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Plus Size Pirate Costumes

Avast! Embrace the pirate's life with our plus size mens costumes and plus size womens costumes for Halloween. Pirates have been plundering for as long as sea trade has existed, though today's popular image of buccaneers on the seven seas dates from the 1800s. These rebellious raiders were the scourge of merchant vessels, terrifying sailors at the first sight of the skull and crossbones of the Jolly Roger. Men can join the likes of Blackbeard, Bluebeard and Samuel "Black Sam" Bellamy, while women can channel the spirit of Anne Bonny, Mary Read, and Grace O'Malley. Order your plus size pirate costumes online.

Plus Size Pirate Costume Ideas and Tips

Avast ye landlubbers! If you want to join a crew of hearty sailors on a sturdy vessel, you must order Plus Size Pirate Costumes from us. From pirate captain to crew to pirate maiden or wench, we’ve got it all. For the ladies we have Women’s long pirate dresses, skirts, pants and tops designed to flatter the curvy woman. The wench who wants to show off her legs can order one of our mini dresses. The male scoundrel has a great selection to choose from as well. Once he puts on one of our costume he can weigh anchor and show off his sea legs. Order yours in time for International Talk Like a Pirate Day on Sept. 21. All day long, participants dress and talk like pirates. What a grand day! Then wear your costume again for Halloween or another day of cosplay. And you can keep your pirate treasure buried, because all our costumes are priced affordably.

Adult Pirate Costume
This pirate will slash your throat before you have the chance to walk the plank! This Cutthroat Pirate Adult Costume includes a black tunic with a lace up neckline and attached cream colored collar and fringed long sleeves. Black leather lace up cuffs attach at the wrist, Large black leather belt with buckle is also included. Red and black striped pants are included with a head scarf to match. Authentic leather pirate boot covers also come with the costume. Wear this outfit at your next costume party to represent a classic Halloween favorite, and impress the kids with your nautical getup. All you'll need is an eyepatch and sword to complete the look, which you can get in our Pirate Costume Kit package, sold separately.
Adult Pirate Costume
We would be wary if we ran into this guy in a dark alley. Put on this Men's Cutthroat Pirate Adult plus Costume and you will look like a formidable outlaw. This set includes a top, pants, black wrist cuffs, boot covers, black belt and head tie. The black shirt features long white sleeves, a white collar and black lace up details in front, giving the appearing of a pirate shirt with a black vest. Vertical black and red stripes are featured on the pants, while the head tie has matching colors. Pirates attack other ships and rob them while at sea. Some just take the cargo, while others are more bloodthirsty and will slaughter everyone on the ship. This costume is based on 18th century dress. Pirates still exist today, but most are not near countries with powerful navies, and they have wear contemporary clothes.
High Seas Pirate Captain - Womens Sexy Plus Size Costume
Arrgh, Mateys! This sultry High Seas Pirate Captain - Women?s Sexy Plus Size Costume is the perfect for choice for an adventurous Halloween or cosplay experience. This white ruffled shirt and black and white striped pants combo is definitely sexy, but offers enough coverage to be classy and family friendly. The included black jacket and Captain?s hat feature matching gold trim. A black belt completes the ensemble. Order women?s sexy costumes and accessories online today.
Mens Plundering Pirate Costume
Let the gleam of gold and jewels guide you while dressed in the Plundering Pirate costume. Relieve other sea faring vessels of their precious and heavy cargo helping them get to their next destination faster. Become a scallywag on the high seas in this authentic pirate garb. Borrowing cues from the Elizabethan era the tunic features ruffled cuffed sleeves and a large collar with leather ties. Tie the included red sash around your waist to contrast sharply with the all black attire. Protect your head from sunburn and signal your pirate allegiance with the included head scarf. Place a pair of black boots in your shopping cart for the ultimate sea-faring costume!
Womens Buccaneer Beauty Adult Plus Costume
Yes honey, they will be bowing at your feet when you step into the party wearing this Women's Buccaneer Beauty Adult Plus Costume. You will be that sexy pirate on the ship and your shipmates won't be able to resist your commands! It features a red black ruffle top, fitted corset belt to help snatch that waist, black skirt with a matching scarf. This can be worn for a Halloween costume, a skit, or a birthday theme party. You will have loads of fun wearing this costume so either way it's a win in my book!
Rogue Pirate Adult Plus Costume
Yo, ho, ho! Blow the man down! A life at sea is the life for you and becoming a pirate is pretty imminent because you like the adventure of raiding another person's vessel and searching for buried treasure. Of course you'll have to dress like a pirate for other seafarers to take you seriously and that won't be a problem when you're donned in this Adult Plus Size Rogue Pirate Costume. Plunder the seven seas wearing a pair of green and brown striped pants that you tie a wide pleather belt around the waist and that has a large brass buckle, also a swanky wine-colored sash that matches the bandana that's included with a pair of black pleather boot tops. And throw the embellished brown best over the pirate-style top to finish off this awesome pirate look. Hoist your skull and bones flag and make prisoners walk the plank when you're in this Adult Plus Size Rogue Pirate Costume.
Womens Pirate Lady Costume
It will be a pirate's life for you when you set foot in the Women's Pirate Lady Costume. As a sailor of the ocean blue, you can be sure that all the treasure is yours. Join your fellow pirate friends on an adventure for the seven seas. The Women's Pirate Lady Costume comes with a headband, vest, and dress for a look that will have everyone saying, ?arrrgh!? Combine it with some of our awesome pirate accessories to complete this classic costume.
Mens French Pirate Captain Plus-Size Jacket (Wine)
If you want the crew of your pirate ship to follow your orders, you need to gain their respect. Looking good is an important part of gaining that respect, so put on the Mens French Pirate Captain Plus-Size Jacket and rule that ship in style. The wine-colored jacket is a fashionable addition to any corsairs wardrobe.
Mens French Pirate Captain Plus-Size Jacket (Black)
Ahoy there! Land lubber, if you want to become a salty sea dog you need the Mens French Pirate Captain Plus-Size Jacket (Black). The black jacket looks great with a pirate shirt and a tricorn hat. Put it on, grab yer sword and order the crew to hoist the anchor and set sail!