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Plus Size Historical Costumes

Want to go back in time? Now is your chance with one of our plus size historical costumes! Brush up on your history with an ancient caveman costume or a costume for medieval times. Celebrate the Renaissance or go explore what Colonial times were like with a plus size costume. Whether you need a plus size Halloween costume or a costume for a play or cosplay event, we've got one just for you!

Plus Size Historical Costume Ideas and Tips

Looking back at the past can be a blast and so can dressing up like a historical figure. When you want an outfit with yesterday’s look but the quality of today, we can help. Check out our selections of Plus Size Historical Costumes made just for your figure. For fans of the wild frontier, we have Indian and pioneer costumes. For those who want to go further back in history, our cave women or cave men outfits are a great choice for Halloween.

We have selections that you can wear all year round to transport yourself to a time long ago. For those who enjoy cosplay at a Renaissance Faire, we have knight and maiden costumes, just right for the knight who likes to joust and for his lady. Knight or maiden, not your style? Be a peasant or merchant who strives to win his lady’s hand, a king or queen who rules over the entire land or Robin Hood, who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. And no toga party would be complete without togas, so order yours from us. We have much more from many places and times and at affordable prices, so take a look.

Adult Cave Man Plus Costume
You can run around town in your car in style this Halloween when you have this Adult Cave Man Plus Costume to make you look good! This tunic and headsash would make you look at home on an episode of the Flintstones, so get ready for Fred and Barney to come by wanting to have a beer or two with you. You and your pet dinosaur are going to be a hit when you go out in this caveman costume on Halloween!
Men's Henry VIII Plus Costume
Become the biggest name in royalty, literally, with this Men's Henry VIII Plus Costume. He was the King of England during the 1500s and pretty much did whatever he wanted. That size, stature, and status allowed him to shake up the kingdom in major ways. This outfit comes with an oversized coat complete with fur lining. The tunic features ornate designs and an attached rope belt with tassel. Top it off with the hat which comes in a beret style. As king youll get to rule over Halloween parties and other royal events.
Patriotic Man Costume for Men
USA! USA! What better costume to wear this Halloween than one sporting your own country's national colors: red, white and blue! When you buy the Patriotic Man Costume for Men, you'll be the most patriotic guy at the party! Surprise everyone you know with old historical facts about US presidents, like how James Madison was the smallest president at 5'4", and how George Washington's teeth were made of elephant and walrus tusks, and how Ulysses S. Grant was fined 20$ once for speeding with his horse and carriage! Who is more fun than a United States trivia guy on Halloween? If you can't memorize facts, don't worry, you can write them down on your phone or a notepad. It doesn't matter what you decide to do, as long as you're celebrating your favorite country all night long. Pick up your Patriotic Man Costume for Men today, and this Halloween, remind everyone why America is the best country around!
Uncle Sam Adult Plus Costume
Get ready to go out and rev up the masses of young men this country needs to go out into battle to protect our freedom. An energetic and cool recruiter is necessary to bring in hordes of people that are ready to sign up and join the military and they will be eager to do so after you give them a good pep talk dressed in this Uncle Sam Adult Plus Costume. Show your patriotic side and let everyone know you're serious about being an American with a star-spangled outfit on consisting of white and red striped pants that match the large lapels featured on a an all blue tail coat with white buttons. Continue the flag theme with a striped bow tie and giant top hat with stars going around the rim to catch the eyes of your fellow patriots who will salute you as you march down the street in this Uncle Sam Adult Plus Costume.