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Leatherface Costumes

Leatherface costumes have been popular every Halloween, since the 1974 horror movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre. At Costume SuperCenter we have the Leatherface mask and accessories you're looking for. No Leatherface costume is complete without a chainsaw, so make sure to order this necessary outfit accessory. Buy your Leatherface Halloween costume online today!

Leatherface Costume Ideas and Tips

Is there a butcher in the family? Has your family ALWAYS been in meats? That may be a sign that a Leatherface costume is what you need this Halloween. Of course, fans of horror movies and the Texas Chainsaw massacre series of films would want to be Leatherface too. The original 1974 movie was a low budget film that became a smash hit and then inspired 7 sequels. It is credited as being the first horror film to use power tools as a weapon. The movie was inspired by Ed Gein, a serial killer who used the skin of people to create masks. Leatherface does the same thing. Unlike Gein, Leatherface is partial to a chainsaw as a weapon. Celebrate Halloween by becoming one of the most frightening monsters of all – a deranged, murderous human. We have what you need so order it from us today. No real humans were hurt in the making of these costumes.