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Hippie Costumes

Welcome back the 1960s with your own Hippie costume! Take a step back in time and feel the peace and love. Preaching peace in a time of war was against the norm and the older generation didn't understand what the new generation was all about. Hippies rejected the teachings of their elders and turned to a new culture that was their very own. With that came a new way of dressing, speaking and thinking that changed the world. The ideals of the flower power generation were reflected in music and lifestyle more so than any generation since. Buy a hippie costume on sale from Costume SuperCenter.

Hippie Costume Ideas and Tips

If you want to capture the groove of the 1960s this Halloween, you can find everything you need to get ready for Woodstock among our hippie costumes! Get ready to sing along to the Grateful Dead or Jimi Hendrix, because when you see all the psychedelic clothing choices we have in stock, you’ll feel like you just stepped back in time! Stock up on a bandanna, bell bottom pants, or anything printed with flowers, and you’re sure to have a Halloween that’s just as far-out as the hippies who inspired your costume.Whether you have a specific figure from the 1960s in mind, or you just want to be an average guy at Woodstock, you can find what you need to get your swing on. You can even get some friends together for a group costume and have a whole 1960s-inspired shindig, complete with lava lamps and funk music. Shop our hippie costumes today!

Flower Power Child
Everyone is so caught up in what they're doing! Remind them how important peace and love is when you put on a Flower Power Child costume! This outfit is sewn from a soft polyester material that will keep you cool and can be hand-washed for later use. The sleeveless vest is decorated with a psychedelic rainbow pattern, covering you with multicolored flowers and checkered patterns. Bright red fringe hangs from its edge. The high-waisted pants are covered in the same flower pattern as the top and have large red bell bottoms. Pull them on and the elastic band will stop them from slipping down! A black belly top comes with the set. Wear it with the rest of your Flower Power Child Costume and you'll be the cutest Granola Girl around! Add on an afro and hippie jewelry, sold here.
Jumbo Metal Peace Necklace
You'll be ready to chill out as soon as you have this Jumbo Metal Peace Necklace on! The long black cord is made of a tightly woven rope and has a large metal peace sign attached to the bottom. A must-have for any hippie, Woodstock, or funky costume.
Hippie Child Costume
If you?re looking for a costume to make your little child adorable and stylish, then this is the one for you. Look no further, when it comes to your next outfit that you will dress your adorable little child in. Watch them groove on the dance floor and bring back all of the Hippie era moves. These floral bell-bottom pants and matching fringed vest make this costume far out! This could work for any themed party, or even any 70?s themed presentation that your child might be heading to! Your child could be a real flower child this time around with the addition of this costume. The free-spirited hippies were all about spreading peace, love and positivity and this is your time to teach your kid about these things and let him spread the love too. Get ready to take pictures all night long and have your adorable child be the star of the show. See you at checkout! Peace!
Hippie Peace Sign Necklace and Earrings
It's time to relive some of the most iconic events of human history, like the hippie movement. Introducing the Hippie Peace Sign Necklace and Earrings! Transport yourself to the time of Beatlemania and Summer of Love with this hippie inspired item, that also encompasses the universal symbol of peace. Goes great and fits perfectly with any hippie costume, or a 60's singer outfit! Whether you're dressing up as a hippie, or as any other individual from that era, there is no wrong option with a prop such as this! Comes with a necklace and pair of earrings.
Adult Groovin' Girl Costume
Become a psychedelic hippie girl this Halloween when you pick up our Adult Groovin' Girl Costume! With your purchase, you will receive a fun and vibrant purple tunic with a mint green shrug, a pair of colorful psychedelic print pants, a beautiful floral peace sign necklace, and a cute faux leather band headpiece. Pick up your costume today, and then scan our site for the rest of your hippie jewelry, wigs, and accessories!
Mens Hippie Man Costume
Let?s get groovy and go back in time! Take a ride on the groovy train with this Men?s Hippie Man Costume. This exciting, bright and colorful costume will have everyone?s attention on you all day or all night! Step into these digs and reminisce on the peace and love era when everything was far out. This ensemble has many pieces which adds to its overall authenticity. It comes with a matching pants and vest set that?s colorful print is intensely eye-catching. It also comes with a shirt to go under the vest. You can also accessorize the outfit as well! Included is a headband and a belt to take the outfit over the top to make you feel like your right at Woodstock. This polycotton blend is also great for any weather. If you want to stay groovy and show everyone how groovy you truly are, buy this outfit today and start spreading the good vibrations. Peace!
Unisex Funky Adult Hippie Wig
Dude ,this wig is total groovy. You don't have to be born in the 60's to wear this wig. Introducing the Unisex Funky Adult Hippie Wig. Features a synthetic black long black wig. Accessorize with mustache, shades, and Tie-dye shirt. So, get this funky party started ! Don't waste any more time, order your Unisex Funky Adult Hippie Wig today.
Fake Jumbo Marijuana Cigarette
Get ready for high times making when you don this Fake Jumbo Marijuana Cigarette. Light up and bring together your fun outfit with this fake cigarette that's sure to make your attire pop. It'll look like a cannon in your mouth and lead to some hilarious times.
Hippie Chick Adult Plus Costume
Celebrate like its 1969 by putting on a swinging outfit that will leave you looking like the life of the party. The Hippie Chick Adult Plus Costume is just what youve been looking for to celebrate this Halloween season with one psychedelic outfit. This product comes with a blouse and pants combination that feature trippy swirl patterns, as well as tassels and flared out bottoms for a genuine hippie look that is undeniably groovy.
Hippie Vest for Adults - X-Large
Celebrate the days of peace and love in the Hippie Vest for Adults! This purple and brown fringed vest is decorated with patches, giving it an authentic Sixties look. Add some colorful love beads, a groovy headband, and a tie-dyed shirt and your Halloween will no doubt be far out!
Hippie Hand Bag
Flower power is what you give off whenever you walk down the street in a bold print dress with your hair down and a flower headband, but you've got to carry your hippie gear in something that matches so our Hippie Hand Bag is a great choice to go with the rest of your hippie costume.
Men's Hippie Costume
Tap into the spirit of peace, love, and community with our Men?s Hippie Costume. Hop into your nearest microbus and take a journey this season with our outrageous costume everyone is sure to love. Make a peace sign when you put on this costume, it?ll only be natural! Travel back in time to the 60?s with our hippie costume that?ll get you reminiscing about the good old days even if you weren?t alive for them. Set up for your next show at Woodstock or join your friends for a cross-country journey as you partake in the best era possible. Relive the glory days with our spectacular outfit featuring everything you?ll need to get your groove on this season, and all the features you?d expect of a young and soulful hippie! So join the culture that changed a nation if only for a single night! Embrace the flower power this season with our spectacular Men?s Hippie Costume and get ready to recapture the imagination of a nation with your lifestyle and art!
Womens Sexy Hippy Chick Costume
Have a blast at your next Halloween party or 1960s-themed event with help from the Women's Sexy Hippy Chick Costume. This retro set includes a sleeveless romper and matching headpiece. The romper features a seductively low cut scoop neckline that accentuates your bosom. The top has a colorful floral pattern and an attached purple belt with flower-shaped buckle. The bikini shorts are made of brown faux leather, with a few colorful accents on the back. The skirt is made of fringe that is floor length. This lets you show off your gorgeous legs, kick up your heels and have some fun. Completing the look is the headband made up of flowers in multiple colors. Jewelry, wig and glasses do not come with the costume.
Womens Hippie Patchwork Skirt
Adult 60's Hippie Pants with Belt
Things are about to get groovy, man! These Adult 60?s Hippie Pants with Belt is not only fashionable but also psychedelic for any 60?s or 70?s Hippie costume. Don these stylish hippie bell bottoms and rock that flower power. Halloween has never been more hip so order your Adult 60?s Hippie Pants with Belt online today!
Womens Belted Groovy Hippie Vest
Adult Boho Hippie Headband
Adult Funky Costume
Enter the Halloween party this year in a classic style that will have everyone dancing when you show up in this Adult Funky Costume! This complete and comfortable hippie chick costume is just the thing you need to show off your carefree spirit and festive nature! Made of high-quality materials for a fit you will love again and again! Perfect for Halloween and any other costumed occasion year round! You are going to love the way you feel in this beloved throwback look!
Female Hippie Vest Adult Costume
Did you hear about Woodstock? It's gonna be groovy, man! Put on your Female Hippie Vest Adult Costume before you leave and you'll be the cutest chick there. This deep brown vest is made of faux suede to give you all the fashion for half the cost. The sleeveless design makes it easy to sling over any outfit. Long fringe hangs from the empire waist down to the hips. Start dancing in the fields and it will swing around you! Our Female Hippie Vest Adult Costume can be paired with a tube top and shorts for a cute hippie look, but don't feel like you have to stop there. Slip it on with bell bottoms for a disco look, pull it over a Native American outfit for extra coverage, or finish off your rugged hunter costume!
Flower Child Costume for Girls
Your daughter may not remember the 60's, but that doesn't mean she can't appreciate the free love, positive energy, and absolutely groovin' spirit of the hippies! This Halloween, dress your daughter as a hippie herself when you buy her the Flower Child Costume for Girls. With your purchase, your daughter will receive everything she needs to become a tree hugging, free loving, wild dancing spirit child. With this psychedelic get-up on, she'll have the time of her life spreading love to all her friends and family. Everybody loves a hippie. How could you not? They just want everybody to be happy, to live their life, and to have a good time out here in life. You know... peace and love, man! This Halloween, trick or treat in style as the freest soul in the universe. Pick up your Flower Child Costume for Girls, and you'll attract positive energy and good vibes wherever you go!
Girls Peace Lovin Hippie Costume
This Girls Peace Loving Hippie Costume is far out! Take a trip back into the 70?s and get into the spirit of the hippies. This adorable costume comes with a colorful dress that brings you right back into the essence of what the hippie era was truly about. This costume also comes with an attached fringe vest and brown fringe boot tops. The final touch made to this ensemble is a colorful tie headband which matched the dress. Be the cool hippie at the next costume party and watch everyone compliment you all night for having a great costume. Not only is this hippie costume extremely original and fun, it makes a great conversation piece at parties. You will have tons of topics related to the hippie movement that you can talk about! Grab this costume today and have a great costume for your next event. Peace out!
Happy Hippie Girl Costume
Your daughter will be the happiest hippie alive this Halloween when you pick up our Happy Hippie Girl Costume! With your purchase, you will receive a pretty white top, a beautiful mint green shrug, a pair of dazzling purple pants with mint green bottoms, and a fun and colorful feather headband headpiece. Pair this get-up with some cool peace sign earrings and jewelry, and you'll be all set to spread love and happy vibes all Halloween long!
Hippie Wig With Headscarf for Adults
This Halloween, you'll want to deck yourself out with some retro gear. Relive the best decade in style! Get yourself the Hippie Wig With Headscarf for Adults! This fine and groovy accessory comes with a faux wig and a rainbow-dyed headscarf to make you the trippiest guy or gal out there. Order it online today with fast shipping!
Hippie Kit
Do you want to make this Halloween groovy? Peace out this Halloween with this super fun Hippie Kit. The Hippie Kit includes tinted glasses, headband and a peace sign pendant to let you turn Halloween back a few decades. This costume is great for costume parties and for those looking for a simple, easy to wear costume with minimal hassle. Bring on the tie dye this Halloween when you order the Hippie Kit for your Halloween fun!
Hippie Dippie Womens Costume
Spread the love while wearing this Hippie Dippie Women's Costume. Head back to a time when peace was and flower power were all the rage. The 60's were a crazy time but wearing this will help everyone mellow out. You receive a plain white shirt with red lining. A colorful vest and matching pants have a number of groovy flower designs. You also get a long headband with the same pattern. Having this hippie costume is going to be great for themed parties and events!
Adult Unisex Hippie Black Wig with Detachable Headband
Create a fantastic 60's costume by accessorizing with the Adult Unisex Hippie Black Wig with Detachable Headband. This long wig features a detachable headband that accentuates your hippie demeanor. Pair with a tie-dye shirt and sunglasses to complete the look.
Long Blonde Hippie Wig Adult
If you're looking for a hippie wig with a pop of color to match your psychedelic 60s Halloween costume, you'll love the Long Blonde Hippie Wig Adult! The wig features straight blonde hair that reaches the hips with three braids on the side. The braids are decorated with bright multicolored beads.
Male Hippie Vest Adult Costume
Embrace your inner flower child this Halloween when you wear the Men's Adult Hippie Vest costume! The outfit comes with a brown vest that has fringe hanging from the bottom. The vest ties closed in the front with matching brown string. The trim of the costume is embellished with colorful abstract designs to give you a psychedelic 60s look. One of the reasons that this costume is great is that it's versatile--it can be accessorized with different items, so you can wear it over and over again in many different ways! The shirt, pants, and accessories are not included with the vest, but you can purchase a hippie wig, a pair of round glasses, or a peace necklace, each sold here separately, to complete your look.
Radical Hippie Button
Activate Flower Power of Love and Peace! Introducing Radical Hippie Button. No psychedelic costume would be complete without some funky button to match. Ultra radical! Features six (6) plastic button with various writings and symbols on them. A showstopper at any party! Don't delay, order yours today. You won't be sorry. Order it today.
Sassy Flower Power Costume for Women
Who knew hippies could look this good? This Halloween, become the most gorgeous free spirit at the party when you put on our Sassy Flower Power Costume for Women. With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to hug trees in style. Featuring a beautiful baby blue romper with flare sleeves and flower designs, a daisy headpiece, and sparkle bands, you're going to love this free and wild look. Buy your sassy hippie costume today!