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Red and Yellow Fire and Ice Projection Light
Snuggle up with your little kitten as they wear the Cuddly Lion Toddler Costume. Usually, lions are pretty fierce creatures, but not this time! This outfit comes as a single piece jumpsuit made of fuzzy brown material. It has an attached tail, tan belly patch, and feeties. You also receive a pair of mittens to look like paws. The hood piece has a large mane and ears to complete the look. Kids will become the cuddliest cuties in this lion costume!
Light-Up Magic Crystal Ball
Ready to hear your fortune? Need to know if the grim reaper has you in his sights? The Light-Up Magic Crystal Ball can help. It can tell you what awaits. We know your future too. Order it today and you will get it soon because we ship quickly
Gallon of Fog Liquid
Seeing your favorite artist perform live in concert is one of your biggest fantasies because you can just imagine being in the front row screaming your lungs out at the arrival of the performer who comes on stage just as the lights go down, a few sparks shoot up from the sides of the stage, and an awesome smoke screen covers the entire stage and out walks the star of the show. That smoke really gets you and if you'd like a dramatic experience like the one you witnessed at the show it's easy as long as you have a fog machine and our Gallon of Fog Liquid.
Black Light Bulb (75 Watt)
Cast a spooky glow on to any scene with this 75 watt black light bulb! Unlock the hidden Magic within black light posters and other decorations when you are using one of these classic Halloween mood-setting devices! Fits most household lamps! Add some black light sensitive paint, decorations or tape to give an otherwise normal living room a creepy and futuristic illumination! Shop our full selection of Halloween home decorations and start putting together your family is perfect look today! Avoid the crowded Halloween stores when you order your 75 watt black light bulb online now!
Chasing Ghosts Lightshow Projector
Ghostbusters grow wild and free with our Chasing Ghosts Lightshow Projector. Fuel your passion with endless hours of tremendous observation in flying ghost fashion. For outdoor use. Light up any sky far away or close near by.
Halloween Strobe Light - LED
No haunted house or decorated home is complete without this Halloween Strobe Light ?LED! The Halloween Strobe Light ? LED will transform your house from plain to horrific. Trick or treaters and guests of all kinds will be leery to approach when this Halloween Strobe Light ? LED casts an eerie glow. Order a Halloween Strobe Light ? LED online and save on shipping!
Skeleton Hot Hands Halloween Lightshow
Your neighbors are going to be dazzled when they walk by your house in October and see our Skeleton Hot Hands Halloween Lightshow making your home into the most sensational Halloween destination in the neighborhood! With this light show out on your lawn, you can fill the imaginations of your trick or treaters with spooky scary skeletons, giving them Halloween memories that will stick with them for years to come. For a whole new level of decoration, give them a light show!
24' Blacklight String Lights
Give your next costume party an eerie glow with this boxed set! The Indoor/Outdoor Black Light Set is great for peeling back the shadows in your home this Halloween. Great for a spooky rave, crime scene, or mad scientist's lab themed events. Includes 25 bulbs on two feet of string. Shop on our online store for great deals on all our costumes and accessories!
Quart Of Fog Liquid
Perhaps you'd like to create an eerie atmosphere this Halloween. Maybe you'd like the exterior paths of your home or party venue to send a spooky shiver up your guests? spines! If so, this Quart of Fog Liquid is just the magic you need to turn your ordinary venue into an enchanting one! The Quart of Fog Liquid works with your fog machine on Halloween! Buy now for fast shipping by Halloween!
Skeletons Whirl-A-Motion Projection Light
Thrill your neighbors. Turn your front yard into something haunted! Use this projection light. Dancing skeletons will be projected all over the front of your house. Freak everyone out with this eerie skeleton party!
Ornate Snowflurry Lightshow Projection
Create a beautiful scene on the side of the house with this Ornate Snowflurry Lightshow Projection Light. Light uses an AC plug and measures 12" x 5".
Gallon of Ground Fog Liquid
Cheesy party decorations and props are something that you could never see yourself using no matter what the situation is because you know how to set up a fun fiesta. It's time for you to step up your game and start thinking on a larger scale as far as party decorations are concerned and the best way you can do that is by setting up your own personal ground fog machine and filling it with our Gallon of Ground Fog Liquid. A gallon of our great fog liquid should be more than plenty to add that special effect you were looking for.
400 watt Fogger
If you have ever wondered how the superstars on television have such a cool looking set then you then all you have to do is a little research and you will find out that it's all smoke and mirrors, literally, and you can up the ante at your next performance by using this Fog Machine - 400w. Add a little or a lot of your own fog liquid to this contraption and fill your stage with cool smoke effects to make your performance ten times better and the fans will be so pleased your concerts will sell out every time you perform.
Halloween Scary Faces Lightshow
Put on a show on Halloween by entrancing your trick or treaters with our Halloween Scary Faces Lightshow! No one on your block will have seen anything like it when they walk by your home and see these scary Halloween faces moving around on the walls of your house. You can take your Halloween decorations up a notch this year when you have these scary faces up to give off a real haunted house vibe.
Blazing Skull Fire & Ice Projection
You can wow everyone on your block every night of Halloween season when you put up our Blazing Skull Fire And Ice Projection! This gorgeous projection art is going to make you the one to beat this spooky season, since its breath taking visuals are sure to stun everyone who walks by your house. The trick or treaters are going to run right over to your house as soon as they head out for candy on Halloween when they know you have this projection up!
18 Black Light Fixture and Bulb Accessory
If youre having your Halloween in a motel room, you might not want to use this 18 Black Light Fixture and Bulb Accessory! However, if youre just having your Halloween in your living room, youre probably good to enjoy this fantastic and eerie black light setup! When you turn on this black light decoration, everyone will feel like theyre in the underworld, or just an underground club! Your party is going to get rave reviews if you use this black light on Halloween!
Snow Flake Machine
You've heard of fog machines, but now is your chance to get this awesome Mini Snow Machine! The item is great for holiday parties, and features realistic snow effects. The machine has continuous snow action and shoots out non-toxic snow that is recommended for indoor use only.
1000 Watt Fog Machine
Turn any room into a haunted scene when you install the Fog Machine - 1000w. This Fog machine is easy to install into any room. The machine producing a thick white fog, great for parties or theatre tricks. Make your room a haunted scene with just a press of a button. Order your own Fog Machine - 1000w today from Costume SuperCenter.
Mist Making Machine
Create a super spooky vibe this Halloween when you set up our Mist Making Machine for the lawn this year! Having creepy decorations outside is one thing, but once you add mist, it takes the terror and the fright to a whole other level! Pair this mist machine with our wide variety of scary Halloween props and decor pieces this year, and you're sure to have the most haunted house on the block. Buy your mist machine today!