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Joker Costumes

The Joker is a character who projects the dark humor as Batman's most popular nemesis. This troubled comic book villain has mastered the expressions of innocence and confusion that so often accompanies a twisted and demented mind. Our selection of Joker costumes capture that concept. The masks, the outfit and the accessories are designed to reflect the facial expressions that have made the Joker a legend within the comic book, television, video game and movie industry. Buy a Joker costume for Halloween or Comic-Con today!

Joker Costume Ideas and Tips

We’re always smiling when it comes to Halloween costumes, but the one with the most sinister smile of all is DC Comics’ the Joker. The Joker lives to torment Batman and does so with aplomb. A superb master villain, the Joker makes it his mission to bring chaos to Gotham City, especially with his beloved Harley Quinn. Whether you’re a fan of the original Batman’s Joker, Heath Ledger’s version from The Dark Knight, or Jared Leto’s Suicide Squad Joker, we have a costume for every DC Comics book, TV show, video game and movie fan. Hit up the Halloween party circuit solo, or get your own Suicide Squad together for a night of chaos and terror.Halloween isn’t the only perfect occasion for a Joker costume, though. Our high-quality, officially licensed Joker costumes will help you make your mark at the next comic con you attend. We have Joker costumes for Batman fans of all ages, including kids’, women’s and even pet costumes. Practice your best, “Why so serious?!” and you’ll scare up some fun in no time.

Facts about The Joker

It's hard to imagine Batman without his most iconic adversary, The Joker. But did you know that the villain was almost killed off after his first appearance in the Batman comics? How much do you really know about this crazed killer? Some believe he started his life as Jack Napier, even though that hasn't been officially proven to be canon. Plagued with super sanity, a heightened sensory perception that makes him farther on the spectrum past psychopaths and sociopaths, he's been wreaking havoc on Gotham for decades. And after all these years, neither Batman nor the Joker can seem to rid themselves of each other, which is good for us. That means there are many more battles to be fought between the two nemeses. Learn more about Batman's number one foe with the help of our Joker infographic.

Printable Posters Featuring Iconic Joker Quotes

Did you know that The Joker was supposed to be killed off during his first run-in with Batman? Lucky for us, that didn't happen. Because if it had we wouldn't have so many iconic face-offs. The constant cat and mouse game that Batman and the Joker play wouldn't be possible without the iconic actors who have taken up the mantle of the Clown Prince of Crime. In 2020, The Joker was nominated for quite a few Oscars and that got us thinking back on all the times the character took to the big screen. We put together some of the greatest quotes from the greatest actors to ever play The Joker.

Arkham Asylum: 8 Infamous Residents [Infographic]

Calling the Joker criminally insane might be the best compliment you could give him. Unfortunately, that label has landed him in Arkham Asylum more than once. Before you don the purple tux this October, take a look at this Arkham Infographic to see just what has gotten him into so much trouble, and who he might have bunked with in his padded cell.

Classic Joker Costumes

The Joker is one of the most nefarious and horrible criminals known to Gotham. He's given Batman trouble for years, but all he's trying to do is have a little fun! These costumes are sure to help you do the same!

The Dark Knight Costumes

Heath Ledger's performance in 2008's The Dark Knight redefined how we view Gotham's Clown Prince of Crime. These Batman costumes let you show your take, too! They might even make you ask yourself: Why so serious?

Suicide Squad Joker Costumes

Amanda Waller's task force was put together to resolve tricky situations at no fault of the government, but first, they've got to take out the Joker! Join in the fun with a Joker costume of your own! HAHA!

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costumes

The Clown Princess of Crime is up to no good, as always! Although she's second-in-command to her puddin', The Joker, Harley isn't exactly a walk in the park on her own. Dress the part and cause some mayhem!

Batman Dark Knight Deluxe The Joker Child Costume
Why so serious? The Joker Deluxe costume for children is serious business. The long jacket is purple and the green vest, shirt, and tie are attached. The purple pinstriped pants are included, and so is the joker mask. Gloves and shoes are not. This is the perfect costume for any kid who doesn't like to follow the rules.
Batman Dark Knight The Joker Makeup Kit
Want to know how the Joker got those scars? With makeup, of course! Get this Batman's the Joker Makeup Kit to capture his creepy clown look. The kit includes a big tube of white base makeup and red and black makeup sticks. A tube of washable green hair color paint is included with a small comb for application. Red face prosthetics depicting his mouth scars are also included, along with adhesives.
DC Comics Joker Mens Costume
Who did it better? Mark Hamill, Heath Ledger, Jared Leto, or Jack Nicholson? What am I talking about exactly? The Joker of course! Just by the sheer amount of remakes Batman and the Joker have had throughout the years, it's easy to see that this iconic superhero and villain duo have something special going on. What is it about the Joker that compels us so? Perhaps it's his sick and twisted mind, and his sense of humor and desire for chaos in everything he does. Or maybe it's the fact that he can get under the Batman's skin and play him like a fiddle. To put it simply, the Joker is unpredictable and insane, and that's why we love him. This Halloween, when you put on the Jokers Men Costume, you'll instantly feel the pure chaos that drives the Joker in all of his motives and decisions. This costume is a real treat. With your purchase, you'll receive a purple pinstripe jacket and pants set, with a green shirt, a golden vest, a purple tie, and a pair of bright purple gloves. Once you pick
DC Comics Joker Costume for Women
You are Gotham City's dreaded clown princess of crime when you are wearing this Joker Costume for Women! This complete costume gives you an unbeatable replica of the iconic suit worn by one of the most notorious super villains in comic book history! Made of high-quality materials for a comfortable costume whether you are shutting down a costume contest or wreaking havoc on the life of Batman! Add a walking stick or comically oversized prop gun so that your Joker is as fearsome as possible! Check out our entire selection of officially licensed DC Comics costumes and accessories to find more ways to get the most out of your Joker! Makes a great couples costume when paired with a Batman. Choose a costume that is instantly recognizable, eye-catching and attention-getting! Don't wait until the week before to secure this fan favorite and popular costume! Make sure you have it when you need it when you order yours online today!
DC Comics The Joker Costume
Transform yourself into the most hated villain ever to hit to Marvel movies and comic books, and honestly, have the absolute best time while doing so. This Joker ensemble is the only costume that you are going to find that will make you feel completely awesome and evil at the same time. It?s the best when you can turn into the purple haired monster and have everyone love it. Everyone knows that The Joker is the only character that has the craziest story in the comic books. From being known as a serial killer, to just being outright insane, the guy has gone through it all. Batman?s archenemy has a reputation of being creepy and completely evil. With his clown-like appearance, don?t let that fool you. There is nothing kid friendly about this guy. Marvel?s vicious character also is known as the infamous boyfriend of Harley Quinn, who is equally insane and evil. His aura comes from having a huge duel with Mr. Batman and falling into a vat of chemicals, turning him completley insane and hi
Batman Dark Knight The Joker Gloves Child
The Bat can get irritating sometimes, but you know you love to torment him. Wear your Child The Joker Gloves to your next heist and you're sure to have a blast! These gloves rise only to the wrists and are made out of soft purple pleather. A must-have for any little trouble maker.
Villainous Leisure Suit Costume for Men
Dressing up as the Joker or a colorful and vibrant villain this Halloween? Then don't miss out on our Villainous Leisure Suit Costume for Men! With your purchase, you will receive a bright red suit jacket with an attached golden yellow vest, a green dickie, and a pair of matching red pants. Pair this fun costume with a Joker mask or some face make-up from our site and you'll be ready to wreak havoc wherever you go. Buy your villain suit costume today!
Mens Deluxe Joker Costume
Everyone looks at the Joker so seriously, but why? You'll be having all the laughs this dress-up season when you wear this Men's Deluxe Joker Costume. You'll be in stitches when you see how much like the Joker you actually look. This outfit comes with everything you'll need to replicate this deadly clown. Includes a white shirt with an attached purple dress coat jacket that drapes past your hips. A deep green colored vest that pops against the purple jacket and attached tie. With a matching pair of pants it'll be easy to mimic the Joker's unique style! Tying the entire jester ensemble together is Joker face-mask that replicates his most recent movie appearances; even with the faux scars. Yuk it up a bit and add a pair of purple gloves, or maybe even the Joker's cane. Tell a joke or two, just don't channel those same insane habits as the Joker when you wear this Men's Deluxe Joker Costume.
The Dark Knight Joker Clown Mask
Sometimes makeup just isn't enough. Whether he's trying to elude Gotham's finest, or perhaps just feeling extra self-conscious of his scars one day, the Joker will occasionally wear a mask to conceal his identity. The Dark Knight Joker Clown Mask recreates the disguise the Joker uses to rob a bank at the beginning of the classic film. Order online today for fast shipping and delivery!
DC Comics: Joker Clown Mask With Hair Accessory
When you head out to see your favorite supervillain in the newest DC movie, you can wear this DC Comics: Joker Clown Mask With Hair Accessory to get even more excited than you were before! Introduce a little anarchy into your local screening of the Joker movie by roleplaying as your favorite antihero in this mask. You'll find that the mask and hair give you the same ghoulish good looks as Joaquin Phoenix or Heath Ledger!
Joker Cane
Pair this accessory with your costume for an incredible look that is sure to impress. The Joker Cane comes complete with a Joker face handle and wooden staff. You are going to have the last laugh.
The Dark Knight Joker Child Costume
Bring terror to Gotham this Halloween as the Batman's arch nemesis. The Dark Knight Joker Child Costume is perfect for any little villain looking to scare up some smile when they go trick-r-treating this year. This officially licensed DC Comics costume includes a jacket, shirt, and latex mask. Get great deals on all our Batman costumes and accessories when you shop on our online store!
DC Super Villains: Joker Girl Costume
Your daughter can introduce a little anarchy into her next dress up day when she wears our DC Super Villains: Joker Girl Costume! She can channel Heath Ledger, or even Jared Leto, when she puts on this gritty looking clown suit and does her makeup to match. Whether she loves the Nolan movies or the more recent Suicide Squad Joker incarnation, she's going to be delightfully twisted when she menaces Batman in this evil clown costume!
DC Comics Deluxe Joker Costume
Become America's favorite Marvel villain this year with just a few clicks of your mouse. There is nothing like being the most liked, and most hated person at the bash, all who you decide to dress up as this Halloween. This Joker Costume is the deluxe edition that comes with absolutely everything you are going to need in order to perfect your ensemble. You are sure to get asked where you found this one-of-a-kind item, and make sure to keep it a secret! After all, you don't want to have someone else stealing your shine and getting the same item next year! To give you a little bio about the infamous Joker, this evil villian made his debut in the 1940's in Batman #1. This remorseless creature clearly has no filter when it comes to trying to terrorize the beautiful city of Gotham. This maniac became famous after his second appearance in the comic book, and it basically over ever since. Everywhere you look in Batman, The Joker is referenced. He is the most popular foe of Bruce Wayne, and so
DC Comics Mens Grand Heritage The Joker Costume
The pinnacle of villains in his most glorious style! Channel Cesar Romero in this Men's Grand Heritage The Joker Costume! This is officially licensed to us by D.C. studios so careful consideration has gone into making sure it maintains it's authentic style from the celebrated television show. Includes an bright purple jacket with included matching vest. The same off purple dons the pants complemented with matching gloves. You'll radiate an aura of sixties style and badboy persona. A dickie with an attached tie as well! In order to complete your transformation into Batman's greatest enemy make sure to purchase Joker makeup, and even an authentic styled Joker wig! Perfect for pairing with other Batman characters or villains! Have the Joker live on through his greatest appearance when you wear this Men's Grand Heritage The Joker Costume.
DC Comics - The Joker Inflatable gun
Be Batman's greatest nemesis this Halloween with the DC Comics - The Joker Inflatable Gun One-Size! Put on a purple suit and green wig and grab your gun on your way to meet Harley Quinn. No one will be laughing when they see you with this inflatable green and purple gun with ?BANG? flag hanging off the end. Get up to all kinds of sinister shenanigans this Halloween. Show everyone you're no joke when you carry the DC Comics The Joker Inflatable Gun!
Grand Heritage the Joker Costume
For those in the mood for a good riddle, our Grand Heritage The Joker Costume is no joke. Why so serious? Well, because this costume comes complete with everything you need to perfectly replicate the clown-like villain's creepy, over the top demeanor. The costume includes knee-length purple jacket, pin stripe purple pants, dark green vest, patterned green and brown tie, matching faux leather purple gloves, mask, and make up kit. We have additional Joker accessories available for sale separately that are sure to add some extra authenticity to your adaptation of the infamously creepy character; you can purchase a green wig or temporary hair dye, a Joker cane, or a full Joker accessory kit. Everyone will want to know how you got those scars when you show up as one of the world's most famous comic super villains.
Suicide Squad Joker Adult Costume
The Joker, over time, has evolved his style, his fashion sense, but his evil remains untouched, the same through the ages! This Halloween, celebrate all that is dark and vile when you wear this incredible Suicide Squad: Joker Deluxe Men's Costume! The knee-length trench coat in a rich color of purple, marks the Joker under every pretense!
Boys DC Comics Gotham Super Villains Joker Costume
Put a smile on your child's face with this Gotham Super Villains Joker costume for boys. The Joker is perhaps Batman's most infamous nemesis, appearing in the very first Batman comic book and in countless sequels and adaptations, with Heath Ledger's performance in The Dark Knight skyrocketing him to new heights. This costume is officially licensed by DC Comics and will leave no doubt about who your child is on Halloween. It includes a blue jacket with an attached yellow shirt, a black vest, a black bow tie, and dark blue pinstriped pants. Look in our accessories section for all sorts of great Joker add ons, including gloves, wigs, and makeup to recreate his iconic facial appearance. There's no reason for your child to be serious on Halloween when he can wear this amazing costume.
The Dark Knight Adult Dopey Mask
The Joker can't do everything by himself. Occasionally, the villain finds himself needing henchman to carry out a score. With the Dark Knight Adult Dopey Mask, you can stand in as one of the criminals who assist The Joker with his robbery of the Gotham National Bank. For more great deals on Batman costumes and accessories, shop on our online store!
The Dark Knight 3/4 Mask Kid's With Hair
You can give your child his most comfy and immersive costume piece yet with this The Dark Knight 3/4 Mask Kid's With Hair! This mask doesn't just come with a 3/4 mask that will give your child facial coverage with the freedom to speak and eat. It also gives him a hairpiece that will make him feel like he's really stepped into his favorite DC comics movie! He can roll through the streets of Gotham trick or treating in style with this mask on!
DC Comics Joker Costume Top for Men
Dressing up as Gotham's most chaotic villain this Halloween? Then don't forget to pick up our Joker Costume Top for Men! With your purchase, you will receive just the shirt you need to show everyone just how unpredictable and crazy you really are. Pair this colorful purple, yellow, and green top with a matching green wig and white face paint from our site, and you'll be ready to terrorize Gotham and Batman in no time. Buy your Joker shirt today!
DC Comics Mens Joker Costume
This is no joke. We have an awesome officially licensed Batman villain outfit for you; it's the Men's Joker Costume. Included in the set are pin stripe pants and a blue jacket with attached yellow shirt and black bow tie. The joker is a supervillain and one of the main nemeses of Batman. He was first introduced in 1940 and has remained a popular villain, having been featured in the 1960s live action TV series and two movie franchises. He has also been included in many comic book story lines and animated series. He was initially portrayed as a violent sociopath, but then he became more of a trickster-thief, especially in the campy TV series. But he was returned in his original menacing psychopathic killer persona in many comics and two movies, even being responsible for the paralysis of Barbara Gordon in one story line. Put this on, but make sure you do not get too enthralled with the character's dark side. Does not included cane, makeup or wig.
Batman Dark Knight The Joker Deluxe Plus Adult Costume
Just like gravity, all madness takes is a little push, and all it takes to have a great Halloween is this Deluxe Joker Plus Size Costume! This officially licensed depiction of Gotham City's resident maniacal clown and Batman's number one rival includes a mask, pants, and a jacket with an attached shirt, vest, and tie. You'll love tormenting good ol' Batsy with your cutting remarks and sinister schemes when your face is concealed with the molded mask that depicts the Joker's dingy green hair, blacked out eyes, and permanent crooked smile. The long purple coat layers over the attached blue shirt green vest, and brown and yellow geometric print tie. Paired with the purple pinstripe pants, the jacket gives you the look of a well dressed madman poised to introduce a little anarchy in Gotham. If you believe that what doesn't kill you makes you stranger, become the weirdest villain of them all with this Deluxe Joker Plus Size Costume!
Batman Dark Knight The Joker Gloves Adult
You need to look good for your next meeting with Batsy. Slip on your Adult The Joker Gloves and head out! Each pair of soft, pleather gloves is a vivid purple and comes only to the wrist. Sturdy and functional, wear these with your Halloween costume to impress the Dark Knight.
Batman Dark Knight The Joker Child Wig
Be serious about your Joker Halloween costume this year and buy the Child Joker Wig Tm to accessorize. The wig features unkempt wavy hair with a greenish tint. Make sure you buy a makeup kit and other Joker products to complete your look.
Batman Dark Knight - Deluxe Joker Wig / Makeup Accessory Kit (Adult)
Becoming Batman's nemesis is serious business. Which joker do you prefer, the comics, the one voiced by Mark Hammill? Cesar Romero's interpretation? Or perhaps Jack Nicholson or the more recent Jared Leto? For those who favor Health Ledger's character, we have the Batman Dark Knight - Deluxe Joker Wig & Makeup Accessory Kit. Included in the package are a wig, mouth scars, adhesive, a large red makeup stick, small black makeup stick and a tube of white cream makeup.
Batman Dark Knight The Joker Adult Wig
You don't need green hair to dress like the Joker this Halloween - just buy The Joker Wig Adult! The wig is composed of unruly green hair styled in curls. Buy a wig cap to ensure that your wig stays on all night.
Men's Dark Knight Joker Costume
Terrorize Gotham City in this Men's Dark Knight Joker Costume. Jokers appearance in The Dark Knight is one of the greatest characters in superhero film history. Become the iconic villain with the long purple jacket, pinstripe pants and green vest. The included shirt, tie, gloves and makeup kit gives you a complete appearance. Turn into the Joker for Halloween parties, comic conventions and other themed events. Look for more Joker and Batman costumes or accessories on our website to include with the order.
The Dark Knight Plus Joker Classic Costume
You're going to feel like you're carrying on Heath Ledger's legacy when you wear this The Dark Knight Plus Joker Classic Costume! This jacket with printed shirt gives you the same ominous fashion that you've seen on your favorite DC villain every time you've rewatched The Dark Knight, and the tie and vest give you a dark but dapper style! The mask will give you the final touch you need to introduce a little anarchy into your Halloween!