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Harley Quinn Costumes

Find your puddin' this Halloween with a Harley Quinn outfit from Costume SuperCenter! There's a new queen of Gotham, and this year, it's you! A wide selection of girls Harley Quinn costumes for kids and adults will get everyone psyched to dress like their favorite Clown Princess of Crime. The Joker may be the boss, but Harley's running the show this year! Buy a Harley Quinn costume for Halloween today!

Harley Quinn Costume Ideas and Tips

Be the sexiest mental patient in the DC universe in one of our Harley Quinn costumes! When you put on one of these heart-poundingly flattering outfits, everyone will be looking twice at you. Whether you’re going for Margot Robbie’s look from Suicide Squad or a more classic look from the original DC comics, you can find the style and price you want among our wide array of Harley Quinn costumes.

These outfits all feature playing-card designs to go with Harley Quinn’s “puddin’,” the Joker. If you’re going out with your sweetheart this Halloween, why not dress him up as Heath Ledger and make this a couple’s costume? Or you could get a few of the other DC ladies together for a supervillain girl’s night! Whichever of our offerings you choose, you’ll knock them dead both figuratively and literally when you’re strutting your stuff in one of these gorgeous Harley Quinn costumes.

DIY Harley Quinn Cosplay Tutorial

Harley, Harley, Harley. She's been around since 1992 when she debuted in Batman: The Animated Series, and she made her way up to the silver screen in 2016 with Suicide Squad. If you've been a Harley fan since the beginning, this DIY Harley Quinn Cosplay Tutorial is perfect for you!

Meet the Suicide Squad [Infographic]

When Amanda Waller got the Skwad together, she had one thing in mind: Destroy the bad guys with the bad guys. Daddy's Little Monster, Harley Quinn, is featured on that squad, and some would say she's sort of the motivational ringleader! Get to know her and the rest of Waller's team with the Meet the Suicide Squad Infographic from Costume SuperCenter. You might even come to like them!

Arkham Asylum: 8 Infamous Residents [Infographic]

Behind every Joker is his Puddin', right? These two were known to cause quite the chaos in Gotham, and are two of the most notorious residents to ever walk the padded hallways of Arkham Asylum. Get to know the dastardly duo before you wear that crazy couples costume with these Infamous Residents of Arkham Asylum Infographic.

Classic Harley Quinn Costumes

Harley Quinn is everyone's favorite bad guy in Gotham. She's Poison Ivy's best friend, the Joker's right-hand gal, and Batman's sort-of nemesis. Who wouldn't want to dress that part?

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costumes

Hi-ya, Puddin'! Ready for some fun? Join Harley Quinn and the rest of the Suicide Squad in being bad guys pretending to be good guys. It'll be fun! Harley's always looking for fun to be had. What a ride!

Harley Quinn Birds of Prey DIY

Harley has a few legendary looks in her flick, Birds of Prey. Get your flock of babes together and take back your streets! If you’re a fan of her Moto Jacket, then check out this awesome DIY cosplay and create this look for your next costumed occasion!

DC Superhero Girls Costumes

Whether you're a fan of Ivy, Harley, and the baddies, or Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and the heroes, these DC Superhero Girls costumes will help you look the part when you choose to save (or destroy) Gotham!

Classic Joker Costumes

From Nicholson to Ledger to Leto, the Joker is never short of a personality in his portrayal, and rightfully so! Whether you like the classic look, the Dark Knight madman, or the gangster of the new age, there's a Joker costume for everyone! HAHA!

The Dark Knight Costumes

There's nobody alive who knows how to deal with the Joker the way Batman does. The two are a perfect match, destined to fight each other until the end of time - or at least, that's how the Joker sees it. Put on your Batman costume and toss that madman in Blackgate!

DC SuperHero Girls Harley Quinn Deluxe Costume
As the resident class clown at Super Hero High, Harley Quinn is nothing but comfortable with herself. In fact, she believes that being herself is the great superpower! Bring her sense of fun to your next Halloween by wearing this DC Superhero Girls Harley Quinn Deluxe Costume. This costume comes complete with a fun and sparkly button down short sleeved shirt featuring sheer black sleeves and a pattern of red diamonds on one side, black diamonds on the other. A studded black belt sets off the blue of the shorts, which come with attached leggings with one red leg and one black leg. A black eyemask and wristband ties it all together. Finish her look with temporary blue and red streaks in your pigtails, as well as a pair of fun black boots. Maybe leave the mallet at home, though.
Harley Quinn DC Super Hero Girls Mallet
The Green Arrow has his arrows, Batman has his Bat gadgets, Thor has his hammer, Green Lantern has his ring and Harley Quinn has her mallet. And we have it too! If you want to be Harley for Halloween, order the Harley Quinn DC Super Hero Girls Mallet from us. This is not the weapon used by the Harley Quinn of Suicide Squad, it belongs to the hero who attends Superhero High School along with many other heroes such as Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Poison Ivy and Batgirl. The red and black mallet looks dangerous, but it is not and is made for young girls who want to be a hero and keep supervillains in line. Harleen Quinzell is the student at Superhero High who is least serious and has the most fun. Pranks are more important to her than grades, but that is why girls like her. She loves hanging out with her friends, always has a joke or too and often asks ?Why so serious?? Who needs a brooding adult superhero when you can have a young feisty Harley Quinn? Everybody wants to be like Harley! Be t
Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Adult Costume
Ever since her conception during the Batman Animated Series, Harley Quinn has been a perennial fan favorite due to her connection to the infamous Joker. Through the years she's learned to stand on her own, and now has finally made her silver screen debut in the upcoming Suicide Squad. Celebrate that fact this Halloween by wearing the Women's Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume. This fun and colorful costume comes with Harley's red and blue satin jacket with gold trim and red and gold cuffs. Attached to the jacket is distressed white and red crop top shirt with the words Daddy's Lil Monster printed on it. Completing the costume is a pair of short sequined blue and red shorts and fishnet tights. Finish the look with Harley Quinn wig, smeared makeup, and a pair of killer boots.
DC SuperHero Girls Harley Quinn Costume
Halloween is the perfect time of year to get a little crazy in our DC Superhero Harley Quinn Child Costume. Always quick with a joke or willing to have a fun time, this outfit is modeled after character as seen in the popular animated series. This jumpsuit has a white vest top with red, pink, and black diamonds, blue shorts around the waist and red and black pant legs. This garb also includes a black eye mask and a black belt. Wristband and pigtail wig not included. Quit clowning around and pick up this Harley Quinn costume just in time for Halloween and other themed events. You are bound to have a fun time! Browse through some of our other superhero or even villain items to include with the look.
Suicide Squad 2: Harley Quinn Costume
The cutest member of the Suicide Squad just arrived, now that you have our Suicide Squad 2: Harley Quinn Costume! When you check yourself out in this sexy jester outfit and a baseball bat, you're going to feel your wild side coming out to play. Enchantress is sure to love your look, even if the rest of the Squad are just a little scared. Then just dab on a little deranged blue and red makeup and you'll be ready to star in the most unhinged movie of the summer!
Suicide Squad 2: Harley Quinn Red Dress
If Harley Quinn is your problematic fave, you can show it off proudly with our Suicide Squad 2: Harley Quinn Red Dress! None of the other Suicide Squad members will be able to deny you're the cutest member when you have this slinky red dress to rep your favorite DC supervillainess. You might not get the Joker's approval with this dress, but you might figure out you don't need it when you see how sick you look in this crazy cute outfit!
DC Super Villains: Harley Quinn Costume
Everyone is going to wish they were imprisoned in Arkham Asylum with you when they see you in this DC Super Villains: Harley Quinn Costume! In this red and black jester style sparkly tutu dress, you're going to be the cutest inmate in Arkham, and the fiercest villain on the streets of Gotham! The headpiece and wrist cuffs give the perfect finishing touch! Start practicing your crazy laugh your next costume event is going to be fantastic with this look!
DC Comics Girls Harley Quinn Tutu Dress
Lookin' for a great costume for your daughter, puddin'? The Girls Harley Quinn Tutu Dress is just what the doctor ordered. This red and black getup will transform your girl into the Maid of Mischief. This villain-turned-antiheroine is great for any girl who loves comic bookfun. Buy a Girls Harley Quinn Tutu Dress online today!
Harley Quinn Makeup Kit - Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey
Dressing up as Harley Quinn for Halloween this year? Then don't forget to pick up our Harley Quinn Makeup Kit - Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey to take your villainous look to the next level! With your purchase, you will receive all of the make-up and tools you need to look and feel just like your favorite Gotham villain this year. Buy yours today, and then check out our site for the rest of your Harley Quinn costume, wig, and accessory needs!
Harley Quinn Womens Costume
Become the Joker?s infamous sidekick this Halloween when you buy the Harley Quinn Women's Costume. This sexy get-up will have you ready for the party in no time. Not everybody knows this, but Harley Quinn was actually the Joker?s psychologist at the Arkham Asylum, before she went a little crazy and devoted herself to the Joker. It?s weird to think that she was a perfectly functioning human before she met the clown king of Gotham. I guess that?s just the Joker?s maniacal effect on people? he corrupts every good thing he gets his hands on. This Halloween, you?re going to be the sexiest supervillain at the party when you show up as this wild and chaotic sidekick. Team up with a friend to go as Joker, and you guys can have a real blast messing with everyone and wreaking general havoc! For years, we?ve seen the Joker and Harley Quinn in a variety of incarnations through cartoons, shows, and movies. The most recent incarnation of Harley Quinn and the Joker is played by Margot Robbie and Jar
DC SuperHero Girls Harley Quinn Wig
This awesome Harley Quinn is just what you need to create the perfect Harley Quinn costume. This white wig features pig tails with blue and red streaks on the sides. Harley Quinn helps the Joker with various illegal heists and anything else he wants to do.
DC Comics Girls Harley Quinn Hoodie Dress
This Halloween, your daughter can become an adorable little Ghost Girl! With our Kid's Ghost Girl Costume, you daughter will spook everyone at the party with her spotted white dress and black and white striped tights! Don't forget that flowery headpiece and black gauntlets! Your little skull girl will be the cutest Ghost Girl at the party. Get yours today!
Inflatable Bat - Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey
You'll be saying goodnight to all of your enemies this Halloween when you pick up our Inflatable Bat - Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey! With your purchase, you will receive just the bat you need to be taking on Batman, Robin, and the rest of the Gotham heroes. Pair this inflatable weapon with one of our Harley Quinn costumes from our site and you'll be ready to stir up all kinds of chaos this year. Buy your Harley Quinn bat today!
Black and White Mid Calf Heeled Booties for Women
Whether you're dressing up as Cruelle de Vil or just a gal with some major class, this Halloween you will be feeling like a total star while you're wearing the Black and White Mid Calf Heeled Booties for Women. With your purchase, you will receive a set of black and white mid calf heeled booties featuring a set of striped designs. Buy your pair today, and then check out our site for the rest of your Halloween costume and accessory needs!
Suicide Squad 2: Harley Quinn Adult Wig
If you think Harley has great hair, wait until you see yourself wearing her style in this Suicide Squad 2: Harley Quinn Adult Wig! Dress up in your most sinister makeup and heft a giant baseball bat, and even Mr. J will be running from your deranged good looks. You'll be looking as sweet as Margot Robbie when you add this wig to your sexy jester outfit, so make sure you get plenty of pictures of your debut as Harley!
Harley Quinn Inflatable Mallet
Take your costumed look to the next level when you incorporate the Harley Quinn Inflatable Mallet. The black and red color scheme of the piece perfectly complements the character's outfit. This eye-catching hammer will allow you to incorporate one of the most easily recognizable accessories associated with the villain.
Suicide Squad Harley Quinn's Adult Wig
Get dolled up for your puddin' in this Suicide Squad Harley Quinn's Adult Wig. This item comes as a head of platinum blonde hair in a pigtail style. The ends appear dipped in dye with blue on one side and pink for the other. It even has a couple of hair ties holding it in place. Use this wig to complete your Harley Quinn costume and look the part of this iconic character.
Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Adult Classic Costume Kit
Get ready for the Harley movie when you go out in this Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Adult Classic Costume Kit! This jacket and shirt is going to make you look like you're gearing up to fight alongside Will Smith or Jared Leto. All you'll need is your trademark mallet, or maybe a Margot Robbie baseball bat, and you'll be ready for any mission, no matter how suicidal. Your puddin' is going to love how crazy good you look in this Harley Quinn costume!
Girls DC Comics Harley Quinn Tween Costume
Join the Joker and bring the city of Gotham to its knees! If your daughter is lucky enough not to meet any costumed Batmans on Halloween, then there will be no one to stop any nefarious deeds she might dream up when she wears this Harley Quinn tween costume! This costume is officially licensed by DC Comics and includes everything your daughter needs to be Harley Quinn, including her black and red checkered harlequin dress, tights with one red leg and one black leg, one red glovette and one black glovette, a black eye mask, and a red and black harlequin jester head piece. Wear it with one red shoe and one black shoe, and get one of her friends to dress up as the Joker for a great group costume!
Harley Quinn Ladies' Wig
When you're quirky and feisty, what character better suits you than Harley Quinn! She's a clever gal, with a wacky sense of humor! Capture her eccentric style with this amazing Harley Quinn Ladies' Wig! The long locks are cutely separated into girly ponytails to achieve that quintessential Harley Quinn look!
Adult Harley Quinn Choker and Bracelets Set
Add the details of a real crazy clown villain this Halloween when you get the Adult Harley Quinn Choker and Bracelets Set! You're ready to hit the streets of Gotham for some trick-or-treating, or make a splash at your next costume party! This set comes with a pair of bracelets, and a choker. This set does not include a costume or a wig.
Harley Quinn Child Accessory Kit
The Bat won?t know what hit him! Help Mistah J wreak some real havoc this Halloween with the Harley Quinn Child Accessory Kit. Now you can finally finish up that Harley costume you?ve been working on and look just like everyone?s favorite jester of crime with this officially licensed DC product pack. Whether you?re a fan of Harley Quinn from her days back in the Batman Animated Series, or newer fare like Suicide Squad, you?ll appreciate having an accessory kit that pays tribute to Harley?s long and storied history. It comes with a fearsome looking spiked wrist brace, as well as a flashy domino mask for extra flourish. Harley?s always had an ace up her sleeve and now you know why thanks to this accessory kit. Make sure you?re ready for the spotlight this Halloween. Now that you?re you out on the loose, Gotham won?t stand a chance thanks to your new Harley Quinn inspired ensemble.
Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey Bat Accessory
Gotham will be your city to rule this Halloween when you have the Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey Bat Accessory at your side. With your purchase, you will receive just the baseball bat you need to complete your villainous get-up this year. Featuring an all white bat with the word "Goodnight" written in all capital latters on the barrel, you're going to love this replica weapon. Buy yours today, and go make this Halloween a villainous extravaganza!
Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey Mallet Accessory
Looking for the perfect weapon to pair with your Harley Quinn get-up this year? Then look no further than our Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey Mallet Accessory! With your purchase, you will receive just the mallet you need to wreak havoc in Gotham this year. Batman and Robin won't stand a chance against you while you're wielding this decorative mallet weapon. Buy yours today, and go make this Halloween a real Gotham night to remember!
DC Comics Baby Harley Quinn Dress & Diaper Cover Set Costume
Dressing up for Halloween is no joke! Luckily, we carry the Baby Harely Quinn Dress & Diaper Cover Set Costume for your little one to prove to Mr. J just how seriously she takes that last statement! Get the whole family involved in the trick or treat themed fun as you patrol the neighborhood as a villainous family out to steal everyone's candy, or get your friends' children involved for the cutest congregation of bad guys and gals to collect in one place! There really is no wrong way to debut this new look for your little one. Heck, with all of the adorable pics this costume can deliver you'll end up loving it just as much as your child does! So, what are you waiting for? Become the super parents your kids already knows you are. Order the Baby Harely Quinn Dress & Diaper Cover Set Costume today!
DC Comics Adult Harley Quinn Fitted Hoodie
Gotham Girls DC Comics Harley Quinn Adult Costume
You'll be the cutest mental patient in Gotham when you're dressed up in our Gotham Girls Harley Quinn Adult Costume! None of the residents of Arkham can hold a candle to Harley Quinn, the sexy and deadly girlfriend of the Joker. Don't miss out on this Suicide Squad costume, or your chance to spend Halloween as Harley Quinn!
Harley Quinn Tutu Skirt for Adults
Mistah J needs your help if he?s going to pull off the wool over Batman?s eyes. Suit up as the one and only Harley Quinn and get ready to terrorize Gotham City this Halloween with the Harley Quinn Tutu Skirt for Adults. This cute costume accessory adds a little crazy flair to any outfit thanks to its red and black alternating pattern and iconic Harley diamond insignia. This is an officially licensed product from DC Comics, and is a great showcase for her eclectic fashion sense. If you?re a fan of Batman, the Joker, or Harley Quinn then you won?t want to miss out on this must-have accessory. Simple yet elegant, this is an easy fit that should blend in well with just about any Harley Quinn look you can come up with. Whether you?re going classy and original, or bold and new, we know you?ll find a great fit for this tutu accessory. Show everyone that you?ve got a bad case of Mad Love with a nice little piece right out of Harley?s wardrobe.
Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Make Up Kit
Create a flawless appearance using this Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Make Up Kit. You will receive a tube of cream makeup along with red, black, blue, and white. Applicator brushes are included as well as red lipstick. Perfect your Harley Quinn look using this kit and be sure to look around for costumes and other accessories to match.
Women's Black Athletic Ankle Boots
You're swinging for the fences when you wear these women's black athletic ankle boots! A sleek and sassy black and white take on the traditional Chuck Taylor design, these boots have a 4-inch heel that will make you an All-Star at any Halloween party! With a durable and comfortable design, these sporty boots are exactly what you need to make it to the finish line without having to sit the bench. Makes the perfect finishing touch for an unconventional sexy witch Halloween costume. Shop Costume SuperCenter today for all your Halloween costumes and accessories! Order your Women's Athletic Black Ankle Boots online today before they're gone!