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5 Legends: Pirates [Infographic]

There's been many a myth and legend about the pirates of history. Many of them sailed the seven seas and performed deeds that would be remembered forever. But how many of those memories aren't true? Check out these Pirate Legends to learn what's fact and what's fiction!

Kid's Pirate Costumes

Looking for a costume for your son after getting one for your daughter? Check out the selection of Boys Pirate Costumes, and make sure everybody in your family matches perfectly. Bandanas, eye patches and parrots are great accessories for your little ones while they collect their candy treasure!

Women's Pirate Costumes

In Neverland, the girls don't grow up - Unfortunately, in real life, they do. Don't worry, though! When your little girl has outgrown her youth buccaneer style, Costume SuperCenter has got her covered with a variety of Women's Pirate Costumes.

Men's Pirate Costumes

Looking for the perfect daddy-daughter costume this Halloween? Pair your girl's style with a Men's Pirate Costume" and make a real splash in your neighborhood while trick-or-treating!

Girl's Scurvy Pirate Costume
Some girls want to be princesses for Halloween and that?s okay. Other girls want to be awesome for Halloween, and that?s even better! Our incredible Girls? Scurvy Pirate Costume offers the perfect blend of festive and fun that your kids will absolutely love. Gather a hearty crew together and prepare to set sail this season with our classic favorite! Featuring all the parts you?ll need to transform your little girl into a hardened sailor, they?ll fall in love with the detail and color of our celebration of the maritime tradition, the bad one of course. Pair up your little one with plenty of swords and prop guns as they fight to defend their hard earned treasure and explore the vast ocean in a never ending quest for treasure. Keep your car keys on hand this Halloween, your little pirates will need a trusty vessel after all! So prepare to be boarded this season with our Girls? Scurvy Pirate Costume and get ready for a season full of adventure and sword slinging enjoyment for the entire f
Uma Classic Costume for Girls
The world will know her name when you dress your child in the Uma Classic Costume for Girls. Modeled after the outfit worn by China Anne McClain in the Disney Descendants movies, the set includes a sea blue outfit and coordinating jacket. Wear it with the jacket on or off. Uma is the daughter of Ursula, the evil sea witch. When Mal left the Isle of the Lost, Uma took over as the leader of the popular kids.
Girls Buccaneer Costume
Princess of the Seas Costume
Transform your little girl into one of the most feared pirates to ever rig the mast as our Princess of the Seas Costume gives them all the powers of the coveted position as captain and royalty on the high seas! Your little pirate princess will have her hands full this year as they managed a ship full of rowdy crewmates and islands bursting with treasure. Watch as they scour the neighborhood in search of candy and treats and maybe even make a guest appearance at your next party or celebration; you never know where the winds will blow after all! Set up your fiery tempered princess with her cutlass and pistol as they voyage the neighborhood and the Caribbean in the never ending pursuit of all things treasure and candy! So sharpen your sword this season with our Princess of the Seas Costume that your little girl is sure to love. Send her and her crew on their journey for endless adventure with our outstanding costume!
Renegade - Pirate Girl Costume
Your little girl can show off her rebel spirit on Halloween when shes breaking all the rules in this Renegade - Pirate Girl Costume! Just send her out in this top and pants combo and shes going to be ready to find the Isla de Muerta or party all night on Tortuga. Shes sure to bring home a lot of booty this Halloween when shes collecting candy in this pirate costume, so be sure you have a treasure chest ready to store it all!
Buccaneer Girl Costume
Does your little girl like to fight just as much as any boy? Does she plan on getting just as rowdy on Halloween as anybody else? Don?t try to convince her to buy a princess costume?your little girl deserves to spend her Halloween on the high seas, so get her a costume that will encourage her sense of adventure! This Buccaneer Girl Costume will give your daughter a Halloween on the high seas, and show her how to hold her own in a sword duel. Our Girls Buccaneer Costume will let her step into the boots of some of history?s coolest women?try reading together about women pirates to show her how awesome the lady-criminals of history are! Your little girl might want to be Jack Sparrow at first, but she might find out she likes Anne Bonny much better. This buccaneer costume has a loose and comfortable fit while still being in line with the teen styles today, meaning she?ll look just as fashionable in this pirate outfit as she would at a homecoming dance! Everyone will love this original and
Pirate Girl Kids Costume
No storm will be too rough for your daughter this Halloween when you pick up our Pirate Girl Kids Costume! If you're looking for a fun and rugged scalliwag get-up for your little angel this year, then you can't go wrong with this one. Complete with a black dress with a red and black striped skirt, a matching waist sash, and a black head scarf, your daughter will be leading the ship in no time. Buy your pirate girls costume today, and then scan our site for matching pirate weapons and more!
Crimson Girls Pirate Costume
Who said only boys get to have fun out at sea? Pirates come in all shapes and sizes! Just look at Elizabeth Swann or Carina Smyth from all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. They did just fine out there on the open waters, sailing in big wooden ships with Jack Sparrow and the entire gang of sea raiders. This Halloween, become an adventurous and fiery pirate yourself when you put on the Crimson Girls Pirate Costume. This special pirate costume will have you feeling like a true adventurer in no time. Team up with your friends and go on all kinds of special quests and journeys. Commandeer ships, find and steal lost treasures on the beaches, and take down all of your enemies with swashbuckling swords and guns (toy ones, of course!). There's nothing you can't do as a pirate. It's a known fact around the world that pirates have the most fun! I mean, just think about it. They live on the water, they hang out at the beach all of the time with the bright sun upon their backs, they're alwa
Salty Taffy Kids Costume
Whether you're searching for golden treasures or chests of candy this Halloween, you definitely don't want to miss out on our Salty Taffy Kids Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your little one into the cutest scalliwag to ever head out to sea. She'll be enjoying the pirate life in no time while donning this amazing burgundy dress, scarf, and boot tops. Buy your pirate costume today, and then scan our site for a matching weapon, a wig, and some more great pirate accessories!
Lil' Pirate Cutie Toddler / Child Costume
Dress your little one as a reaving pillager out for candy and other sweets! In the Lil' Pirate Cutie Toddler / Child Costume your kid won't have to intimidate anyone on the open seas - people will gladly handover their loot! The dress has white puffed sleeves and a belt with a golden skull and crossbones. The headpiece is adorned with a golden trim and in red and black color. Order yours today!
Descendants Child Uma Dress Costume
With a dress that includes deep sea blue and treasure gold color details, the Descendants Child Uma Costume has made getting your girl dressed up as one of her favorite characters on television easier than ever. The Descendants television show has been one of the hottest additions to the Disney family of fun in recent years, and now your little one can dress up as the bad girl and pirate captain Uma without worry. Add accessories like a toy pirate sword for the ultimate look.
Pirate Costume For Girls
It's a pirate's life for you when you set sail on a fun pirate adventure. This Halloween, go classic with a Halloween costume idea that will never go out of style for girls and boys. The Pirate Costume For Girls is a great way to go on a journey so you don't have to walk the plank. This nice polyester costume is comfortable so you can wear it again and again!
Princess Of The Seas - Childrens Pirate Costume
Who says your trick-or-treater can't be swashbuckling and enchanting at the same time? These lovely Princess Of The Seas - Children's Pirate Costume puts a royal spin on a classic adventure costume. This white, satin shirt features a red vest with gold detailing and matching red tutu skirt. A black and gold vest and hat combo complete the look.
Scar Let Pirate
Don't let anybody tell you what candy you can and can't eat. Put on this Scar Let Pirate Costume and you'll be making your own rules! Each sleeveless black dress falls to the knee and has a giant, glittering skull and crossbones covering the hips. Its bright red eyes are in the shapes of hearts. The spooky underskirt is made of white mesh, giving the outfit a ghostly feel. Your black and white cap coordinates with the skull-covered waist sash. Shiny black book covers come with the package, letting you transform any pair of shoes into rough-and-tumble pirate gear! You get some candy for free on Halloween, but it's never enough for you. Put on this Scar Let Pirate Costume and go seize all the sweets you can grab! Add on a cutlass, eye patch, and silver jewelry, sold here.
Girls Pirate Costume
Your little angel will be commandeering ships in no time this Halloween when you pick up our Pirate Girl of the Caribbean Costume! If you're looking for a costume that is fun and stylish at once, then look no further than this one. Complete with a gorgeous pink and black dress, a pair of matching black with pink lace arm warmers, and a pink scarf, you can't go wrong with this one. Buy your pirate girl costume today, and then scan our site for a matching weapon to really complete the look!