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Adult Lord of the Rings Gandalf Beard & Wig Set
You can't join the Fellowship of the Ring this Halloween until you accessorize with the Adult Lord of the Rings Gandalf Beard & Wig Set! The set includes long white hair and a matching beard with a moustache attached.
Men's Gandalf Beard Kit
Gandalf is famous for having long, grey hair and beard. You can look just like the great wizard by wearing the Men's Gandalf Beard Kit. This set looks so realistic you may find yourself embarking on a magical journey through Middle Earth.
Leaf Clasp - Lord of the Rings
The Leaves of Lorien will complete your Tolkien look this Halloween. Great for costumes and cosplay, the Leaf Clasp - Lord of the Rings is the perfect brooch for your cloak. The green leaf is decorated with a silver design that easily attaches to your clothes. Whether you're going a Frodo, Legolas, or adding a fun twist on your fantasy look, the Leaf Clasp - Lord of the Rings is a great choice. Order your own Leaf Clasp - Lord of the Rings today from Costume SuperCenter.
Mens The Hobbit Mens Gandalf Costume
Lead the merry band this year to the Misty Mountains with our Men's Gandalf outfit! Fight the forces of the Necromancer and Smaug with this outfit pulled right out of the Tolkien classic! Featuring the signature robe, belt and wizard hat, you can become one of the most powerful wizards in Middle Earth! Just add a beard and staff and you will be the great wizard himself! So whether you want to take up your staff and sword (available in our props department) or just smoke a pipe with your Hobbit friends, this outfit can meet every single one of your needs! Retake the Misty Mountains this Halloween with this amazing Gandalf costume for men!
The Hobbit 2: Desolation of Smaug - Gandalf Staff
Gandaulf the Grey was always known for his famed staff. Now you can be the proud honor of this The Hobbit 2: Desolation of Smaug - Gandalf Staff. No need to be worried when you hold this magnificent staff. Cast a spell on all your costume party attendees. None shall pass when you wield this staff!
Aragorn Sword Adult - Lord of the Rings
Need one last thing for your Lord of the Rings Halloween costume? Get the Aragorn Sword Adult - Lord of the Rings and emulate Tolkien's heroic warrior. Aragorn's sword is the sword that was broken and is forged again, so treat it with respect when you're fighting in battles and scaring off Orcs. The plastic silver sword is close to four feet long, so it's a great weapon to have. Perfect for costume parties or helping Frodo on his quest to destroy the Ring, the Aragorn sword for adults is fit for a king!
Elf Ear Tips - Lord of the Rings
Often times there is only one little thing that separates different creatures and when you notice it you realize what that creature is right away, similar to little elves who look like short people, but their Pointy Elf Ears let people know that these little guys are special.
Gandalf Sword The Hobbit
Lord of the Rings Adult Legolas Costume
The Lord of the Rings Adult Legolas Costume is a bonafide bullseye of a Halloween costume for any aspiring elf. This officially licensed Lord of the Rings outfit comes with a tunic, belt, boot tops, and cape fit for a legendary archer. Don't forget to check out our online store for a wig, elf ears, and bow to complete the look!
Lord of the Rings Arwen Necklace
Whether you are dressing up as an Elven Princess or the King of Men this Halloween, you'll love the Lord of the Rings Arwen Necklace! Originally gifted to Aragorn by Arwen in Rivendell, this officially licensed accessory is perfect for any Lord of the Rings fan. Order today for fast shipping and easy delivery!
Boys The Hobbit Gandalf Costume
The many followers of Tolkien's fantastic novels know that once a wizard, always a wizard. That is the code that the wise and powerful sage Gandalf plays in the sagas featuring magic rings, fighting dwarves, and evil monsters. Kids can travel during the time of Middle Earth to the dangerous Two Towers dressed like the mystical magic man in this Boy's The Hobbit Gandalf Costume. Conjure up hordes of magic and release the power of the fire ring in a full length gray robe with a long, brown woven belt to tie around the waist, and let everyone know who's the top wizard with this gray steeped wizard's hat. Being an elite member of the Fellowship gives you great powers over the forces of evil so be sure to use them and in this Boy's The Hobbit Gandalf Costume.
Adult Legolas Bow and Arrow - LOTR
Head to Mordor with Frodo and Aragorn this Halloween when you pick up our Adult Legolas Bow and Arrow - LOTR! Legolas is a beautiful elf from Rivendell, and he is completely masterful with a bow. If you're dressing up as this phenomenal elf this Halloween, then you certainly don't want to miss out on picking up this elegant bow and arrow set. Buy yours today, and go take down Sauron and his entire army of orcs this Halloween!
Lord of the Rings Child Frodo Costume
Take the Ring to Mordor with your little one this Halloween when you pick up our Lord of the Rings Child Frodo Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your little tot into the cutest Hobbit in the Shire. Complete with a brown cloak, a pair of matching brown pants, and a coat with an attached shirt and vest, you can't go wrong with this special costume. Buy yours today, and then team up with Samwise, Legolas, Aragorn, Gandalf and the rest of the LOTR gang for a Halloween straight out of Middle Earth!
The Lord Of The Rings Queen Arwen Deluxe Adult Costume
What's the point in sticking around if you're all alone? Wear a Deluxe Queen Arwen Adult Costume and go find Aragorn! This gorgeous dress is modelled after the gown worn by Arwen in the conclusion of the trilogy. Each light green piece has a swoop neckline rimmed with lace detail to match that of the long sleeves. Walk up to meet your new hubby and their knee-length bell cuffs will billow behind you, just like the flowing floor-length skirt. Look like a queen when you put on the silver tiara. Intricate swirls dip down to hang on your forehead, all of them full of small divets that will catch the light as you move. Trailing streamers at the sides wave into your curly locks. Wear your Deluxe Queen Arwne Adult Costume with a long brown wig and have everyone humming Forever Young! Great for theme parties and Halloween.
Legolas Long Blade Sword
You're sure to win your little contest with Gimli when you have your Legolas Long Blade Sword to make you fight your best. Even though Legolas is more of an archer, every now and then everyone needs a sword, so you can whip this out whenever you need to fight in close quarters. When you fight side by side with your dwarf friend using this sword, you'll feel like you've truly entered the world of Middle Earth.
Gollum Mask- Lord Of The Rings
The precious ring can be yours if you put on the Adult The Hobbit Gollum Mask. This character mask will make a wonderful addition to your Lord of the Rings costume. You
Adult Lurtz Mask Lord of the Rings
Lord of the Rings Gray Adult Elven Cloak
If you're a Lord of the Rings fan, one thing is certain. Don't go anywhere as an elf without a Lord of the Rings Gray Adult Elven Cloak (STD). Shooting arrows as Legolas wouldn't be complete without his cloak, so don't leave here without picking up your own. Sure to keep you warm this Halloween.
Womens Hobbit Galadriel Costume
When you wear the Women's Hobbit Galadriel Costume, you're ready to join the incredible world of J.R.R. Tolkien, along with characters like Bilbo, Gandalf, Smaug, Thorin, and more! Become a queen of the elves! This costume comes with a dress and a headpiece. This costume does not come with shoes.
The Lord Of The Rings Elven Cloak Adult
Happen to be a deadshot when it comes to archery? Or maybe, you enjoy The Lord of the Rings movies? Whatever the case may be, this is a fantastic upgrade to your elf costume! Attend the Halloween party, cosplay event, or convention as an elf from the movies and impress guests with your costume. Add some extra accessories like a blonde wig, and a prop bow with arrows for an authentic and believable look. A master marksman, plus immortal, how can you go wrong? But even if you do not wish to be an elf, you can combine this cloak with a variety of other costumes for a unique look. This is an officially licensed item.