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Boys Commando Costume
Bravo team is considered to be the best team in the military and your little guy is one of their top members. Everyday he gets up and starts training so he will always be ready for a battle when the enemy attacks. Drills, marches, and weapons training is crucial for your kid and he can't become the super soldier he really is without putting on the Boy's Commando Costume. Give your young man a special salute after he gets into this full-body, army fatigue jumpsuit with American flag arm patch and a classic camouflage padded vest with multiple pockets. Two armor-like knee pads come included with a black face scarf with a cool skeleton graphic that will let the opposing side know they're dealing with some expert cadets and your son will be leading the troops ahead in this Boy's Commando Costume.
Green Army Boy Costume for Boys
It's time to gear up soldier. There's a war to be won. This Halloween, when you buy the Green Army Boy Costume for Boys, you're going to feel like a powerful army man, skilled with your fists and a gun and always ready for combat. Nobody messes with a man from the army! While wearing this costume, you'll trick or treat without a single fear in the world. That's a promise. With your purchase, you'll receive everything you need to feel and look like you belong in the United States military. Team up with some other army friends of yours this Halloween, and you can form an entire crew of soldiers to take on the world with. After all, the military is a brotherhood and sisterhood, always willing to fight for one another with pride. Pick up your Green Army Boy Costume for Boys today, and this Halloween, show the world the bravery and heroism of a soldier!
SEAL Team 6 - Black - Childrens Costume
Put together an elite team of officers with this SEAL Team 6 - Black - Children's Costume. This black jumpsuit features a matching vest, helmet, knee pads, and a scarf with printed skull design. Check out our occupational costume accessories featuring props like batons and handcuffs to complete the ensemble.
Boy's Frontline Trooper Costume
Let them take the field this Halloween with our Boys? Frontline Trooper Costume! There?s a battle that needs good soldiers to win, and with our stellar costume and your child?s enthusiasm, it looks like victory is assured! This fun tactical design features everything they could want to become a fearless soldier this season. Pair up this action packed camo costume with any number of prop weapons to make sure your little trooper has all the equipment he needs for a successful mission. Any number of prop guns and knives will complete this outfit and get your kid playing! You might even see this classic design out in the house outside of season, so get ready for an ambush at any time. This fun and comfortable design is the perfect way to give your child the tactical advantage they?ve always wanted and turn them into the action packed heroes they?ve always wanted to be. So sign them up for a fantastic season with our Boys? Frontline Trooper Costume and prepare to fight!
Marine Blue Dress
Whether you're attending the navy ball or just looking for some darker coverage this year, our Marine Blue Dress is a great choice for your seasonal needs. Hosting a water themed party this year? Our lovely rich blue coloration is perfect for hosting or attending and you'll fall in love with our signature quality style! So slip into this Marine Blue Dress and look elegant while making a splash this season!
Kids White Ankle Combat Boot
Searching for a pair of white boots to complete your costume? The Children's White Ankle Combat Boots are sure to make any Halloween costume a hit this year. These high top ankle boots are white as snow, and are adorned with a 1? heel and a black sole. The look is both simple, pure, and stylish. Whether you're planning to be a sailor, a Stormtrooper, or a horseback rider this year, there is no doubt you'll be feeling professional in these boots. Don't delay, purchase your pair today!
Boys Jr. Fighter Pilot Costume
Save the day with a hero's look this Halloween. The Jr. Fighter Pilot costume is a way to make your little one look awesome. It comes with all they need to fly the plane to a victory. It includes a fighter pilot suit and embroidered cap. Give them a look they will want to wear every year with the Jr. Fighter Pilot costume!
Navy / Sailor Costume for Girls
Ahoy mate! When the ship rocks on the rough seas, the sailors are the first ones to get on deck to battle the storm! Now, your little gal can get in on the adventure of a lifetime when she sports this Navy / Sailor Costume for Girls! This adorable outfit features all the classic colors and brilliant style of official sailors! Her dainty look starts with a sailor's hat that will rest comfortably upon her lock of curls or wavy hair! A crisp, white dress fashioned in traditional sailor style gives her plenty of girly charm! The flared dress features at the edge, a set of bold, double blue lines similar to customary sailor outfits! A pretty red bow sits at the center of the top, proudly showing off the red, white and blue! Your little girl will be all smiles when she puts on this gleaming white Navy / Sailor Costume for Girls!
Army Adventure Play Set
Gear up with the Army Adventure Play Set to serve your country. Kids love pretending to be soldiers and this set will take things to another level. You receive a variety of accessories all inside a useful backpack. There are toy weapons such as a grenade and knife. A walkie-talkie, canteen and binoculars will come in handy while out on patrol. All of these will go along perfectly with any army or military costume which you can also find on our website!
Boys Muscle Man Sailor Costume
Set sail on the seven seas in the Muscle Man Sailor costume for boys. Keeping a ship on course requires tireless effort by the crew so help your child look the part. Bulging biceps integrate into the sleeves amplifying the wearers size. Tattoos featuring nautical subjects like anchors help reinforce the tough guy aura. The jumpsuit is fashioned after traditional sailor suits with its navy fabric. A white belt and matching sailor collar pay help further the resemblance. Prove competent with directions with the compass emblazoned sailor cap. Add a corn cob pipe to channel the character Popeye for added fun. Add this high quality costume to your cart today and hit the shipyard in no time!
Major Girls Costume
Our sassy Major Girls Costume will have people saluting your little one all night long. Now this is a costume to pay attention to! It's clear that your little one has strong opinions about the world she lives in so this costume made of 100% polyester will fit her perfectly. This child costume comes with everything your child needs to give orders and includes a dress, belt, hat, and gloves. The dress is tan color and is with a printed star on the sides at the waist, along with an opened digital camouflage design in the front. The included belt is studded and is a comfortable fit at the waist for holding her hands down on during interrogations. This costume also comes with a matching cadet style cap with a short brim lined with a black, shiny faux leather material. Just add a few touches like a pair of sunglasses and some black boots, and your child will be ready to whip any recruit into shape
G.I. Army Jumpsuit Costume for Kids
Who are your kids heroes? Perhaps he looks up to someone in the military, like mom, dad or another family member. The G.I. Army Jumpsuit Costume for Kids is just the uniform that he should be wearing this Halloween. He can go on adventures keeping the country safe and helping people everywhereor at least pretend he is.
Sailor Costume for Girls
Get ready to sail the seven seas in this fitting costume! Introducing the Sailor Costume for Girls! Board the ship and set sail while having the ultimate party onboard. Whether it's a birthday, a costume party, or anything else where a costume makes sense, you look like you actually belong on the ship. Steer the ship to a treasure island, and uncover all the secrets on it! This costume can also be great for beach and pool parties too!
Childs Wing Man Airforce Costume
Off we go into the wild blue yonder! Send your child off on an adventure into the sky this Halloween with the Childs Wing Man Airforce Costume. He can be a top gun soaring above the clouds doing aerial tricks like the Blue Angels, deliver supplies to places impacted by natural disasters or sing Youve Got That Lovin Feeling with his buddies. The limit is only his imagination.
Child's Military Desert Costume
The Child's Military Desert Costume will have your child ready for action! Whether they are protecting invaders from your home or watching an old history film, your little one will look fierce! The costume comes with a muscle padded shirt with an attached belt and pants. They will have lots of fun hiding behind the couch to take cover and running from room to room pretending to be in the Army!
Army Jumpsuit Boy Costume
If your little guy is looking forward to defending his country when hes older, he can get some practice when you get him our Army Jumpsuit Boy Costume! This camo jumpsuit is going to make him feel like he should drop and give you twenty, so hes sure to burn off all those calories from the candy! Youre going to feel a little safer with a little soldier around the house in this military jumpsuit costume!
Boys WWII Sailor Costume
Ghillie Suit Child Costume
The Ghillie Suit Child Costume is a full-body jumpsuit and matching headpiece. The textured green fringe recreates the spooky look of a campy lagoon. The polyester fabric is lightweight and smooth, unlike scratchy lake algae. Get this classic monster look online today! Shoes not included.
Boys Army Jumpsuit Costume
Girls Sailor Girl Costume