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The Flash

The Flash (aka Barry Allen) is fast. Really, really fast. He's the fastest man alive. This Halloween, you can be, too! With this wide selection of Flash costumes, there's a chance you'll find the perfect speed suit to link you to the Speed Force and get yourself ready for Halloween! With shipping that's reliable and as fast as the Flash himself, you'll get it right on time. Looking for a kids Flash costume for your little boy or girl? There's plenty of choices here, too! No matter your age, one of these outfits will essentially transform you into Barry Allen himself! Get your Flash costume for Halloween today, before they're gone in the blink of an eye!

The Flash Costume Ideas and Tips

With his unique fighting style, lightning-fast speed, and even quicker wit, The Flash has sped into the hearts of comic book fans all over the world. Everyone loves the “Fastest Man Alive” even if they don’t agree on which Flash happens to be the best Flash. Whether you prefer Barry Allen or Wally West. Whether you like Ezra Miller’s Justice League version or Grant Gustin’s performance on The CW’s The Flash live-action series. There’s a version of the Scarlet Speedster out there for everyone … and, thankfully, there’s a costume ensemble to match! Go vintage with a costume based on the original Flash from the comic books, or you can opt for the updated, modern DCU Justice League look. Or add a sultry, sexy spin on the classic Flash costume with one of our flirty and feminine Flash costumes from skirted dress versions to romper-style vixen ensembles for women.

Assemble your own Justice League and host an epic DCU-themed viewing party you and your friends will never forget. No matter what your Halloween or cosplay needs are, we’ve got you covered with our collection of The Flash Costumes for comic book fans of all ages. So, order your favorite Scarlet Speedster ensemble online today.

The Flash Costume Accessories

The first step to becoming a cool superhero is to find yourself the perfect supersuit. But why stop there? Masks, gloves, weapons, and accessories will only take your suit from good to great. Go above and beyond with the help of our collection of Flash Costume Accessories. With our The Flash masks, gloves, shirts, and more you can DIY your own superhero ensemble, perfect for a lowkey cosplay costume or DCU viewing party. Or you can add the perfect finishing touch to your The Flash Halloween Costume. Assemble your The Flash ensemble and shop for The Flash Costume Accessories online now.

DC Group Costume Ideas

Assemble your very own Justice League with the help of our DC Costumes. Create a group theme that brings out the hero in you and your friends. For the ultimate DC Group Costume, check out our Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman ensembles … and don’t forget everyone’s favorite Scarlet Speedster, The Flash! We have both men's and women’s versions of many of DC’s iconic superhero costumes … along with children, baby, and even pet costumes! No matter who’s in your superhero team, we’ve got the costume for them. Our DC collection also includes loads of accessories to choose from so you can accentuate your group ensemble or DIY the perfect superhero disguise. Whether you and your friends are hitting the town on Halloween night, if you’re hosting a DCU viewing party, or strutting your stuff at your local cosplay convention, there’s a DCU hero costume for everyone in your posse. Shop for DC Group Costumes and assemble your very own Justice League today.

The Flash Quotable Infographic

To inhabit the spirit of the Scarlet Speedster, you’ll need to have a wit that’s just as fast as your legs. Not sure how to throw out cheeky one-liners with ease? No worries. Our exclusive The Flash Quotable Infographic will help you learn some of the most recognizable, funny, or emotional quotes from The Flash’s long run as a lovable, crime-fighting hero, so you can quip with the very best of them. Our exclusive quotable poster features lines from the DCU’s Justice League and The CW’s The Flash live-action TV series, along with quotes from the animated films and comic books. So, no matter which version of the Scarlet Speedster you choose to be, you can bone up on The Flash’s most memorable moments to better recreate his geeky and sarcastic demeanor. Run, Barry, run … and check out our free The Flash Quotable Infographic online now.

Men's Flash

Love superheroes but don’t feel like smashing your way through a fight? That’s OK. All you need to do is push them and run away real fast! That’s what The Flash would do, anyway. If you like superheroes but prefer your good guys to be just a little offbeat, our collection of The Flash costumes for men is the right choice for your Halloween or cosplay needs. We’ve got costumes, accessories, masks, and more, so you can become an integral member of your very own Justice League. Order your Flash costume online now.

Women's Flash

Who says women can’t get in on the Scarlet Speedster fun? Our wide collection of The Flash costumes for women offers a variety of designs for your every mood. Feeling sassy? Try a feminine version of the classic Flash costume with a flirty skirt. Feeling sultry? Maybe the Sexy Speedster leotard is for you. Or check out the TV-style catsuit for a classic ensemble that totally means business. You could even grab a bunch of your best girlfriends and create a Flash group ensemble by mixing and matching these iconic outfits. Shop for The Flash costumes for women for Halloween or cosplay online today.

Kid's Flash

Is there any better way to pass the days of childhood than by creating imaginary adventures and saving the day while playing Superheroes and Villains? If your child is a huge comic book fan, you can give them the ability to become their favorite hero day after day. Our collection of The Flash costumes and accessories for kids are great choices for Halloween or cosplay, but the fun doesn’t need to end there. Add some of these iconic items to your child’s playroom and watch their imagination come alive.

Baby Flash Jumpers

Give your baby a jumpstart on their future as an epic superhero with the help of our Baby Flash Jumpers. These iconic jumpers recreate The Flash’s instantly recognizable scarlet suit, right down to the infamous lightning logo. But these soft jumpers are also warm and cozy, to make sure your baby is happy and comfortable all night long. Pick one up and get your little one all geared up for Halloween or cosplay or use these jumpers for geeky playtime fun. Order Baby Flash Jumpers for infants online today.