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Michael Jackson Costumes

You may know him by many names: The King of Pop, The Gloved One, The Moonwalker and in later years, Wacko Jacko. Regardless of the name, Michael Jackson was a pop sensation and a musical genius. The world may never know another talent such as his. From our Grandparents to our children, everyone knew and loved Michael Jackson. He made us happy with his rare and special talent since the 1960s. He redefined himself with every passing decade and his sense of style dictated fashion trends, especially in the 1980's. Many 80s costumes are reminiscent of his style.

Michael Jackson Costume Ideas and Tips

You don’t have to be royalty to be the king. Become none other than the King of Pop with our affordable collection of Michael Jackson costumes. This superstar forever left his mark on both music and fashion … making him the perfect choice for Halloween or cosplay. Give a commanding vibe with a sleek black military jacket decorated with eye-catching gold details. Or go for the classic red and black Thriller ensemble that’s a perfect choice for Halloween … just add a bunch of zombie costumes for your friends and family and you’ll be recreating that rockin’ music video in time!

With options ranging from children’s to women’s and men’s, you’ll be able to put together an all-star music group with all your family and friends. Of course, the clothes did make the man, so you’ll want to check out our collection of Michael Jackson accessories, too. Sparkling socks and gloves are sure to make you or your child the star of the evening. Curly wigs, headset microphones, and stylish fedoras are also available to get you or your child in the performing spirit.

Michael Jackson Costume for Men
Become the King of Pop this Halloween when you buy the Michael Jackson Costume for Men! Head to the party in this groovin' Michael gear, and you'll have everyone staring at you in awe and wonder. Bring out your best moonwalk, bust out all your funk moves, and 'thriller' all over the place this Halloween, and you'll have everyone hoppin' and boppin' to your beat! Come on, it's easy as A B C, 1 2 3! After all, nobody can out-funk the King of Pop. It's sad that Michael has recently passed on from this world, but that certainly doesn't mean we have to lose him in memory. His music will stay with us forever, and by dressing up as Michael this Halloween, you'll celebrate his memory in the best way possible! Spread the love and joy only Michael Jackson can bring this Halloween, when you buy the Michael Jackson Costume for Men!
Michael Jackson Silver Glove Child
Celebrate one of the biggest icons in music history when you complete your Michael Jackson Halloween costume with this Michael Jackson silver child glove! This replica of the king of Pop's classic single white glove is the accessory that will make your costume quite the Thriller! Including one glove, you have an instantly recognizable and convenient addition that will take your costume to the next level! Made of high-quality and durable polyester. Add Michael Jackson's Thriller jacket and a pair of sunglasses to have a look that's really Bad! Check out our entire selection of officially licensed Michael Jackson costume accessories! And order your Michael Jackson silver child glove online today, while supplies last!
Michael Jackson Costume for Women
The King of Pop lives on in a very big way when you are wearing this Michael Jackson Costume for Women! This complete costume gives you a high quality replica of one of the most famous outfits worn by one of the most famous people in history and is perfect for any Halloween costume party! Celebrate your love of this legendary artist with a costume that is attention-getting and eye-catching! Made of high-quality materials for a comfortable costume you will love to wear again and again! Dance the night away in a costume no one will ever forget! Add a stuffed monkey doll to give your Michael Jackson even more Dimension and depth! Find even more unbeatable ideas when you check out our full selection of Michael Jackson costumes and accessories! Don't wait until the last minute for this fan favorite costume! Get a great price and fast shipping when you order yours online today!
Michael Jackson Deluxe Billie Jean Jacket Child
Be the King of Pop this Halloween in the Michael Jackson Deluxe Billie Jean Jacket Child! Pair this black sequined blazer with a Michael Jackson wig, silver sequined glove, and sparkle stirrup socks for a look that will have people complimenting you all night. Have fun being MJ, but remember to be careful of what you do. Don't go around breaking young girls' hearts, and if you see Billie Jean, moonwalk away from her as fast as you can. Shamone and have a great Halloween in the deluxe Michael Jackson Billie Jean jacket for children!
Boys Red Michael Jackson Military Jacket
Have a strong style by wearing the Boys Red Michael Jackson Military Jacket. Jackson is the King of Pop, King of Style, and has plenty of other titles. He always wore such iconic clothing items and people took notice. This particular item is modeled after royal military uniforms that were often worn in the Victorian era. You receive a jacket all in red featuring golden designs to give off a royal appearance. There are printed images of gilt braiding along the front and sleeves. Dance around and moonwalk as Michael Jackson for Halloween and during other themed events.
Adult Michael Jackson Sequin Glove
This adult Michael Jackson sequin glove will make you look just like the King of Pop this Halloween! Pair this instantly recognizable accessory with one of our Michael Jackson costumes or some vintage clothes from your own wardrobe for a rockin' costume!
Michael Jackson Deluxe Beat It Adult Jacket
You'll become the life of the party this Halloween when you walk in wearing the Michael Jackson Deluxe Beat It Adult Jacket! With your purchase, you will receive a stunning red jacket which will have you looking and feeling like the King of Pop himself. Moonwalk across the floor and bust out your best moves this Halloween while donning this special outerwear. Buy yours today, and then check out our site for the rest of your Michael Jackson gear and accessories!
Black Military Jacket Deluxe Adult Michael Jackson Jacket
Bad Black Buckle Deluxe Adult Michael Jackson Jacket
Adult Michael Jackson Jacket
Long live the king! The King of Pop may be gone but he is not forgotten. The Adult Michael Jackson Jacket celebrates this talented entertainer by recreating the red jacket worn in one of his most famous music videos. His songs will live on forever and now his jacket does too.