than once without looking worn out. Maybe you want to allow them to rock this Batman costume every day during their morning walk. Great! With items like this, you are totally able to do so. There is nothing wrong with treating your little pet like a human. You would want your little son or daughter to look and feel awesome on Halloween, wouldn’t you? Of course, you would! Same goes for your fur baby.

Buying Tips and Ideas

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to finding dog Halloween costumes, then no need to worry—we have got you covered in that department. There are a few tricks that you need to keep in mind when looking for that perfect ensemble. One is finding out your dog’s size. This typically depends on how big your dog is, and how much they weigh. The size can also depend on if they have big ears or clipped ears—even if they have a long tail or a short nub. Your local pet store will have all that you are going to need in order to find the right size for your pup before you go putting everything you think is adorable in your cart. Veterinarians can help also, of course. Another aspect is the decision of if you are looking for an item that is a full ensemble, something a little cheaper, or maybe something that will match with the rest of the family or one that will match with the rest of your pets? Once you have that figured out, then your decision will get much easier.

Pet Sale Costumes

Sometimes, it’s also better to just go straight to the clearance rack and get all the best items that you find for your pet this Halloween. It’s not that different than when you’re shopping for yourself. The cheaper, the cutest, and of course, the better. You can find high-quality items on any clearance rack, and that says the same for your fur baby. Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? Or, if you’re creative you can do a DIY project and make your own costume. This is perfect for our stay-at-home fur moms, or those who just can’t find that perfect item on the racks.

Accessories for Pets

Looking for that perfect accessory to use as your pet’s costume this year is way easier than finding one that is considered “deluxe” that comes with a ton of different pieces. Girl pups are just fine with a pink tutu or a doggie crown. Boy dogs are fine with capes or just some onesie that makes them look like your favorite superhero. In addition, it’s way easier on your wallet. Some costumes can go for a lot of money—almost as much as your costume for Halloween. So, if that’s something that you’re interested in, go for it and get just an accessory. Trick-or-treating will still be just as fun, and they will still get a lot of attention. It’s a win-win!

Group Pet Costumes

Having multiple dogs at once can be a busy and messy task. Well, Halloween just got easier for you when it comes to looking for a costume for 2018 that will have them match. It’s the best when you can find that one costume that is perfect for all your pets, and we have everything you need when it comes to that department. It’s fun dressing up your dogs as it is, but even better when you just need to find one costume that you will be dressing all of them in. It not only saves time in decision making, but it makes sure that your pups will get equal treatment on Halloween because they will all look awesome and stylish.

Family Pet Costumes

Are you and your kids dressing up as superheroes this year? Maybe you are all going for the creepy theme and dressing up as ghosts? Well, if that’s the case, you can’t forget about your dogs! Dressing your pups up to match your style for Halloween is so much fun because now you all can strut your stuff down the sidewalk in unison and look like the one big happy family that you are. There is nothing better than seeing your pup smile with excitement when they look just like you for once on Halloween. It’s going to be great!

Adult Paw Patrol Skye Costume
Whether you're heading to a costume party or dressing up with your kids, you're going to have the time of your life when you are wearing our Adult Paw Patrol Skye Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become the only canine who knows how to soar and fly through the sky with ease. Featuring a fun and flashy pink Skye jumpsuit along with an attached hood, you are going to be barking and wagging your tail with glee with this one.
Baby/Toddler Paw Patrol Chase Costume
Chase the German Shepherd is a natural leader, born and bred. Take care of the town in this Boys Toddler Paw Patrol Chase Child Costume. The complete costume includes a soft brown, long sleeved jumpsuit with an attached tail and shiny blue vest printed with pockets and a silver zipper, and a yellow starred police badge on the end of it. A blue backpack to match the vest is also included with the same star badge. A headpiece is also included featuring a policeman's cap with tall brown ears poking out from the sides. Have a sibling dress as Marshall the fire pup for a great matching costume! Have a safe time trick or treating this Halloween, just look out for cats and feathers- Chase is allergic!
Pinkie Poodle Girl's Costume
Dogs may have started off as mankind's best friend, but your daughter will give the rest of us a run for our money with this Pinkie Poodle Girl's Costume. The body of the outfit is a bright pink color and made of cuddly soft material, while the hood is topped off with big, floppy ears. There are also wristlets and anklets to complete the look. Add a little black face paint to the nose and voila, you're done!
Kids Paw Patrol Skye Costume
Embody the strongest female in the pack with this PAW patrol Skye costume. Includes dress, headband, arm warmers and backpack. This is an officially licensed PAW patrol costume.
Baby/Toddler Paw Patrol Rubble Costume
If you are looking for the perfect licensed costumes and accessories for Halloween we've got them all right here. The Paw Patrol Rubble Costume for Kids is a great licensed item that includes a Jumpsuit, Headpiece And Pup Pack. Get this item and all of the coordinating options that go with it for a low price right here.
Baby/Toddler Paw Patrol Skye Costume
Skye is a spunky Cockapoo who loves to take flight, whether it's in her helicopter or with her own wings from her pup pack. The Girls Toddler Paw Patrol Skye Child Costume includes a pretty pink dress that flares out at the skirt and is layered with shining tulle. Matching short sheer sleeves puff out from the attached pink vest. A matching Paw Patrol backpack is included with gray wings attached that can be stretched and slipped onto the hands like gloves to make it appear like you're flying! A headpiece is also included featuring a pink pair of pilot's goggles with brown Cockapoo ears hanging from the sides. Pick up the Super Value Family Makeup Kit to make up your face with a cute little puppy nose and to paint the faces of everyone else dressed up in the family!
Adult Comfywear Blues Clues Blue Costume
You'll be solving all kinds of mysteries this year when you get all dressed up with our Adult Comfywear Blues Clues Blue Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become a fun and lively canine detective who knows their way around a clue or two. Featuring a blue cozy jumpsuit that will have you looking and feeling just like Blue, you'll have the time of your life donning this special dog suit this year.
Adult Chase Paw Patrol Jumpsuit Costume
Dressing up with your child for Halloween this year? Then don't miss out on our Adult Chase Paw Patrol Jumpsuit Costume! Chase is the German Shepherd police dog and traffic cop on the show, and he's certainly a fun pup to be. With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to look the part so you and your child can roam through town in style. Be sure to bark and ruff all day long, and pick up your costume today!
Paw Patrol: Marshall Classic Costume for Toddlers
What's cuter than puppies if not toddlers? The cute mesh of toddlers dressed as adorable puppies will be a fun sight this Halloween for your little one's first (or second) Halloween! Get your little ones the Paw Patrol: Marshall Classic Costume for Toddlers! Try it out this year and get it online today with fast shipping!
Paw Patrol Marshall Deluxe Kids Costume
The Paws Patrol needs your help this Halloween! Lend them a hand with the Paws Patrol Marshall Deluxe Kids Costume, an officially licensed outfit based on everyone's favorite Dalmatian, Marshall. The bright red tunic makes it look like you're actually riding in a rescue vehicle and the hat with dog ears makes it look like you're actually Marshall! It is made from Polyester and Polyurethane Foam. You won't let the Paw Patrol down when you're wearing this slick costume.
Baby/Toddler Paw Patrol Marshall Costume
Woof woof! Ring ring! This little spotted pup is ready to save the day. In this Boys Toddler Paw Patrol Marshall Child Costume you've got two costumes in one as the fire department's ferocious yet cute mascot Dalmatian. This adorable costume includes a white and black spotted jumpsuit with a red vest with printed pockets and silver zipper. The vest is topped with a yellow collar and a badge printed with a flame. A red and gray backpack featuring the same flame badge to match the vest is also included. A headpiece is included featuring a red fireman's helmet branded with a Paw Patrol badge on the front with long doggy ears hanging from the sides. Pick up the Super Value Family Makeup Kit from our online store to complete the look with some puppy face paint!
French Bulldog Mascot Costume for Adult
You'll be barking up a storm at the Halloween party this year when you put on our French Bulldog Mascot Costume for Adult! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to become a fun and furry dog who is ready to party. Featuring a beige and black jumpsuit with a matching French bulldog headpiece with an attached collar, you're going to love this doggy look. Buy yours today, and go make this Halloween your best barkin' night yet!
Baby/Toddler Paw Patrol Skye Costume
Make your baby part of the Paw Patrol when you take her out in our Paw Patrol Skye Infant Costume! This adorable pink jumpsuit will make your baby look like one of the puppy police officers on her favorite show. Whether she's a diehard fan of Paw Patrol since day one or her siblings have just introduced her to it, she'll feel like one of the squad in this Skye costume no matter where the fun takes your family.
Baby/Toddler Paw Patrol Everest Costume
If your little girl wants to help protect Adventure Bay, help her out with this Paw Patrol Everest Toddler Costume. As the newest pup to join the patrol, this little husky puppy is in charge of all things ice and snow, including clearing snow off of roads during emergencies and using her grappling hook to get from place to place. Now your daughter can be as cool as Everest in this costume, which includes a blue dress, hat, and backpack. The short sleeved dress features a sparkly blue skirt and blue top with yellow accents designed to look like Everest's vest. The sleeves are made from a dark purple sheer material, and a fluffy white collar ties it all together. The hat is trimmed with a white fluffy material and features Everest's husky ears, on the back of the blue and yellow backpack is Everest's special PAW Patrol symbol. With all these things together, your little girl will be ready to save the day!
Adult Marshall Paw Patrol Jumpsuit Costume
Dress up with your child for Halloween this year when you pick up our Adult Marshall Paw Patrol Jumpsuit Costume! Marshall is the Dalmatian firedog of the team, and he's certainly a heroic canine with lots of courage and bravery. With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to match your kid while trick-or-treating this year. Make this Halloween a Paw Patrol celebration, and buy your Marshall costume today!
Baby/Toddler Paw Patrol Marshall Costume
You can bring your baby along to the costume party when you dress him up in our Paw Patrol Marshall Infant Costume! This tiny Paw Patrol jumpsuit is going to make him feel like he's going out to play with the big kids, especially if he has siblings that are also dressing up as the Paw Patrol. He'll be so comfy in this costume that he'll want to wear it to sleep that night, too!
Baby/Toddler Paw Patrol Chase Costume
We can make your little one feel as awesome as ever and it will be all because of this Paw Patrol Chase 3D Toddler Tunic and Hat. Watch them strut their stuff in this item that witness everyone wonder where they bought such an awesome ensemble. There really is nothing better than that. Are we right?
Paw Patrol Dog Kids Make-Up Set
You can send your whole litter out on Halloween when you finish up their costumes with our Paw Patrol Dog Kids Make-Up Set! The colors in this make-up set are perfect for all the Paw Patrol characters, so all you need to do is check out the signature looks of each of them and combine these make-up colors accordingly. Youll find thats easy to do with the applicators that come with this handy set of Paw Patrol make-up!
Paw Patrol Sea Patrol Boy's Marshall Costume
If your son is a fan of Paw Patrol then this Paw Patrol Sea Patrol Boy's Marshall Costume is a perfect addition to his wardrobe. The bright red jumpsuit is accented with pale blue highlights and comes with a deep sea helmet perfect for ocean exploration. The backpack is an added bonus aimed at making sure his underwater maneuverability is top notch. Whether you're using it for Halloween fun, a Paw Patrol themed birthday party, or a playdate with likeminded friends, he and our Paw Patrol Sea Patrol Boy's Marshall Costume will get along swimmingly.
Baby/Toddler Blue Clues Blue Costume
If you have a toddler or infant who loves to follow along as their favorite dog solves mysteries, you can make them the detective with a Blue's Clues and You: Blue Infant Costume! Your toddler will love the soft feel of the Blue jumpsuit and headpiece, so they'll be able to focus on the clues they're following, and not on a scratchy or tight costume. Whether they're out for a birthday or just playing around the house, they'll feel right at home in their new coat of fur!
Scooby Doo Pet Costume
Kids Paw Patrol Chase Hat
If your child dreams of patrolling the streets and saving civilians like Chase from Paw Patrol, then you bet they're going to love wearing the Kids Paw Patrol Chase Hat this year. With this one, you will receive just the police cap your tyke needs to become a true town hero. Featuring a blue police cap just like Chase himself wears, your little one will be teaming up with Marshall, Skye, and Everest in no time!
Scooby Doo Costume For Adults - Female
Scooby Doo, where are you? You've got some work to do now. The assignment? Picking up the Scooby Doo Costume For Adults - Female. This is a feminine take on a classic costume will have you joining up with Velma, Fred, Shaggy, and Daphne to solve the latest mystery in the Mystery Machine. This classic character has been around for a long time so do him justice with this costume that won't go out of style.
Dotty the Dalmatian Mascot Costume
It can be ruff trying to find the perfect mascot outfit, but we can help. The Dotty the Dalmatian Mascot Costume includes a white jumpsuit with black spots, attached black mitts, headpiece and spotted shoe covers. The headpiece covers the entire head and features black floppy ears, eyes, nose, open mouth with tongue and, of course, black spots. The eyes have see-through openings. There are 101 reasons to wear this versatile outfit. Cheer on your team during your school's sporting event or entertain children at a birthday party. Wear this to a Halloween party. Browse through our entire animal garb selections for adults and children and buy matching outfits for your entire family. A full body costume can get hot so you should also purchase a Kold collar or vest to keep you cool.
Dudley the Dalmatian Costume for Toddlers
You have spotted the perfect Halloween costume when your little one is wearing this Dudley the Dalmatian Costume for Toddlers! This jumpsuit style costume shows off their love of dogs with a high-quality representation of that adorable daily heroic black and white dog that is never far from a fire station! Great for absolutely any costumed occasion year-round! Comfortable enough for everyday play time! Make this the start of an amazing family costuming theme when everyone dresses as their favorite dog! Check out all of our costumes and accessories!
Baby/Toddler Paw Patrol Skye Costume
Embody the strongest female in the pack with this PAW patrol Skye costume. Includes dress, headband, arm warmers and backpack. This is an officially licensed PAW patrol costume.
Big Dog Unisex Costume for Adults
Lets give a shout out to mans best friend. The Big Dog Costume for Adults is a playful choice for canine lovers everywhere. It features a black jumpsuit with a tail attached and coordinating shoes covers and headpiece. Put it on and go out for a walk. And be a good boy.
Baby/Toddler Blue Clues Magenta Costume
Any girl who loves Blue's Clues can join in the fun with her own personal style, in our Blue's Clues & You Magenta Infant Costume! In a soft coat of pink fur, your little one can bring her flair for fashion to the mysteries she solves with Blue. With a team like Blue and Magenta on the case, your daughter's sure to crack the case on her big dress-up day! Perfect for themed birthday parties or play pretend!
Baby/Toddler Paw Patrol Skye Costume
If your little one is in love with Paw Patrol, then she is going to jump for joy over this Paw Patrol Skye 3D Toddler Tunic and Hat. The 3D tunic will make sure feel like she can save the day while she goes out on patrol. She'll be the coolest kid in town, and it will be all because of you. Go trick-or-treating with her and witness the compliments she'll receive in this item. Even after Halloween, she'll have fun dressing up as Skye in this costume as she watches the show on TV.
Blue's Clues Girls Blue Tutu Dress
Your daughter doesn't have to dress up in a full doggy detective costume to make her next special event into a celebration of her favorite show, Blue's Clues! Our Blue's Clues Girls Blue Tutu Dress is just what your daughter needs for a more casual hang with her friends. Whether they're looking for clues or just watching their favorite kid's show, they're going to feel like they have their favorite character right there with them.