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Minion Costumes

You don't have to be despicable to love the Minions! Get yourself all yellow ready for Halloween this year with a pair of goggles and overalls and a brand new Minion outift from Costume SuperCenter! There's a huge selection of adult minion costumes, as well as minion costumes for boys and girls, too! They may have yellow skin, but they don't have yellow bellies, as the Minions are the most reliable and dedicated servants in the history of the world. They're almost as reliable as the shipping on your new Minions costume when you buy online today.

Minion Costume Ideas and Tips

Does your household speak Minionese? If so, you’ll rock your kids’ world when you dress them up in any of our comical Minion disguises! Both the boys and the girls can dabble in the land of Minions! Our Minion costumes range from one-eyed to double-eyed, from hilarious to hysterical! If your child is devoted to watching the adventures of the Despicable Me series, our inflatable Stuart Minion disguise would give him a whole lot to brag about at school! And to all the adults out there pondering the world of Minions, we’ve got a wide range of Minion outfits just for you! Get inflated! Get comical! Get excited! Get in on the adventures as a Minion Tom jailbird, or just throw on our Minion three-fingered gloves! Ladies, too, will experience thrilling times dressed as a Minion ready to impress with sass! Our new arrivals for the feminine sort include our Minion Women’s Jumper Costume! Whatever language you traditionally speak, transform into a Minion for Halloween and instantly speak the language of millions of Despicable Me fans!

What Are Minions?

Kids are in love with the Minions, and for good reason! They're a bunch of funny yellow creatures who provide tons of laughs no matter what they're up to, and now you can find the perfect Minions costume for your next night of dress up fun! The Minions evolved from yellow, single-celled organisms since the beginning of time, and they serve only the most despicable masters, looking for eviler and eviler rulers to tell them what to do. They love to work, and play, and serve creatures from a T-Rex, to Napoleon Bonaparte, to the very first female supervillain, Scarlet Overkill all the way up to the evilest of all, Gru! The Minions have been in four movies, with a fifth on the way: “Minions: The Rise of Gru,” a sequel to “Minions.” They've also been in all three Despicable Me movies, beginning in 2010 when Gru gets his three young girls and plans to steal the moon, helping or hindering Gru as their whim takes them. They feature heavily in the second movie, when the villain captures them, poisons them into strange and wild creatures, and threatens to unleash them upon the entire earth! They're yellow, funny, memorable, and the perfect way to look your best for your next night of Halloweens and costume parties!

Minion Costumes for the Family

Luckily for you, Minions and Despicable Me characters make perfect family Halloween costumes. We carry a variety of ensembles that you and your own little minions are sure to love, including Minions costumes for infants, toddler girls and toddler boys, women and men, and even pets. We carry one-piece Minion costumes that include a yellow long-sleeved shirt under faux overalls, inflatable costumes and even Minion T-shirts for the dad who prefers to keep things low-key. If you’re watching your budget, we have Minion hats and goggles that perfectly complement a DIY costume of a yellow turtleneck and denim overalls. There are plenty of great accessories that put the finishing touches on your Minion costume, too, like black gloves, inflatable guitars, and even tote bags and sand pails. If you’re planning to dress up for Halloween as a family, we recommend having the kids dress as adorable yellow Minions, while mom and dad take on the role of the Minions’ favorite supervillains. Because the Minions have served so many masters over the years, it’s easy for adults to pick a matching costume. You can go with something classic, like Scarlet Overkill and Gru from the Minions and Despicable Me movies. Or, choose another Minion boss, like an Egyptian Pharaoh, T-rex, yeti or Dracula. Or, get creative and choose your own favorite villain! With a variety of villainous characters from TV shows, movies and books to choose from, the possibilities are endless.