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Regaly Royalty King Costume for Infants
Your little one just became the most decorated Monarch in all the land when you put them in this Regally Royalty King Costume for Infants! This fun and elegant multi-piece set is made of high-quality materials for a costume they will love to wear as much as you love to watch them wear it! Comfortable enough for everyday play time! Perfect for Halloween and absolutely any other costumes occasion throughout the year! Enjoy a costume that shows everyone who's really in charge! Check out all of our accessories and costumes for infants!
Boys Viking Costume
Girls Pretty Maiden Costume
Hildagaard Girl's Costume
Any pre-teen who sees the days of trick-or-treating as a fairytale princess as long gone deserve an alternative ensemble. This Hildagaard Girl's Costume is that alternative. It comes with a kick butt dress, fake fur cape, and shaggy leg/arm warmers to boot. Add a Viking shield, some war-styled face paint, and a foam sword and she's the warrior princess now. Maybe leave out the princess part just to be safe.
Girls Renaissance Queen Costume
Look and feel like a queen this Halloween when you buy the Girl's Renaissance Queen costume! The outfit features a regal, floor-length dress made of shimmering blue material. The center and sleeves of the dress are white with gold lines creating a diamond pattern all over. The neckline has a golden trim with two silver brooches on either side. Draped from the brooches are four elegant strands of pearls. There is a matching cape attached to the dress that has a high collar with gold trim. Also included is a golden crown featuring a beautiful stone in the shape of a heart. You will be sure to rule the neighborhood this Halloween when you go trick or treating in this costume! Purchase a pair of gold flats or a makeup kit, each sold here separately, to complete this look.
Valiant Knight Child Costume
Word has it that Stacy got herself locked up in a tower again. You'd better suit up in your Valiant Knight Costume and go save her! This four-piece set starts with a gray tunic top that falls to the mid-thigh. It has long silver sleeves woven out of chainmail tulle, giving you the look of real armor without any of the discomfort. The crest on the chest of the top is decorated with a dragon-griffon hybrid, letting any evil witch know that she's messing with the wrong warrior. Gray glovelettes with standing cuffs and black pleather boot covers will keep you protected in hand-to-hand combat. Pull on the mesh hood so that your locks don't get burnt up by dragon fire as you're fighting. Those monsters must be bored--it seems like they're spending all their time stealing away your friends! Rescue them in a Valiant Knight Costume and try to make some time for yourself. Add on a sword and shield, both sold here.
Juliet Child Costume
Play the part of a star-crossed lover in this Juliet Child Costume. Look just like the young woman from Shakespeare's famous production. This outfit comes as a blue gown featuring golden trim. There are lace sections of the sleeves for an added accent. The headpiece is made of matching colors to create a complete ensemble. Everything in this Juliet costume is perfect for young actresses to put on their own version of the classic tale.
Girls Royal Queen Costume
Girls Royal Medieval Queen Costume
Regal Knight Costume
Storm the castle and take down the mighty dragon this Halloween when you put on the Regal Knight Costume. Everyone loves a knight in shining armor! Knights are respectful, chivalrous, and heroic, and they are always ready to take on an important quest in order to save the princess and keep the kingdom safe. When you purchase this costume, you will receive everything you need to become the truly courageous knight you know you are inside. There won't be a dragon or beast alive who could stop you from all your goals. Head to the party as this special medieval knight this Halloween, and you'll certainly attract a whole lot of attention. Be sure to check our site for some awesome accessories and weapons to go along with your costume! We have all kinds of options to choose from. Pick up your Regal Knight Costume today, and this Halloween, go slay your dragon and meet the princess of your dreams!
Girls Victorian Rose Costume
Step back to a simpler time and show your daughter that you think she's a princess when you buy her this Victorian Rose costume for girls! She'll be queen of the castle this Halloween, and all her loving subjects will be eager to hand over their Halloween candy! This costume features a gorgeous pink and white gown that will have her ready for a royal ball or coronation. Lacy trim decorates the front and neckline of the gown, while pink laces weave back and forth across the bodice. Billowy pink arms lead to long loose white sleeves. Make sure you take a look at all the cool princess accessories we offer, including tiaras and wands to transform her into a fairy princess!
Boys Little Knight Costume
Prove chivalry is far from dead with the Little Knight costume. The simplicity of this regalia makes trick-or-treating a fun experience for your wallet and your child! Becoming a knight is possible with a single shirt. A large three-dimensional lion signifies courage to draw from in even the darkest of times. A golden buckled belt and quilted shirt pattern hint that the wearer comes from royal stock. Crimson red accents such as the attached cape help your little knight boldly stand out! Wearing the golden crown will bequeath confidence on the wearer. Your child could be the next to sit at Arthur's round table if you order this costume now!
Purple King Robe and Crown Child Costume
Your kid will command respect when they step into these regal robes for Halloween. The Purple King Robe and Crown Child Costume is fit for royalty. Set features a purple robe with fake fur lining, as well as a matching headpiece with gold trim. Shop on our online store for great savings and fast shipping!
Boys Child Knight Costume
Girls Maid Marion Costume
Kid's Regal King Costume
All hail the Kid's Regal King Costume. Your son is bound to achieve majestic stature and this ensemble elevates him to new heights. Orders include a white shirt top with black pants. The golden belt has a decorative gem and the long robe is very stunning with a royal red design. Top it all off with a crown also featuring gem attachments. The future is bright for this young king and the entire kingdom he oversees!
Girl's Touch of Elegance Dress
Garb your little on in only the finest this season with our Girl?s touch of Elegance Dress! This spectacularly detailed dress is the perfect way to celebrate the season with an aristocratic touch that they?ll be certain to love! Don this lovely red dress and watch your children delight in our careful attention to details well as dedication to comfort and style. A perfect dress for celebrations and events, our spectacular offering is perfect for renaissance themes or fancy costume parties! So make sure your little one looks spectacular this season with our elegant dress that can see use after use. Perfect for a queen or princess in training; make sure they get the royal treatment with this lovely costume pulled right out of their favorite bed time story! So get your hands on one of our Girl?s Touch of Elegance Dress and send them on their way to a life of luxury and wealth. Awe the rest of your friends or maybe even the entire royal court with this detailed and beautiful costume!
Baby King Of Hearts Costume
Your tot will be one of the best cards in the deck this year when you dress them up in our Baby King Of Hearts Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a real royal flush and have them feeling like a true monarch. Featuring a regal King's shirt of red base color with blue and gold accents, red heart embellishments, and white and black fur trim, as well as a matching beard and crown headpiece, your little King will be bringing smiles wherever they go this year while wearing this one.
Gothic Kids Princess Costume
Nothing will be more scary this Halloween than seeing your little one dressed in this Gothic Kids Princess Costume. We know it?s daunting to picture your little sorcerer all dolled up in darkness, but your girl doesn?t want to dress up any ordinary princess. She be thrilled with all the tulle and crown, looking absolutely beautiful creating fear in the mortals with this costume made of polyester. It includes a dress, tiara, and gloves. The floor-length gothic dress will really turn heads, featuring a lovely purple ruching all the way down the front on the skirt. It also has a metallic purple accented high royal collar and black tulle accents on sleeves and neckline. A faux purple gem in the center of bodice as the perfect finish to this costume. Complete look with a pair of black shoes or wilted roses and everyone will know your is little girl one cold-blooded princess!
King Child Costume Kit
Assume the throne this Halloween! Crown your kids with this King Child Costume Kit! This majestic robe has a white and black ermine trim around the edges along with a fur collar. The large red crown has a single gold stripe down the middle. Get it online today!
Chivalrous Knight Costume for Kids
A dragon is attacking the kingdom, laying waste to the farmers fields . A call goes out in the countryside for someone to protect the peasants from the beast. It will take a brave person dressed in the Chivalrous Knight Costume for Kids to defeat the dragon and save the day.
Prince Charming Costume for Toddlers
Your little one is ready to sweep everyone off their feet when you put them in this Prince Charming Costume for Toddlers! Made of high-quality materials, this multi-piece costume will have your kids feeling like royalty in an outfit they will love wearing again and again! Absolute Instagram gold! Perfect for Halloween and any costumed occasion throughout the year! Check out our entire selection of Royal costumes and accessories for kids to make your little prince as elegant as possible! Order yours online today!
Boy's Medieval Noblemen Costume
Take a step back into the Dark Ages with our Boy?s Medieval Noblemen Costume. Rise above the peasantry this year with refinement and grace as you battle dragons and win the hearts of maidens across the land with our spectacular costume guaranteed to turn a few heads. A perfect costume for the Ren Faire lover in your life, this outfit will look great at events and holidays with our comfortable and colorful structure that can pair easily with alongside knights in armor as well as fair ladies. The medieval world is filled with opportunities and dangers, it's up to them to use their skill and chivalry to make it out alive! Stroll your lands and take survey of your wealth as you swear fealty to the king or strike off and make your own kingdom, the choice is yours! So enter into the medieval world this season and give your child a costume they will absolutely adore as they collect candy or taxes from the locales as they set about on an old world adventure this Halloween.
Medieval Lord Costume for Kids
Your child will be taking down dragons and rescuing princesses this Halloween when you pick up our Medieval Lord Costume for Kids! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your little one into a skilled and masterful young knight. Complete with a red tunic featuring a gold lion printed on the front, a faux mithril hood with a cowl, and a black waist sash, you don't want to miss out on this one. Buy yours today, and then pick up a sword from our site to really complete the look!
Juliet Child
Fame, fortune, and good looks? Man, you have it all! Put on this Juliet Child Costume and you'll be the sweetest princess in all of Verona! Each floor length gown is sewn from crushed purple velvet. The royal color complements the gold trim running down the full length of the dress and cords at the chest. Tighten them to best fit you and you'll create luxurious folds in the lilac-colored panel beneath. Your puffed sleeves have gold-trimmed slits running along the sides and knee-length cuffs. Pop on the purple velvet headpiece and its cascading gauze train will billow behind you as you wave to Romeo. You never know who you'll meet at one of your parents' parties. Get into a Juliet Child Costume to make sure you look great! Add on a blonde wig and gold flats, sold here.
Girl's Lady of the Court Costume
Become the fairest of all maidens this Halloween with our beautifully designed Girls? Lady of the Court Costume. Step into the shoes of a royal lady this year as you see to the functions of medieval society and win the hearts of the noble knights. If you?re feeling particularly ambitious, take up arms and join the likes of the other warriors to test your metal against the best of them! This medieval styled dress is perfect for the history lover in your life and will fit in anywhere from costume parties to the Ren Faire. Whether you?re helping out at the local inn or reading poetry, this costume will look fantastic no matter your actions or place at or around the castle. Our comfortable dress is the perfect style for a medieval spin on a modern Halloween and will look great next to other knight and noblemen costumes. So take to the field of battle this year, or enjoy the sights and sound of the royal court, it?s up to you to decide!
Classic Renaissance Girl Costume for Kids
Show off your kid's love of historic times with this Classic Renaissance Girl Costume for Kids! Perfect for Halloween, everyday play time or just pictures with Grandma, this complete and adorable throwback look is just the versatile and comfortable Halloween costume you've been looking for! Also great for school plays! Made of durable materials for a fit they will love again and again! Take this look to the next level when you mix and match items from our huge selection of medieval and renaissance costumes and accessories for kids!
Sublimation - Knight of Dark Kingdom Child Costume
He can go up against the knights of the round table when he has on this Sublimation - Knight of Dark Kingdom Child Costume this year! This sublimation costume comes with a cowl, shirt, and pants that all have a photorealistic knight costume printed onto them. All he has to do is put on these comfy clothes and the printed design will do the rest, so theres no need to spend hours getting him ready to trick-or-treat this year!
Knight Costume for Boys
You may be small, but you are certainly courageous enough to stand up to any mean threat that is in your way. To help you do that, and make you look as realistic as possible, this costume establishes your true identity, and gives you the look of a true noble hero. Introducing the Knight Costume for Boys! Grab you sword and shield, and go out on an unforgettable adventure packed with fun, mystery, and of course, loot. The costume not only helps you look like a knight, but makes you look like you are indestructible, and no dragon's fire will burn you! Help out the local ruler, or the king himself by accepting daring quests which you know you will complete with ease. Travel to different realms where you will interact with dwarfs, elves, and many other mythical creatures. Conquer all evil as you raise your sword up high and charge into battle!