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Mortal Kombat

From the screens of the arcade, we bring you the finest high quality Mortal Kombat costumes for this upcoming Halloween season. If you can't put down the sticks for a minute because you are just so addicted to the gory violence of this timeless video game, then boy, these outfits are right up your alley. From adult outfits to realistic accessories we have everything you need to become your favorite fighter from Mortal Kombat.

Mortal Kombat Costume Ideas and Tips

You’ll be ready to execute a combo move when you go out on Halloween in one of our Mortal Kombat costumes! Mortal Kombat is one of the most iconic arcade games of all time, so when people see you dressed up as one of the fighters from this over-the-top action game, they’re sure to love your choice of costume. We have all the major playable characters from the Mortal Kombat games, so you can select your fighter for Halloween just like you have so many times in your local arcade. Brush up on your karate moves so you can properly intimidate your opponents when you’re out and about on Halloween! And why stop at finding a costume for yourself, when you’ll clearly need someone to do battle with? Get your friends together for a group costume and you can really pay homage to Mortal Kombat, by getting into the fight of a lifetime as part of the Halloween fun!