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Mermaid Costumes

Merfolk are mythological ocean dwellers who have the lower body of a fish and the upper body of a woman. Folklore tells stories of how they distract sailors with their beauty and hypnotic singing voices causing them to go off course or run aground. Stories mention mermaids dragging humans to their underwater kingdom of Atlantis only to drown them. It is debated whether they simply did not know that humans cannot breathe underwater of if they did it out of spite for trespassing on their ocean. Regardless of a sea nymph's existence or their motives, we can all agree that the mermaid costumes here accurately depict what we think of when we think of water sprites. Make a splash! Order mermaid costumes online today!

History of Mermaids

One of the most famous ocean myths is the mermaid – the half fish, half woman beauty who would lure seamen and fisherman toward them! This collection of beautiful mermaid costumes helps you get an amazing outfit for a night of costume parties, going out for trick-or-treating, and any other kind of dress-up event! Mermaids have appeared in tons of different myths and stories from all over the world, but they may have first appeared in ancient Assyrian stories, in which the Goddess Atargatis transformed herself into a mermaid out of shame for accidentally killing her human lover. Many stories may have been influenced by the Sirens of Greek mythology, who would sit on rocks and sing, luring the men on boats to crash their vessels into the rocks. There have been numerous historical accounts, including Christopher Columbus during his exploration of the Caribbean, which may have been inspired by sightings of manatees and similar aquatic animals. They are traditionally very beautiful, wear seashells as adornment, and have long, flowing hair, with shimmering fish tails comprising their lower halves.

Five Mermaid Legends [Infographic]

Whoever said that flippin' your fins, you won't get too far never saw the fins that came with the mermaid costumes from Costume SuperCenter. And whoever thought that all mermaids came with red hair never knew about all of the non-Disney mermaid legends that are out there! Learn about the Ningyo, the Selkie, the Rusalka, and more – brush up on some valuable underwater information courtesy of this Mermaid Legends infographic, which is a great piece of decoration for a mermaid fan's room, or a fun birthday party or other events!

Mermaid Costume Ideas and Tips

These mythical, ocean-dwelling, half-human, half-fish creatures are known for enchanting unwitting sailors with their siren songs, causing their ships to run aground and, in extreme cases, dragging the poor souls back to their underwater kingdom of Atlantis. Slip into the perfect pair of fins and work your magic at your next Halloween costume party. We carry a swimmingly sweet collection of mermaid costumes that will make your under-the-sea celebration a splash!

Girls Magical Mermaid Costume
Your child will be ready for a Halloween adventure under the sea when she wears this Magical Mermaid costume! In fact, she may not want to return to dry land when Halloween is over. This officially licensed costume features a long blue dress with a mermaid tail bottom and mesh top. The bodice is decorated with a shiny silver starfish and lines of silver bubbles, while the skirt is decorated with underwater imagery like a seahorse, starfish, seaweed, and flowers. The blue mermaid tail features purple trim, and the sleeves are made of a loose blue mesh. Wear it with blue or silver slippers, and make sure you check out our accessories section for great add ons like a tiara, a wig, or sea themed jewelry items!
Mermaid Makeup Kit
Whether you're dressing up as Ariel or a mermaid of your own design, you are going to be looking beautiful and dazzling as ever this year when you get all dolled up with our Mermaid Makeup Kit. With this special kit, you will receive everything you need to channel the wondrous beauty of the ocean. Featuring a makeup tray, an applicator, as well as glimmering glitter and stencil paper, you're going to have an aquatic blast with this great kit.
Deluxe Mermaid - Childrens Costume
Heed the call of the sea with this gorgeous Deluxe Mermaid - Children's Costume. This teal ball gown features an off-the-shoulder design and scale detailing along the skirt. Sheer material, seashells, and beads accentuate this lovely ensemble. Shop for children's costumes and accessories online now.
Girls Pink Mermaid Costume
Life is better under the sea! Every little girl dreams of being a little mermaid princess and now she can dress up as one for Halloween! Our Girl's Pink Mermaid Costume is perfect for trick or treating, playing dress up, or for any costume event. This beautiful Pink Mermaid Halloween Costume has an intricate detail of sea horses, shells, and star fishes all over the dress. Let your daughter explore the Seven Seas and order a Girl's Pink Mermaid costume online today.
Adult Dark Seas Mermaid Kit
Adult Purple Leggings
Lil' Mermaid Toddler Costume
If your little girl absolutely loves Disney princesses, then she'll definitely sing with joy when you buy her the Lil' Mermaid Toddler costume this Halloween! The outfit comes with a one piece suit with a purple top and turquoise bottom to emulate Ariel's classic look. The bust features gorgeous sparkling sequins that look like Ariel's seashells. The waistline of the costume is shrouded by sparkling and ruffled teal mesh, and the bottom is entirely covered with blue-green sequins. The very bottom of this ensemble flares out, designed to look just like a mermaid's tail. Your daughter is going to absolutely love pretending to swim from house to house while she's trick or treating this year--just make sure she keeps her eye out for Ursula! Your little princess will cherish this costume, so don't wait; buy your Lil' Mermaid Toddler costume today!
Mermaid Elite Collection Adult
Are you hoping to find a flirty Halloween outfit that would look great on land and under the sea? Then get the Elite Sexy Mermaid Adult Costume. This two-piece set consists of a fitted gown and a headpiece and is offered in sizes ranging from small to extra-large. The zippered-back dress has a pink shimmer stretch corset top with halter style straps highlighted by cups with a shell design. The attached skirt is encrusted with sequins and the bottom is a tail fin with several tiered layers of ruffle organza. Add some additional style to the look with the included sequin star headpiece. This outfit has a lot of sex appeal but it is also appropriate for a family event, such as a Halloween party.
Lady Mermaid Costume
Feel like giving up your legs for a little while? With the Lady Mermaid Costume, you can transform into a siren of the sea. Just like your favorite princess from the movie or from your favorite fairy tale, it's easy to believe a mermaid as beautiful as you is real. Enchant everyone around you and go under the sea with this great look! You will be the Queen of the Sea this Halloween.
Baby/Toddler Magical Mermaid Costume
Get your kids this fabulous outfit from under the sea! Dress them up in the Magical Mermaid Toddler/Child Costume! The full-length blue dress has a few nautical designs including a white starfish sequin. The striped finny finish and sheer sleeves totally make your girls the underwater princess they've dreamed of becoming. Order it today!
Womens Sexy Under The Sea Costume
Sailors better look out when you have on a Women's Sexy Under the Sea Costume. With a siren like you on the loose, they'll never get to their destination! This beautiful mermaid-inspired ensemble is tight-fitting, helping you show off those curves. The black top is covered with glittering silver teardrops, its deep plunge and sturdy straps helping show off the kind of body only found in fairytales. The high-waisted skirt is made of a gleaming emerald fabric detailed with scale shapes. It flairs out at the knees to fall to the floor, drifting like fins around your calves. Things can get a little lonely in the deep ocean. Wear a Women's Sexy Under the Sea Costume, though, and you'll have company in no time! Add on a blue wig and silver heels for the full effect.
Mermaid Costume For Men
Feel like giving up your legs for a little while? With the Mermaid Costume For Men, you can transform into a fish man of the sea. Just like your favorite prince from the movie, it's easy to believe a mermaid as handsome as you is real. Enchant everyone around you and go under the sea with this great look! You will be the King of Neptune this Halloween or at your next costume party.
Baby/Toddler Pretty Mermaid Costume
Make a splash this Halloween with the Baby's Pretty Mermaid Costume! It's great for trick or treating but really shines when family and friends are over to pinch those adorable little cheeks! Use it for cute family photos, before and after the holidays, or just for playtime with a twist! Get the whole family involved and do an underwater themed party for your little one's birthday, or add a fake hook (sold separately) and pretend to be the luckiest fisherman on the block. However you decide to use it, the Baby's Pretty Mermaid Costume will not fail to deliver. But make sure to have your camera phone ready to capture all of the precious moments! There really is no wrong way to utilize this adorable ensemble, so what are you waiting for? Turn the tide on boring outfits this Halloween. Order the Baby's Pretty Mermaid Costume today!
Mermaid Waves Wig
Make a splash at any celebration by putting on the Mermaid Waves Wig! You'll instantly attain the mythological being's striking beachy waves when you wear this headpiece. The long wig features an ombre fade in color from blonde to a seafoam shade of green. The wig's long, straight bangs are also highlighted with the stunning green hue.
Adult Pink/Green Gem Eyelashes Accessory
Sexy Atlantis Queen Womens Costume
Command the seven seas this year with a naughty take on Aquamans look that will have all the ocean animals bowing before their new monarch. Get your fellow action fans pulses pounding with the Sexy Atlantis Queen Womens Costume. This unofficial outfit features a green fish-scale romper with plunging neckline, and a green bottom as well as matching fin gloves and even a trident weapon prop for an exciting look that feels like it just leaped off of the big screen.
Mermaid Headpiece Accessory
Whether you're dressing up as a mermaid or just looking for an aquatic headpiece to complete your look this Halloween, you definitely don't want to miss out on our Mermaid Headpiece Accessory! With your purchase, you will receive an elegant oceanic headpiece featuring a mermaid tail, flowers, stars, seashells, and more. Buy yours today, and then check out our site for the rest of your mermaid and oceanic costume and accessory needs!
Sea Me Shining Mermaid Costume for Women
You'll be the most stunning fish in the sea this Halloween when you get all dressed up in our Sea Me Shining Mermaid Costume for Women. With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to become a gorgeous mermaid who is ready to party. Featuring a shimmering silver scale mermaid tail skirt as well as a pink seashell bra, you're going to fall in love with this look. Buy your mermaid womens costume today, and go make this Halloween a real night at sea to remember!
Womens Sexy Blue Mermaid Skirt Costume
The Adult Blue Mermaid Skirt Sexy Costume includes skirt. One size fits most up to size 12. Top, wig, jewelry, glovelettes, belt, headband and shoes not included.
Women's Sexy Green Mermaid Skirt Costume
The Adult Green Mermaid Skirt Sexy Costume includes skirt. One size fits most up to size 12. Top, wig, jewelry, glovelettes, belt, headband and shoes not included.