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Ninja Costumes

Lurk through the shadows this Halloween in a ninja costume, and pick the right time to strike. No one will see you coming when you make your move in one of these Boy's Ninja Costumes. If you want to beat the bad guy with stealth and sweet karate moves, then these outfits are perfect for you. Don't let the big boss win. You are the hero and the last hope, so it is your responsibility to stop him. Kick and punch your way to victory. Buy a ninja costume today!

Kid's Ninja Costumes

Help your little man become a master of stealth with a brand new boy's ninja costume! He can wield his sword and change the fate of history by slinking through the shadows and spying on villains. And if your little girl is a fan of throwing stars, get her into a girl's ninja costume to help take her Halloween from a regular day to a trip through time to ancient Japan! There are tons of fun styles that help them look historical and powerful. Your child will love dressing up as a historical character that is both cool and legendary!

Men's Ninja Costumes

Become a silent but deadly warrior in a men's ninja costume for Halloween! Don the black cloak and wield some shurikens to take down your foes in shadowed silence when you go trick-or-treating with the entire family. No matter what kind of outfit you want to create, this collection will help you find iconic. A Kage or a Jonin was a leader or chief of a ninja clan, and with any of these interesting outfits you can get ready to lead your clan, big or small, to success!

Women's Ninja Costumes

Did you know many women were actually ninjas in historical Japan? Join the ranks, whether you want to be menacing as a shadowy warrior who can slip through a party without a sound, or sexy with a tight dress, a mysterious mask, and a few sharp weapons that will make quick work of anyone's defenses! The women's ninja costumes you can find here come in a huge variety of styles and designs, all with interesting details and designs that make you an eye-catching spy – but also someone who can blend into the shadows and disappear at a moment's notice!