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The Flash

The Flash (aka Barry Allen) is fast. Really, really fast. He's the fastest man alive. This Halloween, you can be, too! With this wide selection of Flash costumes, there's a chance you'll find the perfect speed suit to link you to the Speed Force and get yourself ready for Halloween! With shipping that's reliable and as fast as the Flash himself, you'll get it right on time. Looking for a kids Flash costume for your little boy or girl? There's plenty of choices here, too! No matter your age, one of these outfits will essentially transform you into Barry Allen himself! Get your Flash costume for Halloween today, before they're gone in the blink of an eye!

The Flash Costume Ideas and Tips

With his unique fighting style, lightning-fast speed, and even quicker wit, The Flash has sped into the hearts of comic book fans all over the world. Everyone loves the “Fastest Man Alive” even if they don’t agree on which Flash happens to be the best Flash. Whether you prefer Barry Allen or Wally West. Whether you like Ezra Miller’s Justice League version or Grant Gustin’s performance on The CW’s The Flash live-action series. There’s a version of the Scarlet Speedster out there for everyone … and, thankfully, there’s a costume ensemble to match! Go vintage with a costume based on the original Flash from the comic books, or you can opt for the updated, modern DCU Justice League look. Or add a sultry, sexy spin on the classic Flash costume with one of our flirty and feminine Flash costumes from skirted dress versions to romper-style vixen ensembles for women.

Assemble your own Justice League and host an epic DCU-themed viewing party you and your friends will never forget. No matter what your Halloween or cosplay needs are, we’ve got you covered with our collection of The Flash Costumes for comic book fans of all ages. So, order your favorite Scarlet Speedster ensemble online today.

The Flash Costume Accessories

The first step to becoming a cool superhero is to find yourself the perfect supersuit. But why stop there? Masks, gloves, weapons, and accessories will only take your suit from good to great. Go above and beyond with the help of our collection of Flash Costume Accessories. With our The Flash masks, gloves, shirts, and more you can DIY your own superhero ensemble, perfect for a lowkey cosplay costume or DCU viewing party. Or you can add the perfect finishing touch to your The Flash Halloween Costume. Assemble your The Flash ensemble and shop for The Flash Costume Accessories online now.

DC Group Costume Ideas

Assemble your very own Justice League with the help of our DC Costumes. Create a group theme that brings out the hero in you and your friends. For the ultimate DC Group Costume, check out our Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman ensembles … and don’t forget everyone’s favorite Scarlet Speedster, The Flash! We have both men's and women’s versions of many of DC’s iconic superhero costumes … along with children, baby, and even pet costumes! No matter who’s in your superhero team, we’ve got the costume for them. Our DC collection also includes loads of accessories to choose from so you can accentuate your group ensemble or DIY the perfect superhero disguise. Whether you and your friends are hitting the town on Halloween night, if you’re hosting a DCU viewing party, or strutting your stuff at your local cosplay convention, there’s a DCU hero costume for everyone in your posse. Shop for DC Group Costumes and assemble your very own Justice League today.

The Flash Quotable Infographic

To inhabit the spirit of the Scarlet Speedster, you’ll need to have a wit that’s just as fast as your legs. Not sure how to throw out cheeky one-liners with ease? No worries. Our exclusive The Flash Quotable Infographic will help you learn some of the most recognizable, funny, or emotional quotes from The Flash’s long run as a lovable, crime-fighting hero, so you can quip with the very best of them. Our exclusive quotable poster features lines from the DCU’s Justice League and The CW’s The Flash live-action TV series, along with quotes from the animated films and comic books. So, no matter which version of the Scarlet Speedster you choose to be, you can bone up on The Flash’s most memorable moments to better recreate his geeky and sarcastic demeanor. Run, Barry, run … and check out our free The Flash Quotable Infographic online now.

Men's Flash

Love superheroes but don’t feel like smashing your way through a fight? That’s OK. All you need to do is push them and run away real fast! That’s what The Flash would do, anyway. If you like superheroes but prefer your good guys to be just a little offbeat, our collection of The Flash costumes for men is the right choice for your Halloween or cosplay needs. We’ve got costumes, accessories, masks, and more, so you can become an integral member of your very own Justice League. Order your Flash costume online now.

Women's Flash

Who says women can’t get in on the Scarlet Speedster fun? Our wide collection of The Flash costumes for women offers a variety of designs for your every mood. Feeling sassy? Try a feminine version of the classic Flash costume with a flirty skirt. Feeling sultry? Maybe the Sexy Speedster leotard is for you. Or check out the TV-style catsuit for a classic ensemble that totally means business. You could even grab a bunch of your best girlfriends and create a Flash group ensemble by mixing and matching these iconic outfits. Shop for The Flash costumes for women for Halloween or cosplay online today.

Kid's Flash

Is there any better way to pass the days of childhood than by creating imaginary adventures and saving the day while playing Superheroes and Villains? If your child is a huge comic book fan, you can give them the ability to become their favorite hero day after day. Our collection of The Flash costumes and accessories for kids are great choices for Halloween or cosplay, but the fun doesn’t need to end there. Add some of these iconic items to your child’s playroom and watch their imagination come alive.

Baby Flash Jumpers

Give your baby a jumpstart on their future as an epic superhero with the help of our Baby Flash Jumpers. These iconic jumpers recreate The Flash’s instantly recognizable scarlet suit, right down to the infamous lightning logo. But these soft jumpers are also warm and cozy, to make sure your baby is happy and comfortable all night long. Pick one up and get your little one all geared up for Halloween or cosplay or use these jumpers for geeky playtime fun. Order Baby Flash Jumpers for infants online today.

Kid's Justice League Flash Deluxe Muscle Chest Costume
Speed over to grab the Kid's Justice League Flash Deluxe Muscle Chest Costume. He is the fastest man alive and has appeared in many comics, cartoons, shows, and even films. Kids can now become as quick as this superhero! Orders come as a red jumpsuit featuring built-in muscle padding and attached yellow boot tops with a matching lightning bolt belt. The red headpiece completes the look with attached bolt features on the sides. Don't waste time thinking how cool this Flash costume would be for your child. Order it now along with a couple other DC Characters for a great group look!
Boys Deluxe Justice League Flash Costume
Speed up a little bit, take on the big baddies in speedy fashion. Your kid loves watching the Flash run around like the speed of light. We've got everything that your little guy needs to run back and forth at the speed of sound with our Boy's Deluxe Flash Costume. Officially licensed by DC comics, so you know that we've captured the essence of speed and crime fighting. It'll be a blast for your kid to wear this bold muscle jumpsuit that is etched to perfection. Molded after the flash himself, it'll be the role that your kid has been looking for the entire time. It comes with a pair of 3D gauntlets, boot toppers, and of course his signature mask. Your kid will have the aura of his favorite hero when he wears this Boy's Deluxe Flash Costume.
Adult Womens The Flash Bodysuit Costume
You'll get to the party in a flash this Halloween when you put on the Adult Womens The Flash Bodysuit Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to become the sexiest speedster around. Complete with a gorgeous red jumpsuit adorned with yellow trim, a matching belt, and a lightning bolt headband, you're going to absolutely love this one. Buy yours today, and go take down all the villains this Halloween!
Adult Deluxe The Flash Costume
Move around at lightning speed in the Justice League Flash Deluxe Men's Costume. The Flash has been a popular superhero for decades with various appearances in comic books, television shows, and films. He has taken down Captain Boomerang in Suicide Squad but now turns his attention to the entire world. Flash is a member of the Justice League and teams up with other heroes to help eliminate an army of aliens. This particular outfit is modeled after the suit worn in the Justice League movie. It has all the same markings and color patterns to match. This Flash costume is quick to assemble and comfortable to wear while racing all over the place. Take a look at more flashy superhero accessories to include as part of the order.
Flash Costume for Adults
Prove to the world that you?re the fastest man alive with a costume that?s ripped straight from DC comics. The officially licensed Flash Costume for Adults is just what you need to look faster than light while zipping around the neighborhood this Halloween. Whether you?re a fan of Flash from the comics, or his recent appearances on film and television, you?ll feel ready for the spotlight in this officially licensed DC outfit. Transform yourself into the hero of Central City with a costume that?s good enough to pass inspection from the most ardent of enthusiasts. The one-piece red and yellow jumpsuit is an authentic recreation of the Flash?s actual costume and comes with a mask for hiding your secret identity. This costume is perfect for solo adventures and goes well alongside fellow DC fans, making it a surefire hit at costume parties, and comic book conventions.
Kids Justice League Movie - Flash Gloves-
Endow yourself with the lightning fast speeds of The Flash with the gloves of the superhero! Flash Gloves for children are an affordable alternative to the Justice League member's jumpsuit; remember The Flash is naturally capable of performing tasks in rapid speed without a suit. Beyond running, The Flash can make lightning fast decisions, rapidly heal and travel through time. Wearing the Flash gloves will give the wearer the sense of true speed. Others will easily identify this hero thanks to the red and yellow colors and fingerless design. Pair these gloves with the mask of the Flash for a simple Halloween costume this year!
Flash Mens Costume
Flash is the quickest superhero in the universe. Imagine being able to run around the entire Earth and end up in the same spot in under 10 seconds? Well, now you don't have to. When you put on the Flash Men's Costume, you will instantly gain all of Flash's super lightning speed! Okay... maybe you won't. But at least you'll LOOK like the guy who can do it, and that's more than enough fun to have on Halloween! With your purchase of this costume, you'll receive everything you need to become the true master of speed from the DC Comics universe. Did you know that the Flash often races Superman to see who is the fastest? Spoiler alert... it usually ends in a tie. Flash is so fast he can actually travel in time. If only we all could do that. Team up with some of your other superhero friends this Halloween, and make it a Marvel and DC theme! There's nothing more fun than a superhero bash on Halloween. Pick up your Flash Men's Costume today, and make this Halloween a super heroic one!
The Flash Child
Lots of kids try out for the track team and only a few of them turn out to be really fast. Your kid is one of the fastest guys on the track and takes his inspiration from his favorite superhero, the Flash. Whenever he gets ready for a meet, he always envisions himself bolting through the course in no time wearing out The Flash Child costume. Being the fastest man in the world allows your little man to wear this bright red jumpsuit with lightning bolt details and graphics with Flash's lightning bolt emblem on the front the sun-yellow boot tops match the lightning strikes that are attached to the included headpiece worn over a red face mask. Your little man doesn't hardly have any competition in the races right now as it is, but once he's suited up in this The Flash Child costume, he'll be totally out of sight.
DC Comics Flash Costume
Start off by saving just one life dressed as the Fastest Man Alive. Zipping straight out of the hit comic book blockbuster Justice League is an officially licensed costume to help you look just like this scarlet speedster. The DC Justice League Flash Costume features a film accurate jumpsuit with armor texturing and attached shoe covers than when paired with the included mask will leave you feeling ready to fight for the planet this Halloween.
Baby/Toddler Justice League Flash Tutu
Superspeed is your best friend with this costume! Introducing the Flash Tutu Toddler Costume. If your daughter thinks on her feet and completes all of her chores and assignments very quickly, this costume is great! Even if she is a fan of The Flash, this is even a more perfect costume because it allows her to combine her personal style with her interest in the superhero! Comic Con, any other cosplay event, or even Halloween, the possibilities with a costume such as this are quite endless. Show others that if they wish to tag along with her, they'll have to keep up, otherwise...they'll be left behind eating her dust! Costume comes with a dress, gauntlets, and eye mask.
Justice League Flash DC Comics Costume
All the way from Central City comes the Justice League Flash DC Comics Costume for all of your superhero needs this Halloween season. Dress up as the Fastest Man Alive this year with an officially licensed costume that?s straight out of a comic book. Featuring his iconic red and golden garb you?ll feel just like the Flash in this action packed outfit. It comes with a stylish red jumpsuit with muscle texturing and details accurate to the comics, like his lightning bolt belt and forearm bands, along with the unmistakable Flash chest emblem. This product also includes a character headpiece modeled after Barry Allen?s iconic helmet, with attached golden wingtips on either side of the mask. It?s perfect for concealing your secret identity and best of all, it looks cool! Stop the Rogues this Halloween with a costume that?ll really make people believe you can run faster than the speed of light.
Flash Costume for Men
Become the fastest guy in the world this Halloween when you buy the Flash Costume for Men! Who wouldn't want to have super-speed? Just imagine being able to finish all of your work, make dinner, and go to the gym, and still have time to sprint to Alaska, Italy, and Hawaii all within 24 hours! I mean, okay, maybe if you were Flash you'd use your powers a little differently, but why not travel across the world for free if you can? This Halloween, you're going to absolutely stun the world when you show up to the party wearing this Flash costume. Yeah, people might not see you for much of the night, considering you'll be zooming right by them and they won't even know it, but when you stop and chill for a second, they'll certainly appreciate your style. Whatever you do, just be sure to have all kinds of fun while donning this red and yellow get-up. Pick up your Flash Costume for Men today, and have a blast as the quickest guy alive!
Adult Justice League Sexy Flash Costume
There is only one superhero who has been dubbed the fastest man alive and he doesn't mind the accolades. The Flash may be faster than the man of steel, but he can't make guys fall to their knees faster than you can, and when you're dressed in this Adult Sexy the Flash Costume they really won't stand a chance. In a sexy speedster disguise you will wear an all red ensemble consisting of a flirty, form-fitting dress with a neck collar and the Flash's lightning bolt emblem patched on the front of the bodice. The sleek and seductive pair of tights goes down into the included boot tops that make your legs look super amazing and a pair of gloves with wing accents goes perfect with the eyemask you'll put on to become the sexiest Flash there ever was. The fellas will be trying their hardest to keep up with your light speed, but you'll always leave them lagging way behind in this Adult Sexy the Flash Costume.
Flash Overhead Mask - Vinyl TV
Zoom into this great deal. When you debut as Barry Allen, AKA the Flash, you will be too quick to handle. Fans of the CW Show will love the Flash Overhead Mask - Vinyl TV. Just like on the small screen, you can save the day in style. Combine with any of our Flash themed costumes for a complete look!
The Flash Mask
Quick! You have to get this great deal before it's gone. The Flash Mask is a DC licensed product that you can combine with any Flash costume pieces. When you put on this mask you will easily transform into a fast-talking, quick-moving hero! Try it on and see for yourself!
Adult Justice League Movie - Flash Gloves-
Make a statement this Halloween with the Flash gloves for adult. No need to wear a restrictive jumpsuit as the soon to be member of the Justice League is recognizable without it. Fingerless design enables you to use your smartphone or complete tasks without hassle. The wrist to elbow red sleeves show an intricate design complete with yellow thunder bolt accents. The Flash moves so quickly most may not notice your suit is missing when you move at full speed! For more options try browsing our catalog for Batman gauntlets that will also help you take on the League's newest adversary, Steppenwolf.
Toddler DC League of Super Pets Flash Costume
Your little one will be zooming around at lightning speed this year when you dress them up with our Toddler DC League of Super Pets Flash Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a speedy superhero who knows a thing or two about taking down villains. Featuring a muscle-padded red and yellow Flash jumpsuit with padded boot tops and a foam Flash headpiece, you're going to love this adorable yet heroic look.
Mens Deluxe Flash Costume
The Flash is sprinting back into popularity at unimaginable speeds thanks to the new television series, so make sure you have the Men's Deluxe Flash Costume at your disposable when Halloween comes around! Created in 2014, the new show centers around Barry Allen, who is an ordinary police investigator until a chemical accident provides him with superhuman agility. When you wear this ensemble, you'll look just like the hero does in the series by slipping into the included burgundy jumpsuit, which is complete with attached shoe covers, molded belt, and muscle chest that proudly displays the Flash's trademark lightning bolt logo in yellow. A matching mask, which shrouds the top half of your face, is the finishing touch that will complete your quick transformation for your Halloween get together or themed costume party.
Flash Costume Set for Toddlers
Your tiny tot will be the cutest little speed demon in town this year when you dress them up with our Flash Costume Set for Toddlers. With this adorable heroic set, you will receive everything your little guy or gal needs to cruise around at the speed of light and steal all the goodies and snacks you've been hiding from them. Featuring a fun red and yellow Flash jumpsuit with shoe covers and a matching mask, your tot is going to have the time of their life in this powerful wear.
Boys Justice League Flash Costume Deluxe
Discover the Speed Force as you wear this Children's Justice League Deluxe Flash Costume. The Flash has been a popular comic book character ever since the 1940?s. While there have been a few people to take on the role of the Scarlet Speedster, Barry Allen is the hero appearing in the film debut of the hero. You will receive a full suit with all the same coloring, details, and markings as it is seen on the big screen. It is comfortable and easy to wear so you can travel around the world in no time! It is the perfect costume to wear during parties, comic events, and superhero conventions. Just don?t go too fast or you will disrupt the space-time continuum and that definitely won?t go over too well.
The Flash Costume Top for Men
Zoom and zip your way to the party this Halloween when you put on our The Flash Costume Top for Men! With your purchase, you will receive a bright red costume top featuring the Flash's iconic yellow lightning symbol on the chest. If you are the Flash's biggest fan, then you definitely don't want to miss out on this fun shirt. Buy yours today, and then scan our site for a matching Flash mask!
The Flash TV Series - Flash - Adult Costume
Run, Barry, run. This iconic The Flash TV Series - Flash - Adult Costume will let you become your favorite Speedster for Halloween or cosplay. Package comes complete with jumpsuit, boot tops, and a handy mask to keep your secret identity out of the hands of those dastardly villains.
Baby/Toddler Justice League Flash Deluxe Costume
Race to be #1 this Halloween season as The Flash. But, with superspeed being your superpower, you won't even need to break a sweat because you'll always win! Complete your whole new look with the DC Comics The Flash Deluxe Infant Costume. Whether it's for Halloween, Comic Con, or a superhero costume party, this costume does your costume some justice and certainly brings you one step closer to looking like the real deal. No one is going to challenge you to a race, that's for sure! This costume comes with a jumpsuit, headpiece, and a belt. This is an officially licensed item.
Flash Pet Costume
Is your little one a fast puppy or kitty? The Flash Pet Costume comes with a great look for your feline or canine friend. It comes with a shirt and headpiece so they can zip around the block this Halloween. Make it a family occasion - grab your pet and include him in your superhero squad.
Full Adult Justice League Flash Mask
Bring some justice to the old red and yellow costume with this flashy accessory. The Full Adult Justice League Flash Mask you can complete your costume in no time, speeding past all those other boring costumes. Compete your next flash costume and start a Justice League team of your own this Halloween!
Mens Muscle Chest Flash Costume
The Man of Steel is not the only hero that's faster than a speeding bullet and in fact he's way out of his league when it comes to standing up against the speed of the Flash. You're tired of everyone always praising other superheroes as being the best super powered hero and want a shot at proving that there are other costumed crime fighters that are even better, so you decide to suit up in this Men's Muscle Chest Flash Costume. As the ultimate speed demon you will don a bright red, full body jumpsuit similar to the real Flash with lightning bolt emblem and accents all around and a pair of bright yellow boot tops that comes included with the matching red headpiece, like Flash's mask, featuring lightning bolts on each side that go well with the lightning bolt belt that also comes with this getup. Once people see how awesome you look in this Men's Muscle Chest Flash Costume they might have second thoughts on who their favorite superhero.