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Frankenstein Costumes

If you're looking for a classic scary Halloween costume this year, a Frankenstein costume may be perfect for you. This terrifying creature is the result of the reanimation of a corpse by mad scientist Dr. Victor Frankenstein. He is eight feet tall with green skin, bolts in his neck, and visible stitches where his skin was sewn together by his creator. Frankenstein's monster is one of the most famous figures in horror, and has seen many incarnations over the years. Costumes depicting this figure are always popular, along with other Gothic horror figures like Dracula and the wolfman.

Frankenstein Costume Ideas and Tips

Whether you want to be Frankenstein or Frankenstein’s monster, we’ve got you covered this Halloween! Check out our wide array of mad science-related Halloween costumes, and you can create the Frankenstein costume that’s perfect for you! We’ve got all the body parts for you to create your own monster—no graveyard visit required—or we’ve got the scrubs and crazy hair for you to step into your mad scientist persona.

Whatever aesthetic you’re going for, whether it’s classic black and white movies or modern CGI horror, we have all the costume pieces and accessories you need to make it a reality. You’re sure to feel alive this Halloween when you’re stepping out in one of these spine-tingling costumes from one of the most iconic horror stories ever! You can even get a couple of friends in on a group costume so you can have an Igor and a Bride of Frankenstein along with you on Halloween!