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Kids Glow in the Dark Skeleton Suit
Does your child love pulling pranks that tend to scare the wits out of your? If so, then the Kid's Glow in the Dark Skeleton Suit is the perfect costume for your child to wear this Halloween. Not for those who are afraid in the dark, this costume will cover your child head to toe in glowing bones that are bound to spook their friends and neighbors.
Child Bone Suit Costume
No bones about it, your child will have the spookiest outfit on the block if he wears the Child Bone Suit Costume. This spine-tingling set includes a full body suit with socks, gloves and a hood skull mask. This black outfit featured detail images of bones in white, which will make your son or daughter appear to be a walking skeleton.. While most people now consider Halloween as just a day to dress up in costume, it began as a time to honor the spirits of the dead. Many believe the veil separating the living from the dead is at its thinnest around Halloween. A skeleton is the remnants of life that once was and so it holds a special meaning on this holiday. While the fabric allows your child to see and breathe, it doesn't let him eat. So apply white makeup - available in our accessories section - to his face so he can stay in character even during the times when he has to take the mask off.
Boys Skull Phantom Costume
Send shivers down the spines of onlookers in the Skull Phantom costume for boys. Electric blue accents are chilling and sure to impress your child. Robed in black it will be easy for your little phantom to blend into the darkness and cause a few scares. Torn fabric adorning the hood and sleeves give the illusion that the skull phantom is drifting through darkness, not walking. Long tipped fingers will make it easier to grab hold of unsuspecting passersby. Hidden within the oversized hood the menacing skull mask is even more pronounced and horrifying. Our low-prices and first-rate costumes like this Skull Phantom give you the most scares per dollar!
Skeleton Hoodie Sweatshirt for Boys
Make no bones about it, the Boys Skeleton Hoodie Sweatshirt with Mask is a fun costume to wear on Halloween. Or make a fashion statement and where this throughout the year without that mask. It can be worn anytime that weather is a little bit cool.
Sublimation - Radioactive Skeleton Costume
Why spend the time painting her up with glowing green bones when she can just put on this Sublimation - Radioactive Skeleton Costume and have the same look within seconds? This jumpsuit is going to make it so easy for her to dress up as a skeleton that you might never go for a traditional Halloween costume again. This jumpsuit has her whole costume printed right onto its comfy exterior, so she can spend her Halloween having fun instead!
Child's Mr. Skeleton Costume
Creepy skeleton alert! Your little one will become the coolest skeleton on the block when they get into the one of a kind Child's Mr. Skeleton Costume. This outfit includes a jumpsuit, jacket, and a hat so they will be disguised to look like the creepy walker. It's a great costume to wear for Halloween while they trick-or-treat from door to door or to play pranks on their family and friends!
Kids Bloody Mess Costume
Your child will be leaving pools of blood wherever they go this year when you dress them up in our Kids Bloody Mess Costume! With this spooky set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a blood-stained ghoul who knows a thing or two about haunting a crowd. Featuring a white and red skeletal hoodie that appears to be covered in blood, as well as a matching skull mask, your child is going to love this horrifying look this year.
Funky Punky Skeleton Girls Costume
Why not shake things up this Halloween with the Funky Punky Skeleton Girl's Costume (M). Enjoy being a fun skeleton with a cool side in this costume made just for girls. It's a sweet take on a classic Halloween figure that she will definitely want to wear over again. Keep in funny, not scary, this Halloween eve.
Child's Skeleton Costume
What's more classic Halloween than a skeleton costume? Well, this one has upped the game with molded bones so it really stands out. Set includes a jumpsuit, mask and gloves so every bit of the body is covered with anatomical wear. (There is a slit for the mouth for breathing, of course.) Imagine the shock and surprise this costume will instill on Halloween when they roam the streets trick or treating. Long-sleeve outfit will keep them warm too on chilly nights. The detail on this costume is tremendous?you could even teach a skeletal lesson from it. Find some other ghouls and goblins, witches and cats, and you've got a full ensemble cast of spooky spirits. Costume is not only great for Halloween, but could be worn for a party or play. You could even be like your favorite Fortnite video game skin with this Skull Trooper inspired look. The black background of the outfit really makes the whiteness of the bones stand out. And, when the little creature walks, the bones bend with each moveme
Fading Skeleton Costume
In this Fading Skeleton Costume, you will be able to blend in with the darkness before jumpscaring everyone. Creep up right in front of someone and they won't even notice until seeing the red of your eyes! Being a skeleton is a classic choice when it comes to Halloween but this costume is going to take it to another level. You receive a single jumpsuit with the order. It is completely black with white bone images to represent a skeletal structure. A hooded mask is also included and completes the look with a skull design. A mechanism similar to light-up glasses is placed along the eyes to give your skeleton a bit of life. The redness will glow in order to show an eerie presence. Choose this Fading Skeleton costume for upcoming Halloween parties and fright night events. You will be able to make everybody scream because they won't be expecting a glowing ghoul.
Girls Rosie Bones Costume
Baby/Toddler Skeleton Costume
Create your own creepy and kooky family. Have the little one in the group dress in this Baby Skeleton Infant / Toddler Costume. You receive a single jumpsuit item in all black. There are white bone patterns all over the body. It also has an attached hood with a skull design to match. The Baby Skeleton suit is perfect for anyone celebrating their first Halloween. Check out some matching costumes and accessories for everyone else to wear!
Boys Graveyard Ghost Costume
Metal Skull Biker Teen Costume
Take a walk on the wild side this year wearing this Metal Skull Biker Teen Costume. This edgy costume comes with a black faux leather jacket complete with side zipper and silver metal studs and spikes on the shoulders. The jacket is printed with a logo that says Dead City Choppers in silver letters on the breast. The costume also includes a chilling metal skull mask with razor shaped teeth, and black beanie hat patched with the image of a flaming skull to top it off. Black pleather fingerless gloves are also included as well as a metal studded wristband. This warm layered costume is the perfect remedy for trick or treating on cold Halloween nights, or for going out with rolls of toilet paper to cause some night time mischief!
Girls Skelita Calaveras Monster High Costume
Dress up as your favorite Hexican Monster High student this Halloween with the Girl's Skelita Calaveras Monster High costume! The dress features a black sleeveless top with silver leaves and flowers all over. The three-tiered skirt is a beautiful conglomeration of bright colorful panels. There are many black abstract designs covering the skirt. The waistline of the dress features an attached black belt to cinch your waist. The included gloves and tights are black with cool images of bones on them to make you look like a skeleton. You'll be the most popular girl in school when you wear this outfit! Everyone is going to want to go trick or treating with you. Purchase a Skelita Calaveras wig, a Monster High makeup kit, and some neon jewelry, each sold here separately, to complete your look!
Kids Executioner Costume
When somebody needs to be offed, your child will be the first one they call when you pick up our Kids Executioner Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a strong and beastly figure who knows a thing or two about swinging an axe. Featuring a muscle-padded blood-stained chest piece, a long black cape, a pair of faux steel gauntlet wrist cuffs, and a matching belt, your kid is going to be feeling stronger than ever in this one.
Kids Skele-Kitten Costume
Your little one will be meowing and purring and playing with bones this year when you dress them up with our Kids Skele-Kitten Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your tyke needs to leap and pounce from the underworld and spook the entire town in style. Featuring a black and white skeletal dress with an attached black tutu skirt, a matching pair of leg and arm sleeves, as well as a cute black choker, you're going to love this hauntingly beautiful look on your child this year.
Kids Circus Skeleton Girl Costume
Your little angel will be leading the entire undead circus this year when she is wearing our Kids Circus Skeleton Girl Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your tyke needs to entertain the crowd with giant skeletal elephants and zombie motorcyclists in cages. Featuring a beautiful red, gold, and black sparkling dress with an attached vest, a pair of black and gold skeletal leggings, a matching pair of arm sleeves, and a tiny top hat, you're going to love this spooky look on your daughter this year.
Half Masked Skeleton Child Costume
Give your child a comfy and creepy Halloween when you dress them up in our Half Masked Skeleton Child Costume! When you give your child this simpler Halloween costume, they can get the classic black and white skeleton costume that everyone loves with an effortless mask to make their night out a little more fun. They can eat their candy on the go a little more easily when they have only a half mask on, after all!
Girl's Miss Jangles Costume
Make sure to pack them plenty of milk this Halloween when you get them our Girls? Miss Jangles Costumes! This fun and decorative disguise is the perfect way to show off all the healthy bones you?ve helped grow. This costume features a fitted shirt and leggings that transform your child into a spooky skeleton. Perfect for scaring neighbors completely as is, or leaving plenty of space for the more creative members of the family to take over. Pair up this outfit with any number of clothes or accessories for the ultimate scare. Put it underneath sweatshirts, jackets, or whatever you feel like for a fun unveiling, and a simple and easy costume that is promised to be a favorite at the party this year. Keep clear of any dogs with this fanciful disguise, designed to fit in from any graveyard or celebration, you?ll fit in anywhere you go! So grab a shovel start digging with our Girls? Miss Jangles Costume that will give them the power to show off their pearly whites all season long!
Sublimation Skeleton Costume
You just found the easiest and most stylish skeleton costume youve ever had, so choose this Sublimation Skeleton Costume for your daughter this Halloween! You might be looking for a costume with low levels of hassle this year, but what about a costume with no hassle at all? This dress is going to do all the work for you, since your daughter is going to be able to just put this outfit on and rock the bone design printed on it with no more effort than going to school on a normal day!
Skelly-Corn Costume for Girls
Dress to impress and wow others wherever you decide to go during Halloween, or any other costume party of the year for that matter. Introducing the Skelly-Corn Costume for Girls. Corn in general is a very hearty and nutritional food as it's packed with many useful and helpful vitamins. But you might think that corn is boring, right? How can you make corn exciting? Halloween is a holiday that falls on autumn. Autumn is basically the time of harvest, when farmers collect all of their produce that they grew during the spring and summer. Corn is an essential vegetable loved by many during the fall season, and especially during Thanksgiving, which by the way, is also celebrated during fall. For you, it's a winning situation because you perfectly blend in with the crisp fall season, and even on the two holidays. So in a way, your options are quite endless since you can wear this costume for either holiday, or maybe even both!
Skeleton Boys Costume
Show off your childs excellent bone structure this Halloween by giving them the Skeleton Boys Costume to wear. This black and white jumpsuit features a spooky looking white skeleton design print. The hands also come with a boney look making for an effective new outfit that will look great on gloomy Halloween nights with their fellow ghouls and goblins. The Skeleton Boys Costume also includes a hood making white make-up, or a skull mask a natural fit to enhance this undead look.
Baby/Toddler SkeleBat Costume
Soar up high and through the night sky as a scary and terrifying bat! Introducing the Skele-Bat Costume for Toddlers. This costume is absolutely perfect and fitting for Halloween since bats are a classic symbol of the spooky holiday. Think about it. You see bats on Halloween decorations like stickers, hanging props, wallpapers, and other forms of decorations. Therefore, it just makes sense for you to turn into a bat for the holiday. Fly from door to door as you go trick or treating, and blend in with the night! Better yet, this bat costume has visible bones drawn on it for that extra layer of spookiness and scare! Are they showing the bat's anatomy? Or perhaps, it's some kind of zombie bat who likes to fly around during Halloween? You decide! Now, the only trick is to try and hang upside down from the ceiling to perfectly mimic the behavior of the bat. The next thing you know, you pretty much are the bat!
Skeleton Poncho - Child Costume
Your little one is going to love how warm and cozy she is when you wrap her up in this Skeleton Poncho - Child Costume! Most skeletons look like theyre pretty chilly on Halloween, since theyre just bones after all! Your daughter can have a little more padding than that when you give her this poncho printed with a bone design. This poncho will let her dress up while still warming up, to give her the best of both worlds this Halloween!
Skelee Ballerina Costume Child
Your daughter doesnt have to choose between a sweet costume and a spooky costume when she has this Skelee Ballerina Costume Child this Halloween! This bony ballerina is sure to make the cut for the big solo in her dance class when shes showing off her moves in this gorgeous tutu. Your daughter can start practicing her spookiest pirouettes in preparation for the big day when she can look forward to dancing through her trick-or-treating in this costume!