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Nun Costumes

When seeking a great Halloween party outfit, Nun outfits are sometimes overlooked. Yet when rightly applied, they have a terrific party appeal. Perhaps you never imagined the fun of playing soul sister to a group of overworked moms. Yet if you have a gentle smile and a tender touch, our Halloween costumes can make you the blessing of any party. On the other hand, you may be having a bit of role-playing fun with the husbands. They aren't all as nice as they should be. Sometimes the right lady dressed in one of our adult naughty Nun costumes can reset the order of the party. These products come in regular or plus sizes, and are designed to bring out the best in every naughty Nun.

Nun Costume Ideas and Tips

Halloween is none other than a celebration of the unknown! What lies beyond the grip of death? No one is more familiar with the other side of life than a nun! She is immersed in spiritual prayers hourly, and her religious strength is profound! What she knows about heaven will amaze! This Halloween, be none other than a nun herself! Dress up as a mother superior with our Women’s Deluxe Mother Superior Nun Costume or as an ordinary nun with our Nun Costume for Women!

When you aim for purity, choose our striking Women’s White Nun Costume, a crisp, white outfit that will drench you in purity from head to toe! When you aim for a creepier nun look, look no further than our Nun on the Run Adult Mask! Pair this eerie character mask with any of our nun costumes and you are in for a spectacular Halloween night! Dressed as a nun, you just might meet your dark counterpart at a Halloween celebration! Who’s to tell where that encounter will lead? Add excitement to your Halloween with our nun disguises!