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Glinda The Good Witch Costumes

Why be wicked, when you can be wonderful? Costume Super Center brings you the Glinda the Good Witch Costume allowing you and those you love to become the powerful bubble riding witch herself! These intricate and gorgeous Glinda costumes don't cost a trip to Oz either, in fact, with Costume Super Center's easy shipping and low prices, getting one is easier than clicking your heels together!

Glinda the Good Witch Costume Ideas and Tips

Whether you’re a fan of Wicked or the original Wizard of Oz books, you’re sure to look good in our Glinda the Good Witch costumes! Glinda is the witch of the North, and she makes sure the evil witches of the East and West don’t cause too much mischief in the land of Oz. You can step into her sparkly shoes when you order one of our Glinda costumes!

Check out the wide variety of styles and prices, so you can choose which interpretation of L. Frank Baum’s Glinda character you want to embody. You could start practicing your scales to be the Glinda of the musical Wicked, or you could buy a huge sparkly wand and poofy skirt to be the Glinda from your favorite childhood movie. When Dorothy drops by, she’ll know she can count on you when she sees you in one of our glittery pink Glinda costumes!