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Adult Red and Green Elf Shoes
Complete your Christmas ensemble by adding the Adult Green Elf Shoes. The pointed toes and colorful bell attachments make this the perfect accessory for your elf costume. The shoes are green and red to match the traditional holiday colors. You will be all set to help Santa deliver presents to all the children.
Adult Red Elf Shoes
Complete your head to toe elf costume with this pair of adult red elf shoes! Made of high-quality, durable and comfortable polyester you have The Lovable soft-looking shoes with curly toes that elves have become famous for! Perfect for Christmas but also work as gnome shoes for Halloween! Add a elf hat to your costume to have an undeniably recognizable costume that everybody will love! Shop our full selection of Christmas costumes and accessories for the entire family and avoid the crowded stores when you order your adult red elf shoes online now!
Adult Red and Green Elf Hat with Bells
Complete your traditional Christmas elf costume with this adult red and green elf hat with bells! This cute and adorable polyester hat gives you the instant identity of one of Santa's Little Helpers and can be worn as part of a complete costume or just to put a little holiday cheer into any existing outfit! Features bells to really let you ring in the Christmas season! Add a toy tool belt to really make your elf look productive! Find even more great ideas when you look through our full selection of holiday costumes and accessories for the entire family! Order your adult red and green elf hat with bells on line now for a terrific price and fast shipping!
Adult Red and Green Elf Tights
Complete your Christmas elf costume with this adorable pair of adult red and green Elf tights! Look stylish and comfortable walking around Santa's workshop in these tights that are made to match the traditional and standard elf costume, and we'll add a fun and festive touch to your outfit! Made of high-quality nylon! Add a toy tool belt to your elf costume to have him ready to make all the toys! Shop our full selection of holiday costumes and accessories! Order your adult red and green Elf tights online today and beat the Christmas rush!
Womens Red and Green Striped Tights
Go for a sleigh ride in the snow wearing our Women's Red and Green Striped Tights. This item comes as full-length tights starting from the waist and covering everything below. They are patterned with red and green stripes to show off that spirit. It's a great item to give yourself that holiday-look you can show off to everyone. Look at more items to see what else you can use for a new ensemble.
Red and Green Elf Tights Plus Size Adult
Help out the Big Man after you pull on a pair of Red and Green Elf Tights for Plus Size Adults! Our opaque stockings have closed toes to keep them from riding up. One leg is bright red and the other green. Great for any elf or jester costume.
Adult Deluxe Green Elf Shoes
Transform into Santa's little helper for the holiday by putting on a pair of Adult Green Elf Shoes. The shoes feature pointed curls with bells on the tips. The bells jingle when you walk. Everyone will know that you are busy making toys when you are wearing the matching costume with the shoes.
Elf Ear Tips - Lord of the Rings
Often times there is only one little thing that separates different creatures and when you notice it you realize what that creature is right away, similar to little elves who look like short people, but their Pointy Elf Ears let people know that these little guys are special.
Buddy Wig
If you're dressing as Buddy the Elf for a fun Halloween or Christmas look, make sure you purchase the Buddy Wig to complete your look. The wig features curly brown hair so you can look just like this lovable movie character.
Adult Blue Elf Hat W/Beard
Adult Red Elf Shoes
Be Santa's greatest helper this year with the Adult Red Elf Shoes! The shoes are red and stretchy, so one size fits most adults. These are a great way to complete your elf costume this Christmas or Halloween, so make sure you buy yours today.
Adult Green Elf Shoes
The Adult Green Elf shoes are the best way to complete your elf costume this Halloween or Christmas! The shoes are green and curl upwards at the toe for that classic elf look. These shoes are a stylish and comfortable way to help out Santa this year.
Women's Green Microfiber Holiday Boot with 3-inch Heel
The Women's Green Microfiber Holiday Boots with 3-inch Heel are so merry! You will spread lots of holiday cheer when your wear this elfish footwear. The short boots feature a thin 3-inch heel, an upturned toe just like an elf's shoes and a decorative fabric with a zig zag cut at the ankle.
Adult Red and Green Striped Socks
Have a festively fun time in these Adult Red and Green Striped Socks. They come as a pair of knee high socks patterned with alternating stripes to match the traditional colors of Christmas. They will help create a wonderful ensemble to wear while having fun during the holidays. Browse through more of our clothing items to see what other items match your design.
Elf Adult Shoes
If youre helping out Santa to deliver presents this year, you might need these curly-toed Elf Adult Shoes to keep your grip on slippery rooftops! Youre sure to be extra productive in your toy workshop when you have these shoes keeping you stylish and supporting your arches. Santas sure to point out your style to the other elves when he sees how smart you look in these Elf Adult Shoes, so you might want to wear them everywhere this holiday season!
Green Elf Wig
Looking to bring the North Pole to the haunted house this Halloween season? You sure can with this Green Elf Wig! This polyester Green Elf Wig looks just like the hair of the assistants who help in Santa's workshop have. Of course, this Green Elf Wig isn't solely resorted to Santa's helpers! This Green Elf Wig is for any elf who wants to show their curls and latest elven trends. If you're looking to make Halloween your biggest fantasy, you can't go wrong with this Green Elf Wig.
Elf Pointed Ears
Have the forest come to life when you finish your outfit with these Pointed Elf Ears. These chic and life-like ears are the only way to finish you elfish design. A shade of green that compliments most garbs and will make it pop to make you noticeable.