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Mens Historical

Men's Renaissance costumes bring you back to a time when chivalry was alive and well and men were romantic, strong and brave. Men would sword fight to the death for the honor of a fair maiden and knights would joust for sport. Kings and Crusaders waged war over their kingdom and their beliefs. And they all looked so incredibly handsome in their varied clothing. Take a look at our selection for men and you will see exactly what we mean. You can dress up as common townsfolk, nobility, a knight or even famed figures, like Robin Hood. Buy a men's renaissance costume today!

Mens Medieval Renaissance Costume Ideas and Tips

Hear ye, hear ye! Our collection of affordable men’s medieval renaissance costumes is doth proclaimed totally awesome. Grab a bunch of Knight in Shining Armor costumes and an iconic King Arthur costume and put together your very own round table for Halloween or cosplay. Or pick up four of our intricately detailed Grand Heritage Musketeer costumes and hit the neighborhood on Halloween night with your best buddies. Or recreate your favorite Shakespeare or Robin Hood scenes with our highly articulated styles. With a variety of prince, pauper, king, monk, and Viking ensembles to choose from, you can pick the style that suits you best. And check out the women’s medieval renaissance costumes while you’re at, we’ve got matching ensembles that will create a fantastic couple’s theme for trick-or-treating or cosplay. Or you could hit up the renaissance faire or a local theater production. The choice is yours! So, order your men’s medieval renaissance costumes and accessories online today.

Deluxe Colonial Tricorn Hat
The Adult Unisex Airline Pilot Hat is a great accessory for any great aviator. The navy hat features a gold and black band with wings applique, and adjustable snap closures in the back. Pair with a leather bomber jacket for an incredible look perfect for Halloween.
Colonial Shoe Adult
Make history this Halloween with the great Colonial Shoe Adult! The shoes, which are designed in a colonial style, are black with golden buckles on the top. These are perfect for your historical reenactment, colonial Halloween costume, or Thanksgiving pilgrim look.
Caveman Brown Wig Costume Accessory
Accessorize your caveman look this Halloween with this sensational Caveman Brown Wig Costume Accessory! This dirty brown hairdo complements just about any prehistoric character disguise! Whether you are Fred Flintstone or simply a Neanderthal, your hair will sit just right with this Caveman Brown Wig Costume Accessory!
Regency Duke Adult Costume
Adult Miss Liberty Mask
Uncle Sam Adult Costume
We want YOU to buy this Patriotic Uncle Sam costume for Halloween this year! Show your patriotic this Halloween when you show up at your party in this ensemble. The outfit comes with a deep blue jacket emblazoned with silver buttons on the sides. The flaps of the coat have red and white diagonal stripes on them. The pants are also designed with a red and white vertical stripe pattern, as is the included bow tie. The big top hat is embellished with large red and white vertical stripes and features a blue band all the way around the rim that is decorated with white stars. This costume is a great outfit for Halloween or even for a Fourth of July celebration! Purchase an Uncle Sam beard and wig set, a pair of colonial shoes, or white gloves, each sold here separately, to complete this outfit.
Jabot & Cuffs, Colonial
This Colonial Jabot and Cuff Set is fit for the captain of a pirate ship. Turn any outfit into a puffy shirt! You can also wear these pieces to complete Revolutionary War reenactment costumes. You'll look ready to sign the Declaration of Independence!
Adult Teddy Roosevelt Costume
Teddy Roosevelt was one of the nation's most beloved presidents for his kindness, dedication, and an extremely outgoing personality.
Mens American Flag Vest
Adult Deluxe Admiral Hat
Adult Deluxe Colonial White Wig
Abraham Lincoln Adult Costume
There aren?t many presidents who have had such an illustrious tenure as the great Abraham Lincoln. Being one of the four legendary presidents who?s had his name etched into Mount Rushmore, honest Abe is among the most respected out of any. This Abraham Lincoln Adult Costume allows you to replicate the integrity Abraham Lincoln had, and looked to give to everyone after him. This costume includes the signature black top hat, as well as a shirt, a vest, a knee-length jacket and the classic long beard. This signature look is authentically replicate directly from the man who ended the Civil War himself. The silver satin vest is one of the premier touches that makes this outfit stand out among any others that you?ll see. Details are what makes the ensemble top notch, and now it?s time for you to display these traits as well! Grab this costume today, and show everyone your level of integrity.
Uncle Sam Beard
Accessorize your Uncle Sam costume with our Uncle Sam Beard. Add Uncle Sam's iconic long white beard with this fun fake beard! Dress up as Uncle Sam for parades or holidays and accessorize with our Uncle Sam Beard!
Confederate Officer Hat
Revisit the past when you put on a Confederate Officer Hat! Each light gray hat is made out of stiff felt, helping it keep its shape in combat. The red and blue Confederate symbol sits above the yellow hat band. Perfect for reenactments, history presentations, and Halloween.
Mens Ben Franklin / Colonial Man Costume
The man of a thousand inventions, Ben Franklin was the ultimate colonial celebrity. You'll feel like you're walking the streets of 18th century Philadelphia in this Men's Ben Franklin Colonial Man Costume. The costume includes a blue coat lined with black and white lacey cuffs. A gray vest with a white ruffled shirt front is also included. Red cropped pants are also included as well as white stockings that run up the calf. The wig and shoes are not included, but you can pick up a White Colonial Men's Wig sold separately in our store as well as a pair of Shoe Buckles and you'll have the head-to-toe constitutional look in no time. Wear this costume on Halloween to show your patriotism, or even on Independence Day to celebrate America's birthday!
Men's Union Officer Costume
Reenact the bloodiest battles the United States has been involved in by wearing a Men's Union Officer Costume. During the Civil War it was brother against brother fighting over country! This regalia is a replica of the uniform worn by soldiers from the Union Army. You receive a pair of deep blue pants and matching jacket. The top feature rows of buttons in front, bright yellow cuffs and collar, as well as stitched designs on the sleeve. Browse for toy weapons and other accessories to make your acting even more convincing.
Uncle Sam Wig and Beard Set
We want you to achieve a likeness that's unbelievable to everyone. With our Uncle Sam Wig and Beard Set you can channel one of the most prolific American figures. It's a fantastic way to show your American spirit that'll look great for Halloween or a Fourth of July gathering. Make it apart of your next celebration!
Lincoln Beard
Four score and many years ago one of the most memorable presidents lived and today we always remember him as having a scruffy black beard similar to the one we have with this Abraham Lincoln Beard that you can apply easily along with a rustic top hat to do your best Lincoln act.
Heroes in History - Ben Franklin Accessory Kit
This Ben Franklin wig and eyeglasses kit is just what you need to be the First American this Halloween. It includes a bald cap with gray hair on the sides and a pair of wire framed glasses with clear lenses.
Adult Heros In History Nostradamus Accessory
Mens Washington Costume W/Mask Costume
Adult Patriotic Uncle Sam Costume
Whether you're dressing up for Halloween or the Fourth of July, you definitely don't want to miss out on our Adult Patriotic Uncle Sam Costume! Celebrate your love for your country while all decked out in this patriotic attire. Complete with a bright blue tailcoat, a pair of red and white striped pants, and a matching white shirtfront, you can't go wrong with this fun get-up. Buy yours today, and then scan our site for the rest of your USA attire needs!
Revolutionary Soldier Costume for Men
Make your Halloween historic and powerful with this Revolutionary Soldier Costume for Men! You are going to love the look and feel of this throwback military style made of comfortable and durable materials! The perfect addition to any costume closet. Complete and versatile enough for any costumed occasion throughout the year! Make this look all your own when you take a look around our enormous selection of historic costumes and accessories for adults! Order yours online today while supplies last!
Regency Collection British Redcoat Adult Costume
Look straight out of the Revolutionary War wearing our Regency Collection British Redcoat Adult Costume. These soldiers could easily be seen coming across the battlefield in their bright red coats, the traditional uniform of the powerful, royal British army. This costume can be worn for Halloween, but can also be used for theatrical productions such as Civil War reenactments, and historical themed events. If you?re fascinated by the Regency area, then this costume made of polyester will fit you perfectly. It includes a long sleeve blue and red cropped gabardine jacket with brass buttons down the front, gold trim on the sleeves, and button detail trim at the cuffs. It also includes contrasting knee-length white pants that are creased for a truly regal look. Enhance your look by adding on a variety of colonial accessories such as a tricorn hat, wig, sword, gloves, ruffled jabot neck piece, and buckle shoes.
Adult Thomas Jefferson Costume
Transform yourself into a Founding Father with this splendid Thomas Jefferson Costume. In the style of the 1700s, this attire consists of a long jacket with ruffled cuffs, knickers, white jabo and velvety vest. Sign some proclamations, create some laws, and order some staff about?you're sure to feel very powerful in this outfit.
Uncle Sam Sequin Large Deluxe Adult Costume
You'll be the highlight of the whole parade in this bright and eye catching Uncle Sam costume! The Sequin Uncle Sam Adult is a men's costume depicting the classic Uncle Sam look with dazzling sequins all over. The three piece costume set includes the jacket, matching vest, and costume pants. The costume is done in red, white, and blue and features stripes all over to match the look of the American flag. The costume features a long jacket with large lapels, bright blue sequins all over, and red and white stripes on the lapels and cuffs. The vest is solid white and the pants match in red and white vertical stripes. The sequins on this costume make it really stand out and add a fun and festive accent. This costume is perfect for the Fourth of July, Veteran's Day, President's Day, and patriotic holidays throughout the year!
Deluxe Uncle Sam Adult
We want you to have the best Halloween you've ever had! When you don this Deluxe Uncle Sam Adult costume you'll have the entire party thinking you hopped right out of the poster! You'll be the patriot of the ball when you walk in as a fun loving proud American couple if you decide to do a pairing! This outfit comes with everything you'll need to show your stars and stripes! A beautiful blue vest with a red and white stripped breast trim. With a white vest front, it'll complement and pop extravagantly with the bright blue vest. It also comes with a matching pair of red and white pants that tie the patriotic aura together! Make sure you add a few extra bits of flair to your American pride outfit including a white beard, or even Uncle Sam's signature top hat! The party will give you a salute and a drink when you strut in wearing our Deluxe Uncle Sam Adult.
Mr. Billionaire President Wig
Our president, a billionaire? Nevertheless, achieve the luxurious look with this characteristic Mr. Billionaire President Men's Wig! The golden hair is parted in the same fashion as the president himself! The wig humorously imitates the wispy hairstyle of the sitting president! The laughs will roll with this full Mr. Billionaire President Men's Wig!
White Colonial Men's Wig
If your dressing as George Washington this Halloween, buy the White Colonial Men's Wig to accessorize! The wig is made of white hair that is curled into ringlets that are pulled back into a ponytail. The hair is tied with a black ribbon that is tied into a bow. This is great for any colonial historical impersonation or Halloween costume.
Abe Lincoln Adult Costume
Honestly, this Adult Abe Lincoln costume is the greatest Halloween costume ever! The outfit comes with a knee-length black jacket. Underneath the jacket, wear the silver vest, which features three black buttons going down the front. The costume also includes a black bowtie that can be worn on the white collar of the vest. The tall, stovepipe black hat and the black beard also come with the costume and really add a finishing touch to this ensemble. The pants and shoes in the picture above are not included with the rest of the outfit. You'll look good enough to be the president when you show up to your party dressed in this costume! Purchase a pair of colonial shoes, rectangular eyeglasses, and a pair of white gloves, each sold here separately, to complete your look.