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Scary Clown Child Costume
If your little one wants to spook all their classmates this Halloween, our Scary Clown Child Costume is the perfect way for them to do that! Whether they love Pennywise or another of the long tradition of killer clowns, you can make your little one's next trick or treat outing feel like a spree through a haunted circus when you give them this eerie looking clown costume. Perfect for kids who love to ham it up!
Boys Scary Clown Costume
Does your kid like to have fun and be the life of the party? If so this Boys Crazy Clown Costume is just what he needs to continue his streak. Everyone likes to have a good time so why not allow your son to do it to the best of his ability. This Boys Crazy Clown Costume can be used for a birthday party for entertainment, you can wear this for Halloween if you're feeling like a clown, costume party or just to make someone smile. This costume of fun features everything you need to help disguise yourself into a crazy clown. You get the whole bag from the shirt down to the hair and mask. Don't worry everything is ready for you! Think of how much fun you can have wearing this suit. Feel free to grab you a horn or paint so you can do face painting when you attend parties or so. It's your world so go ahead and have fun!
Horror Clown Childrens Costume
Weve never seen anything like the Horror Clown Childrens Costume at the circus, but if we did, wed probably run out of the big top. A creature like this is more likely to be found in in nightmares and horror movies. It can also be found at Halloween parties and around your neighborhood on Halloween night.
Boys Wicked Jester Costume
Don't cheat at cards or you cause get someone in the Boy's Sinister Jester Costume to haunt you. Included in this black and red creepy set are shirt, black waist sash, and character mask. The classic jester hood features one completely black side and the other with a black and red diamond pattern. The attached collar extends to the chest and features a zigzag trim. Both the top and pants feature split patterns of all black and red and black diamonds with white jester heads. The highlight of the look is a creepy white jester mask with large teeth and eye sockets outline in black and red. Buy this now for Halloween or Mardi Gras. Available in medium (fits 8-10), large (fits 10-12) and extra-large (fits 12-14). Shoes and jester stick are not included.
Dark Jester Child Costume
Your little girl is going to feel like shes a friend of the Jokers when she has on our Dark Jester Child Costume! This motley shirt and pants combo is going to get her ready to do some more macabre tricks than the average court jester, and the headband will give her a darkly comic look as well. Youre going to feel like shes right up there with Harley Quinn in terms of evil entertainers when she has on this dark jester outfit!
Harlequin Clown Adult Costume
She can do all her best juggling tricks for the kings court this Halloween when she's looking fabulous in this Harlequin Clown Adult Costume! The motley design on this harlequin costume will make her look like an old fashioned court jester, so get ready for everyone to enjoy her acrobatics and songs when she entertains them in this costume. Everyone will want to listen to her jokes when she goes out in this hilarious jester headpiece!
Zombie Clown Girls Costume
Clowns are terrifying, and so are zombies. That's why this Halloween, when you put on the Zombie Clown Girls Costume, you'll instantly become the scariest trick-or-treater to hit the town! Go out with your friends as this little nightmare, and you'll have everyone running from you in fright. Whether you're a fan of The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later, or Dawn of the Dead, dressing as this zombie clown will have you feeling like one of the creepy deadmen that populate all of your favorite shows and movies. What's scarier than a walking dead person? Umm... a walking dead clown perhaps? That's why when you put on this super creepy zombie clown costume, you're going to have the best costume at the Halloween party, by far. It's like merging the clown from Stephen King's IT with one of the diseased walkers from AMC's Walking Dead. It's like fusing two horrifying nightmares into one extremely terrifying nightmare! Trust me, nobody would ever want to encounter a clown zombie on the streets. That'