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Dorothy Costumes

The famous blue gingham dress and glitter red ruby slippers can only represent Dorothy costume from the Wizard of Oz. In 1939 her home was swept away in a tornado and she quickly realized she wasn't in Kansas anymore when her house landed on the Wicked Witch of the East in a crazy land called Oz. In an effort to find her way home, Dorothy set out on an adventure down the Yellow Brick Road where she met many characters along the way. Buy a Dorothy dress costume today!

Wizard of Oz: Five Facts [Infographic]

We're off to see the Wizard! You may have seen a little movie called The Wizard of Oz before, but how much do you really know about the all-time classic? Test your knowledge and maybe learn a thing or two with this Wizard of Oz Five Facts infographic from Costume SuperCenter's blog! There's things to be learned and yellow brick roads to travel down, so hurry along and avoid the Wicked Witch!

Gingham Basket
Open the book of fairy tales and witches and you'll find the classic "Little Red Riding Hood." If you're familiar with the story, the little girl carries treats for her grandmother with a basket. Keep the spirit of the story alive with this Gingham Basket. Accessories like this one are sure to tie it all together!
The Wizard of Oz Toto In Basket Deluxe
Don't leave Toto in Kansas when you go to see the wonderful Wizard of Oz this Halloween! This deluxe Toto in a Basket prop features a plush dog poking its head out of a woven basket and is a must have for any journey along the Yellow Brick Road.
Baby/Toddler Wizard Of Oz Dorothy Costume
Even over seventy-five years after its release, 'The Wizard of Oz' is still beloved by children of all ages. The Dorothy Toddler Costume lets any little girl bring the fantastical world of L. Frank Baum to life.Wearing Judy Garland's blue and white dress, your daughter will be set to follow the Yellow Brick Road. Take Toto along for a grand adventure. Order the Dorothy Toddler Costume online from Costume SuperCenter today!
Girls Dorothy Costume
Wake up in Oz in this season with our awesome Dorothy costume for girls! Put on the iconic gingham blue and white dress and don't forget Toto this year as you head out into the land so very far away. Featuring our exquisitely detailed dress and those classic ruby slippers lifted right out of the classic film as well as several hair ties to recreate the full look of Dorothy Gale, your girls won't be able to resist walking down the Yellow Brick Road this season. Whether they're defeating the Wicked Witch or just going on adventures with their own Scarecrows, Tin Men, or Cowardly Lions, you can be sure your girls Halloween will be full of adventure this year! Click your heels together and wish for this amazing costume this year and then go get your very own!
Dorothy Adult Plus Costume
You won't need to fly over the rainbow to have the Halloween of your dreams when you wear the Dorothy Adult Plus costume! The outfit features a blue and white checkered dress with thick spaghetti straps that are secured to the bodice with white buttons. The flared skirt contains white lace on the hem. Under the dress is a white peasant-style short sleeve top featuring puffy sleeves and a blue and white checkered neckline. You will have so much fun at your Halloween party in this outfit; there's no way that you will be tapping your shoes together to go home! No Dorothy outfit would be complete without her signature ruby red slippers and her adorable companion Toto, so make sure to purchase those items from our website separately in order to finish your look.
Adult Red Mary Janes Shoes
Wizard Of Oz Dorothy Adult
When the tornado drops the house back to the ground there's a big BOOM! You wake up and look out the window to see things weren't the same as they were earlier that day. You definitely know what Dorothy meant when she said we're not in Kansas anymore and look down to see you've gone through a transformation similar to hers now that you're wearing the Wizard of Oz Dorothy Adult costume. Included in this ensemble is Dorothy's infamous blue and white checkered dress with white blouse matching trim. And you certainly can't leave out the big matching bow to wear on top of your head. All that's missing is a pair of red ruby slippers that you'll have to talk to a certain wicked witch about to find out more. Meet up with a few colorful friends and go on a magical adventure while still looking cute in this Wizard of Oz Dorothy Adult costume.
The Wizard of Oz Shoe Covers, Adult
Every Dorothy costume needs those classic ruby slippers, but if you don't want to buy a whole new pair of shoes, try out these Wizard of Oz Red Sequin Adult Shoe Covers! The covers are red with red sequins all over. A red bow is featured by your toes. These can fit over your shoes, so you can look stylish while wearing your most comfortable sneakers this Halloween!
Red Sequin Shoe Covers - Child Accessory
Your little Dorothy can skip off down the Yellow Brick Road on Halloween when she has these Red Sequin Shoe Covers - Child Accessory to give her that cinematic finishing touch! These shoe covers make it easy for her to wear her favorite sneakers on Halloween while still getting the iconic accessory that the Wizard of Oz made famous. No blisters for her when she gets home, because these ruby slippers are going to feel like her bedtime slippers!
Girls' Wizard of Oz Dorothy Costume
Click your heels and travel to the magical world of Oz with a fun costume you'll love dressing up in, our Girls' Wizard of Oz Dorothy Costume. This children's costume depicts Dorothy, the main character in both the story and film adaptation of The Wizard of Oz. This costume shows Dorothy's iconic appearance in a simple blue and white dress. The costume dress features short, puffed sleeves, an apron style dress, and a hair piece. The overall top bib and skirt match in light blue and white gingham checks and white buttons detail on the straps. The light blue hair ribbons add a cute accent to the costume for a nice finishing touch. Your child will have such a fun night dressed up as the adventurous and kind Dorothy! Don't forget to check out our props section for Toto in a Basket props! Order your Deluxe Dorothy Child now!
Kids Dorothy (Red Sequin) Shoes
These Dorothy shoes are certainly somewhere over the rainbow. The Dorothy (Red Sequin) Child Shoes are perfect for your little girl. Whether your want something for dress up or a special add on to your Dorothy costume, these shoes are for you. The bright red sequins shine as your little girl dances and plays. These will be her new favorite shoes. Order the Dorothy red shoes for Halloween.
Dorothy Kids Costume
Head to Oz with your child this Halloween when you pick up our Dorothy Kids Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your little girl into the most beautiful little Dorothy in town. Complete with a gorgeous blue checkered dress adorned with white lace, red bows, and red trim, as well as two matching red hair ribbons, your daughter is going to love this costume. Buy yours today, and then team up with the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Lion for your best Halloween yet!
Red Sequin Shoes Adult
Get those feet sparkling with these ruby red shoes. Featuring sequins from heel to toe.
Dorothy (Red Sequin) Child Shoes
After you're done trick or treating, you can just tap your heels together three times and go home when you wear the Red Sequin Shoes Child! These sparkling red shoes feature small high heels. These are perfect for your Wizard of Oz themed Dorothy costume.
The Wizard of Oz Dorothy Teen Costume
Hey girls, get ready to follow the yellow brick road all the way to Halloween party fun in this Dorothy Teen costume! The Dorothy Teen Costume includes a authentic blue and white checkered dress with attached suspenders. The Dorothy Teen Costume is a costume that you and your daughter can both agree on. It's cute enough to gain her the compliments of all of her friends but modest enough that you'll feel safer sending her out. Accessorize with our Adult Red Sequin Shoes and Toto in a Basket Costume accesory, found elsewhere on this site, to give her everything she needs to make a night of it. Maybe she'll let you steal a picture or two before she goes on to dance the night away. Don't wait for the Dorothy Teen Costume to go out of stock, just get one of your very own today!
Red Glitter Star Flat Adult Shoes
Get awesome bling this Halloween in these Red Glitter Star Flat Adult Shoes! Being flat, your shoes will ensure you experience the most comfort this Halloween! You'll get all glammed up when you strut your stuff in these brilliant red, glittery shoes! Pair the shoes with your best Halloween dress for loads of appeal! Express your glamorous side this Halloween in these Red Glitter Star Flat Adult Shoes!
Adult Red Baby Doll Shoes
Dorothy Wig Child
You can't follow the yellow brick road this Halloween until you put on the Dorothy Wig Child! The wig features dark brown hair in two braided pigtails on the side of the head. The pigtails are secured on the bottom with two light blue bows.
Dorothy Wizard of Oz Wig
You'll be cuter than Toto himself when you put on a Dorothy Wizard of Oz Wig! The tightly woven pigtails are a shining auburn color and have blue satin bows to bind them. The ends are curled into corkscrews. A must-have for your Dorothy costume and cute for school girl get-ups.
Baby/Toddler Wizard Of Oz Dorothy Costume
If you've already gotten your baby hooked on the Wizard of Oz, you can bring her out as Dorothy in our The Wizard of Oz Infant Dorothy Costume! Everyone at your Halloween party will love seeing your daughter in this blue and white checked dress, especially if she has a Toto stuffed animal to carry around with her!
Dorothy Pet Costume
No adaptation of The Wizard of Oz featured a Dorothy who was quite this adorable! The Dorothy Pet Costume will ensure that your little buddy is the cutest dog walking around the Emerald City this Halloween. Included in the ensemble are a blue and white gingham patterned dress to emulate Dorothy's classic look as well as two sparkling ruby slippers for your dog's front paws and a pigtail wig complete with matching bows. The yellow brick road will give your pup the opportunity to lead you to all of the houses in the Emerald City that have the best candy on Halloween this year! This costume is perfect if you're planning to have a Wizard of Oz theme for your looks this year with your family or friends.
Girls Wizard of Oz Dorothy Sequin Costume
Your daughter will be ready to see the wonderful Wizard of Oz when she wears this Dorothy sequin costume on Halloween! Follow the Yellow Brick Road while trick or treating and make some new friends along the way. This costume includes Dorothy's blue and white dress decorated with hundreds of sequins for a fun sparkling effect! It also includes matching blue hair bows just like the ones Dorothy wears. Make sure you check our accessories section for all sorts of great additions like a basket with Toto or a pair of ruby slippers. If you have a dog, your daughter is sure to love bringing him or her along with a matching Dorothy dog costume! If not, get some of her friends to dress up as the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion so they can set off to see the Wizard together!
The Wizard of Oz - Ruby Child Slippers
Travel down the Yellow Brick Road wearing the right shoes. The Child Deluxe Dorothy Wizard of Oz Ruby Red Glitter Shoes feature a glitter design with bow tie accent. Pair your Dorothy costume with these shoes to complete the look.
Red Ballet Slipper with Glitter Child
Every Dorothy costume needs ruby red sequin slippers! The Red Ballet Slipper with Glitter Child is a ballet style flat in a stunning bright red. The entire shoe is covered in glittering and sparkling red sequins and feature a ribbon bow at the toe.
Women's Red Patent Mary Jane Heeled Shoes
Women's The Wizard of Oz Dorothy Costume - Kansas Edition
You'll be walking down the yellow brick road in style this year when you get all dolled up in our Women's The Wizard of Oz Dorothy Costume - Kansas Edition. Whether you're getting swept up in a tornado with your dog or just frolicking in the fields on the way to Emerald City, you'll be looking and feeling special as can be when you're wearing the look of your favorite little Oz adventurer. One thing is certain, when you're wearing this precious wear, you certainly won't be in Kansas anymore. With this fun set, you will receive everything you need to become the only girl in Oz who can take down the Wicked Witch of the West with ease. Featuring a brown and white gingham dress complete with adorable buttons and white short sleeves, along with a matching set of bows for your hair to complete the look, you'll be merrily adventuring alongside your ragtag group of friends this year when wearing this one. Whether you're running away from winged monkeys or confronting the Wizard of Oz himself, you'll be feeling like a true star as Dorothy with this costume. This costume is complete on its own, though if you're looking for ways to spruce it up, a Toto in a basket accessory and a pig tails wig is sure to bring this wear to the next level. And don't forget Dorothy's bright red sparkling shoes! With that much glitz and glam on your feet, you'll have everybody looking to become your friend this year. And speaking of friends, a surefire way to guarantee your night is an unforgettable one is to spend it alongside the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow as part of a Wizard of Oz costume theme. For a Wizard of Oz time like no other, you're going to love this Dorothy look.
Pocket Princess The Wizard of Oz Dorothy Girls Costume
Make your girl look as cute as a doll this year with a costume that will have her singing about the Yellow Brick Road all day long. This is your chance to evoke a true Hollywood classic when your little girl is dressed in the lovely Pocket Princess The Wizard of Oz Dorothy Girls Costume. This costume offers a cute modern spin on the traditional Dorothy Gale dress by blowing out the skirt and giving it a distinctly more flowing appearance. It also comes in the classic color scheme. For those who like to make sure every little detail is perfect be sure to pick a cute red Dorothy wig, and picnic basket for even more detail! This makes for an excellent costume on its own of course, but match this up with their friends also dressed in Wizard of Oz garb for an ensemble look that's a great callback to the movie.
Baby/Toddler Wizard Of Oz Dorothy Costume
Ease on down the road this Halloween with the cutest little Dorothy on the block. This Wizard of Oz Newe Born Dorothy Costume can help. It emulates the lost Kansas native by recreating Dorothy's signature blue and white checkered dress but it's the adorable red headband that really shines. Add a pair of glittery booties and you're all set to trick-or-treat down the yellow brick road.
Wizard Of Oz - Dorothy Ruby Slippers - Adult Costume Accessory
Click your heels together three times and you'll be transported to your perfect cosplay experience ? with the help of this magical Wizard Of Oz - Dorothy Ruby Slippers - Adult Costume Accessory. Pair with an officially licensed Wizard Of Oz Dorothy costume or create your own DIY cosplay experience.
Secret Wishes Adult Dorothy Ruby Slippers