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Mens TV & Movie

Even though the internet is a significant driving force on culture nowadays, TV shows and movies continue to have an effect on us in profound ways. Whether the characters we watch on TV or movies are real or fictional, human, animal or cartoon, we are able to develop emotional connections with them and their story line. This is what keeps us coming back week after week and sequel after sequel. When you wear a men's TV or movie costume, everyone will know that you have an appreciation for that particular character.

Mens TV & Movie Costume Ideas and Tips

Whatever your favorite genre may happen to be, we have something for everyone in our extensive collection of men’s TV and movie costumes. Save the day as the fast-talking Flash. Go classic with our movie monster options like Frankenstein’s monster.

Or add a retro vibe to your ensemble and check out our Elvis ensembles. If spooky is more your speed, check out your favorite movie monsters like Freddy Krueger, Pennywise the Clown, and Jason Voorhees. Pair with our women’s and children’s collections to create a fun group ensemble. This affordable collection of men’s TV and movie costumes is a perfect choice for everything from Halloween to cosplay and viewing parties, so order online today!

Toy Story 4 Adult Buzz Lightyear Hoodie Costume
Soar through the dark Halloween night as this famous Toy Story character when you wear the Toy Story Adult Buzz Lightyear Hoodie Costume. This item has lots of style and design, and looks just like the toy character's space suit, with buttons and decals on the chest piece, a jetpack style on the back, and a big purple hood for extra warmth. Go to a dress-up party with your friends Woody, Jessie, Bo Peep, and more this year.
Monster Adult Boots
You grow into most shoes. But with these Monster Adult Boots, YOU will grow! These awesome boots feature a huge, platform sole over four inches high! You'll make a larger-than-life entrance to your Halloween bash! Whether you'll be disguised as Frankenstein or other marvelous monster, these Monster Adult Boots will officially complete your Halloween look!
Adult Ted Lasso Costume
Everybody will be wondering if you can bring your past soccer coaching success to AFC Richmond this year when you get all decked out in our Adult Ted Lasso Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to prove that an American soccer coach can be just as successful even in the best English football clubs! Featuring a soccer coach jacket, a Ted Lasso mustache, a visor, and a whistle on a lanyard, you're going to love this great look.
Red Super Hero Boot Men
You'll feel extra super this Halloween when you accessorize your outfit with the Red Super Hero Boot Men! The flat boot is bright red and is taller in the front than in the back. This goes well with every superhero costume.
Toy Story 4 Adult Buzz Lightyear Shirt and Pants Costume
Join Woody, Bo Peep, Jessie, and all the other toys at a Halloween party, or get the right outfit for a night of classic Pixar movies this year when you wear the Toy Story Adult Buzz Lightyear Costume. This costume comes with a pair of pants and a top, both of which have plenty of colorful and fun character details you can use to become this legendary Pixar character. Go to infinity and beyond...or just show up at your next event in style.
Adult Coming to America Prince Akeem Costume
Become the decadent heir of Zamunda this year when you get all decked out in our Adult Coming to America Prince Akeem Costume. With this royal set, you will receive everything you need to make your trip to America and find your bride, all while looking luxurious as ever. Featuring a black jacket, a golden jeweled crown, a golden bowtie and regal necklace, as well as a fur shoulder pelt, you're going to love this lavish prince look this year.
Star Trek - Deluxe Spock - Adult Costume
Choosing a different costume for your next Halloween, cosplay, or Star Trek viewing party would be simply illogical. This Star Trek - Deluxe Spock - Adult Costume features an accurately rendered blue uniform shirt with long sleeves and a deep V-neck with a black collar. White stripes decorate the cuffs of the long sleeves. A matching white Star Trek emblem is emblazoned on the upper left of the shirt. The shirt features a textured design with a netting effect. Pair this iconic space uniform shirt with a simple pair of black pants for an easy and fun cosplay experience. Who says cosplay needs to be complicated? Focus your energy on learning to speak Klingon, instead! Order the matching Star Trek - Deluxe Captain Kirk - Adult Costume and the Star Trek - Deluxe Scotty - Adult Costume for a sci-fi themed group costume ensemble. Shop for officially licensed Star Trek costumes and accessories for adults online today.
Adult Addams Family Gomez Addams Wig & Moustache Kit
You need the Adult Addams Family Gomez Addams Wig & Moustache Kit to create a successful Gomez Addams Halloween costume this year! The kit comes with a slick black wig and a matching black moustache so you can look just like this famous patriarch.
Adult WWE Hollywood Hogan Costume
There's not a wrestler in the world who will be able to take you down this year when you get all dressed up in our Adult WWE Hollywood Hogan Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become the only wrestler who can naturally pull off calling everyone brother. Featuring a muscle-padded sleeveless top, a pair of matching pants with attached boot covers, and a bandana and arm bands, you're going to feel powerful as ever sporting this look.
Super Hero Boot Adult
Your superhero outfit needs some super accessories to really complete it, so buy the Super Hero Boot Adult! These black boots are flat and extend to the knees. They are taller in the front than in the back.
Beetlejuice Wig
Man...just because you hang out with dead people doesn't mean you have to look like them. Pop on your Beetlejuice Wig and you'll have a head full of wild, crazy white locks that stick straight out. A forehead is attached to the wig to make it look like you're balding. A must-have for any Burton fan.
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Deluxe Science Blue Shirt - Adult Costume
What better place for a man of science than the vast wilds of space? This Star Trek: The Next Generation - Deluxe Science Blue Shirt - Adult Costume will make you feel right at home as you travel the far corners of the galaxy in search of candy on Halloween. This long-sleeved, sky blue shirt features black detailing and a row of gold pips on the collar to indicate rank. The included Star Trek logo communicator pin completes this ensemble. Pair the Star Trek: The Next Generation - Deluxe Science Blue Shirt - Adult Costume with the Star Trek: The Next Generation Deluxe Operations Gold Shirt - Adult Costume and the Star Trek: The Next Generation - Deluxe Commander Red Shirt - Adult Costume for an adventurous group ensemble that is sure to be a hit at your next local cosplay convention. Order officially licensed Star Trek costumes and accessories online now.
The Addams Family: Gomez Adult Costume
Your Morticia is going to be excited to see you dress up in our The Addams Family: Gomez Adult Costume! Take her for a waltz around the room or just have a classic Addams adventure with your kids in this gothic suit, and you'll feel just as creepy and kooky as your favorite TV family. This costume is the perfect look for a dad in a family group costume, too, so see if your Wednesday and Pugsley want to join!
Adult Lord of the Rings Gandalf Beard & Wig Set
You can't join the Fellowship of the Ring this Halloween until you accessorize with the Adult Lord of the Rings Gandalf Beard & Wig Set! The set includes long white hair and a matching beard with a moustache attached.
Adult WWE Hulk Hogan Costume
You'll be calling everyone brother this year when you walk into the room wearing our Adult WWE Hulk Hogan Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become the most iconic wrestler to ever enter the ring and lay down the smackdown. Featuring a sleeveless muscle-padded Hulk Hogan top, a pair of matching pants with attached boot covers, a bandana, and a set of arm bands, you're going to love this powerful look.
Toy Story 4 Adult Woody Hoodie Costume
Ready to wrangle some rustlers in the Toy Story Adult Woody Hoodie Costume? What about getting the right look to join all the other toys at a Halloween party? Both are possible when you dress in this easy costume, a hoodie with a hood designed to look like a rootin' tootin' cowboy hat. For Halloween parties or everyday style, this hoodie has plenty of fun Toy Story character details you can use to show off.
Adult Men's Medieval Knight Wig
If you want to be Prince Charming for the night, you're going to need the long flowing locks in our Adult Men's Medieval Knight Wig! Check out how you look on your noble steed with this wig on and you'll agree that you're much more ready to slay the dragon and save the princess now that you have the right hair for it. No matter what fairy tale you're planning to be in, this wig will do the trick.
Star Trek Next Generation - Red Shirt Deluxe Adult Costume
Report to the deck, the Enterprise needs you get on hand and help them navigate through some messy terrain. In our Star Trek TNG Adult Deluxe Red Shirt you'll have the style of your favorite futuristic space crew. The shirt is made of a plush, yet breathable material that feels great to wear, and is stylish enough so you'll have fans of Star Trek wondering where you got it from. The red shirt with black stripes is long sleeved shirt that comes with an authentic styled communicator. This outfit is perfect for Halloween, but also works extremely well as a convention item. The quality will surprise your friends and fellow convention attendees. You can boldly take on new challenges by making sure that you add on a faux phaser; just be sure you set them to stun! Have blast exploring new worlds, or visiting current ones in our Star Trek TNG Adult Deluxe Red Shirt.
Adult Freddy Krueger Hat
The Batman Costume
Jump into the role of the protector of Gotham City in our classic Batman Costume. The snug-fitting costume is made of comfy polyester, making it easier for you to save the day. The jumpsuit of the costume is gray and black with yellow belt, Batman's logo across the chest, and black gauntlet arms sewed in. The costume also includes a headpiece with ears and black cape with blue interior. This Batman will have you looking the part of the goodhearted vigilante and feeling like a super hero. The Joker won't have a word to say when he sees you in this costume, no villains will even be attempting to threaten your city. If you're one of the comic fans that likes to go all out, we also have gauntlets, batarangs, and grappling hook available for sale separately.
Adult Freddy Krueger Hat
With the Adult Freddy Krueger Hat, you can top off a look that is so classic, teens have seen it in their dreams. Krueger's hat is almost as famous as he is. Complete your Freddy Look with this old, wretched brown hat tattered with the souls of his victims. Sweet dreams...
Adult Men's Evil Doll Costume
Evil dolls aren't just for the ladies! You can show everyone how creepy an evil doll can be with our Adult Men's Evil Doll Costume. With this freaky suit and a super messy haircut, you can show up to any costume party and be the scariest person there. Plus, if you have a lady partner you can even show up as a boy and girl twin pair, giving your costume an even creepier vibe from the double aspect!
Bob Ross Costume Top
Take your place as the most beloved painting guru in television history when you put on our Bob Ross Costume Top! For a quick and easy funny costume, your Bob Ross costume top is the perfect look. You can take your paint set to a party and show people how to draw a bush when you look like you know what you're doing in this costume top, and even if you're not painting you'll look like a work of art yourself in this costume.
Batman The Dark Night Costume for Adults
When Joker or Riddler are plotting to take over Gotham, there is only one person who can stop themBatman! Become the caped crusader this Halloween when you put on the Batman The Dark Night Costume for Adults. Based on the DC Comics version of this superhero, the outfit includes a cape, bodysuit, mask, belt, boot covers, arm guards and gloves.
Toy Story 4 Adult Mr. Potato Head Shirt Costume
If you've had your eye open for a fun couple's costume that you and your spuddy buddy can enjoy when you're on your way to a Halloween costume party, or a simple and easy look you can use to take the kids out for some trick-or-treating, then the Toy Story Adult Mr. Potato Head Costume. It's a t-shirt with plenty of funny facial detail just like the Toy Story character himself, so you can even wear it out on the town.
The Wizard of Oz Tinman Adult Costume
You can be off to see the wizard when you wear the Tin Man Adult Costume. It comes with a shirt, headpiece and long silver pants with attached boot covers. Officially licensed, it is designed to look like the outfit worn by Jack Haley in the 1939 classic movie, the Wizard of Oz. The long sleeve silver shirt features an image of the heart clock that the Wizard gave to the Tin Man in the 1939 movie. The hat is a silver funnel shape. Oz didn't give nothing to the Tin Man that he didn't already have. While he might have seemed like a hollowed out tin shell, the Tin Man actually had deep feelings and was able to love. Axe is not included. Other Wizard of Oz costumes are also available in plus, adult and child sizes.
Adult Gotham Knights Robin Costume
You'll be the best sidekick in superhero history this year when you put on our Adult Gotham Knights Robin Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to join forces with Batman and take down the likes of the Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and all the rest of those wicked Gotham villains. Featuring a red, green, and black printed costume top with an attached hood, as well as a matching black foam mask, you're going to love this DC Comics look.
Mens Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Costume
Whether you're heading to a party or a haunted house this Halloween, our Men's Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Costume is sure to scare the pants off of whoever you come in contact with. Jason is a terrifying stalker who has gone down in film history for his attacks on unsuspecting campers.
DC Comics Robin T-Shirt Adult Costume Kit
Pair up with Batman, or go all by yourself on Halloween as Robin! Introducing the Robin T-Shirt Adult Costume Kit. Protect your town from all the monsters and creatures, and fight off bad guys during the Halloween party as the popular superhero. Bt, not just great for the holiday, you can wear this to other events like Comic Con, superhero parties, and a lot more. The Robin T-Shirt Adult Costume Kit comes with a shirt, cape, and a mask. Throw in a few extra things like a weapon prop, and you're good to go! This is an officially licensed product.
Star Trek Spock Wig
You can ensure that the rest of the party will live long and prosper with you serving as the senior science officer overseeing that all the planning and events go precisely as they need to. Our Star Trek Spock Wig gives you all the brains and style to pull of this iconic character from Star Trek. Balance out the wild antics of your crewmates with a cool and calm intelligence that makes just that much cooler. If you had to describe this mask with only one word, we'd suggest ?fascinating.?