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Nun Costumes

When seeking a great Halloween party outfit, Nun outfits are sometimes overlooked. Yet when rightly applied, they have a terrific party appeal. Perhaps you never imagined the fun of playing soul sister to a group of overworked moms. Yet if you have a gentle smile and a tender touch, our Halloween costumes can make you the blessing of any party. On the other hand, you may be having a bit of role-playing fun with the husbands. They aren't all as nice as they should be. Sometimes the right lady dressed in one of our adult naughty Nun costumes can reset the order of the party. These products come in regular or plus sizes, and are designed to bring out the best in every naughty Nun.

Nun Costume Ideas and Tips

Halloween is none other than a celebration of the unknown! What lies beyond the grip of death? No one is more familiar with the other side of life than a nun! She is immersed in spiritual prayers hourly, and her religious strength is profound! What she knows about heaven will amaze! This Halloween, be none other than a nun herself! Dress up as a mother superior with our Women’s Deluxe Mother Superior Nun Costume or as an ordinary nun with our Nun Costume for Women!

When you aim for purity, choose our striking Women’s White Nun Costume, a crisp, white outfit that will drench you in purity from head to toe! When you aim for a creepier nun look, look no further than our Nun on the Run Adult Mask! Pair this eerie character mask with any of our nun costumes and you are in for a spectacular Halloween night! Dressed as a nun, you just might meet your dark counterpart at a Halloween celebration! Who’s to tell where that encounter will lead? Add excitement to your Halloween with our nun disguises!

The Nun Movie Deluxe Costume
If you are religiously devoted to horror films, you won?t want to miss The Nun. This upcoming film is a spin-off of the Conjuring series and is sure to scare everyone into praying for protection. Wear The Nun Movie Deluxe Costume during various events to frighten believers and non-believers alike. Members of the clergy are sent to investigate the suicide of a nun. They confront a demon who has taken the appearance of another nun. This particular orders comes as a nun?s habit. You also receive a mask featuring the designs of sunken eyes and veins along the face. Pick this Nun Movie costume to portray the blasphemous creature. It is a great item to have for Halloween parties and fright night events. Browse around our website to find other creepy products to include as part of the order. You will develop a habit of horrifying trick-or-treaters, coworkers, friends and more whenever you put this on.
Womens Plus Size Nun Costume
Nuns on the Run isn't quite what we have here, but what we do have is this costume to be a Catholic school kids worst nightmare, a soul sister, or add some skates and be a holy roller. God only knows the possibilities. Has your friend arranged a schoolgirl party? Then maybe they need a naughty nun to keep them all in line! After all, we know what naughty deeds these schoolgirls get up to. This excellent quality nun costume would look great on any girl! And you would be surprised just how many men will be falling over you in this. The shuffling of feet will be heard, with that ruler in hand to punish any naughty boys who are being naughty! Ohh imagine the naughty boys now. You might want to get hold of an extra large ruler just to make sure they are punished enough, bad bad boy!
Nun Costume for Women
Spread the word of the Lord this Halloween when you buy the Nun Costume for Women. Nobody messes with a nun. They've got God on their side! When you show up to the party dressed as this special nun, everybody's going to want to talk to you, to receive your healing touch and Godly wisdom for all the problems in their lives. Wearing this costume is certainly a conversation starter, that's for sure! With your purchase, you'll receive everything you need to look and feel like a holy sister of the monastery. If Mother Theresa saw you in this divine get-up, she certainly would be proud. Do good deeds, spread loving words and your best advice, and try to help everyone you can this Halloween. Pick up your Nun Costume for Women today, and you can be sure God and Jesus will be watching down from heaven with a smile!
Adult The Nun Movie Costume Top
The Conjuring is one of the most successful horror movie franchises to entertain audiences in recent years. There have already been two spinoffs, Annabelle and Annabelle: Creation, and September 2018 will bring another one: The Nun! If you were terrified by The Conjuring 2's demonic Valak, wear the Adult The Nun Movie Costume Top for Halloween this year and scare everyone you encounter. The Nun is about a priest and a nun investigating the death of a nun in 1950s Romania, and when you wear this costume top, you can be the demonic nun they encounter during their investigation. The black top includes a white collar, a black veil with white trim, and a terrifying demonic nun mask. With just one glance, everyone will know you're no ordinary nun. This nun doesn't want to save anyone's soul?she wants to steal it for herself. This costume might cause your friends to have nightmares, but that's nun of your concern.
Bad Habit Sinning Nun Costume
Spread the Light of the Lord this Halloween as a sweet and pious nun! Or? do something a little different, and show the world that even nuns get down and dirty once in a while, and can?t resist the wild and darker sides of life. When you buy the Bad Habit Sinning Nun Costume, you?ll instantly turn into a sister of the Lord who just can?t keep herself in check. After all, it?s hard being perfect these days! Even nuns sin and show their more human sides from time to time. So, let loose and dive into the pleasures of the world, and help everyone feel free doing it this year while wearing this fun and mischievous nun costume. Team up with some other holy sisters and brothers this Halloween, and turn the entire monastery into a rave! Buy your Bad Habit Sinning Nun Costume today, and make this Halloween both wild and divine at once!
Lady Nun Costume
Holy you-know-what! Sorry, I didn't mean to swear. This Lady Nun Costume is just so much fun to wear we had to shout it from the rooftops. Now, you can too with the Lady Nun Costume. Being holy has never looked so good. Hood won't judge you when you wear this fun costume. Make it scary or make it funny with a classic Halloween costume that you can make all your own.
Womens Standard Nun Costume
Show your piety and your good fashion sense when you get the Women's Standard Nun Costume for your next night of Halloween fun! Whether you want to go to a costume party, head out for some trick-or-treating with the rest of the convent, or want a special outfit for a play or performance, this is the perfect look! This costume comes with a headpiece, a robe, and a belt cord.
Nun Accessory Kit
In a costume such as this, you are a true saint during Halloween! Watch as all the vampires, ghouls, and zombies cower before you because they sure know that they aren't going to mess with you. Spread the message of love, peace, and joy during the spooky season and promote kindness wherever you go. Who knows? Maybe you'll have a few sinners have a change of heart and have them confess your sins to you? You are definitely going to be admired, loved, and respected in a costume such as this. Not a single hellish creature stands a chance! Kit includes a black knit headpiece and a white collar. Can be worn with any black robe.
White Nun Womens Costume
You'll be looking like an angel who descended from heaven when you put on the White Nun Women's Costume! We often see nuns in black and white cloaks, though with this special all-white costume, you can show everyone you're not just an ordinary nun; you're a nun with some extreme piety and service to God. With your purchase, you will receive a gorgeous white dress with draping sleeves, a collar, and a white overhead headpiece. While dressed all in white, you'll be feeling as pure as the light of the Lord itself. Head to the party as this devoted Nun, and you'll have people asking for confessionals, advice, and all of your sagely wisdom. Team up with some other sisters of the covenant this year, and you can all roll out to the party like a crew of God's servants! Talk about a fun night. Pick up your white nun adult costume today, and go make this Halloween your holiest one yet!
Women's Sexy Sister Mary OMG! Nun Costume
Nun Costume For Ladies
Do you see it? It's right behind you! Look out! Beware! With the Nun Costume for Ladies you can provide some scares. This costume can have you appear as a holy bloody nun - just like in that scary movie you saw. For the next haunted house you participate in or perhaps for your next costume party give this look at try and see how many people will jump in fright!
The Nun Movie 3/4 Mask with Wig for Adults
Become the demonic personification of evil this Halloween with The Nun Movie 3/4 Mask with Wig for Adults. This decrepit looking mask is the perfect piece to scare the bejesus out of your friends. Take it for a spin at your next Halloween party and witness as partygoers give you your space.