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Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol costumes for Halloween are so popular because Nickelodeon took animals and real life heroes and mixed the two together creating a series that preschoolers love. It is about a young boys name Ryder and his pack of seven pups that have heroic jobs like police officer, firefighter and airplane pilot. They are often involved in rescue missions in their city of Adventure Bay. Our Paw Patrol costumes are for kids that like adventure and saving the day. Buy one today!

Buy Paw Patrol Costumes Online

The Paw Patrol costumes include one for Marshall the firedog, the police pup, Chase costume and Skye the pilot pup. We even have Rubble and Everest costumes for toddlers. This well rounded group each brings something special to the rescue team. If you have a child that likes dogs as well as superheroes, this is like having the best of both worlds. Positive role models come in all forms. When you have animals playing the part of heroes it makes their life or death situations less frightening and more entertaining. Shop our great selection of Paw Patrol costumes online today!

Puppy Dog Haven

Ever since Nickelodeon started airing the crime-fighting adventures of Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble and Skye, children everywhere have been glued to the TV screen waiting for the next episode of Paw Patrol. Our selection of officially licensed, comfortable and durable Paw Patrol Halloween costumes is ready to swoop in and save your family's Halloween from the mundane. Adorable, cuddly and faithful to the show’s designs, these complete costumes and individual accessories are your kid’s ticket to more immersive play and a trick-or-treat experience like no other. Act out and relive all their favorite moments from the show. Get ready for year-round fun as their new Paw Patrol costume becomes their new favorite thing to wear and never take off. Whether taking in the newest episode or protecting the neighborhood from evil-doers, you’re ready for anything! These powerful pint-sized pooches are about to be the Halloween heroes your family deserves. These unforgettable characters are on track to be some of the most popular costumes of the year, so make sure your kid gets in on all the fun with an exciting Paw Patrol costume that will put them in the middle of the action.

PAW Patrol Pumpkin Carving Stencils

If you searched for the best pumpkin in the patch and fetched your squad to help out, it's time to get to carving. When people are out patrolling the streets this Halloween season looking for treats, there will be no denying which pumpkins will get Ryder’s paw of approval! Choose from Chase, Marshall, Skye and Rubble to create your own pumpkin pup squad thanks to our PAW Patrol pumpkin carving stencils.

Girl's Paw Patrol Costumes

Paw Patrol costumes are a great way to put some girl power into your little hero’s Halloween. Choose your Paw Patrol girl costumes from Skye and other Paw Patrol favorites to find the character your daughter would most like to represent this Halloween. Perfect for trick-or-treating, watching episodes of the cartoon, or just everyday play time, these adorable, durable and comfortable costumes are an unbeatable way to celebrate your child's love of Paw Patrol. With a large selection of head to toe complete looks as well as officially licensed costume accessories, no matter your little girl’s personal tastes, it can be reflected in a Paw Patrol Halloween outfit everyone will love.

Boy's Paw Patrol Costumes

Make sure your kid has everything he needs to keep the neighborhood safe when you put him in one of our officially licensed, comfortable and versatile Paw Patrol Halloween costumes for boys. He will feel like he is right alongside Chase, Rocky and the rest in these high-quality costumes made faithful to the classic designs of these beloved characters. Once your little guy has chosen his favorite character, explore all of our Paw Patrol costume accessories to create a never-before-seen costume that will have all his friends talking. Playtime has never been cooler than when he feels like he just stepped into the show itself!

Group Paw Patrol Costumes

Your family’s trick-or-treat time has never been more enjoyable than when your kid and their friends are dressed as the entire assemblage of Paw Patrol puppies. With a terrific cast of colorful and compelling heroic characters, these lovable and bold local canine crime fighters are a terrific costume theme for your own lovable little gang of wannabe superheroes. The Halloween candy will be coming in floods when doors open to find this adorable group in full Paw Patrol attire. The only problem you are going to have is getting everyone to agree on which character to choose!

Paw Patrol Accessories

Create a Paw Patrol costume that will have all the criminals running scared when you choose from our gigantic selection of officially licensed Paw Patrol costume accessories. Develop your child's favorite look from the show, or exercise your combined creativity by putting together a Paw Patrol costume with mixed and matched accessories and add-ons. Now your child can represent a classic look they love with a flair of personality all their own. With masks, fun gadgets and other amazing ways to upgrade your costume, these accessories are a treasure trove of costuming inspiration.