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Jailbird Child Costume
If they thought putting you away in the Big House would be the end of you, then they've got another thing coming. Break out with the Jailbird Child Costume. This Halloween, you'll look like an escaped felon in a fun outfit that's perfect for sneaking around the neighborhood. Just be sure to avoid the law! The costume comes with a black and white striped shirt, pants and hat. One thing's for sure, they'll never catch you again!
Inmate 101 Costume for Boys
Although prisoners can be scary and intimidating to those on the outside, they certainly make interesting costumes on Halloween! This year, buy your son the Inmate 101 Costume for Boys, and turn him into the scariest little criminal in the world. He's going to love coming up with a crazy story about what got him put into jail in the first place. He'll brag to all his friends about the wild nicknames he got while behind bars - names like Jackhammer, Madman, and Psycho! When your son is trick or treating as a prisoner this Halloween, he won't fear a thing. He's been in prison! Trust me, he's seen much worse. With your purchase of this boys inmate costume, your son will receive everything he needs to become the most terrifying guy in the cellblock. Pick up your Inmate 101 Costume for Boys today, and make this Halloween as wild as a jail cell!